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SnealjOGY CdLLEtTTD>^ 



3 1833 01393 9415 










Vol. I. 














Bui "iou are lo'^ely Leni-es, where zve 
May read how soon things have 
Their end, though ne'r so brave : 
Aiid after they have shown their pride, 
Like you a T9hile : they glide 
Into the Grave. 

Robert Herrick, 


Earth yields the milk, but all her mind 
Is vowed to thresh for stouter stock. 
Her passion for old giantl(ind. 
That scaled the mount, uphurled the roc{. 
Devolves on them who read aright 
Her meaning and devoutly serve. 

George Meredith, 


Gribdale Cottage, .^^^ 

Great yS^YTON. 




lies : — Binns, 

Ji^y^i^A^ cU^U^^-^^^-^^, %^^ ^ ^^ :-Guy. Lund, 

. jL^ '^ I Hi/ ster, Thompson, 

L^u-- J^' f yff^ yj^-^Y^ ... 53 

^...^-C ^ ,M^ ^^ -^ es:-FothergU., 

^ -\x,i^I»<-/ jr ^ rK . -TrW _carter, West, 

^LAPi/uJ^ yi^ln-X^ -4/^ C^-^-^ ■ - - 189 




PREFACE xiii. 

KEY CHARTS xxiii. 



Including branches of the following families : — Binns, 
Alderson, Hogarth, Carter, Salthouse, Mason, Baynes, 
Bradley, etc. ....... j 


Including branches of the following families : — Guy, Lund, 
Walton, Brown, Wetherald, Harris, Hustler, Foster, Thompson, 
Jefferys, Cudworth, Webster, etc. - - - - 53 


Including branches of the following families : — Fothergill, 
Watson, McGilHvray, Clendenan, etc. - - - 141 


Including branches of the following famiUes : — Carter, West, 
Taylor, etc. - - - - - - i75 


Including a branch of the Morland family - - - 189 



Including branches of the following families : — Anderson, 
Middlebrook, etc. ...... 



Including branches of the following families : — Harrison, 

Smurthwaite, etc. ..... 221 


Including branches of the following families : — Cutforth, 

Tennant, Taylor, Hadfield, Moss, Fry, Johnson, Jesper, 

Birdsall, Webster, Rowntree, Brook, etc. - - - 247 



I. — Thistlethwaite-Burton 


ITI.— Thistlethwaite-Hunter I. 
IV. — Thistlethwaite-Hunter IT. 
V. — Thistlethwaite-Wetherald-Graham 
VI. — Thistlethwaite-Carter-Capstick 
VII. — Thistlethwaite-Hartas 
VIII. — Thistlethwaite-Coates-Pease - 
IX. — Thistlethwaite-Wetherald 

- to face 

/■ill nl'f • 











Obsessed by the Conventions, I almost penned a conventional preface. 
But the spirit of perversity, which has descended upon me from so many 
Quaker ancestors, reasserted itself with customary unwisdom on this 
occasion also, and I intend to write as I wish rather than by precedent. 

One is familiar with the attitude of the tradesman to whom profit- 
making is the cause for disposing of his wares ; and with that of the 
benevolent lady who conversely, in the tracts which she distributes, 
studies her own inclinations rather than those of the recipients. While 
I have no wish to depreciate my Nietzschean convictions by the suggestion 
that I am ever likely to distribute tracts, I would in this case ally m\ 
attitude with that of the benevolent lady. 

I therefore make no apology for the existence of this volume. I am 
very well aware that it is not in any sense perfect. One never contem- 
plates the production of a family history which shall approach at all 
nearly to perfection, and the compilation of this work has seen many 
quarrels unexpected between desirability and practicability, to the over- 
throw of the former. But if there were no excuse for family histories 
other than the vast influence which a knowledge of their heredity should 
have over the individual lives of all who dwell in this our world, I should 
still issue this book, knowing myself well justified. 

That statements intentional and errors unintentional will produce 
dislike, is probable. My aim throughout has been to write truth. In 
this respect with regret, many omissions have been made in view of a 
somewhat wide circulation ; for instance, insanity is not mentioned, 
although not every descendant has escaped unscathed. But there 

xiv. The Thistlethwaite Family. 

remain a few matters which I could not omit without implying a serious 
untruth. Veritas prcevalehit. 

The actual words of my correspondents have frequently been 
employed, as a paraphrase may so easily convey a different meaning. 1 
have continuously sought to outroot ambiguity. It is needless to add 
that the consideration of literary style has been shunned as leading to 
this. In proof, the manuscript from which the printers have produced 
this book is my first draft, built up from letters, charts, and note-books. 

I have attempted to record within this volume every descendant 
of WilHam Thistlethwaite, of Harborgill*, by his wife Alice Mason, whom 
he married in 1705. I have traced considerably more than 1800 f of these 
blood-descendants by name, and know that there must be several hundreds 
whom I have not yet discovered. Of each I have tried to obtain the place, 
day, month, and year, of birth, of marriage, and of death. The occupa- 
tion of males and certain other matters are included when obtainable, 
but for obvious reasons little attempt has been made to describe personal 
characteristics, although with regret. The length of each description 
is not to be taken as an indication of the relative importance of the 
person described. It is chiefly attributable to the relative accessibility 
of particulars. I shall be glad to include in my second volume any 
interesting facts herein omitted through ignorance. 

I entrust this history to its subscribers with the definite under- 
standing that no one uses for advertisement purposes, or for annoying 
those who may be distantly akin, the names and addresses given here. 
Let me appeal to the honour of my kinsfolk in this matter. For myself, 
I make it a rule never to write a second time to a person until he has 
answered my first letter. 

* The name is now spelled " Harbergill." I know nothing of its etymology, 
but I have preferred to use the spelling " Harborgill," which was probably the most 
common form until recent years. 

t Although the actual numbering only reaches 1791, many previously 
unknown descendants have been added as this book was going through the press, 
and have been numbered alphabetically, e.g., (204a), (2046), etc. I estimate that 
over 4,000 different persons are mentioned in this book altogether. 

Preface. xv. 

In most cases I have indicated those educated at Bootham and the 
Mount Schools, York, at Leighton Park, Reading, and at Polam Hall, 
Darlington. So many descendants have imbibed for more or less lengthy 
periods the spirit of those great ones which hovers between the cupolas of 
Ackworth School, that practicability — wrecker of so many wishes — has 
silenced the name herein. 

Avoidance of the conceits of genealogy has been striven for. We are 
certainly an " old " family : I imagine that all families must be so of 
necessity unless their critics admit a recent spontaneous generation. 
But if "an old family " signifies by convention a family which amassed 
.wealth previous to the last three generations, then I protest that we are 
still in the foetal stage. I have not yet proved the right of our male 
line to use the crest and coat of arms registered to the Thistlethwayte 
Family of Southwick Park, Hampshire ; and in fact think the possibility 
of doing so remote. We are egregiously middle-class. 

It is true that during the sixteenth century — so long ago that we 
may call it, in mixed but conforming metaphor, the zenith of a previous 
incarnation — our Thistlethwayte forebears had considerable transactions 
in real estate situated in Dent and Sedbergh. Of their land, their 
charities, and their progeny, I hope to write in the not distant future.* 

The History of Pedigree-making would form an interesting socio- 
logical study. Those with decades more experience have repeatedly 
expressed to me a complete incapacity to understand my reasons for 
tracing any but direct male descent — " for when a woman changes her 
name, she and her descendants no longer form part of her father's family, 

* It is my intention to issue a second volume of the Thistlethwaite Family 
History in the course of a year of two. This will include (a) The Wensleydale 
Thistlethwaite descendants, introducing branches of the Crosfield, Wallis, Fothergill, 
Cadbury, etc., families, and certain Seventeenth Century Quaker Sufferings, (b) 
A full account of the ancestors and remote relatives of the Dent Dale, Wensleydale, 
and Hampshire families, back to the time of Henry VII., (c) Incidental, but consider- 
able and interesting, particulars which I have accumulated, concerning aUied families, 
such as those of Fothergill, Harrison, Capstick, Hunter, Mason, etc., (d) Photographs 
and further descriptions of Harborgill, Hudshouse, Carr End, Spicegill, Eugalas, 
and other family houses, (e) Corrections and additions to this First Volume, (/) An 
Essay on Heredity and Eugenics, (g) a complete index to both volumes. (I shall be 
glad of corrections, additions, and suggestions.) 

xvi. The Thistlethwaite Family. 

but belong to the pedigree of her husband." Pedigrees were formerly 
made to show descent of land and titles, which usually passed to the 
heir male. And in truth the entail of land was an excellent method for 
preserving the small land-owner, and thus retaining the interest of the 
middle class in rural matters ; in our day an unwise wish for impar- 
tiality to offspring causes a division of real estate only possible by 

But the vast science of physical and mental heredity has now aroused 
us with its enormous importance, and without our pedigree we cannot 
understand either ourselves or our children. This is the reason why a 
family without land or title should possess its family history, and this is 
the reason for tracing descent through women equally with men. Indeed 
if my conservative friends had buried themselves a little deeper in the 
past, they would have discovered sometime in the existence of every 
race the custom of Mother-right, that of tracing descent only through 
female lines. " The result of anthropological investigations during the 
past half-century has been to show that mother-right everywhere 
preceded father-right, and the reckoning of descent in the modern 
civilized fashion through both parents." * This last is of course the 
correct method. On the average our parents supply us equally with 
our characteristics, f 

" A knowledge of the importance of heredity, instead of weakening 
the sense of responsibility, shows how much wider and deeper our responsi- 
bility is than had been suspected. We come to understand that on our 
personal and collective action depend not only the present environment 
of the people, but also the innate qualities of future generations. Bhnd 

* " Primitive Paternity " {1909), by E. S. Hartland, page 256. 

t The following extract from " The Family and the Nation," (1909), by W. C. D. 
Whetham, F.R.S. (page 22), may further prove my point : " There is some evidence 
to indicate that the germ cells of the female are of two kinds, while those of the male 
are all similar. If so, a female carries both male and female characters, while a 
male is exclusively male. The sex of any one offspring is determined solely by the 
chance whether one of the germ cells of the male meets a male or female germ cell 
of the female." Whetham's book is an excellent statement of the main facts of 
heredity and eugenics. 

Preface. xvii. 

acquiescence in evil, ignorance of the issues at stake, may result in 
irremediable injury to unborn millions." * And in fact statistics show 
conclusively that our race is degenerating, on account of the much reduced 
rate of reproduction among the middle classes, during the last generation, 
without a relative decrease in the birth-rate of the lower classes. We are 
breeding the majority of the future population of this country from our 
worst stocks. While a knowledge of this all-important state of affairs 
must remould our social and political principles, it may be well here to 
indicate its individual influence, as suggested by one of our greatest 

" The unthrifty increase and multiply and make the struggle harder 
for the thrifty, the conscientious, and the able, who have to provide not 
only for their own offspring, but for the offspring of the unfit in the next 

" I would therefore emphasise the view that much of the current 
feeling with regard to early marriage and good-sized families is demon- 
strably immoral, and is opposed to social welfare in that it must lead to 
the degeneration of the society in which it is current. 

" Our present knowledge of heredity shows us that the average man 
is a product of his ancestors in health, in intellect, and in honesty. Hence 
all social conduct should be directed on this point, to insuring that the 
minority, who in any case provide the next generation, is formed from the 
best stock in the community. The fertility of the unhealthy, of the 
mentally defective, of the dishonest, should be checked by custom and 
legislation in every way ; while that of the healthy, sane, and conscien- 
tious should, on the other hand, be in every way encouraged. 

"If we consider first individual conduct, we see need for a revision 
of current social feeling with regard to ancestral history. Both man and 
woman ought to know the tale of their past ; the faults, physical and 
mental, of ancestors and other relations ought not to be hidden away ; 
and the need of a new and rational pride in ancestry should be inculcated. 

" The celibacy of the individual who comes of faulty stock should be 
* "The Family and the Nation," page 6. 


xviii. The Thistlethwaite Family. 

recognised in social conduct, and social condemnation should follow 
marriage into a tainted stock or the marriage of any members of such 
stock. But such restraint of bad stock must also be accompanied among 
the educated by a change of feeling as to the conduct of the healthy, able, 
and generally fit stock. 

" We require, indeed, what it may be difficult to create — a strong 
social feeling against that celibacy which flows from the desire for the 
increased powers of enjoyment resulting when no hostages have been 
given to fortune." * 

When one first considers the established facts of heredity, " a feeling 
of despair is apt to arise at the inevitableness of the succession of good 
or evil. It seems of little use to fight against fate. But in reahty, for 
most people, there is no cause for such despondence. As usual, a 
knowledge of the natural laws governing a subject leads to greater freedom, 
if also to increased responsibility. We learn the exact limits of our 
liberty, the precise nature of our fetters. We know partially the extent 
to which we are masters of fate when we realise the probable character 
of the abihties that are latent within us. 

" Certainly, in problems connected with the education and the choice 
of professions for children, nothing can be more helpful than to have some 
idea of the directions in which they are likely to succeed, the duties and 
responsibilities that probably may be best undertaken by them. 
Similarly the time-honoured petition ' lead us not into temptation ' 
gains new force and meaning if we understand the nature of the tempta- 
tions which are likely most to affect us. It becomes also much more 
possible to remove danger from each person, or to warn and fortify him 
against forms of evil which have already proved fatal to others of the 
same stock. 

"By the study of heredity, we may gain an insight into the qualities 
that are entrusted to each individual to develop for the advantage of 
himself, his family, and the community, and learn to recognise the 

* " National Life from the Standpoint of Science," (1905), by Karl Pearson, 
F.R.S. (pages 102-103). 

Preface. xix. 

various failings specially to be watched and guarded against. The 
whole subject is fraught at once with the greatest spiritual dignity and 
the utmost social importance." * 

Although true wisdom would have included in this history, as 
Professor Pearson suggests, an account of the mental and physical 
characteristics and diseases of each descendant, I frankly admit that I dare 
not so far defy the opinions of my possible subscribers. I was, therefore, 
glad of the excellent excuse that no one person could do this with any 
degree of satisfaction, and yet complete the work within any short 
period. This book, then, is less a family history than a basis for one. 

I suggest that each descendant who is interested in this matter 
should devote his energies to his own branch, and work it out in detail. 
No more vitally important family document could exist, and the author's 
name and good work would live for centuries in his posterity, t 

But in order that every reader and possible amplifier may under- 
stand how this foundation has been built, it will be wise to discuss it in 
more detail. Roughly speaking, the whole of this pedigree has been 
derived from Quaker records and from correspondence. Its faults must 
all be laid at my door, for I have myself built the whole structure within 
these last three years. Two large but bare beams have been given me : 
they have been useful, but I have probed every inch before I trusted them. 
I refer to the Chart of the Fothergill Family (drawn up by Watson 
Fothergill, Esq., of Nottingham, and lent me by Gerald Fothergill, Esq., 
of New Wandsworth), and to the Thompson-Thistlethwaite Chart (drawn 
up by Mrs. F. I. Reckitt, of Hull, and lent me by Mrs. W. J. Cudworth, 
of York). These were, I believe, the only two existing pedigrees in the 
family when I began my research three years ago. | 

* " The Family and the Nation " (1909), by W. C. D. Whetham, F.R.S. (pages 

t I shall be glad to correspond with, or assist, any person who attempts to do 
this ; its statistical value alone would be of considerable importance. I shall also 
be glad to reply to any particular questions respecting any part of the family history 
if my correspondents will be good enough to enclose a stamped addressed envelope. 

I I regret that I have not been in a position to burden anyone but myself with 
the proof-correcting. It is difficult to discover one's own errors. 

XX. The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Let every one who appreciates this family history render thanks to 
the memory of my late grandfather, Jeremiah Thistlethwaite : to his 
unfailing encouragement and to his excellent memory my perseverance 
in the task is largely due. He often expressed to me his wish that he 
might see the history in print. But the meting of days is not in our 

" And when the Angel with his darker Draught 
Draws up to thee — take that and do not shrink." 

He was buried in our quiet old graveyard on the twentieth of April. 
He had read the proof of my circular, and by a curious accident it bore 
this same date. 

My method of arrangement is best described by reference to the 
explanatory charts following this. Our common ancestors, WilHam and 
Alice Thistlethwaite, had nine children, eight of whom married and had 
issue. The descendants of each of these eight are described respectively 
in the eight parts into which this book is divided. Every direct descendant 
of our common ancestors bears a distinctive number in brackets after his 
name. Thus the relationship existing between any numbered persons is 
in very few cases more remote than fifth cousin. Those in the same part 
are of course more closely related than those in different parts. A line 
between two sub-sections denotes that the persons described in the 
sub-sections so divided do not bear the relationship of parent and child 
to one another. The order followed is that of age, without distinction 
of sex. 

I regret extremely that neither index nor tabular pedigree accom- 
panies this book. Until lately I thought them practicable. I prepared 
a section of the tabular pedigree and calculated by proportion that the 
whole would measure about eighty yards. The index would have increased 
the cost, and delayed the publication several months. I therefore 
decided that the history without them was better than no history. 

I have printed a few more copies of this book than were actually 
subscribed for, and these may be obtained on application to myself. 

Preface. ^^'• 

I have refrained from praising our dalesman stock. By its progeny 
set forth herein shall it be judged. And if this preface should appear to 
the reader as a sickly gleam of facetiousness finally overcome by dreary 
clouds of admonition, I would ask him to blame an unfortunate literary 
style. Had I been offered a seat among the immortals, I would have 
preferred to receive it for the ponderous wisdom of a Spencer than for 
the unstable beauty of a Swinburne. May this book give joy in recollec- 
tion ; and may it incite forward. May it help us to that wise pride 
and to that discerning egoism which are primsiry and essential virtues. 


Great Ayton, Yorkshire, 

June, 1910. 

Name of Subscriber ^ j/j^ -.— I 


Key Charts. 


[common ancestors.] 


[part one] 
Richard Thistlethwaite (2) 
=Elizabeth Mason 

i. WilUam Thistlethwaite (3) 
=Margaret Akrigg 
ii. Alice Thistlethwaite (24) 
= (a) John Alderson 
(6) . . . Walker 
iii. Thomas ThisUethwaite (111) 
iv. Anthony Thistlethwaite (11 
=Mary Ion. 

[part two] 
James Thistlethwaite {429) 
=Isabel Fothergill 

i. William Thistlethwaite (430) 

=Agnes Barrister 
ii. Alice Thistletliwaite (533) 

=Thomas Lund 
iii. Rachel Thistlethwaite (560) 

=Gcorge Brown 
iv. Richard Thistlethwaite (580) 

=Agnes Hunter 
V. Margaret Thistlethwaite (864) 

=Christopher Myers 
vi. John Thistlethwaite (866) 
vii. Anthony Thistlethwaite {867) 
=Ann Brown 

[part three] 
Margaret Thistlethwaite (877) 
=Alexander Fothergill 

i. Alexander Fothergill (878) 
ii. Ann Fothergill (879) 

^James Freeman 
iii. John Fothergill (880) 
=(a) Mary Ann Forbes 
(i) Susannah Reynolds 
iv. Alice Fothergill (1020) 

=John Chorley 
V. William Fothergill (1021) 

^Hannah Robinson 
vi. Thomas Fothergill {1089) 

[part four] 
John TMstlethwaite (1090) 
=Margaret Close 

i. AUce Thistlethwaite (1091) 
ii. William Thistlethwaite {1092) 

=Elizabeth Lund (534) 
iii. Thomas Tliistlethwaite (11 30) 
iv. Alice Thistlethwaite (1131) 

=Thomas Carter 
v. Ann Thistlethwaite (11 34) 

=John Taylor 
vi. Margaret Thistlethwaite (1139) 
=(a) John Bezzon 
(b) John Kershaw 
vii. Isabel Thistlethwaite (1140) 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (1141) 
(died unmarried) 

[common ancestors.] 

1 -/^^y^/^^AWc fffiM^itlz 


Anthony Thistlethwaite (114O 
(died unmarried) 

[part five] 
Isabel Thistlethwaite (1142) 
=Henry Morland 

i. Isabel Morland (1143) 
ii. Alice Morland (1144) 

[part six] 
Anne Thistlethwaite (1145) 
=Christopher Thistlethwaite 

i. Margaret Thistlethwaite (1146) 

= James Anderson 
ii. Alice Thistlethwaite (1161) 
iii. Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1162) 

=Margaret Mason 
iv. Ann Thistlethwaite (1245) 

=Matthew Middlebrook 
V. WiUiam Thistlethwaite (1257) 
^Isabel Wynn 

[part seven] 
Thomas Tliistlethwaite (1260) 
=Agnes Mason 

[part eight] 
Timothy Thistlethwaite (1334) 
= Elizabeth Atkinson 

Alice Tliistlethwaite (1261) 
= Daniel Harrison 

William Thistlethwaite (1263) 
= Peggy Thomasson 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (1279) 
=Mary Atkinson 

i. William Thistlethwaite {1335) 
ii. Alice Thistlethwaite (1336) 

=Thomas Cutforth 
iii. John Thistlethwaite (1347) 
= {a) Elizabeth Wetherald 
(6) Eleanor Atlunson 
(c) Hannah Winn 
iv. Mary Thistlethwaite (1791) 
= John Bradley 

: L 


William Thistlethwaite (3) 
=Margaret Akrigg. 

i. Alice Thistlethwaite (4) 

= James Binns 
ii. Richard Thistlethwaite {13) 

= Eleanor 

iii. Hannah Thistlethwaite (22) 
iv. Samuel Thistlethwaite (23) 

Alice Thistlethwaite (24) 
= John Alderson 

i. Ralph Alderson (25) 

ii. Richard Alderson (26) 

=Mary Harrison 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (112) 
=Mary Ion 

i. Richard ThisUetliwaite (113) 

=Margaret Hunter 
ii. William Thistlethwaite {196) 

=Betty Hebden 
iii. Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (200) 

=Thomas Carter {1132) 
iv. Thomas Thistlethwaite (279) 

= Jane Pickthall 
V. Agnes Thistlethwaite (299) 
vi. Ann Thistlethwaite (300) 
vii. Agnes Thistlethwaite (301) 

= John Baynes 
viii. Alice Thistlethwaite (307) 

=Thomas Mason 
ix. Anthony Thistlethwaite (387) 
X. Mary Thistlethwaite (388) 

=Timothy Bradley 

John Thistlethwaite (866) 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (S67) 
=Ann Brown 

i. James Thistlethwaite (868) 
ii. John Thistlethwaite (869) 
iii. Richard Thistlethwaite (870) 
iv. Isabel Thistlethwaite (871) 
V. William Thistlethwaite (872) 

: Martha 


Ann Thistlethwaite (874) 
Rachel Thistlethwaite (875) 
Anthony Thistlethwaite (876) 

John Tliistlethwaite ( 

i Thistlethwaite (431 

= (2) Esther Ehza Dickins. 

Elizabeth Lund (534) 
=William Thistlethwaite (1092) 
Samuel Lund (535) 
Isabella Lund (536) 
= William Walton 
James Lund (559) 

Margaret Brown (561) 
Isabel Brown (562) 
William Brown {563) 
James Brown {564) 
George Brown (565) 
Alice Brown (566) 
= John Burton 
John Brown (572) 

ix. George Erown (576) 

X. Cliristopher Brown (577) 

xi. Anthony Brown (578) 

xii. Hannah Brown (579) 

James Thistlethwaite (581) 

John Thistlethwaite (582) 

= (i) Sarah M. Smith 

= (2) EUzabeth Routh 

Isabel Thistlethwaite (583) 

= John Wetherald 

Jane Thistlethwaite (759) 

= John Thompson 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (841) 

Rachel Thistlethwaite (842) 

= John Webster 

WiUiam Thistlethwaite (862) 

Richard Thistlethwaite {863) 

= Sarah Yearldey 

i. Isabel Myers {865) 

i. James Thistlethwaite (868) 

ii. John Thistlethwaite (869) 

iii. Richard Thistlethwaite (870) 

iv. Isabel Thistlethwaite (871) 

V. William Thistlethwaite (872) 


vi. Ann Thistlethwaite (874) 

vii. Rachel Thistlethwaite (875) 

iii. Anthony Thistlethwaite (876) 


Alexander Fothergill (878) 

Ann Fothergill (879) 

= James Freeman 

[? issue] 

John Fothergill (880) 
= (i) Mary Ann Forbes 
= (2) Susannah Reynolds 

Thomas Fothergill (1089) 

i. Mary Ann Fothergill {881) 
ii. John Fothergill (882) 

= Rebecca Bott 
iii. Alexander Fothergill (912) 
iv. Elizabeth Fothergill (913) 
V. Samuel Fothergill (914) 
vi. Samuel Fothergill (915) 

=Anna Maria Russell 
'ii. Charles Fothergill (925) 

= (i) Charlotte Nevins 

(2) Eliza Richardson 

iii. Margaret Fothergill {1017) 

=Thomas Blakey 
ix. Mary Ann Fothergill (1019) 

= Daniel Mayer 
[All issue of Mary Ann Forbes] 

i. John Fothergill (1022) 

=Aiin Rimington 
ii. Thomas Fothergill (1061) 
iii. Alexander Fothergill (1062) 
= (i) Elizabeth Haworth 
(2) Jane Robinson 
iv. Margaret Fothergill (1087) 
V. Jane Fothergill (1088) 

I I 

Margaret Thistlethwaite (i 139) Isabel Thistlethwaite (i 140) 

^(i) John Bezzon ob. s.p. 

= (2) John Kershaw 


Alice TliisUethwaite (1091) 

John Thistlethwaite {1093) 
Thomas Thistlcthivaite (1094) 
=Aiin Ripley 

Margaret Thistlethwaite (1107) 
= Samuel West 


Thomas Carter (11 32) 

= (i) Betty Thistlethwaite (200) 

= (2) Ann Akrigg 

John Carter (1133) 

Ann Taylor (11 35) 
Mary Taylor (1136) 
= John Lowe 

Margaret Thistlethwaite ( 1 1 39) 
=(1) Jolin Bezzon 
= (2) John Kershaw 


William Thistlethwaite (i2i7)=Margaret Capstick 

George Peacock^ Elizabeth Hartas George Dixon^Alice Swinbuni 

David Fox= Rebecca Payne 

Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (x2i8)=Rachel Peacock 

Ralph Dixon=Elizabeth Fox 

William Heury Thistlethwaite (i2Z3) = Alice Ehzabeth Dixon 

Bernard Thistlethwaite (1224) 


Margaret Thistlethwaite (1146) 
= James Anderson 

Michael Anderson (1147) 
Ann Anderson (1148) 
=Thomas Thwaite 
Christian Anderson (11 57) 
= Joseph Binns 
Christopher Anderson (11 59) 
Margaret Anderson (1160) 

: Thistlethwaite (1161) 

Cliristopher Thistlethwaite (i 163) 
Anthony Thistlethwaite (1164) 
=Mary Hedley 
William Thistlethwaite (121 7) 
=Margaret Capstick 

Matthew Middlebrook (1250) 
Margaret Middlebrook (1251) 
William Middlebrook (1252) 
John Middlebrook (1253) 
Ann Middlebrook (1255) 
Alice Middlebrook (1256) 

William Thistlethwaite (1258) 
Christopher Thistlethwaite (1259) 


Thomas Thistlethwaite (1264) 
Agnes Thistlethwaite (1265) 
Margaret Thistlethwaite (1266) 
Christopher Thistlethwaite (1267) 
Alice Tliistlethwaite (1268) 
John Thistlethwaite (1269) 


William Thistleth" 

= Elizabeth 

. Joseph Thistlethwaite (1275) 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (1276) 
, Isabel Thistlethwaite (1277) 
. Mary Thistlethwaite (1278) 


Agnes Thistlethwaite (12S0) 
Margaret Thistlethwaite (12S1) 
^Frederick Smurthwaite 
Alice Thistlethwaite (1282) 
Thomas Thistlethwaite {1283) 
=Mary Wilkinson 
EUzabeth Thistlethwaite (1318) 
John Thistlethwaite (1319) 
= Hannah Pease Frank 


Thistlethwaite (i335) 

Sarah Cutforth (1337) 
Elizabeth Cutforth (1338) 

iv. WiUiam Cutforth (13^4) 

• = Appleby (?) 

V. Thomas Cutforth (1345) 

vi. Jonathan Cutforth (1346) 

. Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (1; 

= John Tennant 
. Alice Thistlethwaite (1448) 

=Peter Taylor 
. Ann Thistlethwaite (1544) 

Mary Thistlethwaite (1703) 

= Samuel Bleckley 

Ann Thistlethwaite {1704) 

Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1705) 

=George Webster 

Margaret Thistlethwaite (17S2) 

= George .Abbatt 
, Thomas Thistlethwaite (1783) 
. James Thistlethwaite (1784) 

Jane Thistlethwaite (1785) 
Isaac Thistlethwaite (1786) 

Mary Tliistlethwaite (1791} 
= John Bradley 

Henry Thistlethwaite (1788) 
Joseph Thistlethwaite (1789) 

Rachel Thistlethwaite (1787) 

William and Alice Thistlethwaite 





William Thistlethwaite (i), was baptised lo March, 1677, in Dent 
Dale, being born almost certainly at Harborgill, his father's farm. 
The entry in the parish register reads, " Willyam sonne of Richard 
Thistlethwayte, March ye loth, 1677." The burial entry in the parish 
register of Dent, for his father, reads, " Richard Thystlethwayte of 
Harbourgill, November ye 6th, 1686." * 

It therefore appears that William Thistlethwaite's father was never 
a Quaker, and that William Thistlethwaite was not born a Quaker. The 
latter's mother, Margaret Thistlethwaite, widow, of Harborgill, was 
married 4th May, 1688, at Sedbergh Meeting House, to Samuel Wynn, of 
Grisdale. Both Margaret Thistlethwaite and Samuel Wynn miist have 
been Members of the Society of Friends before their marriage. It seems 
probable that Margaret Thistlethwaite and her young children joined the 
Society of Friends some time between her husband's death in 1686, and 
her second marriage in 1688. Possibly her children did not become 
members until later. 

William Thistlethwaite (i) appears to have partially rebuilt, or 
repaired, Harborgill in 1700, as that date and his initials are placed over 
the porch, in witness of which see the frontispiece to this book. In about 
1902, the year after the photograph was taken from which the frontispiece 
is reproduced, the windows of Harborgill were enlarged and modernised. 

At the age of twenty-eight, William Thistlethwaite (i) was married, 
3rd August, 1705, to Alice Mason, of Hudshouse, in Dent Dale. In 

* My thanks are due to the Rev. E. S. Curwen, Vicar of Dent, for providing these 
two extracts from the Parish Registers. I have made several strenuous eflorts to 
examine personally the Dent Registers, but accident has prevented up to the present. 
Except in quotations I have used continuously throughout this book the modem 
spelUng " Thistlethwaite." Dent is in the extreme north-west of Yorkshire. 

xxviii. The Thistlethwaite Family. 

January, 1752, at the age of seventy-four, he had a terrible experience 
in escaping from his home at Harborgill during the famous Dent " gill- 
brach," which is describedin the account of his son, Thomas Thistlethwaite 
(1260). He died in Dent Dale, 12th July, 1766, aged eighty-nine years. 

When at Kendal a few years ago, I spent some little time reading 
through the Dent Preparative Meeting Minute Book of the Society of 
Friends for the years 1708 to 1724. A minute of the Preparative Meeting 
held at Leayat Meeting House 23rd of 2nd month, 1708, reads, " John 
Greenwood and Wm. Thistlethwayte is ap" to attend next monthly 
meeting." In the years which follow, William Thistlethwaite is frequently 
appointed to duties of importance under the Meeting. For instance, in 
the meeting at Loaning, in Dent, held 22nd 12 mo. 1709, " Willyam 
Thistlethwayte is desired by this meeting to speak to Peter Chapman, to 
call all his creditors and offer all his goods to satisfaction." In the 
meeting at Leayat in Dent, held 28th 8 mo. 1711, " WilHam Thistle- 
thwayte is appointed to draw up sufferings and friends is desired to give 
him account thereof before our next." In the meeting held at Leayat, 
24th 8mo, 1714,* "it is agreed by this meeting that all the books that 
belongs to this meeting shall henceforth be lodged in William Thistle- 
thwayte's hand, and that all friends of this meeting shall have recourse 
thereunto at their request and that a catalogue thereof shall be kept in 
our Preparative Meeting Book." In the meeting at Loaning, 22nd 4 mo., 
1718, " agreed by this meeting that a new stable be built adjoining to the 
east end of the Meeting House at Leayet. WilHam Thistlethwayte and 
John Burton are appointed to see to it." 

The Thistlethwaite family was one of the oldest of the " statesman " 
or yeoman famiHes in Dent Dale, and William Thistlethwaite (i), as head 
of his family, would become a man of considerable local importance. 
Professor Adam Sedgwick, F.R.S., the eminent geologist, himself a 
native and a loyal child of Dent Dale, wrote, " Many of the old statesmen 
in the higher parts of Kirthwaite were numbered in the Society of Friends. 
* In the meeting held at Loaning, 22nd 12 mo., 171 3, it was " also agreed that 
friends leave that needless custom of carrying away bread and cheese at burialls, 
but eat and drink what we have occation for at that time, but carry not away." 

Common Ancestors. xxix. 

Excellent men they were, and well informed in matters of common life ; 

lovers of religious liberty ; of great practical benevolence, and of pure 

moral conduct ; and they were among the foremost in all good measures 

of rural administration." * 

The Professor, when aged eighty-four, wrote an interesting letter 

to a recent Thistlethwaite descendant, which may be wisely quoted here : 

" The Close, Norwich, 

" August 21, 1869. 
" My dear Friend and brother Dalesman, 

" Your letter did not require any apology, and I read it with much 
int-erest. For I do feel an emotion of brother!}' love towards all the 
inhabitants of my native Dales, and you are one of the living represen- 
tatives of an ancient family of Statesmen, from some of whom I experienced 
much kindness in my boyhood. I several times was permitted to shoot 
rooks at Harbergill before the last representative of your name sold it 
and emigrated with his wife and family, I think, to Pennsylvania. 

" He was a tall, good-looking man, and I also remember in my 
childhood, his father — a man of cheerful temper and Herculean strength, 
who was one of my honoured Father's dear old Friends. These are 
among the remembrances of my boyhood, which are still precious to me. 

" My principal home still is at Cambridge, where I last year gave my 
51st Annual Course of Geological Lectures. Ought I not to thank my 
Maker with uplifted heart, when I tell you that this long score of years is 
counted without one single interruption of my Annual task ? It is my 
hope to give my 52nd and last course of University Lectures during the 
coming Michaelmas Term. 

" Two or three months of each year, since 1834, I have had a home 

also at Norwich, where I have duties to perform as one of the Canons of 

the Cathedral. I am now, in regular course, endeavouring to perform 

* An extract from " A Memorial by the Trustees of Cowgill Chapel, with a 
preface and appendix on the climate, history, and dialects of Dent," by Adam 
Sedgwick, LL.D., 8vo, Cambridge, 1868. Privately printed. Page vi. Sedgwick 
was born at Dent Vicarage, 22nd March, 1785, and died at Cambridge, January, 
1873, unmarried. The Rev. C. A. Carter (227), then an undergraduate at St. 
John's, had an honourable place at his funeral. 

XXX. The Thistlethwaite Family. 

those duties. The infirmities of old age are gradually bringing me to the 
ground : I am very deaf — my eyes fail me much ; and they are so liable 
to inflammation that my Oculist orders me to write no long letters. Am 
I not breaking his orders this moment ? I have a niece and three great 
nieces with me, to cheer me, another reason for thankfulness. 

" Very few copies of my pamphlet* are left. I have three copies 
here, and I do not think that there is one left in the store room of the 
University Press at Cambridge. But you have a positive claim upon 
me ; and I will send you one of the remaining copies. The little book 
has produced an unexpected result. I should never have thought of 
sending such a humble Pamphlet to the Queen. But Lady Augusta 
Stanley, the wife of my dear friend Arthur Stanley, Dean of Westminster, 
begged a copy of me. She took it with her to Windsor Castle, and read 
some of it to the Queen. Then came a request (in Court language, I 
ought to say a command), for a copy to be sent to H.M. Of course, I 
sent it joyfully. Then came a request that a copy should be sent to Mr. 
Gladstone, which was, of course, also done. He read the Pamphlet, and 
sent me a favourable and very amusing acknowledgment. Our honoured 
Queen, after reading the Pamphlet carefully, said that she disapproved 
of any irregular changes of old names, and that injustice had been done. 
And she most kindly and condescendingly offered to hold a new Council 
to restore the name of Cogill Chapel. But there was a legal difficulty 
in this. So she moved the Archbishop of York to bring in a Bill before 
the House of Lords, which should provide for the restoration of the old 
name to the Incumbency of Cogill (now by a New Act of Parliament to 
be called the Vicarage of Cogill). The Bill passed the Lords without 
opposition ; and it was carried through the House of Commons by the 
support of the Queen's Ministers, and so became law. 

" Is not this an odd episode in the history of Dent ? 

" I remain in Christian goodwill, 

" Your honest friend and Dalesman, 

" Adam Sedgwick." 

* i.e., the above-mentioned " Memorial." 

Common Ancestors. xxxi. 

William Thistlethwaite (i) was married to Alice Mason, of Hudshouse 
in Dent Dale. She was born about 1680, and was probably daughter 
of James and Isabel Mason. She died 7th January, 1750 or 1751, aged 
seventy years ; a " public " Friend, i.e., a rehgious preacher among the 
Quakers. She had been a minister about fifty years. In 1737 she paid 
religious visits in Cumberland and Northumberland, and in 1742 she 
visited, with Agnes Mason, in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire. She 
visited Cumberland in 1744, and three years later, with Agnes Mason, in 
East Yorkshire. In 1749, aged nearly seventy years, Alice Thistlethwaite 
visited the South of England with Agnes Mason. I have no descriptive 
records of these long and difficult journeys taken by our ancestors, under 
a strong sense of duty, but we may, I think, justly suppose that they met 
with adventures and found themselves amid circumstances which would 
be extraordinary and interesting to us, their twentieth century descend- 
ants. Unfortunately the contemporary Quaker Journals are apt to be 
uninteresting, unless one can see the humour hidden among so serious 
an atmosphere, and can supply in imagination the disregarded incon- 
veniences and difficulties of travelling as Quakers in eighteenth century 
country districts, and of daring the dreary voyages to America and to 

Their granddaughter gives the following personal account of WilUam 
Thistlethwaite (i) and his wife: — "The father of Alice Thistlethwaite 
lived on his own estate at Hudsfoss House in the Dale called Dent, situated 
in the North West of Yorkshire. He was a very respectable character in 
his time, remarkably hospitable to strangers whom he entertained at his 
house, particularly those of the Society of Friends, of whose principles 
he became convinced towards the latter part of his life. In his earlier 
days he was so compassionate to travellers that he set apart for the 
reception of the poorer class of them a sort of hay loft, where he provided 
beds for their repose. His house, and that of his son-in-law, William 
Thistlethwaite (married to his daughter Alice), called Harbourgill, were 

* I shall be most glad to correspond with anyone possessing journals or old 
letters of any person mentioned in this family history, in view of a future volume. 

xxxii. The Thistletiiwaite Family. 

the most considerable in that part of Dent. WilHani Thistlethwaite was 
a handsome man of middle stature, of friendly genteel manners, his 
disposition somewhat reserved, and his words few. His wife Ahce was 
tall, good-looking, but not handsome : her manners and temper were very 
firm : she was distinguished by her charity, which led her to administer 
not only to the corporeal necessities of her fellow creatures, but also to 
their mental distresses, especially of the sick and dying, endeavouring 
to alleviate them by all the means in her power, and her abilities in this 
way were enlarged by the gift of gospel ministry entrusted to her charge. 
Her sons were all brought up to husbandry, and all except James (who 
early removed into Wensleydale) settled in Dent on small estates given 
to them by their father." * 

William Thistlethwaite (i) and Alice Mason, his wife, had nine 
children, as follows : — 

i. Richard Thistlethwaite (2), see Part One. 
ii. James Thistlethwaite (429), see Part Two. 
iii. Margaret Thistlethwaite (877), see Part Three, 
iv. John Thistlethwaite (logo), see Part Four. 
V. Anthony Thistlethwaite (1141), born at Harborgill, 12th 
December, 1714-5 ; died i8th November, 1740, unmarried, 
in his 26th year, 
vi. Isabel Thistlethwaite (1142), see Part Five. 
vii. Anne Thistlethwaite (1145), see Part Six. 
viii. Thomas Thistlethwaite {1260), see Part Seven. 
ix. Timothy Thistlethwaite (1334), see Part Eight. 

* " The original of this paper was written at Tottenham, Middlesex in 1795 by 
EHzabeth Fothergill (913), from the mouth of her aunt Alice Chorley (1020), who is 
named in the pedigree, and who died, aged eighty- two, at that village, 1828." I am 
much indebted to Watson Fothergill (887), of Nottingham, for the loan of this 
interesting document, a number of extracts from which will be found in different 
parts of this farr.ily history. One must, however, remember that Alice Chorley 
spoke only from memory. 



Richard Thistlethwaite (2), 




Richard Thistlethwaite, (2) born, presumably at Harborgill, 
4th July, 1706 ; died there 15th January, 1793, aged eighty-seven. 
" A man of comely, fine person, who marrying before the age of twenty- 
one a beautiful heiress, to whom he was tenderly attached, resided on 
her inheritance called Spicegill, in the same dale, until the death of his 
father, when he removed to Harbourgill, and Spicegill became the 
residence of Anthony, his third son."* He married Elizabeth Mason 
at Leayat Meeting House, 4th August, 1727, who died in Dent Dale, 30th 
April, 1762. She was born at Stonehouse in Dent Dale 24th October, 
1707, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Mason. Thomas Mason, of 
Stonehouse, married Elizabeth Clerkson at Anthony Robinson's house 
in Ravenstondale, 4th October, 1705. 

i. William Thistlethwaite (3), whom see. 
ii. Alice Thistlethwaite (34), whom see. 

iii. Thomas Thistlethwaite (iii), born at Spicegill, 8th February, 
1734. " died single, of an asthma." Died at Harborgill, 
ist April, 1778. 
iv. Anthony Thistlethwaite (112), whom see. 

William Thistlethwaite (3), born at Spicegill, loth December, 
1728, died at Harborgill 7th May, 1801, aged seventy-two. " Wilham, 
the eldest grandson of William and x\lice, is now living at Hollow Mill 
in Dent : he is particularly fond of shooting moor game and other wild 
fowl which abound in that part of England."* He was " a man of cheer- 
* Alice Chorley's Record. 

4 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ful temper and herculean strength," and an intimate friend of the father 
of Adam Sedgwick, the geologist. He lived at Stonehouse 1781, and 
at Hollow Mill 1788. He married Margaret Akrigg, probably at Leayat 
Meeting House, 6th December, 1773, who died at Harborgill, 31st March, 
1828, aged eighty-one. 

i. Ahce Thistlethwaite (4), whom see. 
ii. Richard Thistlethwaite (13), whom see. 
iii. Hannah Thistlethwaite (22), born at Stonehouse, 14th or 21st 

December, 1781, died unmarried, 
iv. Samuel Thistlethwaite (23), born at Hohow Mill, 8th March, 

1788, died there 21st June, 1789, aged one-and-a-quarter 


Alice Thistlethwaite (4), born, probably at Stonehouse, nth 
December, 1774, married from Harborgill, 30th March, 1796, to James 
Binns, of Cononley Woodside, parish of Kildwick, Yorkshire, within 
Knaresborough Monthly Meeting, son of John and Sarah Binns. He 
is described as " Clogmaker," 1797-1808, and " Farmer " 1810-1818. 
Although I can trace no farther than their children, they probably have 
many descendants. 

i. Sarah Binns (5), born at Cononley Woodside, 23rd March, 

ii. Margaret Binns (6), born at Cononley Woodside, 27th July, 

iii. WiUiam Binns (7), born at Cononley Woodside, 26th March, 

iv. Daniel Binns (8), born at Cononley Woodside, nth April, 

V. John Binns (9), born at Cononley Woodside, 22nd August, 

vi. Joseph Binns (10), born at Cononley Woodside, 6th December, 

Part One. 

vii. Wilson Binns (ii), born at Cononley Woodside, 9th June, 

viii. Hannah Binns (12), born at Cononley Woodside, 15th February, 


Richard Thistlethwaite (13), born, probably at Stonehouse, 

31st January, 1776. He married Eleanor , and is said to have sold 

Harborgill, and to have emigrated to America, where there are probably 
many descendants. 

i. Alice Thistlethwaite (14), born at Harborgill, 24th October, 
1804. She appears to have left an only son named 
i. Clarke V. Day (15), Hving in America in igo8. 
ii. Wilham Thistlethwaite (16), born at Harborgill, 3rd September, 

iii. Thomas Thistlethwaite (17), born at Harborgill, 27th May, 

iv. Timothy Thistlethwaite (18), born at Harborgill, 22nd Novem- 
ber, 1811. 
V. Agnes Thistlethwaite (19), born at Harborgill, 15th March, 1814. 
vi. Samuel Thistlethwaite (20), born at Harborgill, 14th September, 

vii. Margaret Thistlethwaite (21), born at Harborgill, 14th May, 

Alice Thistlethwaite (24), born at Spicegill, 24th May, 1731, 
married 7th May, 1760, to John Alderson, of Ravenstondale. 

John Alderson was born in Ravenstondale, 22nd August, 1721, 
the younger child of Ralph Alderson by his wife Alice Burton, whom he 
married 8th March, 171 7. Alice Alderson, nee Burton, was an important 
" pubHc " or ministering Friend [i.e. Quaker). She travelled widely 
in the Quaker Ministry, visiting Scotland in 1713 and the South of England 

Chart I. 
Burton Inter-marriages. 


^ \ 


Ralph Alderson = Alice Burton John Burton = Ann Thisflethwaite William Thistlethwaite (i) Isabel Thistlethwaite 

A = Alice Mason ^Wm. Burton 

William Alderson John Alderson = Alice Thistlethwaite Other 

= Margaret I (24) 

Ralph Alderson (25) 

Richard Alderson (26) 


Part One. 

vii. Wilson Binns (ii), born at Cononley Woodside, gth June, 

viii. Hannah Binns (12), born at Cononley Woodside, 15th February, 


Richard Thistlethwaite (13), born, probably at Stonehouse, 

31st January, 1776. He married Eleanor , and is said to have sold 

Harborgill, and to have emigi-ated to America, where there are probably 
many descendants. 

i. Ahce Thistlethwaite (14), born at Harborgill, 24th October, 
1804. She appears to have left an only son named 
i. Clarke V. Day (15), living in America in igo8. 
ii. William Thistlethwaite (16), born at Harborgill, 3rd September, 

iii. Thomas Thistlethwaite {17), born at Harborgill, 27th May, 

iv. Timothy Thistlethwaite (18), born at Harborgill, 22nd Novem- 
ber, 1 81 1. 
V. Agnes Thistlethwaite (19), born at Harborgill, 15th March, 1814. 
vi. Samuel Thistlethwaite (20), born at Harborgill, 14th September, 

vii. Margaret Thistlethwaite (21), born at Harborgill, 14th May, 

Alice Thistlethwaite (24), born at Spicegill, 24th May, 1731, 
married 7th May, 1760, to John Alderson, of Ravenstondale. 

John Alderson was born in Ravenstondale, 22nd August, 1721, 
the younger child of Ralph Alderson by his wife Alice Burton, whom he 
married 8th March, 171 7. Ahce Alderson, nee Burton, was an important 
" pubHc " or ministering Friend [i.e. Quaker). She travelled widely 
in the Quaker Ministry, visiting Scotland in 1713 and the South of England 

6 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

three years later. Her elder child, William, was born in Ravenstondale, 
23rd June, 1719, and the following year she visited Ireland. In 1722 
she visited Cumberland, and ten years later crossed to America. Her 
brother, John Burton, whose ministry began in 1707 in Cumberland, 
visited America in 1733, and " The Bishoprick " (or Durham) in 1735, 
accompanied by Thomas Burton. In 1736, four years after going to 
America, Alice Alderson attended the half year's meeting at Dublin, 
and later travelled in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The next year she 
visited Northumberland and the Bishoprick, 1740 Cumberland, 1741 
Lancashire and East and South Yorkshire, 1743 Ireland, 1745 Yorkshire, 
and 1748 Cheshire and Derbyshire. She died in 1765 or 1766. 

Her said brother, John Burton, of Scalegillfoot, married ist Sept- 
ember, 1709, Ann Thistlethwaite, of Harborgill, sister of William 
Thistlethwaite (i). They had at least six children, but their descendants 
do not affect this present volume. In 1752, John Burton visited the South 
of England with his sister's son, John Alderson, who married, eight years 
later, a great-niece of John Burton's wife (see above). 

William Burton, perhaps a brother of John Burton, married 
4th August, 1704, Isabel Thistlethwaite, another sister of William 
Thistlethwaite (i). They had at least two children. Isabel Thistle- 
waite had a minister's certificate in 1703, and died as Isabel 
Burton in 1754, a " public " Friend. 

Both of Ralph and Alice Alderson's children became Quaker ministers. 
The elder, William Alderson, and his wife Margaret (also a minister) 
died in 1758. 

In 1754, John Alderson visited the West and South of England 
in company with Anthony Mason, whose two daughters married Thomas 
Thistlethwaite (1260) and Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1162) respectively. 
Two years later John Alderson visited Scotland, Northumberland, 
Cumberland, Yorkshire and the Bishoprick, and the next year he visited 
Cumberland and Ireland. In 1759, John Alderson visited Yorkshire, 
and the South as far as London ; then Cumberland and Northumber- 
land. The next year, at the age of thirty-nine, he married AUce 

Part One. 7 

Thistlethwaite. In 1762 he visited Cumberland and Northumberland, 
and in 1763, again in company with Anthony Mason, he visited " in and 
about London and the South and West of England," and died 1764, in 
London, aged forty-three years. His wife was left with two young 
children. She married secondly Walker. 

i. Ralph Alderson (25), born in Ravenstondale, ist September, 
1761, and probably died without issue. 

ii. Richard Alderson (26), whom see. 

Richard Alderson (26), born in Ravenstondale, 24th September, 
1763. At the time of his marriage in 1786 he was living at Leayat in 
Dent, but the next year he is described as " husbandman of Stonehouse." 
At the birth of his son in 1800 he is first styled " manufacturer," and he 
is thus described until 1806. His youngest child was born in 1808, at 
Westhouse, in Dent, her father being then described as " yeoman." 
He died in 1811. The designation " manufacturer " refers to the fact 
that he cut and polished the encrinitic and black marble which is found 
in Dent Dale. This trade was carried on for over a hundred years at 
Stonehouse, foreign marble also being polished there. Owing to a dispute 
as to rent, the trade ceased two years ago. 

He married loth May, 1786, at Countersett Meeting House, Mary, 
fourth daughter of Reuben and Hannah Harrison, who was born 13th 
November, 1765, at Countersett. For the many Harrison-Thistlethwaite 
intermarriages the reader must be content in this volume to refer to 
Chart n. 

i. John Alderson (27), whom see. 

ii. Alice Alderson (41), born at Stonehouse in Dent, 17th October, 
1788, married Richard (or Wilham) Mason, and has 
numerous descendants in America, 
iii. Daniel Alderson (42), whom see. 
iv. Hannah Alderson (44), whom see. 

v. Margaret Alderson (78), born at Stonehouse, 2nd June, 1794, 
died before 1806. 



Alice Thistlethwaiie=John Alderson 




Alice Daniel 


Mary— Richard Alderson 
Harrison I (26) 

Reuben _ Sarah 
Harrison 1 Thompson 


John _ ]a 
Thompson A Thistleth\\ 
^ (759) 

Part One. 7 

Thistlethwaite. In 1762 he visited Cumberland and Northumberland, 
and in 1763, again in company with Anthony Mason, he visited " in and 
about London and the South and West of England," and died 1764, in 
London, aged forty-three years. His wife was left with two young 
children. She married secondly Walker. 

i. Ralph Alderson (25), born in Ravenstondale, ist September, 
1761, and probably died without issue. 

ii. Richard Alderson (26), whom see. 

Richard Alderson (26), born in Ravenstondale, 24th September, 
17163. At the time of his marriage in 1786 he was living at Leayat in 
Dent, but the next 3'ear he is described as " husbandman of Stonehouse." 
At the birth of his son in 1800 he is first styled " manufacturer," and he 
is thus described until 1806. His youngest child was born in 1808, at 
Westhouse, in Dent, her father being then described as " yeoman." 
He died in 1811. The designation " manufacturer " refers to the fact 
that he cut and polished the encrinitic and black marble which is found 
in Dent Dale. This trade was carried on for over a hundred years at 
Stonehouse, foreign marble also being polished there. Owing to a dispute 
as to rent, the trade ceased two years ago. 

He married loth May, 1786, at Countersett Meeting House, Mary, 
fourth daughter of Reuben and Hannah Harrison, who was born 13th 
November, 1765, at Countersett. For the many Harrison-Thistlethwaite 
intermarriages the reader must be content in this volume to refer to 
Chart n. 

i. John Alderson (27), whom see. 

ii. Alice Alderson (41), born at Stonehouse in Dent, 17th October, 
1788, married Richard (or William) Mason, and has 
numerous descendants in America, 
iii. Daniel Alderson (42), whom see. 
iv. Hannah Alderson (44), whom see. 

V. Margaret Alderson (78), born at Stonehouse, 2nd June, 1794, 
died before 1806. 

8 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

vi. Ralph Alderson (79), born at Stonehouse i6th October, 1796, 

a physician in Newcastle, had a " disappointment," and 

emigrated to America, where he died in middle life. He 

was unmarried when he left England, 
vii. Mary Alderson (80), born at Stonehouse, 27th October, 1798 ; 

married Joseph Nixon, of Dent, and emigrated to America, 

where she was poisoned by accident, leaving descendants, 
viii. Harrison Alderson (81), whom see. 
ix. Agnes Alderson (104), born 25th May, 1802, at Stonehouse ; 

died unmarried 1828, at Blackburn. 
X. William Alderson (105), born nth June, 1804, at Stonehouse ; 

died at Westminster, London, 1834, a-ged twenty-nine 

years, unmarried. An architect, 
xi. Margaret Alderson (106), whom see. 
xii. Ehzabeth Alderson (no), born at Westhouse, in Dent Dale, 

24th May, 1808, and died 1853, unmarried, at Burnley, 

aged forty-six years. 

John Alderson (27), born loth March, 1787, at Stonehouse, in 
Dent ; died at Broadmire in Dent in 1855, aged sixty-eight years, buried 
at Leayat : for many years a schoolmaster at Leayat, in Dent Dale. He 
married Alice Hunter, daughter of John Hunter, of Hebblethwaite 
Hall, near Sedbergh (who died at Narthwaite in 1840, aged ninety-two 
years) by his wife Ann Middlebrook, " pubHc " Friend, daughter of 
James Middlebrook, of Lowblean, yeoman. AHce Alderson, nee Hunter, 
died at Dent in the year 1868, aged eighty. 

i. Ann Alderson (28), born and died in Dent, buried at Leayat, 

ii. Jane Alderson (29), born and died in Dent, buried at Leayat, 

iii. Mary Alderson (30), born and died in Dent, buried at Leayat, 

iv. AHce Alderson (31), whom see. 

Part One. 9 

V. Hannah Alderson (35), born and died in Dent, buried at Leayat, 

vi. i\Iargaret Alderson (36), born in Dent, died and buried at 
Bcntham, sine prole. She married Thomas Edmondson 
as his second wife, 
vii. Agnes Alderson {^y), born in Dent, died of smallpox, at Kendal, 

aged nineteen, s.p. 
viii. John Alderson {;^S), born in Dent, died there, and buried at 
Leayat, s.p. 
ix. Richard Alderson {39), born and died in Dent, buried at 

Leayat, s.p. 
X. Daniel Harrison Alderson (40), born in Dent, died at Chapel- 
le-Dale, buried at Bentham, s.p. 

Alice Alderson (31), born at Lambparrock, in Dent, 28th Novem- 
ber, 1818 ; died at East Ardsley, near Wakefield, 13th July, 1858. 
Married at Leayat Meeting House 23rd October, 1840, to James Airay, 
then houseman at Ackworth School near Pontefract, she being dairymaid 
there at the time. 

James Airay was son of James Airay, of Huddersfield, labourer, 
and Mary, nee Hudson, his wife, deceased. He was later a grocer of 
Batley and East Ardsley, and died at York. He married secondly 
Sarah Priest, whose brother, John Priest, married Hannah Peacock, 
sister of Rachel Peacock, who married Jeremiah Thistlethwaite, of 
Great Ayton. 

The witnesses who signed Alice Alderson's (31) marriage certificate 
are worth quoting, as fairly representative of the Quakers in Dentin 1840. 
John Alderson <k.Vj,].^^,;4 > ' Thomas Carter 

Alice Alderson ^it^^y6'ulb..;:i■'A'J.ft^ Ann Carter 
Ann Alderson Agnes Ion 

Harrison Alderson Anthony Carter 

Thomas Handley.'>^.,. •-'/'«.■„,.. John Johnson 
Oswald Baynes, Jun. /(/)i.c^^w.4Avr< . William Thistlethwaite 

10 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Jane Baynes Thomas Thistlethwaite 

Winiam Hunter' -•r^v/fU-e.^av^^/K-' Margaret Thistlethwaite 
William Middlebrook Mary Ann Thistlethwaite 

John Middlebrook Horatio Turner 

Ann Middlebrook, Jun. Myles Baynes 

Margaret Middlebrook William Chapman 

Margaret Thistlethwaite Thomas Harker (Cowgill) 

Alice Hunter X-' . ■ --• ''■- " - -:'''-'- Alice Harker 
Ann Hunter " ^' "^ ^' Mary Davis 

Alice Thistlethwaite Elizabeth Davis. 

James and Alice Airay had three children, as follows : — 
i. John Airay (32), born at Ackworth, 28th October, 1842 ; appren- 
ticed to David Baker, grocer, of Guisboro', and died at East 
Ardsley, near Wakefield, 3rd July, 1864, unmarried, 
ii. ]\Iary Agnes Airay (33), born at Batley, 7th July, 1845 5 married 
at Wakefield Friends' Meeting House, 7th April, 1868, to 
John Edmondson, son of her aunt's husband, Thomas 
Edmondson, by his first wife. John and Mary Agnes 
Edmondson live at Woodburn, Ilkley, in 1909. The latter 
visits much in the Quaker ministry, as did so many of her 
ancestors mentioned above. She is sine prole. 
iii. AHce Ann Airay (34), born at East Ardsley, 3rd June, 1850 ; 
died there 31st March, 1852. 

Daniel Alderson (42), born 21st September, 1790, at Stonehouse, 

in Dent. He married Peggy , and kept the " Sun Inn " in Dent's 

Town. He appears to have died young, leaving at least one son. His 
widow, Peggy Alderson, " was quite a character, and the old-fashioned 
hostel a great attraction to the statesmen of Dent, especially in the 

i. Richard Alderson (43), who probably has descendants living in 
the neighbourhood of Dent. 

Part One. ii 

Hannah Alderson (44), born 6th July, 1792, at Stonehouse, 
in Dent, and died at Holme, 3rd October, 1865. She married at New- 
castle, 1816, John Hogarth, a brilliant schoolmaster, who was born at 
Firbank, near Kendal, and died at Manchester, 13th December, 1874. 

i. Charlotte Hogarth (45), whom see. 

ii. Isabella Hogarth (65), whom see. 

iii. Agnes Hogarth (71), whom see. 

Charlotte Hogarth (45), born May, 1823, at Ruthin, in Wales ; 
married 1849, ^^ Burnley, Lancashire, to Robert Nicholl, a cabinet maker. 
She died 23rd November, 1862. 

i. Emma Hogarth (46), whom see. 
ii. Hannah Mary Nicholl (54), whom see. 
iii EHzabeth Nicholl (59), born August, 1851 ; died January, 

1866, S./). 
iv. Margaret Alice Nicholl (60), born at Burnley, October, 1853 ; 
married 1881, John Pither, of Bray Villa, Sunningdale, near 
Ascot, and died at the birth of her only child. 

i. Margaret Alice Pither (61), born September, 1882. 
V. Martha Jane Nicholl (62), born at Wilmslow, Cheshire, 1855 ; 

died November, 1880, at Holme, unmarried. 
vi. Charlotte Agnes Nicholl {63), born at Wilmslow, December, 
1857 5 married Thomas Cookson, and was living in 1909 
at 20, Merton Street, Harpurbey, Manchester. 
i. Charlotte Elizabeth Cookson (64), born 25th October, 
1888, at Manchester, unmarried. 

Emma Hogarth (46), born 1846, natural child of Charlotte Hogarth 
(45). by her future husband Robert Nicholl. Married Charles Bracewell, 
at Clitheroe, 1869, and died April, 1907. Charles Bracewell was living 
in 1909, at 125, Tithebarn Road, Southport. 

i. Arthur Bracewell (47), born May, 1870, unmarried, 
ii. Henry Hogarth Bracewell (48), born March, 1873, unmarried, 
iii. Bertram Ernest Bracewell (49), whom see. 

12 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Bertram Ernest Bracewell (49), born June, 1877, married, and 
has issue. 

i. Ernest Hogarth Bracewell {50), born July, 1897. 
ii. George Crombleholme Bracewell (51), born December, 1898, 
iii. Emmie Winifred Bracewell (52), born January, 1900. 
iv. Eugene Harold Bracewell (53), born May, 1903. 

Hannah Mary Nicholl (54), born June, 1850, at Blackpool, died 
August, 1900. Married John Jones, a clerk, and had issue. 

i, Florence Mary Jones (55), born 14th September, 1878, died 

6th January, 1895, 
ii. Wilham Henry Jones (56), born August, 1880, unmarried, 
iii. Helena Ahce Jones (57), born April, 1883, unmarried ; living 

in 1909 at 58, Cholmley Street, Boulevard, Hull. 
iv. Lilian Martha Jones (58), born January, 1891, unmarried; 
hving in 1909, at i, Westcliffe Road, Birkdale, Southport. 

Isabella Hogarth (65), born 23rd March, 1826, at Darlington ; 
married 6th April, 1849, ^^ Burnley, Lancashire, to John Faulkner, 
schoolmaster, who died at Holme on Spalding Moor, 15th June, 1882. 
She died 25th November, 1909, while living with her daughter, Mrs. W. H. 

i. John Hogarth Faulkner (66), born at Woolfold, 17th May, 1850, 

unmarried. Professor of Short-hand in America, if living. 

ii. George William Faulkner (67), born at Patricrof t, loth J anuary, 

1856, unmarried. A retired tailor, living with his sister, 
iii. Mary Isabella Faulkner (68), born at Patricroft, 26th March ; 
died at Keighley, 15th June, 1904. Married at Leeds, ist 
March, 1888, Thomas Kettlewell, draper, of Keighley. 

i. Harold Faulkner Kettlewell (69), born at Keighley, 
29th June, 1889, now musician, of Keighley. 

Part One. 13 

iv. Charlotte Agnes Faulkner (70), born at Holme on Spalding 
Moor, 6th February 1863. Married at Leeds, loth 
September, 1895, to Wilham Henry Richardson, Manu- 
facturing Chemist, of Park Terrace, Horsforth, Leeds. She 
had one child, deceased. 

Agnes Hogarth (71), born 1828, at Darlington, probably in the 
month of August. She was married, 1850, at Burnley, to John Milburn, 
an ironmonger. They emigrated to America, and she died 9th July, 
1867, at Hamilton. I have been unable to trace the present whereabouts 
of her descendants. 

i. William Milburn (73), deceased 1909. 
ii. John Milburn (73). 
iii. George Milburn (74), deceased 1909. 
iv. James Milburn (75). 
V. Charles Milburn (76). 

vi. Henry Milburn (77). He and all his brothers were born in 

Harrison Alderson (81), born 9th August, 1800, at Stonehouse, in 
Dent Dale, sixth child of Richard and Mary Alderson. Died 27th July, 
1871, aged seventy-one, at the residence of his son-in-law, Joseph Simpson, 
Mayfield Cottage, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, and was interred at 

His father died when Harrison was eleven years old. The latter left 
Ackworth when he was fourteen, and became apprenticed to William 
Satterthwaite, at Lancaster. When twenty-one years of age, he entered 
into business at Blackburn ; married in 1833, and removed with his 
family to America in 1842, who e he settled near the infant city of 
Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1851, four years after his wife's death, he gave up 
the home at " Cedar Lodge," sent his children to Boarding School, and 

14 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

visited England, He returned to America in the summer of 1853, and 
soon afterwards purchased " The Cedars," near Burlington, which con- 
tinued to be his home until the spring of 1871, when he crossed to England 
for the last time. A Quaker minister of Burhngton Monthly Meeting, 
New Jersey, U.S.A. 

He married at Liverpool in 1833, Emma Botham, youngest daughter 
of Samuel and Ann Botham, of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, born there 4th 
September, 1809, died at Cedar Lodge, Cincinnati, 17th December, 1847. 
During the last year of her life she wrote " Our Cousins in Ohio," describing 
a year of home life at " Cedar Lodge." Her sister Mary Howitt, the 
authoress, had it published the following year. 

Emma Botham's mother was born Ann Wood, whose great-grand- 
father was William Wood, the discoverer of platinum, and the object of 
Swift's fierce attack in " The Drapier Letters." He was descended from 
a brother of the infamous Cardinal Du Bois, who had fled to England on 
the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and had anglicised his name to 
" Wood " in order to hide his connection with the cardinal. Emma 
Botham's father was so strict a Quaker, that he would not let the nurse 
take his children into certain streets lest they should hear an organ 

Her sister, Mary Botham, married William Howitt, of Heanor, in 
Derbyshire, the well-known author and topographer, and was herself an 
authoress of some repute, writing, among other things, a story named 
" Hope on, Hope ever, or a Peep into Dent," which should be read by 
everyone interested in the people and district of Dent Dale. The eldest 
sister, Anna Botham, married in 1823, Daniel Harrison, a first cousin of 
her future brother-in-law, Harrison Alderson (see Chart H.). 
i. Mary Ann Alderson (82) died in infancy. 
ii. William Charles Alderson (83), whom see. 
iii. Agnes Alderson (88), whom see. 
iv. Anna Mary Alderson (98), whom see. 
V, Alice Ann Alderson (102) died young, 
vi. Samuel Harrison Alderson (103) died in infancy. 

Part One. 15 

William Charles Alderson (83), born 5th November, 1837, pi"obably 
at Blackburn. Married ist June, 1870, to Eleanor Tyson Yarnall, who 
was born I2tli December, 1840. He resides at 228, South 3rd Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa., but in June, 1910, was visiting England. 

i. Eleanor C. Alderson (84), born 23rd February, 1877, married, 
in September, 1898, to Dr. Theodore Janeway, of New 
York, Their children are, 
i. Eleanor Janeway (85). 
ii. Charles Edward Janeway (86), 
iii. Agnes Janeway (87). 

Agnes Alderson {88), born 2nd November, 1839, pi'obably at 
Blackburn. Married 15th September, 1870, to Joseph Simpson, of 
Mayfield, mill-owner, who was born 8th September, 1835, and died 2nd 
October, 1901, aged sixty-six years. He was a son of George Simpson 
by his wife Sarah, daughter of Reuben and Sarah Harrison, therefore he 
was a second cousin of his wife Agnes Alderson (88) (see Chart H.), who 
is still residing at Sunnyside, Mayfield. Staffordshire, 

i. Agnes Simpson (89), born i8th November, 1871, 
ii. Harrison Alderson Simpson (90), born nth April, 1873, 
iii. Sarah Mildred Simpson (91), born 25th May, 1874. 
iv. Joseph Simpson (92), born 13th September 1875 ; married 5th 
August, 1903, to Dorothea Maw, who was born ist August, 
1874. They live at Shrewsbur}^ and have two children. 
i. Agnes Dorothea Grace Simpson (93). 
ii. Josephine Mary Simpson (94). 
V. Emma Beatrice Simpson (95), born 8th September, 1876. 
vi. Arthur Simpson (96), born 27th December, 1877. 
vii. Annie Wilberforce Simpson (97), born 20th September, 1881, 

Anna Mary Alderson (98), born 28th November, 1841, probably 
at Blackburn. As her parents removed to America in 1842, I suppose 

1 6 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

that her younger sister and brother were born near Cincinnati, U.S.A. 
She was married 15th October, 1863, at Charlestown, to William Wilber- 
force Wistar, an American doctor, who died 24th May, 1866, leaving one 
child. He was related to the American anatomist, Caspar Wistar 
(1761-1818), after whom the magnificent cHmbing plant, Wistaria, is 

i. Emma Alderson Wistar (99), born 2nd September, 1865, and 
died 19th August, 1898. She married John Shaw, of Derby, 
23rd April, 1888, and had two children, 

i. Mary Violet Shaw (loo), born 9th April, 1890. 
ii. John Valentine Wistar Shaw (loi), born 14th 
February, 1894. 

Margaret Alderson (106), born 28th March, 1806, at Stonehouse, in 
Dent Dale. At the age of seventeen she was married at Gretna Green, 
to James Eastham, an ironmonger, of Burnley, Lancashire. He was 
very successful in business and lived for several years at Ayton House, 
Great Ayton, Yorkshire. They adopted a girl, but many years after 
marriage they had three children of their own. 

i. Richard Eastham (107), who was a magistrate, and died 

ii. John Eastham (108), a major in the army, and died unmarried, 
iii. Emma Eastham (109) died unmarried. On account of each 
child dying without issue, the family money is said to 
have passed into the hands of some relatives of James 
Eastham. The adopted daughter married, and had 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (112), born 2nd June, 1746, at Spicegill, in 
Dent. He " was remarkable for his abstemiousness and for his gi'eat 
skill in curing the diseases of domestic animals," * 
* Alice Chorley's Record, 

Part One. 17 

When our common ancestor, William Thistlethwaite (i) of Harborgill, 
died in 1766, his eldest son, Richard, whose wife had died fom- years 
previously, probably went to live there with his three sons, all of whom 
were unmarried at the time. At any rate the second son of Richard 
Thistlethwaite (2) died there in 1778, and his youngest son, Anthony 
Thistlethwaite (112) was married from there in 1779. Anthony's seven 
eldest children were born there between the j^ears 1780 and 1792, and in 
1793 his father, Richard Thistlethwaite (2) died there. Anthony then 
moved with his wife and family to Spicegill, his mother's farm, where his 
parents began their married life in 1727. And Anthony's eldest brother, 
William Thistlethwaite (3), who had been living at Hollow Mill, now 
become owner of Harborgill, whence his elder daughter, Alice Thistle- 
thwaite (4) was married in 1796. He died, however, in 1801, and his only 
surviving son, Richard Thistlethwaite (13), hved there with his widowed 
mother, until he went with his family to America in about 1820. 

In the meantime Anthony Thistlethwaite (112) had been Hving at 
Spicegill since his father's death, and his eighth child was born there in 
1794. Two more children were born in 1797 and 1801 respectively, and 
Anthony died there 30th August, 1815, aged sixty-nine years. His 
grandson, Thomas Bradley (414), of Bearpark, near Carperby, tells me 
that according to the family tradition his grandfather, Anthony Thistle- 
thwaite (112), is supposed to have left Spicegill jointly to his sons Thomas 
and Anthony, and, owing to the latter dying unmarried, the whole fell 
to Thomas. 

In any case, the third son, Thomas Thistlethwaite {279), left Spicegill 
to his eldest son, Anthony Thistlethwaite (281), long known as " Anthony 
of Spicegill," for the ancient custom calls the statesmen by their Christian 
name and their property, rather than by their surname. So, too, was the 
son known by his father's Christian name if the latter were living, and my 
grandfather, Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (i2i8),son of Wilham Thistlethwaite 
(1217), was colloquially known as " Jerry o' Bill's." To revert to Spicegill, 
the property has now fallen to the great nephews of the last " Anthony of 
Spicegill," named Sedgwick. 

i8 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

His grandfather, the Anthony Thistlethwaite (112) of our present 
paragraph, married 8th January, 1779, Mary Ion, of Street, in Raven- 
stondale. They had ten children, 

i. Richard Thistlethwaite (113), whom see, 
ii. William Thistlethwaite (196), whom see. 
iii. Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (200), whom see. 
iv. Thomas Thistlethwaite (279), whom see. 
V. Agnes Thistlethwaite (299), born at Harborgill, 21st June, 1788, 

died there 19th October, 1791, aged three years, 
vi. Ann Thistlethwaite (300), born at Harborgill, 28th March, 
1790, and is said to have gone to America, unmarried, 
about 1830. 
vii. Agnes Thistlethwaite (301), whom see. 
viii. Alice Thistlethwaite (307), whom see. 
ix. Anthony Thistlethwaite (387), born at Spicegill, 30th October, 

1797, and is supposed to have died unmarried. 
X. Mary Thistlethwaite (388), whom see. 

Richard Thistlethwaite (113), born at Harborgill, 25th January, 
1780 ; lived at Swineley, in Widdale (between Hawes-in-Wensleydale, 
and Dent Dale) 1808-1813, at which latter date his son, William, was born. 
The birthplace of his children John and Mary is described as Mid- Widdale, 
and the youngest child, Betty, was born in 1819, at Studellagarth,* at 
the head of Dent Dale, where he lived for many years, removing in his old 
age to Leayat, where he died 14th March, 1851. 

He married at Hawes Meeting House, 27th May, 1807, Margaret, ,. 
Hunter, daughter of Simon or Simion Hunter (see Chart HI.), and she died - 
at Leayat, in Dent, 9th February, 1857, s-g^d seventy-seven years. Her 
father's sister, Agnes Hunter, daughter of John and Jane Hunter, of 
Carr End, in Wensleydale, married another Richard Thistlethwaite (580), Vc^WkljH 
who was first cousin once removed to the Richard Thistlethwaite (113) of ' ^'' 
this paragraph. 

* Studellagarth fell into ruins shortly after he left it. 

i8 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

His grandfather, the Anthony Thistlethwaite (112) of our present 
paragraph, married 8th January, 1779, Mary Ion, of Street, in Raven- 
stondale. They had ten children, 

i. Richard Thistlethwaite (113), whom see. 
ii. William Thistlethwaite (196), whom see. 
iii. EHzabeth Thistlethwaite (200), whom see. 
iv. Thomas Thistlethwaite (279), whom see. 
V. Agnes Thistlethwaite (299), born at Harborgill, 21st June, 1788, 

died there 19th October, 1791, aged three years, 
vi. Ann Thistlethwaite (300), born at Harborgill, 28th March, 
1790, and is said to have gone to America, unmarried, 
about 1830. 
vii. Agnes Thistlethwaite (301), whom see. 
viii. Ahce Thistlethwaite (307), whom see. 
ix. Anthony Thistlethwaite {387), born at Spicegill, 30th October, 

1797, and is supposed to have died unmarried. 
X. Mary Thistlethwaite (388), whom see. 

Richard Thistlethwaite (113), born at Harborgill, 25th January, 
1780 ; lived at Swineley, in Widdale (between Hawes-in-Wensleydale, 
and Dent Dale) 1808-1813, at which latter date his son, Wilham, was born. 
The birthplace of his children John and Mary is described as Mid-Widdale, 
and the youngest child, Betty, was born in 1819, at Studellagarth,* at 
the head of Dent Dale, where he lived for many years, removing in his old 
age to Leayat, where he died 14th March, 1851. 

He married at Hawes Meeting House, 27th May, 1807, Margaret. 
Hunter, daughter of Simon or Simion Hunter (see Chart ill), and she died 
at Leayat, in Dent, 9th February, 1857, ^S^^ seventy-seven years. Her 
father's sister, Agnes Hunter, daughter of John and Jane Hunter, of 
Carr End, in Wensleydale, married another Richard Thistlethwaite (580), 
who was first cousin once removed to the Richard Thistlethwaite (113) of 
this paragraph. 

* Studellagarth fell into ruins shortly after he left it. 


Anne Thistlethwaite (1145) 
=Chr. Thistlethwaite 

;remiali Thistlelliwaite (1162) 
=M{<t. Mason 


Anthony Thistlethwaite (i 12) 
=Mary Ion 

Richard Alderson (26) 
=Mary Harrison 



thvvaite(i2i7) =Saml. Hanson 

= Mgt.Capstick I 

Jeremiah Mary Hanson 
Thistlethwaite (121S) =Thos. 

=Rachel Newton 

Peacock I 

I L- . 

Mary Mgt. = Samuel Newton 
Thistlethwaite A 
(1220) I 


I = Eleanor Handley 

i I I 

Martha Shacklcton John Shackleton = Ann Hunter 

' " A 

I i 1 

Alice Huntf-r = John Alderson Isabella ^Oswald 
A (27) Hunter Baynes 

Rachel Thistlethwaite (842) 
=John Webster 

John Baynes = Agnes Thistle- Mary Thistle- 
/\ thwaite (301) thwaite (388) = 

es VVcbster=Oswald Bayn 

John Baynes=Jane Bradley 
A (409) 



Part One. 19 

i. Anthony Thistlethwaite (114), whom see. 

ii. AUce Thistlethwaite (158), born at Swineley, in Widdale, 6th 
August, 1809, and hved many years with her father's 
second cousin, WilHam Thistlethwaite (1217), at Leayat. 
When her parents came to live at Leayat, she removed to 
Sedbergh, and died there 24th January, 1881, aged seventy- 
one years, unmarried. 

iii. Simon Thistlethwaite (159), whom see. 

iv. William Thistlethwaite (165), whom see. 

V. John Thistlethwaite (166), whom see. 

vi. Mary Thistlethwaite (182), born at Mid- Widdale, 5th November, 
1816, and died 13th June, 1836, at Studellagarth, aged 
nineteen years, unmarried, 
vii. Betty Thistlethwaite (183), whom see. 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (114), born at Swineley, in Widdale, a 
very outlying farm some distance to the left of the road, going from the 
head of Dent to Hawes, 14th June, 1808. Married 14th November, 
1832, to Elizabeth Altham, of Calf Cop, near Lower Bentham, daughter 
of John Altham, surgeon, by his wife Elizabeth. 

In 1835, he was a flour dealer at Holbeck, near Leeds, and for many 
years was workhouse-master at Sedbergh. He died i8th October, 1874. 
His first wife, EHzabeth Altham, was born 12th September, 1807, and 

died loth January, 1857. ^e married a second wife, Mary , who 

survived him without issue. 

i. Richard Thistlethwaite (115) whom see. 
ii. Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (134), born at Holbeck, i6th August, 

1836, and probably died in infancy. 
iii. John Altham Thistlethwaite (135) whom see. 
iv. Mary Margaret Thistlethwaite (150) whom see. 

v. Jane Thistlethwaite (157) married Fletcher, of Bradford, 

shoemaker, who died there, s.p., after which she went to 
live with her sister, Mary Margaret Edmundson (150), in 

20 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Iowa, U.S.A. Here she married Peter Dyhr, who was born in 
Denmark, and died at West Branch, Iowa, November, 1907. 
Jane Dyhr (157) is still living at West Branch, Iowa, s.p. 

Richard Thistlethwaite {115), born at Holbeck, near Leeds, 3rd 
February, 1835. For many years in the employment of Messrs. Holds- 
worth, furniture dealers, of Wakefield. Died 19th December, 1904, at 
his residence, 4, Warren Terrace, Wakefield. Married at St. Andrew's 

Church, Wakefield, to Elizabeth Turner, daughter of Turner, by his 

wife Martha Haldane, both of Wakefield. She was born at Wakefield, 
30th June, 1835, and died there 20th January, 1899. 

i. John Altham Thistlethwaite (116), whom see. 
ii. WiUiam Thistlethwaite (122), born at Wakefield, 21st January, 
1862; apprenticed as teacher at Ayton Friends' School, 
and afterwards teacher in many Friends' Schools in England. 
Now one of the staff of the Friends' Provident Institution, 
iii. Charles Thistlethwaite (123), born ist June, 1864, at Wakefield, 

and died there an infant, ist May, 1865. 
iv. Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (124), born at Wakefield, 7th 
September, 1867 ; lived with her father until his death ; 
married at Iquique, Chili, South America, 17th July, 1908, 
to Henry Senior, cable operator there, son of a clerk in 
holy orders. 
V. Annie Thistlethwaite (125), born 15th June, 1870, at Wakefield, 
married, 3rd July, 1897, to Joe Roberts, now of Wakefield. 
i. Harold Roberts (126) born 28th August, 1898, at 
vi. Anthony Thistlethwaite (127), born 7th March, 1872, at 
Wakefield ; married May, 1904, to Annie E. Buxton. Now 
of Wakefield. 

i. Arthur Thistlethwaite (128), born and died at Wake- 
field, 1905. 

Part One. 21 

ii. Mary Thistlethwaite (129), born 13th June, 1906, at 
vii. Richard Herbert Thistlethwaite (130), born 21st June, 1875, 

at Wakefield. Now ironmonger at Wakefield, 
viii. Constance Mary Thistlethwaite (131), born 22nd June, 1877, at 
Wakefield, married 2ist May, 1903, to Ernest Judge, an 
artist, in 1908, of Burniston, near Scarborough ; employed 
by E. T. W. Dennis and Sons, Ltd., printers, of Scarborough. 
In 1910 he is a general dealer at Appleton-le-Moors, York- 

i. Constance Clare Judge (132), born 23rd June, 1904, 

at Scarborough, 
ii. Ernesta Judge (133), born 28th February, 1908, at 

John Altham Thistlethwaite (116), born at Wakefield, 21st May, 
i860, now of Eccleshill, near Bradford, for thirty-two years one of the 
staff of the Friends' Provident Institution, Bradford. Married, nth 
September, 1888, to Mary Smith Baxter, born 25th May, 1865. 

i. Eric Thistlethwaite (117), born at Eccleshill, 5th October, 1891, 

died there, i8th March, 1903. 
ii. Leslie Thistlethwaite (118), born at Eccleshill, 25th August, 1892. 
iii. Hilda Thistlethwaite (119), born at Eccleshill, 25th March,i894. 
iv. Wilfred Thistlethwaite (120), born at Eccleshill, 13th July, 

V, Henry Thistlethwaite (121), born at Eccleshill, 31st March, 1907. 

John Altham Thistlethwaite (135), born 31st May, 1840, died at 
Bradford, 4th September, 1895. Married Matilda Richardson, who was 
born 23rd January, 1838, and is now living at Bradford. 

i. George Richardson Thistlethwaite (136), born 8th February, 
1864, now manager of Wm. North and Sons' Dye Works, 
Bradford. Married Sarah Newbould, who had one child. 

The Thistlethwaite Family. 

i. Annie Thistlethwaite (137), born 14th June, 1889, at 
Bradford, and died there 12th September, 1893. 
ii. Mary Margaret Thistlethwaite (138), born 25th January, 1869, 
married April, 1897, to Tom Craven, now of Bradford. She 
died 29th January, 1899, at Bradford, three days after the 
birth of her only child, and her husband married again, 
i. Margaret Craven (139), born 26th January, 1899, at 
Bradford ; now living there with her grandmother, 
Matilda Thistlethwaite. 
iii. Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (140), died in infancy, 
iv. Thomas Thistlethwaite (141), died in infancy. 
v. Anthony Thistlethwaite (142), born 27th July, 1873. In 1908 
of 10, Poplar Terrace, Levenshulme, Manchester, but now 
with Wm. North and Sons, Bradford, Married, 15th 
January, 1895, to Emma Waite. 

i. Alice Thistlethwaite (143), born 30th July, 1896, at 

ii. Edith Thistlethwaite (144), born 8th February, 1904. 
iii. Annie Thistlethwaite (145), born 23rd September, 
1907, at Levenshulme. 
vi. Ellen Thistlethwaite (146), married loth December, 1894, to 
Richard Nixon, who died November, 1908, at Bradford. 
She is now living at Bradford. 

i. Harold Nixon (147), born 31st December, 1895, at 

ii. George Fergus Nixon (148), born i6th September, 

1898, at Bradford, 
iii. Charles Thistlethwaite Nixon, (149) born at Bradford, 
and died there in infancy. 

Mary Margaret Thistlethwaite (150), married Edward Edmund- 
son of Leeds (born 3Tst July, 1843), and emigrated to America, where 

Part One. 23 

they settled on a farm at Ida Grove, Iowa, U.S.A. He died 1909, and 
his widow now lives at Desmoines, Iowa. They had two children. 

i. Elizabeth Alice Edmundson (151), born 19th May, 1869, at 
West Branch, Iowa ; married to Gavin Crosbie, who was 
born 2nd July, 1869, son of Archibald Crosbie. They are 
now farmers at Ida Grove, and have four children. 

i, Sophia Florence Crosbie (152), born at Ida Grove. 
ii. Edward Archibald Crosbie {153), born at Ida Grove, 
iii. Jessie Elizabeth Crosbie (154), born at Ida Grove, 
iv. Sydney Altham Crosbie (155), born at Ida Grove, 
ii. Sophia Jane Edmundson (156), born 28th April, 1871, now of 
Ida Grove, unmarried. 

Simon Thistlethwaite (159), born at Swineley, in Widdale, nth 
April, 1811, and died at Hawes, in his old age. He married Elizabeth 
Helme in 1842, who died at Hawes, ist January, 1888, aged seventy-seven 
years. He was a carrier and carter at Hawes. 

i, Richard Thistlethwaite (160), died in infancy. 
ii. Richard Thistlethwaite (161), died in infancy, 
iii. Mary Thistlethwaite (162), of " The Holme," Hawes, who is 

now carrying on her late brother's business as grocer, 
iv. James Thistlethwaite (163), grocer, of Hawes, in Wensleydale, 
Yorkshire. Born 1849 ' married Anna Baker, of Dubhn, 
who was at the Mount School, York, 8 mo. 1869 to 6 mo. 
1870, and died at Kingstown, Dublin, ist August, 1877, 
aged twenty-five years, leaving one child, 
i. Thistlethwaite (164), who died young (a daughter). 

William Thistlethwaite (165), born at Swineley in Widdale, 17th 
April, 1813 ; went to the school of his second cousin, John Alderson (27), 
at Leayat, in Dent, then for two years to Ackworth School, which he had 
to leave in 1827 0^ account of his age. He returned to Dent, and in 1828 

24 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

was placed under James Thistlethwaite (581), dogger and leather cutter, 
of Bainbridge, in Wensleydale. 

He appears to have been somewhat precocious, and at the age of 
seventeen was found discussing with his employer " Doddridge's Rise 
and Progress of Rehgion in the Soul," a feat which we may admire rather 
than envy. That Paley's " Moral Philosophy " was his favourite book, 
further testifies to his fondness for Metaphysics. One is not surprised to 
find that he left leather cutting for pedagogy, and conducted the school 
at Counterside, near Bainbridge, until 1834, when he became of age. 

He applied for, and received, the headmastership of Penketh Friends' 
School at the age of twenty-one years. He left there in 1846, and became 
Master on Duty at Ackworth School, but shortly afterwards took up a 
boarding school at Tulketh Hall, near Preston, with his future brother- 
in-law, Dr. Satterthwaite, whose sister Hannah Satterthwaite he married 
in 1847. The school was moved to Lindow Grove, near Wilmslow, 
Cheshire, in 1853. 

William Thistlethwaite (165) was recorded a minister of the Society 
of Friends in 1864, and published several books on Quaker and other 
matters, viz., " On Education in Prussia " (1850) ; " Thoughts on Religious 
Education " (1856) ; " An Address dehvered in Manchester " (1858) ; 
" Four Lectures on the Rise, etc., of the Society of Friends " (1865), etc. 
He died at Wilmslow, 28th January, 1870, aged 56 years.* 

His wife survived him, and died at Wilmslow, 5th September, 1893, 
aged seventy-seven years. She was also a minister in the Society of 
Friends, and travelled as such in America and elsewhere. Sine prole, see 
Chart V. 

John Thistlethwaite (166), born at Mid-Widdale, 22nd March, 1815. 
In his early days he was with the firm of Harrisons and Crosfield, tea- 
merchants, of Liverpool and London. At the recommendation of Daniel 
Harrison, of this firm (who married Anna Botham, sister-in-law of Harrison 
Alderson (81) who was second cousin to John Thistlethwaite (166), see 
* Compare the account in "The Annual Monitor," 1871. 

Part One. 25 

Chart II.), he joined the firm of Wm. Rathbout and Co., of Liverpool. 
Subsequently he went out to Shanghai, China, and eventually returned 
to Harrisons and Crosfield, until he retired. He died at Birkenhead, 
28th April, 1884. 

He married Deborah Barlow, daughter of John Barlow, of Alderley 
Edge, by his wife Deborah Neild, of which latter family J. J. Green, of 
Tunbridge Wells, has compiled a genealogy. Deborah Thistlethwaite, 
nee Barlow, was born at the Oak, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, 7th October, 
1823, and married at Morley Meeting House, Cheshire, May, 1856. She 
died at Birkenhead, 9th September, 1879, ^g^^ fifty-five years, 
i. Margaret Thistlethwaite (167), whom see. 
ii. Richard Henry Thistlethwaite (172), whom see, 
iii. Mary Hannah Thistlethwaite (174), whom see. 
iv. Maria Thistlethwaite {176), whom see. 
V. Helen Thistlethwaite (180), born at Birkenhead, died an infant, 

and buried at Liscard, F.B.G., Cheshire. 
vi. John Barlow Thistlethwaite (181), born at Kenyon Terrace, 
Birkenhead, 24th May, 1866, educated at Bootham School, 
York, 4 mo. 1877 to 6 mo. 1883. Bachelor of Arts, and 
SoHcitor in Manchester, Married, November, 1901, at 
Grange-over-Sands Church, to Edith Bennett, of that 
place. Sine prole. Resides at Wilmslow, 

Margaret Thistlethwaite (167), born 14th February, 1857, at 
Kenyon Terrace, Birkenhead, Educated at the Mount School, York, 
I mo. 1873 to 6 mo. 1874. Married, ist September, 1880, at Hemingford 
Street Meeting House, Birkenhead, to her fourth cousin, William John 
Cudworth (831), of Darlington, whom see. They Hved, in 1909, at Butts 
Close, Tadcaster Road, York, and had four children. 

i. Margaret Cudworth (168) born 5th October, 1881, at Darhngton. 
Educated at the Mount School, York, imo. 1896 to 12 mo. 

26 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ii. Mary Cudworth (169), born 13th August, 1883, at Darlington ; 

educated at the Mount School, York, 9 mo. 1898, to 7 mo. 

iii. William Oswald Cudworth {170), born 25th October, 1885, at 

Darlington, educated at Bootham School, York, i mo. 1898 

to 7 mo. 1 901, and at Leighton Park, Reading, 
iv. Helen Cudworth (171), born 30th August, 1887, at Darlington 

educated at the Mount School, York, 9 mo. 1901 to i2mo. 


Richard Henry Thistlethwaite (172), born 29th October, 1858, at 
Kenyon Terrace, Birkenhead. Married, at Bismark, Dakota, U.S.A., 
20th June, 1888, in the house of his bride, Mary Castlemaine. I under- 
stand that he is, or has been, a judge in Dakota. 

i. Walter Barlow Thistlethwaite (173), born in Dakota, 1889. 

Mary Hannah Thistlethwaite (174), bom 2nd August i860, at 
Kenyon Terrace, Birkenhead ; educated at the Mount School, York, 8 mo. 
1874 to 6 mo. 1876. Married, 20th June, 1882, at Hemingford Street 
Meeting House, Birkenhead, to Richard Thompson (808), her fourth 
cousin, and a first cousin to her brother-in-law, William John Cudworth 
(831). As will be seen on reference to Chart IV., Richard Thompson (808) 
and William John Cudworth (831) were fourth cousins to their respective 
wives, through the Thistlethwaite blood, but third cousins through the 
Hunter relationship. See under Richard Thompson (808). 

i. Geoffrey Thompson (175), born loth August, 1883 ; educated 
at Bootham School, York, 9 mo. 1896 to 7 mo. 1899. 

Maria Thistlethwaite (176), born at Kenyon Terrace, Birkenhead, 
9th June, 1862 ; educated at the Mount School, York, 8 mo. 1876 to 12 

26 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ii. Mary Cudworth (169), born 13th August, 1883, at Darlington ; 

educated at the Mount School, York, 9 mo. 1898, to 7 mo. 

iii. William Oswald Cudworth (170), born 25th October, 1885, at 

Darlington, educated at Bootham School, York, i mo. 1898 

to 7 mo. 1901, and at Leighton Park, Reading, 
iv. Helen Cudworth (171), born 30th August, 1887, at Darlington 

educated at the Mount School, York, 9 mo. 1901 to i2mo. 


Richard Henry Thistlethwaite (172), born 29th October, 1858, at 
Kenyon Terrace, Birkenhead. Married, at Bismark, Dakota, U.S.A., 
2Gth June, 1888, in the house of his bride, Mary Castlemaine. I under- 
stand that he is, or has been, a judge in Dakota. 

i. Walter Barlow Thistlethwaite (173), born in Dakota, 1889. 

Mary Hannah Thistlethwaite (174), born 2nd August i860, at 
Kenyon Terrace, Birkenhead ; educated at the Mount School, York, 8 mo. 
1874 to 6 mo. 1876. Married, 20th June, 1882, at Hemingford Street 
Meeting House, Birkenhead, to Richard Thompson (808), her fourth 
cousin, and a first cousin to her brother-in-law, William John Cudworth 
(831). As will be seen on reference to Chart IV., Richard Thompson (808) 
and William John Cudworth (831) were fourth cousins to their respective 
wives, through the Thistlethwaite blood, but third cousins through the 
Hunter relationship. See under Richard Thompson (808). 

i. Geoffrey Thompson (175), born loth August, 1883 ; educated 
at Bootham School, York, 9 mo. 1896 to 7 mo. 1899. 

Maria Thistlethwaite (176), born at Kenyon Terrace, Birkenhead, 
9th June, 1862 ; educated at the Mount School, York, 8 mo. 1876 to 12 


• "(I) I 

Richard Thistlethwaite = Elizabeth Mason JOHN HUNTER James Thistlethwaite= Isabel Fothergill 

■ rf-«- (429) I 

Agnes Huntei- = Richard Thistlethvvaite 
I (580) 

Richard Thistlethwaite= Margaret Hunter 

John Thistlethwaite = Deborah Barlow Richard Thompson = M. M. Palian Mary Thoinpson= Win, Cudworth 

I I I 

Mary Hannah Thistlethwaite==Rd.Thompson Mgt. Thistlethwaite = William J. Cudworth 

(174) A (808) (167) A (831) 

4RT IV. Further Hunter Connections, 
I am much indebted to Wm. Shackleton, of 
Pudsey, for permission to use his Hunter 
Family Chart. See also Chart III. 

Part One. 27 

mo. 1878. Married February, 1886, at Morley Meeting House, Cheshire, 
to William Darby, of Birmingham. 

i. Ruth Darby (177), born 19th September, 1887 ; educated at 

the Mount School, York, 9 mo. 1901 to 7 mo. 1905. 
ii. Henry Basil Darby (178), born 1891, ; educated at Leighton 

Park, Reading, January, 1905 to April, 1909. 
iii. Roger Darby (179), born 1894 ; educated at Leighton Park, 
Reading, April, 1907 to July, 1907. 

Betty Thistlethwaite (183), born at Studellagarth, at the head of 
Dent Dale, i8th February, 1819. Died at Sedbergh, 14th July, 1888. 
Married 5th November, 1850, to John Guy, who died at Sedbergh, 14th 
October 1883, aged seventy years. He was a grocer at Sedbergh, but 
turned this business over to his son and became bank manager at Sedbergh. 
i. Thomas William Guy (184), whom see. 
ii. Rachel Margaret Guy (189), born at Sedbergh and died an 

iii. Richard Thistlethwaite Guy (190), born at Sedbergh and died 

an infant. 
iv. Isabella Guy (191), whom see. 

Thomas William Guy (184), formerly a grocer of Sedbergh, now 
a restaurateur in London. Married Annie Winn, whose sister, Elizabeth 
Winn, married Anthony Bradley {391), of Ambleside, a second cousin of 
Thomas William Guy (184). 

i. Agnes Isabella Guy (185), who was married at the Friends' 
Meeting House, Westminster, loth May, 1910, to Llewellyn 
King, third son of Arthur Henry and Ellen King, (both 
deceased). Her parents then resided at 166, Cambridge 
Street, London, S.W. 
ii. John Henry Guy (186), an accountant, now in New York, 
iii. George Herbert Guy (187). 
iv. Winifred Mary Guy (188). 


The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Isabella Guy (191), married Thomas Wright, secretary of Ackworth 
School. They emigrated to New Zealand with their family in about 



Charles William Wright (192), a twin with Ernest Henry 
Wright (193). 
ii. Ernest Henry Wright (193). 
iii. Harold Wright {194). 
iv. Percy Guy Wright (195). 

William Thistlethwaite (196), born at Harborgill, in Dent, 22nd 
December, 1781. He is described as husbandman in the parish of Whalley, 
Lancashire, in the years 1806, 1808, and 1811. He married Betty Hebden, 
and had at least three children, but I can trace no further descendants. 
He was apparently disowned by the Society of Friends for marriage with 
a non-member. 

i. Mary Thistlethwaite (197), born 9th December, 1806, at 

Blackowfoot, in the parish of Whalley. 
ii. Anthony Thistlethwaite (198), born 7th November, 1808, at 
Little Stone Edge, in the Chapelry of Coin, parish of 
iii. Betty Thistlethwaite (199), born 6th September, 1811, at Little 
Stone Edge, within Barrowford Booth, Forest of Pendle, 
parish of Whalley. 

Betty or Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (200), born at Harborgill, 24th 
March, 1784. Married 28th May, 1807, at Dent Meeting House, to her 
second cousin, Thomas Carter (1132), a cordwainer of Leayat, whom see. 
She died in 1812, and her husband married again, 
i. Thomas Carter (201), whom see. 
ii. Anthony Carter (206), whom see. 
iii. Alice Carter (261), whom see. 

Part One. 29 

Thomas Carter (201), born ist June, 1808, at Aldries, near Leayat, 
in Dent Dale, since pulled down. He was in business at Preston, Lan- 
cashire, as a cattle dealer and pork-butcher, and died 29th October, 1884, 
aged seventy-six years. He was married i6th December, 1840, at 
Yealand, a village near Carnforth, Lancashire, to Mary Brunton, of 
Yealand. She was born 4th October, 1813, and died nth April, 1875. 

i. Elizabeth Carter (203), born 6th November, 1841, at Preston ; 

died 8th September, 1867, unmarried, 
ii. Thomas Carter (203), born i8th December, 1849, ^^ Preston ; 
died at Lancaster, i8th March, 1908, unmarried. 
, iii. Margaret Alice Carter (204), whom see. 

iv. John Carter (205), born 4th August, 1857, at Preston; died at 
Lancaster, 21st April, 1875, unmarried. 

Margaret Alice Carter (204), born 3rd June, 1852, at Preston, 
Lancashire. She was married at Yealand, 25th September, 1889, to 
Joseph Marriage Jesper, practical engineer, of Birmingham. I under- 
stand that he was a near relative of the late Sir Richard Tangye, in whose 
engineering works at Birmingham he is employed. Joseph M. and 
Margaret A. Jesper were living in 1910 at 42, Crockett's Road, Hands- 
worth, Birmingham.. 

i. Constance Jesper (204a), born 28th August, 1890, at Hands- 
worth, Birmingham, 
ii. Wilfrid Jesper (2046), born 13th January, 1892, at Handsworth, 

iii. Elsie Jesper (204c), born i6th October, 1893, at Handsworth, 

Anthony Carter (206), born ist July, 1810, at Aldries in Dent ; died 
at Dent's Town, 2nd January, 1883. He was trained as a tea-dealer and 
coffee-roaster, and was also for over forty years Relieving Officer of 
Sedbergh Union. In these duties he was at one time assisted by his 

30 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

third cousin, Jeremiah Thistlethwaite, later of Great Ay ton. Anthony 
Carter was also Registrar of Births and Deaths, Assessor of Income Tax, 
local constable, will-maker for most of the Dent's people, and amateur 
doctor. Besides this, he farmed about four acres of land, and was a very 
well-known character in the Dale. 

He lost his membership in the Society of Friends on account of his 
marriage in the latter part of 1847 ^o Betty Allen, a non-Quaker. She 
was born nth January, 1824, at Millhead Brow (now pulled down), on 
the road between Dent and Sedbergh. She died at Dent's Town 26th 
June, 1876. 

Betty Allen was daughter of Christopher Allen, of Chapel in Dent, 
by his wife Agnes Sedgwick, of the Sedbergh or Howgill Sedgwick family. 
This family was not nearly connected with the Dent Sedg\vick family, 
from which sprang Adam Sedgwick, the eminent geologist. Betty Allen 
was second cousin to George Allen, Margaret Allen and Robert Allen, who 
respectively married Anthony Carter's first cousins, Margaret Mason 
(363), George Mason (366), and Agnes Mason (386). 
i. Elizabeth Carter (207), whom see, 
ii. Thomas Carter (225), whom see. 
iii. Christopher Anthony Carter (227), whom see. 
iv. Agnes Alice Carter (240), whom see. 
V. Mary Isabella Carter (251), whom see. 
vi. John Allen Carter (254), whom see. 
vii. Emma Carter (258), whom see. 

Elizabeth Carter (207), born in Dent's Town, 15th November, 1848. 
In 1910 she was living in Dent's Town. She was married in 1872 or 1873 
to Miles Capstick, a cabinet-maker of Dent's Town, 

Miles Capstick had been previously married, and had three children 
by his first wife. He was the only son of Thomas Capstick, by his wife 
Alice Bainbridge, whose brother George Bainbridge became a clergyman, 
Thomas Capstick was the nephew of Margaret Capstick, who married 
William Thistlethwaite (121 7) of Leayat. See Chart VI. 

Part One. 31 

Elizabeth Capstick (207), married secondly John Powley, by whom 
she had no issue. By her first husband she had issue as follows. 

i. Betsy Ehzabeth Capstick (208), born at Dent, 12th December, 
1873, married Wilham Metcalfe, of Hawes. 
i. Robert Metcalfe (209), born about igoo. 
ii. Carter Metcalfe (210), born igoi. 
iii. Daisy Metcalfe (211), born 1902. 
iv. Lena Metcalfe (212), born 1903. 
V. Emma Metcalfe (213), born 1904. 
ii. Anthony Carter Capstick (214), born loth April, 1875, at Dent. 
In igiohe was a butcher and horse-dealer in Dent, unmarried, 
iii. William Capstick (215), born 15th May, 1876, at Dent. He was 
innkeeper at the Sun Inn, Dent's Town, and married Mary 
Chapman. He died in 1905. 

i. Miles Capstick (216), born May, 1903. 
ii. Wilham Capstick (217), born 1905. 
iv. Mary Ahce Capstick (218), born 27th July, 1877, at Dent. She 
was married to Richard Bentham, originally of Dent. In 
1910 they were cow-keepers at 5, Clevedon Buildings, South 

i. Wilham Bentham (219), born 12th November, 1898. 

ii. Elizabeth Jane Bentham (220), born 24th December, 


V. Emma Capstick (221), born 7th February, 1879, ^^ Dent. She 

was married to Charles A. Midgley, headmaster of Dent 

Elementary School. 

i. Ella Midgley (222), born at Dent, 1903. 
vi. Bell Capstick (223), born 19th March, 1883, at Dent. She 
was married to David Raw, carrier, of Dent. 

i. Dora Margaret Raw (224), born at Dent, 1908. 
ii. Ehzabeth Raw (224a), born at Dent, 13th April, 

32 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Thomas Carter (225), born in Dent's Town, 2nd March, 1851. He 
was at one time a sergeant in the Liverpool PoHce Force, but had retired 
on his pension before 1910, when he was employed at a skating rink in 
Liverpool. He married Mary Irving, of Dumfries, Scotland. 

i. Ella Carter {226), born 1876 or 1877. In 1910 she was living 
in Manchester, married to John Henry, but without issue. 

Christopher Anthony Carter (227), born in Dent's Town, 13th 
September, 1853. He first went to a dame's school, where he learnt to 
read and knit, knitting being a common employment of nearly all the 
Dales-people. In due time he went to the National School, and afterwards 
to the Grammar School, at Dent, proceeding, in 1864, to King Edward VI. 
Grammar School at Sedbergh, where he remained eight years, during the 
last two of which he was head of the school. 

In 1872, he entered St. John's College, Cambridge, where he won a 
Lupton and Hebblethwaite exhibition and an open sizarship. He 
graduated in the Mathematical Tripos in 1876. St. John's College 
always had an intimate connection with the Grammar School at Sedbergh, 
indeed, there were two closed fellowships reserved for Sedbergh scholars, 
one of which the subject of this sub-section would in all probability have 
held, had not the foundation been altered by Act of Parliament. 

He was married at Somersham, Huntingdonshire, 20th October, 
1874, to Lavinia Ehzabeth Mordecai, born about 1849, only child of 
Daniel Mordecai, a printer, of Cambridge, by his wife Lavinia Newman, 
of Hunsdon, Hertfordshire. The last named died loth December, 1909, 
at Cambridge, aged eighty-five, and in 1910 her widower was living with 
his daughter in Liverpool, aged eighty-six. Mrs. Carter's first cousin, 
Miss E. L. Newman, of London, is a musical composer of some note. 

Immediately on taking his degree, Christopher Anthony Carter (227) 
became usher in a private school at Budleigh Salterton, South Devonshire, 
and fifteen months later went to a similar post at Folkestone, where, in 
September, 1877, he was ordained by Dr. Tait, Archbishop of Canterbury, 
and licensed to the Sunday Curacy of Hawkinge-with-Swingfield. 

Part One. 33 

In 1878, he accepted a curacy at St. Mary's, Kirkdale, Liverpool, 
under Canon Major Lester, the well-known philanthropist and friend of 
children. During the seventeen years of his curacy here, he baptised 
14,044 persons, and married 1,798 couples. The total population of the 
parish was about 27,000. 

In 1896, he was appointed Vicar of St. Titus, Liverpool, a poor parish 
with a population of about 5,000 ; indeed, one street, since rebuilt, had 
a population of 3,800. Since the recent rehgious riots the population of 
this parish has become almost entirely Roman Catholic. St. Titus 
Vicarage is situated in St. Domingo Grove, Everton, Liverpool. 

•Christopher Anthony Carter (227) stands six feet two inches in height, 
and has always taken great interest in athletics. At Sedbergh Grammar 
School he was captain of the cricket eleven two years before leaving. At 
Cambridge he pulled in the St. John's first boat for two years. At 
St. Mary's, Kirkdale, he was captain of the Sunday School cricket and 
football clubs, and still fills the position of judge in the Liverpool Ele- 
mentary Schools Athletic Festival each year. 

He has had wide experience in school management, and is now an 
expert and referee in educational matters in the Liverpool district. He is 
one of the honorary secretaries of the Liverpool and District Associa- 
tion of Church School Managers and Teachers, and, on the formation 
of the Liverpool Diocesan Church Schools Association, under the 
Voluntary Schools Act, 1897, he was elected a member of the Governing 

He has had twelve children, six of whom died young, 
i. Percival Anthony Daniel Carter (228), whom see. 
ii. Thomas Carter (232), whom see. 
iii. Elizabeth Lavinia Carter (235), born at Liverpool, 7th February, 

1879 ; in 1 910 living at home unmarried, 
iv. Charles Christopher Carter (236), whom see. 
v. Daisy AHce Carter (238), born at Liverpool, 23rd January, 1886 ; 
in 1910 a teacher in an elementary school in Liverpool ; 

34 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

vi. William Herbert Carter {239), born at Liverpool, 2nd August, 
1889. He was educated at the Liverpool Collegiate 
Institution, and the Liverpool College, and in 1910 was an 
undergraduate at St. John's College, Cambridge. He is 
a Bell Universit}^ scholar, and holds an £80 open Scholarship 
at John's, besides holding a Gladstone Exhibition from 
Liverpool College. 

Percival Anthony Daniel Carter (228), born at Cambridge, 5th 
August, 1875. He was at one time assistant master at a school in the 
South of England, but in 1910 was Examining Officer in H.M. Customs 
at Liverpool. He married Jessie Georgette Stenhouse, of Bootle, daughter 
of George Athanase Dore Stenhouse, a clerk in the Liverpool Municipal 

i. Agnes Elizabeth Lorraine Carter (229), born at Gravesend, 

8th November, 1899. 
ii. Ivy Margaret Carter (229a), born 8th October, 1901, at Liver- 
pool ; died there 27th December, 1907. 
iii. Elsie Jane Carter (230), born at Liverpool, 20th April, 1903. 
iv. AHce Doreen Carter (231), born at Liverpool, 26th September, 

Thomas Carter (232), born in Devonshire, 14th November, 1876. 

In 1910 he was accountant to Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge. He 

married Eleanor Amy Banham, daughter of a robe-maker of Cambridge. 

i. Irene Winifred Carter (233), born at Cambridge, 14th October, 

ii. Christine Alice Carter (234), born at Cambridge, 9th February, 

Charles Christopher Carter (236), born at Liverpool, 3rd March, 
1882. He obtained a scholarship to St. John's College, Cambridge, as 


Part One. 35 

tenor in the College Chapel Choir. He took his B.A. degree in a music 
special, and at the same time went through the Cambridge Day Training 
College. In igio he was a master in an elementary school in Liverpool. 
He married Emily Wright, daughter of John Wright, a builder and 
celebrated cornet-player, of Spondon, Derbyshire. 

i. Gladys Lihan Carter (237), born 14th July, 1908, at Spondon, 

ii. Christopher Allan Wright Carter (237a), born 31st March, 1910, 

at Spondon. 1164915 

Agnes Alice Carter (240), born 22nd November, 1856, at Dent's 
Town. She married Edward Hall, farmer, of Countersett, in Raydale, 

i, Margaret Hall (241), born loth December, 1885. Married 
George Terry, of Bainbridge. 
i. George Stanley Terry (242), born i8th June, 1909. 
ii. Benjamin HaU (243), born 8th September, 1887. 
iii. Mary Isabella HaU (244), born 2nd April, 1889. 
iv. Ehzabeth Hall (245), born 19th January, 1891. 
V, William HaU (246), born 26th November, 1892. 
vi. Anthony HaU (247), born 30th September, 1894. 
vii. Edward HaU (248), born 9th June, 1896. 
viii. John Hall (249), born 2nd January, 1898. 
ix. Thomas HaU (250), born 12th December, 1899 ; died 31st 
July 1900. 

Mary Isabella Carter (251), born at Dent's Town, 9th August, 
1859 ; died 31st October, 1887. Married WiUiam Christopher Metcalfe, 
of Hawes, who was, in 1910, a constable in the Liverpool Police 

i. Christopher Anthony Metcalfe (252), born 27th October, 1885 ; 
in 1910 employed in the Liverpool Post Office. 

36 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ii. Constance Metcalfe (253) born 7th February, 1887 ; now in 
Liverpool ; unmarried. 

John Allen Carter (254), born at Dent's Town, 23rd July, 1863. 
A police sergeant at Liverpool. Died there 7th December, 1904, He 
married Jane Metcalfe, of Hawes, sister of Wm. Chr. Metcalfe, his brother- 

i. Anthony Carter (255), born 3rd December, 1888 ; now employed 

in Liverpool Post Office, 
ii. John Allen Carter (256), born 13th January, 1893. 
iii. Charles Carter (257), born ist September, 1896. 

Emma Carter (258), born at Dent's Town, 23rd July, 1867. Now a 
widow living at Dent's Town. Married Stanley Hawkings, of Liverpool, 
i. Norman Stanley Hawkings (259), born 5th March, 1895. 
ii. John Harold Hawkings (260), born 14th April, 1897. 

Alice Carter (261), born at Aldries, in Dent, 19th December, 1811. 
The Memoir in the Annual Monitor says she was born at Scotchergill ; 
but it was some time later that her father lived at the latter place. She 
was deprived by death of her mother when about two weeks old, and 
thus became the special care of her grandmother. From the age of 
seventeen to twenty-two she was governess to the children of Thomas 
Backhouse, of York. 

She married, in 1843, Thomas Salthouse, of Fleetwood, Preston, and 
Liverpool, painter and drysalter. He survived her, and died at 

They first lived at Fleetwood, where four sons were born, two of 
whom died in infancy. The only daughter was born after removal to 
Preston. Alice Salthouse was a well-known local philanthropist, and 
died 25th May, 1891, aged seventy-nine years, at Liverpool. 

Part One. 37 

i. Thomas Carter Salthouse (262), whom see. 
ii. WilHam Salthouse (274), born at Fleetwood, about 1850 ; a 
drysalter, and oil and colourman, at Clapham, South 
London ; died there about 1902. Married Nanny Twiss, 
of Dubhn, who now carries on his business. He lived at 
Upper Tooting, Balham. 

i. George Salthouse (275), born in London, 
ii. Lilian Salthouse (276), born in London, 
iii. Thomas Salthouse (277), born in London, 
iii. Mary Alice Salthouse (278), born at Preston, 17th October, 
1853 ; died about 1903. Educated at the Mount School, 
York, 8 mo. 1869 to 12 mo. 1870. Married, first, Robert 
Esdaile ; second, William Colbert ; third, John Kay. Sine 

Thomas Carter Salthouse (262), born at Fleetwood, 22nd August, 
1845 ; died loth April, 1903, at Liverpool, where he was a coal-agent. 
He was educated at Bootham School, York, 8 mo. 1859 ^o ^ "^o. i860. 

He married Emily Nuttall, daughter of Nuttall, of Nutgrove Hall, 

St. Helens, Lancashire, bottle manufacturer. 

i, Edith Louisa Salthouse (263), born Liverpool, 2nd April, 1873 ; 
married John Nightingale, clerk, of Liverpool, 

i. Elsie Nightingale (264), born 14th June, 1896. 
ii. Frank Nightingale (265), born nth February, 1905. 
ii, Alice Elizabeth Carter Salthouse (266), born Liverpool, 17th 
September, 1875, married Frederick Steele. 
i. Francis Frederick Steele (267), born 8th May, 1906. 
iii. Thomas Francis Salthouse (268), born 12th September, 1877, 

at Liverpool. Married Robinson. 

i. Nadine Isabel Salthouse (269), born 24th March, 1909. 
iv, Florence Emily Salthouse (270), born 2nd March, 1880, at 
Liverpool. Married Arthur Lund, 

i. Oswe Trelfa Lund (271), a boy, born 14th August, i 906 

38 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

V. Hilda Salthouse (272), born Liverpool, 6th September, 1881 ; 

in 1910 living, unmarried, with her eldest sister, 
vi. Constance Mabel Salthouse (273), born Liverpool, loth July, 

1883 ; in 1910 living, unmarried, with her eldest sister. 

Thomas Thistlethwaite (279), born 15th January, 1786, in Dent 
Dale. He married Jane Pickthall, lived and died at Spicegill, and was 
buried at Leayat. His father, Anthony Thistlethwaite (112) is said to 
have left the Spicegill property jointly to his younger sons, Thomas and 
Anthony, but the latter dying without issue, the whole fell to Thomas. 

i. Mary Thistlethwaite {280) born 14th April, 1820, at Spicegill, 

in Dent, and died unmarried. 
ii. Anthony Thistlethwaite (281), born 9th March, 1822, at Spice- 
gill. His father left him the two Spicegill estates, and here 
he lived until his death, 8th February, 1903. He was the 
/ last Thistlethwaite " statesman " of Dent Dale. He 

married, when middle-aged, a Miss Burton, also middle- 
aged, and had no issue. She was sister to the wife of 
Thomas Parrington (1254) of Leayat. His property he left 
to his only nephew, 
iii. John Thistlethwaite (282), born 8th July, 1826, at Spicegill, 

where he died at the age of thirty-six years, unmarried, 
iv. Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (283), whom see. 

Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (283), born loth January, 1830, at 
Spicegill. She married Leonard Sedgwick, and they emigrated to 
America, where her three children were born. She is said to have died 
at Smithtown in Canada, and her husband returned home with the 
children, who were, I believe, brought up at Spicegill. 
i. Agnes Sedgwick (284), whom see. 
ii. Mary Jane Sedgwick (287), whom see. 
iii. Thomas Thistlethwaite Sedgwick (292), whom see. 

Part One. 39 

Agnes Sedgwick (284), was born in Canada, and married Lawrence 
Bayne of Rayside, in Dent. She died three years after her only child 
was born. Lawrence Bayne is a marble- polisher by trade, and lived 
at one time at Bradford. He now lives at Clint in Dent with his daughter 
and son-in-law. 

i. Ahce Bayne (285), married George Allen, and lives at Clint, 
a house on the side of the Dent Valley opposite to Spicegill. 
She has three young children, the eldest of whom bears 
the name, 
i. Lawrence Allen (286). 

Mary Jane Sedgwick {287), married James Brown, who has lived 
at Kettlewell in Wharf edale, and near Hawes Junction. They were 
both living in 1909, and have issue. 

I. Richard Brown (288), now living unmarried at Kettlewell, 

ii. Agnes Brown (289), living near Bradford, married, and has 

one child, 
iii. Mabel Brown (290), in service at Bradford, 
iv. Elizabeth Brown (291), in service at Bradford. 

Thomas Thistlethwaite Sedgwick (292), was born at Smithtown 
in Canada. He owned the Spicegill estates, and was the last Thistle- 
thwaite descendant to be a '"statesman" in Dent Dale. Shortly before 
his uncle's death he contemplated the adoption of " Thistlethwaite " 
as his surname, but this was not done. But, as is stated elsewhere in 
this work, the " statesman " is locally known by his Christian name 
coupled with that of his property ; in witness of which, when staying 
in Dent Dale in 1909, my hostess was well acquainted with '' Tom of 
Spicegill," but an inquiry as to his surname had to be referred to her 
husband, another " statesman." Thomas Thistlethwaite Sedgwick (292) 
married a Miss Stenton, of Sedbergh. 

40 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

On ist December, 1909, he was taking a " stag " [i.e. an unbroken 
horse) over the moors towards Hawes when he was overcome by the 
snow, and was found a few days later frozen to death. His land was left 
to his two sons, who were farming it when last heard of.A^^*<r^ <k6>ti^j->-rH^^>'i-^ 
i. Frederick Sedgwick {293), born in Dent Dale. He is un- 
married, and emigrated to Canada a year or two ago, but 
was on his way home when his father died, 
ii. Leonard Sedgwick {294), now of Spicegill, unmarried, 
iii. Elizabeth Sedgwick (295) married John Whinfield, of Long 
Preston, and has one child. 
i. Ivor Whinfield (296). 
iv. Nancy Sedgwick (297) married Richard Fawcett, who was 
employed, and killed near Dent, on the Midland Railway. 
She has four children, and lives at Spicegill. 
V. Agnes Sedgwick (298), now of Spicegill, unmarried. 

Agnes Thistlethwaite (301), born 4th March, 1792, at Harborgill 
in Dent. She married John Baynes, whose nephew of the same name 
married her niece, Jane Bradley (409), see Chart HL She emigrated 
to America about 1830, and they had a farm on the " Flats " in Penn- 

i. William Wallis Baynes (302), was a farmer, and an inspector 
of schools : a much respected man. I have been unable 
to trace issue of him and his brothers and sisters. 
ii. John Baynes {303) fought in the American Civil War, and was 

presented with a farm for his services. 
iii. Timothy Baynes (304) lived at London in Canada. Among 
other issue his son 

i. John Baynes {305) once visited England, 
iv. Mary Baynes (306), married Edwin Macaulay, a, 
who had a farm at Rochester, New York State. 

Part One. 41 

Alice Thistlethwaite (307), born 20th May, 1794, at Spicegill. 
She married Thomas Mason, of Dent Dale, and they emigrated to America. 
As in the case of her youngest sister, here her husband died, and she 
returned to England with her young family. 

She lived at Borren Head, a house on the left side of the Dent Valley 
as one is going from Dent's Town to Leayat. In about 1849 eight mem- 
bers of the family are said to have been ill with typhus fever at the 
same time. It was found difficult to obtain satisfactory nurses, and 
several of the family died. These included Alice Mason (307), mother 
of the family, her eldest son John Mason (308), and her daughter-in-law, 
the latter's wife, who was born Marker. 

Many of Alice Mason's descendants are still living in the Dent 
district. Indeed, with rare exceptions, her father's descendants are 
the only descendants of WilUam Thistlethwaite (i), of Harborgill, who 
are still resident in the vicinity of Dent Dale. 

i. John Mason (308), married Simon Harker's sister. Both 
he and his wife died of typhus fever in or about the year 

i. David Mason (309), born a few years before his 
parent's death. He is said to be a provision 
dealer in Harrogate, Yorkshire. 
ii. Thomas Mason (310), died young. 
ii. Mary Mason (311), whom see. 
iii. Ann Mason (319), whom see. 
iv. Betty Mason (346), whom see. 
V. Anthony Mason (362), born about 1826, married Ellen Allen, 

but had no issue. He emigrated to America, 
vi. Margaret Mason (363), born 1829. She married George 
Allen, of Hill, Leayat, whose cousins married her brother 
and sister respectively. 

i. William Allen (364), born about 1852. 
vii. Isabella Mason (365), born about 1831 ; married James 
Metcalfe, and died without issue. 

The Thistlethwaite Family. 

viii. George Mason (366), whom see. 
ix. Agnes Mason (386), born about 1837 5 married Robert Allen, 
whose sister Margaret Allen married her brother George 
Mason. They emigrated to America : I do not know 
whether they had offspring. 

Mary Mason (311), married Thomas Bushby and had issue. 
i. Thomas Bushby (312), born i8th May, 1843 ; married Mar- 
garet Fothergill and had issue. 

i. Thomas Bushby (313), born 13th January, 1875, 
now milk-dealer in Liverpool. He married Kate 
Ward, of York, and has no issue. 
ii. Betty Bushby (314), married Matthew Metcalfe, of Gaw- 
throp, and had issue. 

i. John Metcalfe (315), born 1874. 
ii. Thomas Metcalfe (316), born 1876. 
iii. Ehzabeth Metcalfe (317), born 1878. 
iv. Mason Metcalfe (318), born 1882. 

Ann Mason (319), born in 1822, died 1907. She married WiUiam 
Parrington, farmer and butcher, of Loaning, in Dent Dale, and had 

i. Dorothy Parrington (320), whom see. 
ii. Thomas Parrington (326), whom see. 
iii. Alice Parrington (329), whom see. 
iv. Agnes Parrington (338), whom see. 
V. John Mason Parrington (339), whom see. 
vi. Margaret Parrington (345), whom see. 

Dorothy Parrington (320), bom 1849, married James Mason, who 
lived in 1910, at Dilicar Farm, Dent, and had issue. 

i, Wilham Mason (321), born in 1878, living at home in 1910, 

Part One. 43 

ii. Annie Mason (322), born in 1880, recently married to John 
Mackereth, of Craggses Farm, Dent ; no issue. 

iii. Elizabeth Mason (323), born in 1881. She was married 
about four years ago to Richard Mason, who in 1910 was 
a milk seller at 5, Gilpin Street, The Dingle, Liverpool. 
She has had two children, who died in infancy. 

iv. Agnes Mason (324), born 1886. In 1910 she was living at 

home unmarried. 
V. Margaret Mason (325), born 18S8. In 1910 she was hving at 
home unmarried. 

Thomas Parrington (326), born 1851, married Jane Baine, and 
had issue. 

i. Annie Parrington (327), died young. 

ii. Dorothy Parrington (328), married Joshua Blades, a mason, 
of Dent's Town, and has one daughter six months old. 

Alice Parrington (329), born in 1853. She married Thomas 
Fawcett, whose mother was an Oversby. He is a shoe-maker in Dent, 
and has issue. 

i. Agnes Fawcett (330), married a Mr. Peaker, a schoolmaster, 
who resides at Beeston Hill, Leeds, and has two children, 
ii. WilHam Fawcett (331), of High Farm, Dent, married Mar- 
garet Brown, and has four children. 
iii. Richard Fawcett (332), a schoolmaster, married, but without 

issue in 1910. 
iv. Dora Fawcett (333), living at home, unmarried. 
V. Mary Alice Fawcett (334), usually known as " May," an 

assistant teacher at Dent school, unmarried, 
vi. Ada Fawcett (335), an assistant teacher at Dent school, 

44 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

vii. Thomas Fawcett (336), a shoe-maker with his father, un- 

viii. Annie Fawcett (337), married and Hving at Appleby, West- 

Agnes Parrington (338), born 1855. She married George Baine, 
who was in 1910 a quarryman at Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Yorkshire. 
i. George Baine (338a), died young. 
ii. Jane Ann Baine (338&), born 1887, in 1910 living at home 

iii. WilHam Baine (338c), in 1910 a quarryman at Horton-in- 
Ribblesdale, unmarried, 
iv. Mason Baine (338^^), in 1910 a quarryman at Horton-in- 
Ribblesdale, unmarried. 

John Mason Parrington (339), born in 1857. He married Betsy 
Margaret Baynes, and died, leaving issue. 

i. Elizabeth Parrington (340), married Alfred King, of Burnley 
and was living in 1910 at Carlisle. 

i. Thomas Reginald King (340a), born in 1907. 
ii. Catherine King (3406), born August, 1909. 
ii. William Parrington (341), born December, 1887. In 1910 
he was a milk seller, living at 7, Gilpin Street, The Dingle, 
Liverpool. He married Annie Mason, and has issue. 
i. Edith Bessie Parrington (34ifl), born loth January, 

ii. Agnes Annie Parrington (3416), born 25th Novem- 
ber, 1909. 
iii. Ernest Parrington (342), Hving unmarried in 1910. 
iv. George Parrington (343), living unmarried in 1910. 
v. John Parrington (344), hving unmarried in 1910. 

Part One. 45 

Margaret Parrington (345), born 1859. ^he married Thomas 
Middleton, of Crummuck Farm, near Austwick, son of John Middleton, 
of Deepdale Head, near Dent. 

i. John Middleton (345^), born about 1892, 
ii. Wilham Middleton (3455), born about 1894. 
iii. Armer Mason Middleton (345c), born about 1896. 

Betty Mason (346), born 1824, died 1906 in Dent, married George 
Morland, of Hawes, and removed to Liverpool. 
i. Leonard Morland (347), whom see. 
ii. Thomas Mason Morland (359), born 1856 ; is married, but 

have no more information to hand, 
iii. George Scarr Morland (360), born 1858 ; married, but no 

iv. John Morland (361), married, no information. 

Leonard Morland (347), born 25th May, 1852. He is a steve- 
dore at Liverpool, and married Ann Jolly, of Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire. 
i. George Morland (348), born 20th November, 1876, died 

ii, Sarah Morland (349), born 26th August, 1878 ; married George 
Catchpole, an engineer, and has issue, 

i. Gladys Catchpole (350), born 15th August 1908. 
iii. Mabel Morland (351), born 23rd October, 1880, died young, 
iv. Leonard Morland {352), born 5th July, 1883 ; married Eliza- 
beth Green, and has issue, 

i. Leonard Morland (353), born 28th May, 1905. 
ii. Frank Morland (354), born ist June, 1907. 
v. Bessie Morland (355), born 20th November, 1884, unmarried, 
vi. Frank Morland (356), born 13th June, 1889, unmarried, 
vii. Reginald Morland (357), born loth June, 1892, unmarried, 
viii. Herbert Morland (358), born 19th July, 1894, unmarried. 

46 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

George Mason (366), born 1833, died 1894. He married loth 
February, 1854, Margaret Allen, born 1829, died 1903, sister of Robert 
Allen who married George I\Iason's sister, Agnes Mason (386). 

i, Thomas Mason {367), born 3nd Januarj^ 1855, died 29th April, 

1874, unmarried, 
ii. John Mason (368), born ist July, 1856 ; was married at Kansas 
City, U.S.A., to Ann McKinney, and died recently in 
America, leaving issue, 

i. George Mason (369), born 1895. 
ii. Thomas Mason (370), born 1897. 
iii. John Mason {371), born 1899. 
iii. Alice Mason (372), whom see. 

iv. Ann Mason (378), born 29th February, i860 ; married James 
Nuttall Bold, clerk in the Corporation Offices, Liverpool, 
i. Margaret Nuttall Bold (379), born 24th April, 1888. 
ii. George Mason Bold (380), born 22nd May, 1892. 
iii. William Bold (381), born 1901. 
V. Mary Mason (382), born 26th March, 1867. She is a confec- 
tioner at West Derby, Liverpool, unmarried, 
vi. William Mason (383), born 19th April, 1870 ; emigrated to the 
United States. He married Emily Jones, and has issue, 
i. George Mason (384), born 25th January, 1895. 
ii. Mary Mason (385), born 23rd January, 1897. 

Alice Mason (372), born 13th June, 1858 ; married Frederick 
Williams, then of Garsdale, and now a cowkeeper in Liverpool. 

i. WilHam Arthur Williams (373), born 23rd May, 1883, now in a 
bank in London. He married Lydia Ainsley, of London, 
and has issue, 

i. Irene Wilhams (374), born April, 1909. 
ii. George Mason Wilhams (375), born 23rd April, 1885, unmarried, 
iii. Frederick Wilhams {376), born 24th June, 1887, unmarried, 
iv. Allan Wilhams (377), born 20th November, 1896. 

Part One. 47 

Mary Thistlethwaite (388), born at Spicegill in Dent Dale, 3rd 
April, 1801, married at Leayat Meeting House 30th April, 1823, to 
Timothy Bradley, who was born at Rash in Leniker, Dent Dale, 4th 
June, 1796, son of John Bradley, miller, and Mary his wife. 

Timothy and Mary Bradley emigrated to the United States with 
their two eldest children about 1827. Timothy Bradley died 6th 
November, 1837, ^^ Rochester, N.Y., within twenty-four hours of the 
birth of his youngest child. His widow brought her seven children 
back to England, and lived in Dent Dale and at Kendal, and latterly 
with her son Thomas Bradley (414). 

i. Mary Bradley (389), born at Rash Mill in Dent, 6th June, 

1824, died at York aged about sixty years, 
ii. John Bradley (390), whom see. 
iii. Anthony Bradley (401), whom see. 
iv. Jane Bradley (409), whom see. 
v. Ann Bradley (411), whom see. 

vi. Thomas Bradley (414), born at Rochester, Monroe County, 
New York State, U.S.A., i8th December, 1834, for many 
years a leather merchant in Liverpool. On his retirement 
he purchased Bearpark, an ancient mansion near Carperby, 
in Wensleydale, and has since lived there unmarried. 
Under his direction, the gardens and grounds, skirting 
the river near Aysgarth falls, have become one of the most 
beautiful sights in Wensleydale. 
vii. WilHam Timothy Bradley (415), whom see. 

John Bradley (390), born at Rash Mill in Dent, 19th September, 
1826, lived at Kendal, died at Arnside, aged 45-50 years. He married 
Margaret Copplethwaite, of near Kendal, who is now living at Ambleside, 
near Windermere. 

i. Anthony Bradley (391), born at Kendal, now of Ambleside, 
married Elizabeth Winn, whose sister married his second 
cousin Thos. Wm. Guy (184). Sine prole. 

48 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ii. Mary Bradley (392), born at Kendal, now of Ambleside, 

iii. Jane Bradley (393), born at Kendal, married John Wood- 
house, farmer, of Preston Patrick, near Kendal. Sine 
iv. Margaret Bradley (394), born at Kendal, now of Ambleside 

V. Frederick Bradley (395), born at Kendal, now insurance 
agent at Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire. He married 

Elizabeth , and has four children. 

Lilian Bradley (396), born at Kendal. 
Dorothy Bradley (397), born at Kendal. 
Norah Bradley (398), born at Kendal, 
iv. John Bradley (399), born at Kendal. 
Esther Annie Bradley (400), born at Kendal, married 3rd 
March, 1908, at St. Mary's Church, Ambleside, to William 
H. Hardy, of Rothay House, Ambleside, boat proprietor. 

Anthony Bradley (401), bom at Rochelle, West Chester County, 
New York State, U.S.A., i8th December, 1828 ; a carpenter. He died 
in Manchester aged 72 years. His widow Sarah Bradley now lives in 
Manchester, and had seven children, all of whom were born in Liver- 

i. John Bradley (402), now commercial traveller of Liverpool, 

married Ellen Beck, and has two children, 
ii. Mary Bradley (403), married an engineer, and has issue, 
iii. Anthony Bradley (404), sub-manager in carriage works at 

Manchester ; married, and has issue, 
iv. William Bradley (405), died unmarried, aged about thirty 

V. Sarah Bradley (406), married Joseph Bowyer, an engineer 
at Montreal, Canada. Sine prole. 

Part One. 49 

vi. Edith Bradley (407), married Alfred , and is sine prole. 

vii, Thomas Bradley (408), now employed in carriage works at 
Manchester, unmarried. 

Jane Bradley (409), born 25th December, 1830, at Rochester, 
Monroe County, New York State, U.S.A., married at Carperby Meeting 
House, near Aysgarth, to John Baynes, farmer, of Aysgarth : (for Baynes 
intermarriages, see Chart III). She died at Bear Park, her brother's 
residence, near Aysgarth, 37th October, 1885. 

i. Oswald Bradley Baynes (410), Bachelor of Arts, teacher at 
Bootham School, York, from 1885 to 1907. Married 20th 
August, 1907, at Saltburn-by-the-Sea Meeting House, to 
Helen Bayes, B.A., of Polam Hall, Darlington. She, then 
of Hammersmith, was educated at the Mount School, 
York, from 8 mo. 1879 to 6 mo. 1882, was a teacher there 
from 8 mo. 1883 to 6 mo. 1885, and from i mo. 1888 to 
6 mo. 1893. She is now one of the Principals of Polam 
Hall Private School for Girls, Darlington. 

Ann Bradley (411), bom 33rd February, 1833, at Rochester, N.Y., 
died at Preston, Lancashire, aged about 60 years. She married John 
Smith, who died at Preston. 

i. William Henry Smith (413), born at Liverpool, sometime 

missionary in India, now resident at the Isle of Man. 
ii. Mary Ellen Smith (413), born at Liverpool, married — Tickle, 
and has two children both born at Preston. 

William Timothy Bradley (415), born 5th November, 1837, 
at Rochester, N.Y. He travelled as an infant to England with his 
mother, but when a young man he returned to America, where he lived 


50 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

three years. He visited his father's grave at Rochester, the family of 
his aunt Agnes Baynes, nee Thistlethwaite (301), who lived on the Flats 
in Pennsylvania, and the family of his second cousin once removed, 
William Thistlethwaite (1598), of Richmond, Indiana. He returned 
to England to join his brother Thomas Bradley (414), in the leather 
business at Liverpool, from which he has since retired, and lives with 
his wife and youngest daughter at Hallgarth, Carperby, Yorkshire. 

He married, ist March, 1870, at Askrigg Church, Wensleydale, 
Ehzabeth Longmire Willis, who was born at Preston, Lancashire, 26th 
February, 1839, daughter of Matthew Willis, of Wensleydale. She was 
adopted by her uncle John Willis, and her father emigrated to America 
with other members of his family. See Ahce Thistlethwaite (1131). 

i. Mary Alice Bradley {416), born at Liverpool 8th February, 

1871, married 14th October, 1896, at Carperby Meeting 
House, to Simon Hunter Willan, solicitor, of Hawes, 
Wensleydale, Yorkshire. 

i. Esther Hunter Willan (417), born 6th September, 

1897, at Hawes. 
ii. Gordon Willan (418), born i8th May, 1899, at 

iii. Thomas Willan {419), born 26th January, 1902, at 

iv. WilHam Willan (420), born 24th June, 1903, at 

V. Mary Willan (421), born loth April, 1908, at 

ii. Eleanor Jane Bradley (422), born at Liverpool, 4th May, 

1872, married 26th June, 1902, at Carperby Meeting 
House, to Robert Wilham Eraser, engineer, of Liverpool. 
Sine prole. Of Hoylake in 1910. 

iii. Rose Bradley (423), born at Liverpool, 26th October, 1873, 
died i8th April, 1884, buried at Crosby Church, near 

Part One. 51 

iv. May Bradley (424), born nth March, 1875, now in the United 

States, a journaHst, and authoress of three novels, one of 

which, " Craiktrees," deals with Wensleydale. Educated 

at the Mount School, York, from 8 mo. 1890 to 6 mo. 1891. 

- Her pen-name is " Watson Dyke." 

V. William Timothy Bradley (425), born at Summerdell, West- 
morland, 9th October, 1876, educated at Bootham School, 
York, I mo. 1888 to 6 mo 1893, B.A. of Liverpool Uni- 
versity, employed in the North Eastern Railway Offices, 
York, and living at Harrogate. 

vi. Willis Bradley (426), born at Liverpool ist April, 1879, now 

a farmer at Mineral Point, Wis., married i6th October, 

1908 Marie Nielson Lykke, of Denmark. He was educated 

at Bootham School, York, i mo. 1892 to 12 mo. 1893. 

vii. EUzabeth Bradley (427), born at Liverpool 15th July, 1881, 

viii. Thomas Bradley (428), born at Blundellsands, near Liverpool, 
31st January, 1886, died 30th September, 1906, buried in 
Aysgarth Churchyard. Educated at Bootham School, 
York, 5 mo. 1897 to 12 mo. 1901. 



James Thistlethwaite (429), 




James Thistlethwaite (429), born 26th May, 1708, at Harborgill, 
in Dent Dale, Yorkshire. I have fortunately been able to borrow his 
original marriage certificate, which is now in the possession of the widow 
of his great-great-grandson, Alfred Yeardley (586). Mrs. Lucy Yeardley 
(1451) is herself a Thistlethwaite descendant. The certificate reads 
as follows : — 

" James Thistlethwait of Dent in the parrish of Sedbergh and 
County of York and Isabell ffothergill of Mossdall in the pish of Aisgarth 
& county af ors** haveing Declared their Intentions of takeing Each other 
in Marriage before severall publick meetings of the people called Quakers 
within Sedbergh & Richmond Monthly Meetings whose proceedings 
therein after a Deliberate consideracon thereof were allowd by the s"* 
meettings they haveing Consent of parants & Relations concerned. 

" Now these are to Cirtifie all whome it may concern that for the full 
Accomplishment of their said intentions this nineteenth day of the 
Tenth month in the year According to the English account one thousand 
seaven Hundred Thirty & Three They the s'' James Thistlethwait & 
Isabell ffothergill appeared in a publick Assembly of the afors'* people 
met together in their pubhck Meetting place at Haws in the said County 
and in a solemn Manner he the s'^ James Thistlethwait takeing the 
s** Isabell ffothergill by the hand did openly Decared as followeth friends 
in the fear of God & p'sence of this assembly doo I take this my ffriend 
Isabell ffothergill to be my married wife promiseing through Gods 
assistance to be unto her a loveing & faithfull Husband untill Death 
separat us or words to Hke Effect. 

" And then and there in the s"^ assembly the s'^ Isabell ffoth'gill 

•11 I Parants 

56 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Did in like manner Declare as followeth Jn the fear of God & p'sence 
of this assembly doo I Take this my ffriend James Thistlethwait to be 
my Husband promiseing through gods assistance to be unto him a loveing 
& Duityfull wife untill Death seperate us, or words to like Effect. 

" And the s" James Thistlethwait & the s** Jsabell ffothergill but 
now Jsabell Thistlethwait as a further confirmacon thereof Did then 
& there to these p'sents set their hands. 

" And we Whose names are hereunto subscribed being p'sent amongst 
oth's at the solemnizeing of their said Marriage, and subscription in 
mann'' afors*" as witnesses thereunto have also to these p'sents sub- 
scribed our names the day & year above written. 

James Thistlethwaite 
Isabel Thistlethwait 

W". Thistlethw' 

Rachel Fothergill 

Richard Thistlethw' [brother to the bridegroom] 

John Thistlethwaite [brother to the bridegroom] 

Edmond Fothergill [brother to the bride] 

Richard Burton 

John Burton 

Isabell Burton 

Thomas Mason 

Ruth Holme 

Joseph Pratt 

Hannah Pratt 

John Burton 

[end of right-hand column] 

Richard Burton 

Jane Pratt 

Margary Moor 

Margret Pratt 

William Fawcet 

Rich** Robinson 

Part Two. 57 

Amos Robinson 
John Binks 

Alexander Fothergill [brother-in-law to the bridegroom] 
Joseph Wetherald 
W". Blakey 
Eph Robinson 
[end of middle column] 
John Harrison 
John Lambert 
Ruth Metcalfe 
Ehzabeth Wetherald 
Joshua Robinson 
Leonard Mason 
George Mayson 
[end of left-hand column]. 
Memorand that this Cirtifigate was writ ten upon a five shilHngs stamp." 

From the above certificate and from the Quaker register it appears 
that James Thistlethwaite (429), was married at Hawes Meeting House 
19th October, 1733, to Isabel Fothergill. The certificate shows her 
mother to have been Rachel Fothergill, and as her second son was named 
Richard we may conclude with little hesitation that her father was 
Richard Fothergill. AHce Chorley (1020), states that Isabel was daughter 
of Edmond Fothergill. However, Edmond Fothergill was almost 
certainly her brother. In 1764 he was distrained in Wensleydale for 
tithe; he then possessed ten cows and eight calves. I suspect that 
Edmond and Isabel Fothergill were members of the Ravenstondale 
family, and not at all nearly related to Alexander Fothergill, who married 
James Thistlethwaite's sister, Margaret Thistlethwaite (877). 

James and Isabel Fothergill lived in Dent Dale until 1745, but in 
1748 they had moved to Raysgill in Langstrothdale, a lonely valley eight 
miles south of Hawes, where rises the river Wharf e. In 1752 they 
are described as " of Scarhouse Meeting." 

58 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Isabel Thistlethwaite died at Mossdale 13th July, 1770, aged 59 
years, and was buried on the 15th at Hawes. James Thistlethwaite 
(429) died 24th February, 1786, at " Stalyan Busk " or Stalling Busk, 
a hamlet at the head of Semerwater, near Bainbridge, Wensleydale, 
He was buried ist March at Bainbridge, aged 77 years. 
i. WilHam Thistlethwaite (430), whom see. 
ii. AHce Thistlethwaite (533), whom see. 
iii. Rachel Thistlethwaite (560), whom see. 
iv. Richard Thistlethwaite (580), whom see. 
V. Margaret Thistlethwaite (864), whom see. 
vi. John Thistlethwaite (866), born 6th May, 1748, at Raisgill 
in Langstrothdale, at the head of Wharfedale, Yorkshire. 
He died, probably unmarried, at Preston in Lancashire, 
27th October, 1783, aged about 34 years, and was buried 
at Preston on the following day. 
vii. Anthony Thistlethwaite {867), whom see. 

William Thistlethwaite {430), born 7th February, 1736, in Dent 
Dale. Alice Chorley (1020), describes him as " of middle stature and 
of fresh ruddy complexion." 

He was married at Dent 14th June, 1783, to Agnes Banister, of 
Cowgill, in Dent. Her father was probably named Edmund Banister, 
whence the name of her second son Edmund Thistlethwaite (434). She 
had a nephew named Edmund Banister, who was living at Cowgill about 
1850. The Banisters had a worsted mill near Cowgill, close beside the 
river Dee, which was burned down nearly a century ago, and never 
rebuilt. Only a few courses of stone were remaining in 1909 to indicate 
its situation. Here worsted was made, and given out to the women 
and men of Dent Dale, who knitted it into stockings. Southey, in his 
" Doctor " writes of " the terrible knitters of Dent." 

As the Banisters were a " Church " family, William Thistlethwaite 
{430) was probably married at Church, and disowned therefor by the 
Society of Friends. His marriage is not in the registers of the Society, 

Part Two. 59 

but they contain the death entries of himself and his wife. The Banister 
family is said to have been largely responsible for the founding of Cowgill 
Church in the upper part of Dent Dale. It was a custom in the family 
that a member of each generation should become a clergyman. 

William Thistlethwaite (430) lived at Spicegill in Dent Dale. He was 
in his forty-eighth year when he married, and was nearly fifty-eight years 
of age at the time of his death, 3rd December, 1793. His wife died 
thirteen days later,* on the i6th December, 1793, at Cowgill, aged forty- 
two years. 

He " was killed driving on a dangerous road one dark night," or, 
according to Alice Chorley's account, " he unfortunately fell down a 
precipice one snowy night, and, not being found till morning, he was then 
taken up dead." His wife died " very shortly afterwards of shock and 

His only daughter was adopted by his brother Richard Thistle- 
thwaite (580), who lived at Carr End, near Semerwater, Wensleydale. 
His two elder sons were adopted by other Thistlethwaite relatives, but 
the youngest child, John Thistlethwaite (475), aged only three years, was 
taken by the Banisters, and brought up with a Banister, who was long 
vicar of Pilling, in Lancashire, and whose only son is now vicar of 

i. James Thistlethwaite (431), born in Dent Dale, 22nd May, 
1784. He was a farmer in Dent Dale, and died before June, 
1836. His widow, Jane Thistlethwaite, died at Salford, 
near Manchester, 13th June, 1836, aged thirty-four. She 
was buried at Mount Street, Manchester, i6th June, a 
" non-member." 

i. Agnes Thistlethwaite (432), born at Cowgill, 4th 
April, 1824. 

* My copy of the registers shows that William died 3. xii. 1792 and his wife 
16. xii.1793, but I think the years should be the same, as their grand-daughter 
tells me her grandmother died of grief and shock "very shortly alter." I have 
not checked my extracts. 

6o The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ii. William Thistlethwaite (433), born at Stonehouse, in 
Dent Dale, 30th January, 1828. I do not know 
whether he or his sister married or had descendants, 
ii. Edmund Thistlethwaite (434), born in Dent, 29th August, 1786, 
buried, 31st March, 1863, at Bentham, Yorkshire. He 
married Susannah Lister and had children married before 
1850. His (only ?) son died aged twenty-one years. I 
cannot trace any descendants, 
iii. Isabella Thistlethwaite (435), whom see. 
iv. John Thistlethwaite (475), whom see, 

Isabella Thistlethwaite (435), was born 28th December, 1787, 
in Dent, probably at Spicegill. She married, 2nd November, 1812, Thomas 
Guy, of Ingleton, They lived on a farm at Chapel-le-dale for many years, 
but retired in their old age, and went to live near their only son at Bradford. 
Thomas Guy died 29th July, 1867, and is buried in Undercliffe Cemetery, 
Bradford. His wife was still living in 1869, 
i. Mary Guy {436), whom see. 
ii, Agnes Guy (458), whom see. 
iii. Margaret Guy (460), whom see. 
iv. William Guy (467), whom see. 

V. Sarah Guy (474), married Joseph Bentham, who died in 1870. 
I do not know whether they had issue. 

Mary Guy (436), married Henry Thomas Sedgwick Ellershaw, 
grandson of Rev. Henry Ellershaw, who was for thirty-three years Vicar 
or Curate-in-charge of Chapel-le-dale, near Ingleton. Mary Ellershaw, nee 
Guy, died when her eldest child was about twelve years old. Her husband 
did not marry again, and the children became scattered. He died 15th 
June, 1891, aged seventy-three, and was bmied 19th June, at Chapel- 

i. Thomas Ellershaw (437), whom see. 

ii. Henry Ellershaw (442), died about 1881, leaving a widow, sme 

Part Two. 6i 

iii. William Guy Ellershaw (443), whom see. 
iv. Isabella Ellershaw {454), whom see. 
V. James Ellershaw (457), lived in Manchester. He died about 

twenty years ago, leaving a widow and six children, whom 

I cannot trace. 

Thomas Ellershaw (437), born 20th April, 1843, at Chapel House, 
Chapel-le-dale, Ingleton Fells. He lived at Bradford, and died 5th March, 
1905. He was married 25tli. August, 1875, at All Saints Church, Bradford, 
to Elizabeth Ann.Sordoff Wright, who was born 24th November, 1850, 
daughter of James Wright by his wife Racher Sordoff. She now lives 
at 142, New Cross Street, Bradford. 

i. Thomas Ellershaw (438), born ist June, 1876, married 24th 
September, 1902, at St. Stephen's Church, West Bowling, 
Bradford, to Bessie Smith, daughter of John James Smith, 

by his wife, Hartley, 

i. Kathleen Muriel Ellershaw (439), born 3rd August, 
1905, at Stetchford, near Birmingham. 
ii. George Harold Ellershaw (440), born 24th March, 1878, 

iii. Helen Ehzabeth Ellershaw (441), born 21st November, 1886, 

William Guy Ellershaw (443), born 31st August, 1847, ^^ 
Broadrake Farm, Ingleton Fells, lived at Manchester, and died there 
8th January, 1906; buried in Friends' Burial Ground, Ashton-on-Mersey. 
He was married, 6th September, 1871, at Manchester, to Sarah Jones, 
fifth daughter of John and Mary Jones, who was born 5th November, 
1847, S't Denbigh, North Wales. Their seven children were all born in 

i. Mary Isabella Ellershaw (444), born 8th September, 1872, 
living with her mother, unmarried. 

62 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ii. William Guy Ellershaw {445), born ist September, 1873, died 

26th May, 1874, bmied Ardwick Cemetery, Manchester, 
iii. Jane Agnes Ellershaw {446), born 8th December, 1874, died 
25th November, 1881, buried in Ardwick Cemetery, Man- 
iv. John Herbert Ellershaw (447), born 6th June, 1876 ; married 
at Manchester Meeting House, 14th August, 1902, Nellie 
Pool, of Manchester. They live there, and have one child, 
i. Marion Dorothy Ellershaw (448), born 25th April, 
1908, at Manchester. 
V. Sarah Emma Ellershaw (449), born 21st January, 1878, married 
at Manchester Meeting House, i6th August, 1905, to 
Joseph Edwin Smith, of Manchester. Sine prole. 
vi. Letitia Ann Ellershaw (450), born 23rd October, 1881, married 
at Manchester Meeting House, 2nd June, 1906, to Herbert 
Lowe, of Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire, now of Manchester, 
i. Eric Arthur Lowe (451), born 27th February, 1907, 

at Manchester, 
ii. Ernest Stanley Lowe (452), born 5th June, 1908, at 
vii. Arthur Guy Ellershaw (453), born i8th January, 1888, now 
resident with his mother and eldest sister at 108, Gt. Western 
Street, Moss Side, Manchester. 

Isabella Ellershaw (454), bom 13th August, 1849, ^^ Chapel-le-dale, 
Ingleton Fells, Yorkshire. She was married some time in 1876 to Julius 
Mason, a cashier, and they appear to have lived at Bradford, Yorkshire. 
He was born ist April, 1854, ^-^d died loth July, 1885, buried 14th 
July, at Under cliff e Cemetery. His widow died 19th February, 1891, and 
was buried 23rd February, at Bowhng Cemetery. 

i. WilHam Mason (455), born 4th June, 1877, at Bradford. In 
1910 he was manager for Mason and Booth, Ltd., Store 

Part Two. 63 

Chemists, of Hull and Beverley. He was married in Hull, 
I2th August, 1903, to Mary Sarah Tinkler, who was born 
3rd January, 1882, at Hull, only daughter of Thomas Gibson 
Tinkler. They live at 10, Willow Grove, Beverley, and are 
without issue. 
i. Beatrice Mason (456), born 9th March, 1882, at Bradford. She 
was married at Hull in 1907 to Alfred Sutton, Wholesale 
Fruit Merchant, of Hull. 

i. Vera Sutton (456a), born 19th January, 1910. 

• Agnes Guy (458), born 1819, died 1888, married John Braithwaite, 
and had one child. 

i. Jane Guy Braithwaite (459), born 1842. She died unmarried 
in 1908, at the residence of her first cousin, John Anthony 
Guy (469), Eccleshill, near Bradford. When young she 
was brought up by her grandfather, Thomas Guy, and 
did not use her name " Braithwaite " until middle aged. 
She was a junior teacher at Ayton Friends' School, Great 
Ayton, Yorkshire, and for many years was governess at 
Penketh Friends' School, near Warrington, Lancashire, 
After this she was governess in North London to the family 
of Doyle Penrose, father of Doyle Penrose, the artist, who 
married the daughter of Alexander, first Lord Peckover of 
Wisbech, the only Quaker Peer, On leaving the Penrose 
family she lived in London with her aunt, Margaret Bilton 
(460). In about 1895 the latter returned to the North of 
England, and J ane Guy Braithwaite lived for some years at 
Airton, near Skipton, Yorkshire, with Martha Ecroyd 
Baynes, widow of Oswald Baynes, whose first wife had been 
Agnes Webster (847), second cousin once removed to Jane 
Guy Braithwaite. 

64 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Margaret Guy (460), married Edward Bilton, of Bradford, who 
died there in 1870, aged sixty-one years. She lived a short time in London 
with her niece Jane Guy Braithwaite (459), but died in Bradford 25th 
September, 1898, soon after returning to the North, aged seventy-three. 
i. Edward Vipont Bilton (461), whom see. 
ii. John Bilton (464), whom see. 

Edward Vipont Bilton (461), was a draper at Bradford, where he 
died a few years ago. He married first, Mary Jane Ward, by whom he 
had two children. His second wife, Esther Woolman, survived him, 
without issue, and married again. 

i. Mary EHzabeth Bilton (462), born i6th August, 1874, died 

unmarried, 30th May, 1904. 
ii. Harry Ward Bilton (463), born 14th May, 1878, died 14th 
• February, 1893. 

John Bilton (464), died at Bradford, March, 1882, aged twenty- 
eight years. He became the second husband of Charlotte, born Beanland, 

who married firstly, Webster, thirdly , and fourthly Rev. Holdroyd, 

all of whom she has survived. She had children by her first three husbands, 
those by John Bilton being, 

i. Charlotte Margaret Bilton (465), born about 1880, now of 

Christchurch, New Zealand, unmarried, 
ii. John Edward Bilton (466), born about 1881, now in the North 
of England, unmarried. 

William Guy (467), born 1827, wool merchant, of Bradford, where 
he died in 1890. He married Charlotte Crabtree, who was born at 
Bradford, married there 1851, and died in 1898. 

i. Thomas A. Guy (468), born 1854, wool merchant, of Bradford, 
died unmarried, 1905. 

Part Two. 65 

ii. John Anthony Guy (469), bom 1856, now of Eccleshill, near 
Bradford, and wool merchant of Nelson Street, Bradford. 
He married, in 1888, Eleanor Watson, who was born in 1863, 
and is still living. 

i. A. Chfford Guy (470), born 1892. 
iii. Charles Herbert Guy (471), born 1858, now of Holm Leigh, 
Menston, Yorkshire, and bank-manager of Bradford. He 
. married, 1887, Clara Parkinson. 

i. Herbert Guy (472), born 1888. 
ii. Wilham Leshe Guy (473), born 1891. 

John Thistlethwaite (475), born in Dent Dale, ist October, 1790, 
and at the age of three years was adopted by the Banisters of Dent, 
his mother's relatives. He entered the woollen business carried on in 
Darlington by the Quaker family of Pease. At the Monthly Meeting of 
the Society of Friends held i6th October, 1827, he applied for 
membership therein, and at the Monthly Meeting held i8th March, 
1828, stated his intention of marriage with Isabel Ion, a member 
of Sedbergh Monthly Meeting. Anthony Thistlethwaite (1164), of Dar- 
lington, his second cousin, was appointed to make inquiry as to his 
clearness from other women, and the report given at the meeting held 
15th April, 1828, being satisfactory, he was married at Dent, 30th 
April, 1828. 

His wife, Isabel Thistlethwaite, died ist May, 1829, at Hollins, in 
Dent, aged thirty-two years, and was buried on the 6th at Leayat, without 

At the Monthly Meeting held 22nd February, 1831, John Thistle- 
thwaite (475), of Darlington, stated his intentions of marriage with Esther 
Eliza Dickinson, of Maryport, Cumberland, whom he married 25th March, 
1831, at Maryport. Their three eldest children were born at Darlington, 
but in 1836 John Thistlethwaite (475) was sent to manage the Pease 
woollen business at Bradford. By an extraordinary coincidence, this 

66 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

business had been opened by his second cousin, another John Thistle- 
thwaite {1319), who was now recalled to Darhngton. The latter had 
married the same year, 1831, Hannah Pease Frank, a grand- daughter of 
George Pease, of Darlington. 

The John Thistlethwaite (475) of this paragraph died at Bradford i8th 
August, 1863. His wife Esther Ehza Thistlethwaite, died fhere September 
1868. She was born 28th January, 1806, the daughter of John Dickinson, 
of Maryport (died 1822), by his wife Jane Harris (died 1870), of Cocker- 
mouth, where her relatives, the present Quaker Harrises of Papcastle, 
manufacture large quantities of linen thread. Isabella Harris, niece of 
Jane Harris, married J oseph Jackson Lister, F.R.S., father of Lord Lister, 
F.R.S., the eminent surgeon, and of Jane Lister, who became second wife 
of Smith Harrison, youngest brother of Daniel Harrison, who married 
Anna Botham, sister of Mary Howitt, the authoress. See Chart H. 

Esther EUza Dickinson's son WilHam Thistlethwaite (497), married 
his first cousin, the daughter of her brother John Dickinson, of Liverpool. 
John and Esther Eliza Thistlethwaite had children as follows :— 
i. Jane Agnes Thistlethwaite (476), whom see. 
ii. John Dickinson Thistlethwaite (478), born at Darlingon 7th 

December, 1833, died 7th July, 1863, unmarried, 
iii. Mary Ann Thistlethwaite (479), whom see. 
iv. Eliza Thistlethwaite (488), whom see. 
V. William Thistlethwaite (497), whom see. 
vi. Sarah Hannah Thistlethwaite (513), whom see. 
vh. Isabella Thistlethwaite (518), whom see. 
viii. Harris Thistlethwaite (522), whom see. 
ix. Arthur Thistlethwaite (532), born loth December, 1853, at 
Bradford, educated at Bootham School, York, 8 mo. 1868 to 
6 mo. 1870 ; married in Australia, and now resident on a 
fruit-farm in Queensland, with nine children. 

Jane Agnes Thistlethwaite (476), born at Darhngton 4th January, 
1832, died 9th April, 1858, aged twenty-six years. She married, 15th 

Part Two. 67 

October, 1856, Edward Tuke, of Bradford, who was born 7th December, 
1826. He married secondly Rebecca, daughter of Edwin Turner, of 
Bradford. By his first wife he had issue : — 

i. Herbert Thistlethwaite Tuke (477), born ist April, 1858, died 
17th March, 1859. 

Mary Ann Thistlethwaite (479), born at Darlington, 4th February, 
1836, married 17th December, 1862, at Bradford, to Edward Clark, of 
Doncaster, who was born there 14th August, 1834, educated at Bootham 
School, York, 8 mo. 1849 ^o 6 mo 1850, and died at Ripon, 12th December, 
1891, Mary Ann Clark (479), now lives with her son at 40, Woodland 
Terrace, Darlington. Her husband was a wool merchant at 

i. Clare Emily Clark (480), born 21st March, 1864, at Bradford, 
married Arthur Thomson Griffin (born 1857), o^ 3- Turner 
Street, Coatham, Redcar, Co. York, and of the Middles- 
brough Estate, Ltd. 

i. Arthur Edward Griffin (481), born 24th January, 
1895, at Saltburn, Yorkshire. 
ii. Edward Victor Clark (482), born 22nd January, 1866, at Brad- 
ford, now of Manchester. Married, 1900, Ethel Watson 
(born 1875). 

i. Kenneth Watson Clark (483), born 7th October, 1904, 
at Eccles, Lancashire, 
iii. Katherine Maud Clark (484), born 7th January, 1868, at 

Bradford, now of London, unmarried, 
iv. Hilda Marian Clark (485), born 29th September, 1874, at Ripon, 
recently of London. She was married 30th April, 1910, at 
DarHngton, to Charles Edward Louis Simpson, son of 
Thomas Simpson, surgeon, of Middlesborough (who died 
young), by his wife, a Swiss lady. 

68 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

V. Lionel Burrows Clark (486), born 2nd May, 1876, at Ripon, 

now of Pease's Woollen Mills, Darlington, unmarried, 
vi. Lawrence Clark (487), born 24th August, 1878, at Ripon, now 
of Sheffield, unmarried. 

Eliza Thistlethwaite (488), born 12th December, 1837, ^t Bradford, 
resident at Brisbane, Queensland, about forty years. Returned to 
England 1908, with her two daughters, and is now resident at Durban, 
Natal, South Africa. Married Frederick Ashworth, who was born at 
Bolton, Lancashire, 17th April, 1833 ; educated at Bootham School, York, 
8 mo. 1845 to 10 mo., 1850, and died at Brisbane, 4th August, 1895. 

i. Albert Ernest Ashworth (489), born at Bradford, 21st March, 

1862, died in Queensland, nth November, 1894, unmarried. 

ii. Frederick William Ashworth (490), born at Bradford loth 

June, 1865, died at Brisbane, 20th March, 1866. 
iii, Louis Naish Ashworth (491), born at Brisbane, 4th October, 

, died there 23rd May, 1906. 

iv. Dora Ashworth (492), born at Brisbane, 17th March, 1873, now 

of Durban, unmarried, 
V. Evelyne Esther Ashworth (493), born 24th November, 1876, 

at Brisbane, now of Durban, unmarried, 
vi. John Arthur Ashworth (494), born at Brisbane, 20th October, 
1879, now of Durban ; married Mabel Evehne Girdlestone, 
of Brisbane. 

i. Frederick Henry John Ashworth (495), born 1906, at 

ii. Ashworth (496), a daughter, born 1908, at 


William Thistlethwaite (497), born 12th September 1843, at 
Bradford, died 4th June, 1890, at Leeds. Married, 24th April, 1867, at 

Part Two. 69 

St. Bride's Church, Liverpool, to Jane Harris Dickinson, who was born at 
Liverpool, 28th September, 1844, daughter of John Dickinson, eldest son 
of John Dickinson, of Maryport, by his wife, Jane Harris, of Cockermouth. 
Consequently WilHam Thistlethwaite and his wife were first cousins. In 

1909 she resided at 27, Princes Avenue, Old Trafford, ^lanchester, but in 

1910 was hving at 45, Rossett Road, Blundell Sands, near Liverpool. 
William Thistlethwaite was a wool merchant. 

i. John Dickinson Thistlethwaite (498), whom see. 
ii. Beatrice Thistlethwaite (505), born at Bradford, 15th December, 

1869, now at Blundell Sands, unmarried, 
iii. William Thistlethwaite (506), born at Bradford, 7th February, 

1 871, died there 2nd March, 1871. 
i V. Dora Isobel Thistlethwaite (507), born at Bradford, 8th J anuary, 

1873, died there 4th October, 1873. 
V, Arthur Stanley Thistlethwaite (508), born at Bradford, 23nd 
January, 1874. In 1910 he was chief engineer of one of the 
Leyland boats of Liverpool. He was married at St. Kilda's 
Church, Jarrow-on-Tyne, Co. Durham, 2nd August, 1899, to 
Charlotte Evelyn Anderson, who was without issue in 1909. 
vi. Carl Bertie Thistlethwaite (509), born at Bradford, 25th July, 
1875. He is an engineer and in 1910 had charge of a coal 
mine in South Africa, unmarried, 
vii. Guy Wilfrid Thistlethwaite (510), born at Bradford 25th 
October, 1876. In 1910 he was a cabinet-maker, unmarried, 
viii. George Frederick Thistlethwaite, (511), born at Bradford 14th 
October, 1878, In 1910 he was an electrical engineer, un- 
ix. Ruby Thistlethwaite (512), born at Liscard, Cheshire, loth 
July, 1883, now at Blundell Sands, unmarried. 

John Dickinson Thistlethwaite (498), born at Bradford, 9th 
March, 1868 ; in 1910 was manager of the Brisbane Dredging and 
Engineering Works, Queensland. He was married at St. Paul's Cathedral, 

70 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, 29th February, 1895 (?) to Hannah 

i. Lilian Ruby Thistlethwaite (499), born at Maryborough, 

Queensland, 4th May, 1896. 
ii. Doris Eveline Thistlethwaite (500), born at Brisbane, Queens- 
land, 2nd February, 1898. 
iii. Geoffrey Norton Thistlethwaite (501), bom at Brisbane, 7th 

November, 1899. 
iv, Leonard Harris Thistlethwaite (502), bom at Brisbane, nth 

March, 1903, died nth July, 1904. 
v. John Dickinson Thistlethwaite (503), born at Brisbane, 28th 

September, 1905, a twin, died November, 1906. 
vi. Esther Ahce Thistlethwaite (504), born at Brisbane, 28th 
September, 1905, a twin. 

Sarah Hannah Thistlethwaite (513), born at Bradford 25 th 
December, 1846, married Joseph Henry Huthwaite, who was born 12th 
September, 1844, ^^ Maryport, Cumberland. They now live in Queens- 
land. She was educated at the Mount School, York, i mo. i860 to 12 mo, 

i. Esther Ethel Huthwaite (514), born at Gallon, i6th June, 1879, 

ii. Eva Rachel Huthwaite (515), born at Gallon, loth August, 

1 881, unmarried, 
iii. Annie Catherine Huthwaite (516), born at Brisbane, 15th 

February, 1885, unmarried, 
iv. Lewis Henry Huthwaite (517), born at Brisbane, 26th July, 
1886, unmarried. 

Isabella Thistlethwaite {518), born at Bradford, 17th October, 
1848, married at Tawantin, Australia, to Alfred Scott, and now lives 

Part Two. 71 

in Queensland. She was educated at the Mount School, York, 8 mo., 1863 
to 12 mo. 1863. 

i. Edith Scott {519), unmarried, 
ii. Constance Scott (520), unmarried, 
iii. Boy Scott (521), unmarried. 

Harris Thistlethwaite (522), born at Bradford, ist April, 1850, 
educated at Bootham School, York, i mo. 1865 to 12 mo. 1S65, married 
in Australia, now farmer of Grantham, Queensland. He married Helen 
Anne Robinson, who was born at Sydney, New South Wales, 13th Sep- 
tember, 1853. 

i. Mabel Thistlethwaite (523), born at Grantham, Queensland, 

26th May, 1878, unmarried. 
ii. Kenneth Thistlethwaite (524), born at Grantham, 30th June, 

1879, unmarried, 
iii. Edgar Thistlethwaite (525), born at Grantham, ist January, 

1881, died there 9th December, 1882. 

iv. Ruth Thistlethwaite v526), born at Grantham, 26th September, 

1882, unmarried. 

V. Garnet Thistlethwaite (527), born at Grantham, 14th October, 

1884, unmarried, 
vi. Gordon Thistlethwaite (528), born at Grantham, 26th March, 

1886, unmarried, 
vii. Hilda Thistlethwaite, (529), born at Grantham, 24th May, 1888, 

viii. Wallace Thistlethwaite (530), born at Grantham, loth 
December, 1890, unmarried, 
ix. Dorothy Thistlethwaite (531), born at Grantham, 27th April, 
1896, unmarried. 

Alice Thistlethwaite (533), born 20th November, 1737, in Dent 
Dale. She was married 6th November, 1765, to Thomas Lund, of 

72 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Garsdale, the broader dale parallel with, and immediately north of, Dent 
Dale. As their four children were born in Garsdale, they evidently Hved 
there for some years after their marriage, probably all their remaining 

i. Ehzabeth Lund (534), born 2nd October, 1766, in Garsdale, 
Yorkshire. She was married at some church, about 1795, 
to William Thistlethwaite (1092), her mother's first cousin, 
who was born ist June, 1747. Their six children and 
descendants are traced under his name in Part Four. 
ii. Samuel Lund (535), born 9th July, 1768, in Garsdale. No 
Quaker marriage entry appears in the district for this 
Samuel Lund, but I know nothing further. 
iii. Isabella Lund (536), whom see. 

iv. James Lund (559), born 8th October, 1772, in Garsdale. His 
great-niece, Isabella Walton (555), writes me as follows '• 
" My two brothers, in their young days, before Thomas 
married, visited the Dale belonging to the Lund family, 
and saw the old gentleman, James Lund — he had a daughter 
keeping house for him, who married a man named Tennant, 
who farmed the land and dwelt in the house, as the old man 
was past work. A son of James Lund lived on the other 
farm in the Dale. I cannot tell his name, but when I 
mentioned the name Samuel, my brother said, ' I believe 
that's the name.' No doubt some members of the Lund 
family reside there still." 

Isabella Lund (536), born 22nd September, 1770, in Garsdale. A 
certain yeoman, who was to become Isabella Lund's grandfather-in-law^ 
owned some land in the upper part of Wensleydale, Yorkshire. This he 
let, preferring to rent for his own use a pleasant house situated near 
Askrigg, named Wood Hall. He was named Christopher Metcalfe, and 
his daughter had married Richard Walton, a sea-captain, of Sunderland, 
Co. Durham. The latter died, or was lost, at sea, and his widow did not 

Part Two. 73 

long survive him, leaving three young children. Christopher Metcalfe 
then rode to Sunderland, and brought his orphan grand-children on horse- 
back to his home at Wood Hall, the baby being carried in a basket- 
Here they were brought up : the youngest son, John Walton, died a 
bachelor, the second, Christopher, has descendants living in Darhngton, 
and the eldest son, William Walton, married Isabella Lund, of Garsdale, 
the subject of this paragraph. 

In 1798, WiUiam Walton is described at husbandman, of Burtersett, 
a hamlet near Hawes, in the parish of Aysgarth, Wensleydale. In his old 
age he removed to Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham, near his son, and here 
he died 25th June, 1851, and was buried in the local Friends' Burial 
Ground, aged over eighty years. 

i. Christopher Walton (537), whom see. 
ii. Isabella Walton (557), whom see. 

Christopher Walton {537), born 19th November, 1798, at Burtersett, 
a hamlet about a mile down the dale from Hawses, Yorkshire. He was 
married at Hawes, probably in May of 1830, to Emma Robinson, and was 
living, in November, 1831, a farmer at Gayle, half a mile from Hawes. 
In October, 1833, he was still here, but in March, 1836, he was Hving at 
Low Row, in Swaledale. 

He left here in 1838 or 1839, and came to be cashier at Black Boy 
Colliery, near Bishop Auckland, under Jonathan Backhouse. When 
the Colliery changed hands, he remained in the employment of the new 
owners until shortly before his death. He died at 3, High Tenters 
Street, Bishop Auckland, 24th March, 1874. His wife was born nth 
July, 1805, and died 3rd September, 1888. 

i. William Walton (538), born 15th November, 1831, at Gayle, 
in the parish of Aysgarth, Yorkshire. He died when between 
two and three years of age, and was buried in the Friends' 
Burial Ground, Hawes. 
ii. Thomas Walton (539), whom see. 

74 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

iii. Isabella Walton (555), born 24th March, 1836, at Low Row, in 
the parish of Grinton, Swaledale, Yorkshire. She is now 
(1909) living unmarried, with her brother, at 3, High 
Tenters Street, Bishop Auckland. 

iv. John William Walton (556), born 23rd June, 1839, ^^ Black 
Boy Colhery, near Bishop Auckland. He was a grocer in 
Durham Chare, Bishop Auckland, but retired from business 
9th June, 1905. He is unmarried. 

Thomas Walton (539), born loth October, 1833, at Gayle, a hamlet 
half a mile from Hawes, in Wensleydale, He carried on for many years a 
celebrated high-class private boarding school at Oliver's Mount, Scar- 
borough. This he gave up a few years before his death, and bought a 
mineral water business a few miles from his ancestor's home at Wood 
Hall, in Wensleydale. He died 26th May, 1907, at Harrogate. 

He was married, 5th July, 1865, to Mary Lean, daughter of Wilham 
and Hannah Lean, of Birmingham. In 1910 she was living at Harrogate, 
Yorkshire, a widow. 

Her sister, Anna Maria Lean, married Frederick Andrews, B.A., who 
has been for many years headmaster of Ackworth School, near Pontefract, 
Yorkshire, Her brother, William Scarnell Lean, was formerly super- 
intendent of the Flounders Institute, Ackworth ; in later life a clergyman 
of the Church of England ; and finally a Quaker. One of his daughters 
married Herbert Jones, M.A., of Colwall, formerly headmaster of Leighton 
Park School, Reading. 

i. Herbert Walton (540), whom see. 
ii. Sidney Walton (542), whom see. 
iii. Hugh Walton (545), whom see. 

iv. Ethel Walton (548), born 23rd October, 1870. In 1910 she 
was living unmarried, with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rowntree, 
of York. 
v. Hilda Walton (549), born 24th February, 1872. In 1910 she 
was a student at Somerville College, Oxford, unmarried. 

Part Two. 75 

vi. Mabel Walton (550), born 5th April, 1874. In 1910 she was 
Warden at Friedensthal, Scalby, a Quaker Guest House 
founded by her brother-in-law, J. Wilhelm Rowntree, near 
Scarborough, Yorkshire. 
vii. Gertrude Walton (551), whom see. 

Herbert Walton (540), born 21st May, 1867. In 1910 he was 
a schoolmaster at Huddersfield, Yorkshire. He was married 8th August, 
1897, to Edith Elizabeth Burnell Mellorie, and has issue one child, 

i. Mary Joyce Mellorie Walton (541), born 24th April, 1899. 

Sidney Walton (542), born 12th September, 1868. In 1910 he 
was an architect and surveyor at Buxton, Derbyshire. He was married 
nth November, 1899, to May Whittaker, and has issue, 

i. Hereward Royden Walton (543), born 2nd September, 

1 901. 
ii. Marjorie Walton (544), born 19th March, 1903. 

Hugh Walton (545), born 27th September, 1869. In 1910 he was 
an engineer in London. He was married 15th January, 1896, to Sarah 
S. Crasby, and has issue, 

i. Richard Geoffrey Walton (546), born 29th October, 1896. 
ii. Phihp Walton (547), born 2nd May, 1900. 

Gertrude Walton (551), born 25th October, 1876. She was 
married 8th August, 1900, to Joseph Stephenson Rowntree, M.A. Cantab., 
J. P., in 1910 of Leadhall Grange, Harrogate. 

He is a son of Joseph Rowntree, of York, by his wife Antoinette 
Seebohm, and a director of Messrs. Rowntree and Co., Ltd., the cele- 
brated chocolate manufacturers of York. His brother, the late John 
Wilhelm Rowntree, of Scalby, near Scarborough, was a celebrated 

76 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

minister in the Societj^ of Friends : another brother, Benjamin Seebohra 
Rowntree, is author of well-known sociological works. 

Thistlethwaite connections exist with the three Quaker cocoa fami- 
lies : Eleanor Taylor of Part VIII., married Joseph Storrs Fry, of Maldon, 
Essex : and George Cadbury's daughter recently married Bertram Fother- 
gill Crosfield, whose grandmother was Hannah Thistlethwaite of the 
Wensleydale family. 

Gertrude Rowntree has issue, 

i. Doris Mabel Rowntree (552), born 2nd March, 1902, at Harro- 
ii. Geoffrey Christopher Rowntree (553), born 21st May, 1905, 

at Harrogate, 
iii. Thomas Stephenson Rowntree (554), born 25th July, 1909, 
at Harrogate. 

Isabella Walton (557), was probably born about 1800 at Burter- 
sett, a hamlet near Bainbridge in Wensleydale. She married James 
Burton and was living at Bradford, Yorkshire, in 1847. Her husband 
died in 1849 ^^ Manningham, near Bradford ; and she, writing from 
Manningham in 1850, speaks of her wish or intention of going to America 
with her eight children. I cannot ascertain whether they all went, 
but in any case, her eldest son, William Burton (558), emigrated to 
Utah, U.S.A. When the United States took over the Mormon Settle- 
ment at Salt Lake City, he removed to the State of Arizona, and 
correspondence with his English relatives ceased. 
i. Wilham Burton (558), and seven others. 

Rachel Thistlethwaite (560), born 13th January, 1739 (or 1740, 
by our present method of reckoning). She was born in Dent Dale, some 
years before her parents removed to Langstrothdale. She was married 
about 1767, to George Brown, leather cutter, of Preston, Lancashire, son 
of John and Ann Brown. Her brother, Anthony Thistlethwaite (867), 

Part Two. 77 

married George Brown's sister Ann. Rachel Brown (560), became a 
" public friend," or a minister among the Quakers, and had issue. She 
died 4th January, 1784, at Preston, and was buried there on the 7th, 
George Brown died 7th June, 1795, aged sixty-four, at Preston, and was 
buried there on the loth. 

i. Margaret Brown (561), born 30th March, 1768, at Preston, 
and died there 2nd May, 1771, and buried the following 
ii. Isabel Brown (562), born loth May, 1769, at Preston ; died 

there 29th May, 1771, and buried there on the 31st. 
iii. Wilham Brown (563), born 29th March, 1771, at Preston. He 
died 7th November, 1826, at Standish, in Lancashire, aged 
fifty-five years, and was buried two days later at Langtree. 
No further particulars appear in the Quaker register, but 
as he died a " non-member," it is not unlikely that he was 
married and had issue. He was a dogger, 
iv. James Brown (564), born loth November, 1772, at Preston ; 
died there 23rd January, 1775, and buried there two days 
V. George Brown (565), born 12th October, 1773, at Preston ; 
died there loth October, 1774, and buried there two days 
vi. Alice Brown (566), whom see. 

vii. John Brown (572), born 21st November, 1776, at Preston. He 
appears to have been a land-surveyor in Manchester, where 
he died i8th August, 1829, aged fifty-four years, and was 
buried at Manchester five days later. As he is entered as 
a " non-member," it is not unlikely that he married and 
had issue, 
viii. Rachel Brown (573), whom see. 
ix. George Brown (576), born 3rd July, 1779, at Preston ; died 
there 27th December, 1779, and was buried there two 
days later. 

78 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

X. Christopher Brown {577), born 28th July, 1780, at Preston. 

No further information, 
xi. Anthony Brown (578), born 15th September, 1781, at Preston, 

died there 20th January, 1782, and was buried there three 

days later, 
xii. Hannah Brown (579), born 14th November, 1783, at Preston. 

She appears to have married a Robinson, of Kendal, where 

she was living about 1837. ^ ^^ ^^^ know whether she 

had issue. 

Alice Brown (566), born 24th October, 1775, at Preston. She was 
married 25th August, 1802, at Preston Meeting House, to John Burton, 
cotton manufacturer of Preston, son of John (yeoman) and Sarah Burton 
of Dent, Yorkshire. In 1814 and 1817, John and Alice Burton were 
entered as " non-members." I have not been able to trace farther than 
their children. 

i. Rachel Burton (567), born 6th June, 1803, at Preston ; died 

there 29th August, 1806, and buried there two days later, 
ii, Mary Burton (568), born loth September, 1804, at Preston ; 

no further information, 
iii. George Brown Burton (569), born 21st April, 1806, at Preston ; 

no further information, 
iv. J ohn Burton (570), born 1814, died 21st August, 1814, at Preston, 

aged one month, and buried there two days later. 
V. John Burton {571), born 3rd November, 1817, at Preston, his 
father being described as " land-surveyor." No further 
information to hand. 

Rachel Brown (573), born 20th January, 1778, at Preston, Lan- 
cashire. She was married at Preston Meeting House, 4th March, 1807, 
to Samuel Fielden, grocer, of Lancaster, son of Samuel Fielden, grocer and 
draper, of Todmorden, Co. York, and of Hannah his wife. Samuel Fielden, 

Part Two. 79 

of Lancaster, was drowned on Lancaster Sands in 1808. His wddow died 
3rd March, 1865, at Halifax, aged 8y years. 
i. Hannah Fielden (574), whom see. 

Hannah Fielden (574), born 5th April, 1808, at Lancaster. She 
was married at Calder Bridge Meeting House, Yorkshire, 22nd September, 
1830, to Joseph Thorp, of Halifax, and died in 1834, leaving one child. 
Joseph Thorp married a second time, and died in Hahfax, Yorkshire, 1873, 
aged seventy years. A man of intellectual attainments and a minister 
in the Society of Friends. His widow, Hannah Thorp, died at Hahfax 
in 1879, aged seventy-eight, leaving an only child, who had married Dr. 
Waite, of Halifax.* By his first wife, Joseph Thorp had issue, 
i. Fielden Thorp (575), whom see. 

Fielden Thorp (575), born 1832, at Halifax. He was educated at 
Bootham School, York, 8 mo. 1844 to 6 mo. 1847, ^^^ '^^'^.s a master there 
from 1850 to 1853. He then took his Bachelor of Arts degree from London 
University, and returned to Bootham in 1856. Ten years later he became 
headmaster, from which position he retired in 1875. He has since lived 
at 18, Blossom Street, York. He married Amy Jane Clark, of Street, in 
Somerset, whose brother married Helen Bright, daughter of the Rt. Hon. 
John Bright, M.P., the eminent Quaker orator. Fielden Thorp is s.p. 
He is a well-known Quaker minister, foreign traveller, and linguist. 

Richard Thistleth waite (580), born 13th November, 1742 or 
1743, in Dent Dale, Yorkshire. At the date of his marriage, 1776, he was 
hving with his father at Carr End, about three miles from Bainbridge, 
Wensleydale. He Hved at Carr End until after all his children were born. 
The family then removed to Shawcote, a house about five miles from Carr 
End by road, on the opposite side of the Wensleydale Valley. They were 

* Dr. Waite's daughter, Clare Waite, married Dr. J. F. Gill, of Halifax, who 
is my second cousin through our mutual descent from David Fox, of Dewsbury. 

8o The Thistlethwaite Family. 

here m 1816, but removed to Semerdale House, about half-way between 
Carr End and Bainbridge, before Richard Thistlethwaite (580) died nth 
October, 1820. 

His daughter, Jane Thompson (759), removed from Hawes to Kendal 
in 1822, and thither his widow, Agnes or Nancy Thistlethwaite, frequently 
rode on horseback to visit her daughter and grandchildren. Agnes 
Thistlethwaite died 21st July, 1834, at Semerdale House, Wensleydale, 
Yorkshire, aged seventy-seven years. For the gift of their marriage 
certificate I am much indebted to Mrs. Yeardley, widow of Richard and 
Agnes Thistlethwaite's great-grandson, Alfred Yeardley (586). - 

The will of Agnes Thistlethwaite's father, John Hunter, was proved 
15th September, 1767. He left four children, all under age ; the two 
sons being, John Hunter, sometime of Hebblethwaite Hall, and Simon 
Hunter, sometime of Appersett, near Hawes. For the numerous Hunter 
Thistlethwaite intermarriages, the inquisitive must refer to Chart^Il. . • 

" Whereas Richard Thistlethwaite, son of James and Isabel Thistle- 
thwaite, of Car-End, and Agnes Hunter, Daughter of John and Jane 
Hunter, late of Car-End, Deceased, both in the parish of Aisgarth and 
County of York, Having declared their Intention of taking each other in 
Marriage before several Public Meetings of the People called Quakers, 
according to the good Order used amongst them ; whose proceedings 
therein, after a Deliberate Consideration thereof, were approved of by the 
said meetings, they appearing clear of all others in that respect ; And 
having consent of Parents and Guardians — 

" Now these are to Certify all whom it may concern, that for the full 
Accomplishment of their said Intentions this Eighth Day of the fifth month 
called May, in the Year of our Lord one Thousand seven Hundred and 
seventy Six. They, the said Richard Thistlethwaite and Agnes Hunter 
appeared in a Public Assembly of the aforesaid People and others met 
together, in their public Meeting House at Counterside, and in a Solemn 
Manner," etc., etc. 

Richard Thistlethwaite. 
Agnes Hunter. 


Part Two. 8i 

Witnesses : 

James Thistlethwaite [(429) father to bridegroom] 

William Thistlethwaite [(430) brother to groom] 

John Thistlethwaite [(866) brother to groom] 

Anthony Thistlethwaite [(867) brother to groom] 

Alice Lund [(533) sister to groom] 

Rachel Brown [(560) sister to groom] 

Margaret Thistlethwaite [(864) sister to gi-oom] 

John Hunter [brother to bride] - .^yjiS '^^^'o\ ^^JJU^^.'^ . ^^' 

Ann Hunter [iiee Middlebrook, wife of above] ' 'du\:f O^... 

Simon Hunter [brother to bride] -v^\'V ,i^„ ■■ 

Alice Hunter '^A-yy'-^ /.' 

Isable Hunter [sister to bride] -^.-.- ^^j-cc^v— a , ,^"-: f/^y 

James Middlebrook ^(-^^''^e^ ?f ^:i^'-^<^-ti^^AU\'. '■ 

Alex' Fothergill [married groom's aunt (877)] 

Margaret Fothergill [{^yy) aunt to groom] 

Ann Freeman [(879) daughter of above] 

William Fothergill [(1021) brother of above] '-./V, /.-.■/ ^«, 5^,,,/^^; sv^^f •"' 

Anthony Thistlethwaite [(112) first cousin to groom] 

Edm'' Fothergill [uncle to groom] 

Richard Fothergill [uncle to groom] 

Simon Thwate j^ ^ . / . , 

Thomas Lambert ^ sWva5^ ^ ' ^' <-' ''^' ititt\>i^ ^Mi'^' ' ' ^- '""' 

J ane Robinson ' '*' ■ ^ ^*'^^ ' " ^\" 

Hannah Robinson 

John Robinson I 

Eliza Robinson! 

Chris' Myers [married groom's sister (864)] 

Joseph Wetherald 

Elizabeth Wetherald 

Mary Blakey 

Margaret Sedgwick 

William Middlebrook 

82 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Matthew Middlebrook [married groom's first cousin (1245)] 
Joseph Baynes 
Joseph Wetherald 
Daniel Harrison 
Oswald Baynes. 

I have shown above, so far as I am able, the relationships borne by 
the witnesses to the bride and bridegroom. Only the simpler relationships 
are dealt with. 

Counterside, or Countersett, is a village close to the lake of Semer- 
water, and lies mid-way between Semerdale House and Carr End, about 
three-quarters of a mile from each. The house at Carr End occupied by 
the Thistlethwaites stood at right angles to that occupied by the 
Fothergills. -": ^"' '-, /^^'"^ "^^ ^'-^ 

Richard Thistlethwaite (580), had issue : 

i. James Thistlethwaite (581), born 30th March, 1777, at Carr 
End, Wensleydale, Yorkshire. He was a dogger, near the 
Meeting House, in Bainbridge, three miles from Carr End. 
In 1828 his second cousin, Richard Thistlethwaite (113), of 
Dent, placed his son, WilHam Thistlethwaite (165) with 
his bachelor relative to learn clogging and leather-cutting. 
Master, aged fifty-three, and apprentice, aged seventeen, 
were one day found discussing Doddridge's " Rise and 
Progress of Religion in the Soul." WiUiam became a prince 
among pedagogues, and James died a dogger and un- 
ii. John Thistlethwaite (582), whom see. 
iii. Isabel Thistlethwaite (583), whom see. 
iv. Jane Thistlethwaite (759), whom see. 

v. Anthony Thistlethwaite (841), born 13th July, 1785, at Carr 
End, CO. York. He died 5th October, 1822, at Shawcote, 
Wensleydale, and was, I think, unmarried. He was 
interred at Bainbridge. 


Part Two. 83 

vi. Rachel Thistlethwaite (842), whom see, 

vii. WilUam Thistlethwaite (862), bom 23rd October, 1792, at Carr 
End, Co. York. He died 6th July, 1830, at Semerdale 
House, one-and-a-half miles from Carr End, " of an asthma." 
I think he was unmarried ; his great-nephew notes that 
he had " no family." 

viii. Richard Thistlethwaite (863), whom see. 

John Thistlethwaite (582), born 20th February, 1779, at Carr End, 
Wensleydale, Co. York. He is said to have married, firstly, Sarah M. 
Smith, who died without issue.* After his father's death, in 1820, " he 
went with his mother to Semerdale House " At the age of sixty-one, he 
married at Counterside, 27th February, 1839, Elizabeth Routh, aged 
about fifty-seven. She was the daughter of John Thompson, hosier of 
Hawes (1742-1803), by his wife Margaret Routh ; and her brother, John 
Thompson, junr., hadmarried John Thistlethwaite's sister Jane. Elizabeth 
Thistlethwaite, nee Thompson, married, firstly, Thomas Tennant, and had 
issue several children. Her second husband was Thomas Routh, probably 
a relative of her mother, and by him she had no children. 

John Thistlethwaite (582), is said to have managed the Carr End farm 
for his brother-in-law, John Thompson, junr., while the former lived at 
Semerdale House, but he and his wife Betsy Hved after this at the Grange, 
Askrigg. She died at Bainbridge, 5th November, 1856, aged seventy- 
four years, and John Thistlethwaite died at Bedale, Yorkshire, 22nd 
September, 1858. 

An extract from a letter written 4th September, 1898, by his great- 
niece, maybe of interest : — " We slept at ' The White Hart,' at Hawes ; 
it looked more quaint than ever, a sheep-fair bringing in all the country 
people in the evening. Mary Thistlethwaite f took us to an original old 

* My authority for this statement is a chart privately printed by his great-niece, 
Mrs. F. I. Reckitt, of HuU, 1898. I have heard of a man who says that his grand- 
father was John Thistlethwaite, a Quaker, of Wensleydale. 

t Second cousin twice removed to John Thistlethwaite (582). 


The Thistlethwaite Family. 

man, who knew some of our ancestors. He had Hved near Carr End and 
told us such histories — I wish you could have been there to hear 

" Our great-uncle, John Thistlethwaite, was nearly starved to death in 
prison because he would not enter the army, and he was kept in prison 
till the war was over. And A. Blakey at the same time was hidden in a 
cave near Hawes, supplied with food at night by his daughter, and came 
out at the end of the war so fat and flourishing, such a contrast to poor 
uncle J .T., who was only skin and bone. Such a fine old man he was, and 
how he enjoyed telling us these stories, slapping his knees, and roaring 
with laughter when Sophie reminded him of some of Uncle John's stories 
of his boyhood's days." 

The witnesses to John and Ehzabeth Thistlethwaite's marriage were 
as follows : — 

Margaret Tennant. 

Richard Thistlethwaite (863). 

John Thompson, Jr. (760). 

Agnes Webster (847). 

John Tennant. 

Samuel Tennant (1375). 

Alice Tennant {1374). 

Jane Routh. 

Mary Ann Tennant (1445). 

Henry Tennant (1446). 

Ann Baynes. 

Oswald Baynes, Jr. 

John Shnger. 

Mary Baynes, Jr. 

Mary Blakey. 

William Blakey. 

Richard Blakey. 

William Simpson. 

Richard Routh. 
John Baynes. 
Oswald Lambert. 
Joshua Blakey. 
Wilham Blakey. 
Joseph Smith. 
Hannah Lambert. 
George Paley. 
William Routh. 
Thos. Routh. 
William Smith. 
Emma Metcalfe. 
John Metcalfe. 
Rebecca Mason. 
William Metcalfe. 
Robert Hutchinson. 
Benjamin Hall. 

Part Two. 85 

Isabel Thistlethwaite (583), bom 5th March, 1781, at Carr End, 
in Wensleydale, Yorkshire. As her father's eldest daughter she was, of 
course, named after her paternal grandmother, Isabel Fothergill. She 
was married from Carr End. at Counterside Meeting House, 3ist January,* 
1803, " to John Wetherald, of Hulme, near Manchester, in the County of 
Lancaster, son of Joseph Wetherald, of the same place. Butcher, and 
Mally, his wife." 

Joseph Wetherald seems to have been sprung from the Wensley- 
dale family bearing his surname, and to have moved thence to 
Lancashire. He later went to America. 

• John and Isabel Wetherald resided at Little Marsden, in the parish 
of Whalley, Lancashire, 4th April, 1805 ; and at Burnley, in the same 
parish, December, 1806, December, 1808, and April, 1811. On these four 
dates John Wetherald is described as a butcher. In 1812, the family 
removed to Healaugh (pronounced " Heela "), near Reeth, in Swaledale, 
Yorkshire. Here their j^oungest child was born in September, 1834, but 
before long they removed to Wakefield, Yorkshire, where Isabel Wetherald 
nee Thistlethwaite (583), died of consumption, 19th March, 1826. 

John Wetherald and his family appear to have lived at Wakefield 
until their departure from England, as his daughter Agnes was living there 
when she married in 1831. His daughter Ann was married in England 
in 1833, but I do not know where. The marriages of his other children 
took place in America. 

On the 8th of February, 1834, John Wetherald, with his son Joseph, 
and daughter Jane, sailed from Liverpool in " The Virginian," and arrived 
at New York on the 19th March. His brother, Thomas Wetherald, " had 
gone over some time before. He was a minister, and very much esteemed 
by the Hicksites," one of the sections into which the Society of Friends 
in America had divided. 

On the 22nd of March, 1834, John Wetherald and his son and daughter 
left New York by steamer for Albany, a town 160 miles up the River 
Hudson, to reach which, they sailed from seven o'clock in the morning 
♦Their son Thomas gives this date as " 21st 3rd mo. 1803." 

86 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

until midnight. On the following day, they travelled by rail fifteen miles 
to Schenectady, N.Y., and thence by coach eighty-one miles to Utica, 
N. Y., where they arrived on the 24th of March. They left Utica by " The 
Stage," at four o'clock on the following morning, and travelled in twenty- 
four hours the eighty miles to Oswego, N.Y., a town on the Southern 
shore of Lake Ontario. 

Thence they sailed on the 27th in a schooner seventy miles to 
Kingston, in Canada, near the exit of the St. Lawrence river from Lake 
Ontario, and here they had to remain some days for want of a con- 
veyance. At eleven o'clock in the evening of the seventh of April, they 
left Kingston by steamer, and arrived at seven p.m. next day at York — 
now the City of Toronto. 

At York (Toronto), John Wetherald left his son and daughter, and 
took steamer on the nth for Burlington Bay, at the head of Lake Ontario, 
with a friend, John Howitt, from Long Eaton, near Nottingham, England. 
They walked to Dundas the same evening, and on the 13th of April, 
travelled about thirty miles inland to Guelph. "Grandfather [John 
Wetherald] staid here some days, going about in different directions to 
see the country, and eventually purchased one hundred acres of land in the 
township of Puslinch, about three miles distant from Guelph, when he 
wrote for Jane and Joseph to join him. Grandfather bought the land of 
John Michel, giving him 250 dollars for his right and title, and in addition, 
270 dollars to the Government Agent in Toronto, payable in nine annual 
instalments, the first due the end of 8th mo. Total, 520 dollars for 100 
acres, one acre only cleared. " 

The ship " Hibernia," sailed from Liverpool on the 12th March, 1835, 
carrying a third detachment of the Wetherald family, bound for the New 
World. This included four more children of John and Isabel Wetherald 
— Mary, William, Thomas, and John, junior — besides Joseph Wetherald, 
the grandfather of the latter, and other relatives. Indeed, I should be 
more correct in describing this as a " fourth detachment," for Joseph 
Wetherald Sr.'s niece, Elizabeth Thistlethwaite, nee Wetherald, had 
emigrated to Indiana with her husband and family so early at 1818, or 

Part Two. 87 

thereabouts.* However, the detachment of which I am now speaking, 
arrived at New York on the 14th of April, 1835, and at Pushnch on 
Saturday, the 2nd of May. After staying about seven weeks, all the 
newly-arrived members of the family, excepting John Wetherald's four 
children, removed to Toronto. 

It will now appear that all the surviving children of John and Isabel 
Wetherald had crossed to America, excepting Agnes and Ann, who had 
married before their father left England. Ann's husband, Oswald Foster, 
went over alone in 1843, and she with her three children followed in 1846. 
Neither Agnes nor her husband, John Yeardley, were ever in America, 
but as their only child died without issue, there are no living descendants 
of John and Isabel Wetherald in England. 

John Wetherald gave up the management of his farm to his sons 
Thomas and John in 1847. He died of apoplexy, at his home in Puslinch, 
5th August, 1852, aged seventy-two years and one month. He had issue 
eleven children. 

i. Mary Wetherald (584), born 4th April, 1805, at Little Marsden, 
in the parish of Whalley, Lancashire. She died before her 
parents left Burnley in 1812. 
ii. Agnes Wetherald (585), whom see. 
iii. Jane Wetherald (587), whom see. 
iv. Ann Wetherald (642), whom see. 
v. Joseph Wetherald (658), whom see. 

vi. Rachel Wetherald (689), born at Healaugh, in the parish of 
Grinton, Swaledale, Co. York, 9th September, 1814. She 
died unmarried, 20th January, 1834, the same year that her 
father went to America, 
vii. Mary Wetherald (690), whom see. 

* For the Wetherald descendants in Indiana see Part Eight, under William 
Thistlethwaite (1598), and for the Wetherald-Haworth-Fothergill connection, see 
Part Three, under Alexander Fothergill (1062). I intend to give, in my second 
volume, a much fuller account of the Wetherald ancestry and connections, and of 
the branch which settled at Wilmington, Delaware. 

88 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

viii. Richard Wetherald (728), born 12th June, 1818, at Healaugh, 
in Swaledale. He died unmarried, nth May, 1831, at 
Ackworth School, 
ix. William Wetherald (729), whom see. 
X. Thomas Wetherald (744), whom see. 
xi. John Wetherald (758), whom see. 

Agnes Wetherald (585), born 29th December, 1806, at Burnley, 
in the parish of Whalley, Lancashire. She removed with her parents to 
Swaledale, in 1812, and from there in about 1825 to Wakefield. She was 
married 27th October, 1831, to John Yeardley, of Ecclesfield, near 
Sheffield, son of Thomas Yeardley, of the same place, flax spinner, by his 
wife Elizabeth Hodgson. 

Elizabeth Hodgson had a widowed sister named Mary Oddie, who 
married secondly Robert Graham, of Ackworth near Pontefract, York- 
shire. Their only daughter, Jane Graham, married George Esthill 
Peacock, whose sisters Rachel and Esther, married respectively, Jeremiah 
Thistlethwaite (1218) and Charles Webster (1747). 

John Yeardley was born 29th February, 1808, at Barnsley, His sister 
Sarah married his wife's uncle, Richard Thistlethwaite (863), whom see. 

Agnes Yeardley (585) died 29th November, 1863, at Rochdale. Her 
husband was for many years an invahd, and died 9th July, 1883, at 
Hathersage, and was interred at Bakewell, Derbyshire. 
i. Alfred Yeardley (586), whom see. 

Alfred Yeardley (586), born 20th April, 1833, at Ecclesfield, near 
Sheffield, Yorkshire. He was initiated into business in the counting- 
house of Edward Briggs, hat manufacturer and silk spinner, Castleton 
Mills, and in 185 1 entered that of James McLaren and Nephew, merchants 
and shippers, Manchester. He later became a cashier. He died at Clifton, 
Bristol, aged sixty-five years, 6th June, 1898, without issue. 

He was married at Yatton Meeting House, Somerset, 20th April, 
1884, to Lucy Taylor {1451), who was born 30th October, 1837, daughter 
of John Taylor (1450), by his wife Sophia Tew, daughter of William Tew, 

Richard Thistlethvvaite (2) Waite (i334) 
= Elizabeth Mason 

Anthony Thistlethwaite {112) |aite (1347) 

= Mary Ion 

Richd. .Thistlethwaite {113) Hann 
= Margaret Hunter =Dr. 

William Thistlethwaite (165) -Ha 
(Schoolmaster) s.p. 

Chart V 
Wetherald — Graham Inti 

Anne Thistlethwaite (1145) 
= Christopher Thistlethwaite 

Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1162 
= Margaret Mason 

Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1705) Wm. Thistlethwaite (1217) 
= George Webster = Margaret Capstick 

Rachel Peacock = Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1218) 

William Henry Thistlethwaite (1223) 
= Alice Elizabeth Dixon 



istlethwaite Helen Thistlethvvaite 

24) (1225) 


The Thistlethwaite Family. 

iii. Richard Wetherald (728), born 12th June, 1818, at Healaugh, 
in Swaledale. He died unmarried, nth May, 1831, at 
Ackworth School. 

ix. William Wetherald (729), whom see. 

X. Thomas Wetherald (744), whom see. 

xi. John Wetherald (758), whom see. 

Agnes Wetherald (585), born 29th December, 1806, at Burnley, 
in the parish of Whalley, Lancashire. She removed with her parents to 
Swaledale, in 1812, and from there in about 1825 to Wakefield. She was 
married 27th October, 1831, to John Yeardley, of Ecclesfield, near 
Sheffield, son of Thomas Yeardley, of the same place, flax spinner, by his 
wife Elizabeth Hodgson. 

Elizabeth Hodgson had a widowed sister named Mary Oddie, who 
married secondly Robert Graham, of Ackworth near Pontefract, York- 
shire. Their only daughter, Jane Graham, married George Esthill 
Peacock, whose sisters Rachel and Esther, married respectively, Jeremiah 
Thistlethwaite (1218) and Charles Webster (1747). 

John Yeardley was born 29th February, 1808, at Barnsley. His sister 
Sarah married his wife's uncle, Richard Thistlethwaite (863), whom see, 

Agnes Yeardley (585) died 29th November, 1863, at Rochdale. Her 
husband was for many years an invahd, and died 9th July, 1883, at 
Hathersage, and was interred at Bakewell, Derbyshire. 
i. Alfred Yeardley (586), whom see. 

Alfred Yeardley (586), born 20th April, 1833, at Ecclesfield, near 
Sheffield, Yorkshire. He was initiated into business in the counting- 
house of Edward Briggs, hat manufacturer and silk spinner, Castleton 
Mills, and in 1851 entered that of James McLaren and Nephew, merchants 
and shippers, Manchester. He later became a cashier. He died at Clifton, 
Bristol, aged sixty- five years, 6th June, 1898, without issue. 

He was married at Yatton Meeting House, Somerset, 20th April, 
1884, to Lucy Taylor (145 1), who was born 30th October, 1837, daughter 
of John Taylor (1450), by his wife Sophia Tew, daughter of WilhamTew, 


Anne Thistlethwaite (1145) 
= Christopher Thistlethwaite 

Anthony Tliisdtlhwnile (112 

John & Ann Hodgson 

Richard Thistlethwaite (580) Joseph Wetherald 
=Agnes Hunter I 

John Thistlethwaite (1347) 

Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1162 
= Margaret Mason 

I I I I I i I I I I I 

Kichd. Thistlethw;iitc {113) Hannah Graham Robt. Graham = Mary Oddie Elizabeth Hodgson Isabel Thistlethwaite = John Wetherald Ann Wetherald Alice Thistlethwaite (1448) Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1705) Wm. Thistlethwaite (1217) 
= Margaret Hunter =Dr. Satterthwaite Ht'c Hodgson =Thos. Yeardley (583) =WilliamTew =Peter Taylor = George Webster = Margaret Capstick 


Chart V. 
Wetherald — Graham Inter-marriages. 

John Yeardley = Agnes Wetherald (585) 

Sophia Tew= John Taylor (1450) 

Alfred Yeardley (586) = Lucy Taylor (1451) 

Jane Graham = George Esthill Peacock 


Mary Peacock Elizabeth Peacock 

ob. s.f:. ob. s.f. 

Esther Peacock = Charles Webster (1747) 

Rachel Peacock = Jeremiah Thistlethwaite {1218) 

Iward Webster (1748) George Arnold Webster (1752) 

A A 

Bernard Thistlethwaite Helen Thistlethwaite 
(1224) (1225) 

Sou*, i\-.^ity-MiA^ 

Part Two. 89 

of Halifax, by his wife Ann Wetherald. As this Ann Wetherald was 
sister to Alfred Yeardley's grandfather, Alfred and Lucy Yeardley were 
second cousins. And I have good reason to beheve that John Taylor's 
maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Wetherald, was sister to Alfred 
Yeardley's great-grandfather, in which case Alfred and Lucy Yeardley 
were third cousins. And they were certainly fourth cousins, because of 
their common descent from William Thistlethwaite (i) of Harborgill. 

In 1910, Lucy Yeardley (1451), was living at 9, Wellington Park, 
Clifton, Bristol, England, a widow. 

Jane Wetherald (587), born 27th December, 1808, at Burnley, 
in the parish of Whalley, Lancashire. In 1834, she crossed from England 
to America, in the ship " Virginian," with her father and her brother 
Joseph. Their journey across country and final settlement at Puslinch, 
near Guelph, Ontario, Canada, is described in the account of Isabel 
Thistlethwaite (583), her mother. 

Jane Wetherald (587), was married 3rd November, 1836, in the town- 
ship of Pelham, seventy miles from Puslinch, to John Harris, " who has 
a good farai of 230 acres, twenty or thirty acres cleared," within the 
township of Eramosa, and near Rockwood and Puslinch. He was forty- 
seven years of age at the time of his marriage ; his wife was nearly 

In 1837, John Harris " gave three acres of land, and timber to build 
a meeting-house thereupon, at Eramosa ; the rest of the ground to be 
used at a graveyard. They began to meet in this new Meeting House 
in 3 mo. 1839." In- this year John Harris began to speak in Meeting. 
While attending Pelham Quarterly Meeting in September, 1841, John and 
Jane Harris " met cousin Mary Thistlethwaite, widow of Anthony, of 
Dent.* She was one of the Yearly Meeting's Committee appointed to 
attend the opening of this said Quarterly Meeting." 

* Mary, widow of Anthony Thistlethwaite (1164), landed in New York from 
England 29th August, 1840, accompanied by her two sons. See Part VI. 

90 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

In September, 1845, " John Harris, still a teacher." In December, 
1846, his nephew writes, " Uncle William Wetherald [then aged twenty- 
six] resides with Uncle and Aunt Harris, and teaches a district school. 
He has just bought forty-seven acres of land of them, and is engaged to 
be married to John Harris' niece, Jemima Balls." " Aunt Ann Foster 
left Toronto, and on 2 mo. 21 [1847], went to Hve with Uncle and Aunt 
John and Jane Harris at Eramosa. On 4 mo. 8, Henrietta and Richard 
went to hve with their mother at the same place." 

Before 1848, Jane Harris (587), had adopted a Httle girl named Mary 
Reed, who was born in the spring of 1839. She later acted as housekeeper 
to some of her unmarried foster-brothers, and in 1866 married a Mr. 

At the end of November, 1848, Ann Foster and her three children 
left the Harrises, and returned to her husband in Toronto. 

I^ 1S53, it appears that a railway was " in course of construction from 
Toronto to Sarnia, at the foot of Lake Huron, with a station at Rockwood." 
Jane Harris (587) was recorded a minister of the Society of Friends 
in the summer of 1854. 

" On 3rd day, 30th of 12 mo. [1856], Uncle John Harris was driving 
towards Guelph with his son Samuel [then aged twelve years] when a 
foal belonging to another team kicked his horse, which bolted off the road 
into the woods. Uncle was thrown out and received fatal injury from 
his head behind the ear striking a knot on a fallen tree. He died on 2nd 
day, 5th of I mo., 1857. He was interred in the Friends' Burial Ground 
at Rockwood, in the grave adjoining grandfather's." 

Jane Harris (587), " after a time of severe suffering, died about nine 
o'clock p.m., on 8 mo. 26, 1871." 

One of the sons of John Harris writes to me : "I have heard my 
father say that his forefathers were of an English family, and that one of 
them of whom we are lineal descendants went over to Ireland as a soldier 
under WiHiam, Prince of Orange, in 1690, and remained there afterwards. 
When they made the commendable change from soldiers to Quakers I do 
not know." John Harris was born in March, 1789, son of Thomas Harris, 

Part Two. 91 

paints, oils and glass merchant, in the city of Cork, Ireland, by his first wife, 
Mary Chamberlaine. I copy below an original letter recently lent me, 
written by Thomas Harris to his mother, Sarah Harris, shortly before his 
first marriage, 

" Clonmel, 5 mo. 17, 1784. 
" Dear Mother. 

" I now adress thee on an Affair of importance towards my future 
peace & Welfare (which I have had this some before me) for thy advice 
thereon, it is respecting the Changing my Condition. 

"I thought it requisite before I acquainted theeof my intention, to 
advise some of my friends thereof who were acquainted with the Young 
Woman, namely Mary Chamberlaine, sister in law to Richard Allen, and 
first Cousin to Richard Abell (who is married to Cousin Betty Beale), in 
order that I might be enabled to inform thee of their sentiments thereon. 
I therefore laid it before Aunt Harris (Uncle being in Leinster), Edward 
Hatton and John Davis. 

"Aunt seemed much prepossessd in the young womans favour and 
said it was an Affair that required deliberate consideration, but that at 
the time she saw nothing to object to it, or words to that import. Edward 
and John each expressed themselves much to the same purpose. Samuel 
Neale being from home, I have written to him about it, a Copy of which 
I here enclose. Hoping thou wilt let me have a few lines as soon as 
convenient, I am, with dear Love to thyself, to Bro' and sister Langstaff 
and Children, Cousin Joseph Russell and Family, 

" thy truly Affec'". Son, 

"Tho\ Harris. 
" Please to direct to me at George Corletts, Cork, where I have dieted and 
lodged these 12 mos. past." 

Thomas and Mary Harris had at least two children : Sarah, of whom 
I write below, and John, born in 1789, less than five years after the date 
of the above letter. Thomas Harris married a second time, and died 
when his son, John, was thirteen years of age. After his death the family 
seems to have been broken up. 

92 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

A' son of John Harris writes : " For ten years my Father followed a 
seafaring life in English mercantile trade. Coming back from the 
Mediterranean with a cargo of fruit for an English port, his vessel was 
captured by a French privateer in the English Channel, and he was taken 
to France, and held there a prisoner for fourteen months, being released 
when Napoleon was first conquered and sent to Elba." For ten years he 
was a member of Yarmouth IMonthly Meeting. In the spring of 1818 he 
was at Scarborough, " when Dr. Wills told him he must give up the sea 
and keep his feet dry or he would never be well." * 

His son writes further : " In 1818, he first took up land at the old 
homestead adjoining what is now the village of Rockwood, at that time 
an unbroken forest, and all his supplies for his first start were carried in 
on his back from the shore of Lake Ontario, a distance of twenty- two miles. 
A few Friends were attracted to that vicinity by the Government Surveyor's 
accounts of good land, and they prevailed on my father to be one of the 
number. I do not think that Sarah Balls came to this country till several 
years later, probably from 1824 to 1827." However, Sarah Harris had 
married Samuel Balls, and had two children, Samuel and Mary, born 
before 3rd March, 1830, the day on which was born, at Rockwood, her 
third and youngest child, Jemima Harris Balls, who seventeen years 
later married John Harris's brother-in-law, William Wetherald 

John Harris and his wife Jane Wetherald (587) had issue six sons, 
i. John Richard Harris (588), whom see. 
ii. Thomas Harris (597), whom see. 

iii. Joseph Harris (611), whom see. 

iv. Samuel Harris (625), whom see. 

V. William Harris (633), born 9th December, 1845, in the township 
of Eramosa, Ontario ; died 24th August, 1846. 

vi. James Harris (634), whom see. 

* Thus his nephew, Alfred Yeardley (586), who states that John Harris went to 
Canada in 1820. His son Thomas Harris (597) thinks " that it would be in 1816 or 
17 that my Father came to America." 

Part Two. 93 

John Richard Harris (588), born 29th August, 1837, probably 
in Eramosa township. He founded the Rockwood Woollen Mills, Ontario, 
which are well-known throughout the Dominion of Canada. 

He was married 21st October, 1863, at Norwich, Canada West (now 
Ontario), to Marianna Trefry. He died ist April, 1899. His parents had 
six sons and no daughters, he had five sons and no daughters, and 
his three married sons have each an only child, a son. 
i. William Harris {589), whom see. 
ii. Charles Harris (591), whom see. 
iii. Edwin Harris (593), whom see. 
iv. John Harris (595), died in infancy. 

V. Richard Harris (596), born 24th April, 1879, unmarried in 1910. 
He is working out for a farmer near Everton, about three 
miles from Rockwood, Ontario. 

William Harris (589), born 15th October, 1864. He now owns 
and carries on the Rockwood Woollen Mills, which formerly belonged to 
his father. He was married, 15th May, 1888, to Edith Walker, and has an 
only child. 

i. Edgar Harris [Sgo), born 12th March, 1889. 

Charles Harris {591), born 26th February, 1867. He has been 
working in his brother William's Woollen Factory at Rockwood, but 
recently purchased a fruit-farm in the township of Pelham, Welland 
County, Ontario. He was married 4th November, 1903, to Emily Pearen, 
and has an only child. 

i. Charles Gordon Harris (592), born 20th December, 1904. 

Edwin Harris (593), born 21st June, 1869. He "is the owner of 
a pretty fruit farm, set out in apples, plums, and peaches, near St. 
Catherines, Ontario, about fifteen miles from Chantler." He was 
married firstly, 19th August, 1898, to Edith Argue, by whom he had an 

94 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

only child. She died 4th December, 1905, and he married, secondly, 
24th September, 1908, Annie Haines Carlfield, who was without issue 
in 1910. 

i. George Argue Harris (594), born 29th November, 1905. 

Thomas Harris (597), born 2nd June, 1839, ^^ Eramosa, Ontario. 
His first cousin made a note : " 4th month 28th, 1863 : Aunt Jane Harris' 
sons Thomas and Joseph own a nice good lot of land in the township of 
Hibbert, in the County of Perth, where they expect to settle this autumn 
with Mary Reed for housekeeper." And another note, dated ist month 
9th, 1866, states " Cousin Thomas Harris spent last year in Peel, learning 
the Woollen Manufacture. J oseph will sell the farm at Hibbert, give up 
possession on 3rd mo. i, and join his brother." " 9 month 4th, 1866 : 
They have purchased a mill site at Rockwood and expect to have the Mill 
at work next spring." 

Thomas Harris (597), gave up the woollen business, was at one time 
a coal company's agent, and eventually bought Moresby Island, situated 
in the Gulf of Georgia, between Vancouver Island and the mainland of 
British Columbia. Here he and his family were living in January, 1910. 
Their life must be charmingly Arcadian in character. He writes, " The 
coldest day or night here this winter there was only twelve degrees of 
frost, and just an inch or two of snow that was all gone within forty-eight 
hours. The grass is green, and the sheep have been out on the island 
range all winter ; we often do not see them for months at a time. There 
are 1,440 acres in the Island, and about 140 cleared, so you can see what 
a range they have. There are no wild animals to hunt them; I have 
only seen mink and mice." 

He was married i6th March, 1868, to Mary Ann Zulima Bowerman, 
of Whitby, Ontario. She was born i6th May, 1846, and was living at 
Moresby Island in January, 1910. 

1. Agnes Harris (598), whom see. 

Part Two. 95 

ii. Lucy Harris (602), born 26th December, 1870, and was living 
unmarried at Moresby Island, in January, 1910. 

iii. Mary Josephine Harris (603), born nth November, 1872, and 
died ist July, 1889. 

iv. AHce Harris (604), born 5th May, 1875, and died 27th July, 

v. Joseph Arthur Harris (605), born 8th April, 1877, and died 
8th August, 1878. 

vi. Howard Bowerman Harris (606), whom see. 

vii. George Stanley Harris (609), born 9th March, 1881, and un- 
married in January, 1910. 
viii. Clara Ethelwyn Harris (610), born 23rd September, 1890. In 
March, 1910, she was attending school at Vancouver, B.C., 

Agnes Harris (598), born 22nd March, 1869. She was married 
2ist June, 1899, to Samuel Marshall Busselle, Assistant Manager of the 
Domestic Department of the Imperial Oil Company, New York. They 
reside 26, Broadway, New York City. The surname is pronounced with 
the accent on the second syllable. 

i. Samuel Marshall Busselle {599), born 30th July, 1900, died 

13th February, 1901, 
ii. Samuel Marshall Busselle (600), born loth June, 1903, and was 

living in New York in January, 1910, 
iii. Margaret Busselle (601), born 9th October, 1904, and died 
19th February, 1907. 

Howard Bowerman Harris (606), born 28th June, 1879. He 
was married i6th May, 1906, to Clara Menzies, and has a saw-mill and 
wood-working machinery at Pender Island, near Moresby Island, 
i. Irene Ethelwyn Harris (607), born 19th May, 1907. 
ii. Dorothy Zuhma Harris (608), born 29th December, 1908. 

9^ The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Joseph Harris (6ii), born 25th September, 1841, at Rockwood, 
Ontario. In 1863 he and his brother Thomas began farming at Hibbert, 
Perth County, Ontario. They sold this property in 1866 and purchased 
a site for a woollen mill at Rockwood, which they expected to have working 
in the spring of 1867. His cousin, Alfred Yeardley (586), notes, " 1875, 
Cousin Joseph Harris left Rockwood and built a mill at Mount Forest, 
forty miles off. He was burnt out in 10 mo., 1875, and lost all, but the 
townspeople called a meeting and collected sufficient money to start him 
afresh." However, Joseph eventually gave up the woollen business, and 
went out to the State of Washington, U.S.A., where he made a fortune in 
hop-growing. He is said to resemble his brother Thomas in personal 
appearance and in his characteristics. 

He was married 8th May, 1867, to Mary Gainer, born 27th July, 1844, 
daughter of J acob and Susan Gainer. She was born in Thorold Township, 
Ontario, Canada, and was living with her husband at Kapowsin, Wash- 
ington State, U.S.A., in February, 1910. 

i. Asenath Harris (612), whom see. 
ii. Clara Jane Harris (617), whom see. 
iii. Thomas Fredreck Harris (621), whom see. 
iv. Rachel Sandom Harris (624), born 28th September, 1878, at 
Rockwood, Ontario, Canada. She was married, 20th 
August, 1902, at Auburn, Washington State, U.S.A., to 
Perry Hand Walbridge, farmer. In February, 1910, they 
were living at Kapowsin, Washington, without issue. 

Asenath Harris (612), born 27th February, 1870, at Rockwood, 
Ontario, Canada. She was married 30th November, 1892, at Sumner, 
Washington State, U.S.A., to Oro Ohver, and they now (February, 1910) 
live at Bismarck, Washington State, 

i. Richard Harris Oliver (613), born 3rd September, 1893, at 

South Prairie, Washington State, 
li. Charles Fred Ohver (614), born 6th June, 1895, at South 
Prairie, Washington State. 

Part Two. 97 

iii. Orella Josephine Oliver (615), born 6th April, 1897, at Tacoma, 
Washington, and died there, 3nd November, 1897. 

iv. Orno Renell Ohver (616), born 6th June, 1901, in Tacoma, 
Washington State, U.S.A. 

Clara Jane Harris (617), born 8th December, 1872, at Rockwood, 
Ontario, Canada. She was married 28th January, 1903, at Auburn, 
Washington State, U.S.A., to Samuel Edward Fix, machinist, and they 
now (February, 1910) live at Kapowsin, Washington State. 

i. Pauhne Mildred Fix (618), born 3rd February, 1905, at 

Kapowsin, Washington, U.S.A. 
ii. Russell Oro Fix (619), born 3rd October, 1906, at Anaheim, 

California, U.S.A. 
iii. lone Edna Fix (620), born 15th February, 1909, at Kapowsin, 
Washington, U.S.A. 

Thomas Fredreck Harris (621), born i6th January, 1877, at 
Rockwood, Ontario, Canada. He was married 3rd October, 1904, at 
Auburn, Washington State, U.S.A., to Lula Mae Tanner, and they were 
living there in February, 1910, " He has sixty milch cows on a hundred 
acres of land and sells his milk to an evaporator." 

i. Ethelwyn Josephine Harris (622), born 2nd December, 1905, 

at Auburn, Washington. 
ii. Margaret Gladys Harris (623), born 12th August, 1908. 

Samuel Harris (625), born 29th March, 1844, at Rockwood, 
Wellington County, Ontario. In 1868 he was learning spinning in his 
eldest brother's mill at Rockwood. In 1870, " Cousins Samuel and James 
have arranged to settle on their father (John Harris's) farm." Inigio, 
Samuel Harris had a hundred acres of land in Rockwood. 

98 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

He was married 27th April, 1874, to Susannah Starr, who was born 
near Newmarket, in the County of York, Ontario, youngest daughter of 
Mordecai and Sarah Starr. Her brother, Charles Starr, of Newmarket, 
married Samuel Harris's first cousin, Hannah Hustler (692). 
Wasley Harris (626), whom see. 
Charles Henry Harris (627), whom see. 

Jane Harris (629), born 14th June, 1879, at Rockwood ; died 
ist September, 1879. 
iv. Albert Harris (630), born 2nd November, 1880, at Rockwood ; 

died 2ist June, 1881. 
V. Joseph Arthur Harris (631), born 23rd September, 1882, at 

Rockwood ; died 27th May, 1883. 
vi. Elwood Harris (632), born ist September, 1885, at Rockwood ; 
died 27th January, 1887. 

Wasley Harris (626), born 26th June, 1876, at Rockwood, Ontario. 
He was married 29th March, 1902, to Annie M. Pasmore, who was born 
at Conestogo, Waterloo County ; daughter of Dr. W. J . Pasmore. He has 
a farm at Effingham, about ten miles from Chantler, Welland County, and 
is without issue. 

Charles Henry Harris (627), born 7th November, 1877, at Rock- 
wood, Ontario. In 1910, he was working his father's farm, at Rockwood. 
He was married 7th June, 1905, to Emily W. Kitching, who was born at 
Corwhin in the County of Halton, daughter of John and EHzabeth 
Kitching. She died 4th September, 1908, leaving an only child, 
i. Elwood Kitching Harris (628), born 24th June, 1906. 

James Harris (634), born 21st July, 1848, at Rockwood, Wellington 
County, Ontario. In 1870 he and his brother Samuel arranged to settle 
on their father's farm near Rockwood. He later lived at Meaford, Grey 

Part Two. 99 

County, Ontario, a town on the shores of Georgian Bay, a part of Lake 
Huron. James Harris died at Meaford, 13th January, i8go. 

He was married 14th May, 1874, at Rochester, New York State, 
U.S.A., to his cousin Elizabeth Ventress Park. She was his second cousin. 
I do not know the exact steps* of the relationship, but it was through 
his grandfather, John Wetherald. James Harris's first cousin, Alfred 
Yeardley (586), writes " 9 mo. 25, 1850, Grandfather {i.e., John Wetherald] 
visited cousins John and Rachel Park this year." Ehzabeth Ventress 
Harris was Hving at Meaford, Ontario, in January, 1910. She returned 
there in December, 1909, after spending more than a year with her sons 
in the West. 

i. Rachel Jane Harris (635), born 30th September, 1875 ; died 

13th May, 1876. 
ii. Lewis James Harris (636), born 7th March, 1878. He has 320 

acres of land in Alberta, which he is farming ; unmarried, 
iii. Joseph Allan Harris (637), born 3rd October, 1879. He has 320 

acres of land in Alberta, which he is farming ; unmarried, 
iv. Mary Alice Harris (638), whom see. 

V. Bessie Harris, (640) born i6th May, 1886, died the same day. 
vi. Harvy Thomas Harris (641), born 7th October, 1889. He has 
160 acres of land in Alberta, which he is farming ; unmarried. 
Mary Alice Harris (638), born 2nd May, 1884. She was 
married at Meaford, 19th June, 1907, to David Grenfield. 

i. Ventress Lydia Grenfield (639), born 19th June, 1908. 

Ann Wetherald (642), born 27th December, 1808, at Burnley, in 
the parish of Whalley, Lancashire, a twin with her sister Jane, who married 
John Harris. In 1812, her parents and family removed to Healaugh, near 
Reeth, in Swaledale, Yorkshire. About 1825, they removed to Wakefield, 
Yorkshire, where her mother died in the following year. As her father 
lived at Wakefield until he went to Canada in 1834, she was probably 
married at the Friends' Meeting House there. 

* These are now discovered, and shown in Chart IX. 

100 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

She was married 20th June, 1833, to Oswald Foster. Her nephew, 
Alfred Yeardley, writes, " 5 mo., 14, 1843, Oswald Foster sailed from 
Liverpool in the ' Roscius,' reached Staten Island 6 mo. 20, and New 
York next day, and, after travelling about in the States, to Niagara, and 
amongst our other relatives in Canada, settled down for the winter in 
Toronto, at my Great-uncle James Wetherald's." " 10 mo. 30, 1846, on 
or about this date Aunt Ann Foster, with [her three children] Henrietta, 
Richard, and William Henry, sailed [from England], and arrived at New 
York about 11 mo. 28." Oswald Foster met his wife and children at 
Rochester, N.Y., at the house of their cousins, J. and R. Park. 

Ann Foster (642), arrived at Yorkville (near Toronto) two days short 
of three weeks after reaching New York. On the 21st February, 1847, 
she left Toronto, and went to live with her twin sister in Eramosa. On the 
8th April she was joined by her children Henrietta and Richard. While 
living here her son Oswald, junr., was born, 2nd September, 1847. At the 
beginning of 1848, Oswald Foster left Yorkville and went to live " twelve 
miles up Yonge Street," (a district running between Toronto and Lake 
Simcoe). At the end of November, 1848, Ann Foster (642). left Eramosa 
and returned with her three children to her husband in Toronto. 

In the spring of 1870, Oswald and Ann Foster removed to Newton 
Brook, a farm eight or ten miles above Yorkville. During the last twelve 
years of her life Ann Foster was an invalid, cared for by her only daughter. 
She died 24th May, 1875. Her husband married a second time. 

i. Henrietta Foster (643), born in England, between 1833 and 
1843. Emigrated to Canada with her mother and two 
brothers in 1846. She tended her mother through her long 
illness, and died unmarried, aged over sixty years. 
ii. Richard Foster (644), born in England between 1833 and 1843. 
Emigrated to Canada with his mother and sister and brother 
in 1846. On the 8th April, 1847, he went with his sister to 
live at Eramosa with his mother and his aunt Jane Harris 
(587). In i8/| 8 they returned to Toronto. He died of heart 
disease, 28th April, 1856. 

Part Two. loi 

iii. William Henry Foster (645), born in England between 1833 and 
1843. Emigrated to Canada with his mother and sister and 
brother in 1846. Shortly after arrival he " was put to school 
with a person named Cook, a nice woman, living twelve 
miles from Yorkville, on Yonge Street." He died of 
epilepsy, about July, 1856. 

iv. Oswald Fiennes Foster (646), whom see. 

Oswald Fiennes Foster (646), was born 2nd September, 1847, 
near Rockwood, in the township of Eramosa, and County of Wellington, 
Ontario, Canada. He was married, firstly, at Toronto, Canada, i6th 
September, 1869, to Maiy Symonds Chidley, who was born 2nd January, 
1850, probably at Guelph, Ontario, and died 19th February, 1895, at 
Buffalo, New York State, U.S.A. By her he had seven children. 

He was married secondly, at Buffalo, N.Y., 30th June, 1896, to Dena 

Emma Badger, who was born ist April, 1862, at East Elma, N.Y. He 

died, without issue by his second wife, 20th January, 1909, at Buffalo, N.Y. 

i. Oswald Edward Foster (647), born nth September, 1870, at 

Toronto, Canada ; died before 1880. 
ii. Minnie Etta Foster (648), born 14th December, 1872, at 

Toronto, Canada ; died before 1880. 
iii. Fred Foster (649), born at Toronto, Canada ; died before 1880. 
Robert Charles Foster (650), whom see. 
Annie Ethel Foster (653), whom see. 

Clara Foster (656), born at Toronto, Canada ; diea about 1881. 
Harold Edwin Foster (657), born 26th July, 1887, at Buffalo, 
New York State, U.S.A. He died 2nd June, 1901, at 

Robert Charles Foster (650), born 25th May, 1877, ^^ Toronto, 
Canada. He was married 5th June, 1900, at Erie, Pennsylvania, to Emma 
Priscilla Bauschard, who was born October, 1876, at Erie. 


The Thistlethwaite Family. 

i. Harold Edwin Foster (651), born 22nd April, 1901, at Erie, 

ii. Carl William Foster (652), born 8th August, 1906, at Erie, 


Annie Ethel Foster (653), born i8th December, 1879, at Toronto, 
Canada, She was married 27th September, 1905, at Buffalo, N.Y., 
to Joan Blanchard Marks, who was born 30th June, 1876, at Albany, 
Oregon, U.S.A. 

i. Herbert Ivan Marks (654), born 26th June, 1907, at Buffalo, 

N.Y., died there of scarlet fever 29th November, 1909. 
ii. Wilson Everett Marks (655), born ist November, 1908, at 
Buffalo, N Y., died there 2nd December, 1909, of scarlet 

Joseph Wetherald (658), born loth April, 1811, at Burnley, in 
the parish oi Whalley, Lancashire. During the next year his parents 
removed to Healaugh in the parish of Grinton, Swaledale, Yorkshire. 
About 1825, they removed from Swaledale to Wakefield, where in 1826 
Joseph Wetherald's mother died. 

On the 8th February, 1834, John Wetherald, his son Joseph and 
his daughter Jane left England for America. Their journey is described 
in the account of Joseph's mother, Isabel Thistlethwaite (583). In 
October, 1835, " Uncle Joseph took a farm of 150 acres, i| miles from 
Guelph, for 7 years, at a rent of 30 Cords of Wood per year=i2 
dollars. The pine and oak upon it will more than pay the rent by a 
great deal." 

On the 27th April, 1836, " Uncle Joseph married to Sarah J army 
of Dundas, who was only 18 the day after they were married, not a 
friend [i.e., Quaker], but in all other respects everything that could be 
wished." He was then twenty-five years of age. Sarah Jarmy was 

Part Two. 103 

the eldest daughter of Capt. Thomas and Sarah Mason J army. Her 
sister Catherine J army married Dr. James Cobban, whose son's (Dr. 
Matthew Cobban's) widow married Joseph Wetherald's eldest son as 
her second husband. 

In February, 1842, Joseph and Sarah Wetherald had been living in 
Toronto more than a year. In March, 1843, " Uncle Joseph's brother- 
in-law Dr. Cobban offers him 100 acres of land (40 acres cleared) for 
500 dollars and plenty of time to pay for it in." In April, 1847, it is 
reported that " Uncle Joseph has begun business as a Friction Match 
Manufacturer at Yorkville in Toronto Home District, Canada West." 

• Joseph Wetherald (658), died 29th May, 1886. His widow Sarah 
Wetherald died 3rd June, 1895 : she was born 28th April, 1818. 

i. Isabel Wetherald (659), born 4th March, 1837, i" Guelph, 
Welhngton County, Ontario, Canada. She died unmarried 
in Toronto, 27th February, 1867. 
ii. Joseph John Wetherald (660), whom see. 
iii. James Cobban Wetherald {670), whom see. 
iv. Richard Wetherald (673), born 19th October, 1842 ; died 

i6th August, 1843. 
V. Henry William Wetherald (674), whom see. 
vi. Catherine Ann Wetherald (675), whom see. 
vii. Wilham Wetherald (682), born 17th July, 1849, i^ Toronto, 

Ontario. He died there 29th November, 1852. 
viii. Emily Wetherald (683), whom see. 
ix. Thomas J army Wetherald (686), whom see, 

Joseph John Wetherald (660), born 27th November, 1838, at 
Guelph, Ontario, Canada. In 1863 he was a carpenter in Elk City, 
Oregon, U.S.A., but had returned to Canada before 1867. He spent 
the last twenty-five years of his life as a successful farmer at Blenheim, 
Ontario, Canada, His first wife, whom he married in March, 1871, 
was Jane Thompson Cobban, widow of his first cousin Dr. Matthew 
Cobban, By her he had two sons, as below. 

104 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

He married secondly, 6th December, 1875, Frances A. Pegg, born 

at Burlington, 12th December, 1850, only daughter of Pegg, of 

Blenheim. Joseph John Wetherald died at Blenheim, 2nd November, 
i8g6, when his widow kept house for her younger step-son until he 
married. Since the death of his wife she has again been keeping house 
for him at Blenheim. She is without issue. 

i. Joseph John Wetherald (661), whom see. 
ii. Charles Thompson Wetherald (667), whom see. 

Joseph John Wetherald (661), born 14th December, 1871, at 
Blenheim, Kent County, Ontario. His father left him a farm there, 
where he was living in 1910. He married Ida Leng, who was born 
15th March, 1871, near Hagersville, Haldimand County, Ontario. 

i. Gladis Ilene Wetherald (662), born 5th September, 1895, at 

ii, Thomas Earl Wetherald (663), born 15th September, 1898, 

at Blenheim, 
iii. Elva Odessa Wetherald (664), born 27th October, 1900, at 

iv. Lodena May Wetherald (665), born loth August, 1902, at 

V. Joseph Murry Wetherald (666), born 13th January, 1908, at 

Charles Thompson Wetherald (667), born 27th December, 1872, 
at Blenheim, Ontario. His father left him a farm there, where he was 
Hving with his step-mother in 1910. He married Mary AHce Douthwait, 
who was born 20th August, 1879, in Howard. She died 25th June, 
1909, in San Diego, where she had gone for her health. 

i. Edna May Wetherald (668), born 6th March, 1903. 
ii. Joseph Harold Wetherald (669), born 19th June, 1905, at 

Part Two. 105 

James Cobban Wetherald (670), born 29th November, 1840. 
In the spring of 1863, he was Hving with his brother Joseph, at Great 
Elk City, SahTion River, Oregon, U.S.A., but later in the same year he 
was "at Beaver Mines, 300 miles nearer Canada than Elk City." He was 
living in 1910 at Georgetown, Halton County, Ontario. " He has 
for some years given his time to buying and shipping cattle mostly to 
Toronto market. When he first went into that business, he used to ship 
horses to Manitoba, but gave it up." He was married in 1874 to Mary 
Telford McKay, born 2nd February, 1852, second daughter of Hugh 
McKay, of Georgetown. 

i. Hubert McKay Wetherald (671), whom see. 
ii. Josephine J army Wetherald (672), born i8th July, 1877, 
living at home unmarried in 1910. 

Hubert McKay Wetherald (671), born 2nd September, 1875. 
He was a teacher in the Georgetown Collegiate, but in 1910 was managing 
the business affairs of his uncle S. F. Mackinnon, a millionaire. The 
latter has been in poor health for some time : he is brother-in-law to 
Hubert McKay Wetherald's mother. Hubert McKay Wetherald (671), 
was married to Eleanor McLeod, of Georgetown, Ontario, who was born 
in Georgetown 3rd September, 1874, daughter of Wm. Macleod. Sine 

Henry William Wetherald (674), born 28th September, 1844. 
In 1863, he was a " confectioner near his father." He was married 
about 1892 to his first cousin Agnes Ann Hustler (727), who was born 
in the latter part of 1862, youngest child of Jeremiah Hustler by his wife 
Mary Wetherald (690). When last heard from they had four children, 
and were Hving at Aberdeen, Washington State, U.S.A. 

Catherine Ann Wetherald (675), born 8th December, 1846, at 
Toronto, Canada. She was married ist January, 1874, to James Munn, 

io6 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

jeweller and watchmaker, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who died several 
years ago. In 1910, she was living a widow in Toronto with her two 
unmarried daughters. 

i. Elizabeth Agnes Marjory Munn (676), whom see. 
ii. William Wetherald Munn (678), born 26th January, 1877. 
In 1910, he was a prosperous jeweller, at 800, Yonge Street, 
Toronto, unmarried, 
iii. May Hamilton Munn (679), born 23rd November, 1879. In 
1 910 she was a teacher in a graded school near her home, 
iv. Frederick James Munn (680), born 13th January, 1882. In 
1910, he was a practising physician in Toronto. He was 
married October, 1909, to Cecilia Louise Noble. 
V. Kathleen Jean Munn (681), born 28th August, 1887. In 
1 910, she was living unmarried at home. 

Elizabeth Agnes Marjorie Munn (676), born 8th February, 1875. 
She was married 8th May, 1908, to William H. Richards, and in 1910 
they were living at Killarney, Manitoba, Canada. 

i. William Wetherald Richards (677), born 20th October, 1909. 

Emily Wetherald (683), born 25th May, 1852, at Toronto. She 
was married in 1879 to H. David Johnson. In 1910, he was employed 
at an automobile factory. They reside at 795, Roosevelt Avenue, 
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. 

i. Irene Johnson (684), born 1885, and died 1897. 
ii. Alma Johnson (685), born September, 1887. In 1910 she 
was a teacher, unmarried. 

Thomas Jarmy Wetherald (686), born 21st August, 1854, at 
Toronto. He learned the jewellery and watchmaking business in Canada, 

Part Two. 107 

but emigrated to Australia, and for some years has had " a position on 
a newspaper in Sydney." He was married 4th February, 1895, to 
Helen Bowie Philp. In 1909, his address was, " Ontario," Kurraba 
Road, Neutral Bay, Sydney, New South Wales. 

i. ^\\^etherald (687), a child which hved only two days. 

ii. Keith Bowie Wetherald (688), born 29th March, 1898. 

Mary Wetherald (690), born 14th November, 181 6, at Healaugh, 
in the parish of Grinton, Swaledale, Yorkshire. In 1835, she crossed from 
England to America, in the ship " Hibernia," with her three younger 
brothers, and other relatives. Until her marriage she lived with her 
father at Puslinch, near Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She first appeared 
in the Quaker ministry in 1842, a contemporary letter remarking that 
" she has a most beautiful dehvery." She died in 1889. 

She was married 8th June, 1843, to Jeremiah Hustler, who was then 
thirty-three years of age, son of Jeremiah Hustler by his wife Hannah 
Scott. He emigrated with his parents to the United States from Yeadon 
near Leeds, Yorkshire, and at the time of his marriage was living at 
Trafalgar, forty miles nearer Toronto than Puslinch. He and his wife 
settled upon a farm adjoining that of his parents in the township of 
Trafalgar and county of Halton, Ontario. Here they resided all their 
lives, Jeremiah Hustler dying in January, 1890 or 1891. 

i. Jeremiah Hustler (691), born 9th March, 1844, ii^ Trafalgar. 

In January, 1910, he was residing at Hamilton, Ontario. 

His niece cannot supply further particulais, but I do not 

think he married. 

ii. Hannah Hustler (692), whom see. 

iii. Isabel Wetherald Hustler (699), born 28th September, 1847, 

in Trafalgar, and died unmarried in 1888. 
iv. Benjamin Hustler (700), whom see. 
V. Rachel Ann Hustler {713), whom see. 
vi. Sarah Jane Hustler (720), born 28th March, 1855. She hved 

io8 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

with her sister and brother-in-law, Hannah and Charles 
Starr, but a few years ago left their family to reside with 
her sister and brother-in-law. Rachel and John Anderson, 
at Vandorf, York County, Ontario. Here she was living 
unmarried in January, 1910. 
vii. Mary Agnes Hustler (721), born 1858, still-born, 
viii. John Wetherald Hustler (,722), whom see. 
ix. Agnes Ann Hustler (727), whom see. 

Hannah Hustler {692), born 8th October, 1845. in Trafalgar, 
Halton County, Ontario. She was married 19th May, 1874, at Rock- 
wood, Ontario, to Charles Starr, farmer, son of Mordecai Starr by his 
wife Sarah Wesley. The latter were " of Pennsylvania Quaker stock, 
which emigrated to this province [Ontario] in the early days of the 
Nineteenth Century." 

The eldest daughter of Charles and Hannah Starr writes, " my parents 
took up their abode on the farm where we now reside [Newmarket, York 
County, Ontario], engaging in agricultural pursuits ; and here, or upon 
the farm opposite, which was purchased from my grandfather, they 
have passed their days." Charles Starr's sister married his wife's first 
cousin Samuel Harris (625). 

i. Sarah Jane Starr (693), born 23rd February, 1875, at New- 
market, Ontario, where she was living unmarried in 
February, 1910. 
ii. Mary Agnes Starr (694), born 23rd March, 1877, at Newmarket, 
Ontario, where she was livmg unmarried in February, 
iii. Isabel Esther Starr (695), born 3rd March, 1879, at New- 
market, Ontario. In February, 1910, she was living " in 
town," unmarried, 
iv. Anna Louisa Starr (696), born 20th May, 1881, at Newmarket, 
Ontario, where she was living unmarried in February, 

Part Two. io9 

V. John Starr (697), born 21st August, 1884, still-born, 
vi. Mordecai C. Starr (698), born 17th May, 1886, at Newmarket, 
Ontario. He died i6th August, 1888. 

Benjamin Hustler (700), born nth February, 1850. at Trafalgar, 
Halton County, Ontario. He was married ist October, 1877, in the 
Methodist Church, Milton, to Ann Elizabeth Irwin, daughter of James 
Irwin by his wife Elizabeth Newel, both of whom were Irish. By her 
he had issue, 

i. William James Hustler (701), born i8th January, 1879 ; 

died i8th November, 1883, " aged three years and ten 

months " (?) 

ii. Joseph John Hustler (702), born i6th February, 1883. He 

was married i6th February, 1910, to Ethel May Crewson, 

and they Hve on a farm, in East Luther. 

Benjamin Hustler's first wife, Ann Elizabeth Irwin Hustler, died 

lOth November, 1883, aged twenty-five years and five months. He was 

married secondly, 23rd December, 1884, to Louisa McKersie, who was 

born 5th April, 1857, o^ her parents' farm in the township of Eramosa, 

Wellington County, Ontario, Canada. She was the daughter of Gavin 

McKersie, who was born at Paisley, Scotland, 22nd August, 1818 (still 

living 1 910), by his wife Louisa Reeve, who was born in London, England, 

14th March, 1820. Benjamin Hustler and his second wife were hving 

on a farm near Wesley, Dufferin County, Ontario, in February, 1910. 

They had issue, 

iii. Mary Louisa Reeve Hustler (703), whom see. 
iv. Florence Ohvia Winters Hustler (706), whom see. 
V. Irwin Bruce Hustler (708), born 3rd March, 1889, unmarried 

February, 1910. 
vi. Fanny Katie Hunter Hustler (709), born 23rd March, 1891, 
died 25th March, 1891. 

no The Thistlethwaite Family. 

vii. Olive Myrtle May Hustler (710), born 9th February, 1894, 

unmarried February, 1910. 
viii. Elwood Stanley Hustler (711), born 27th January, 1896. 
ix. Annie Ettie Pearl Hustler (712), born 29th April, 1899. 

Mary Louisa Reeve Hustler (703), born ist October, 1885. 
She was married to Albert James McHardy 29th March, 1905, at her 
parents' home in the township of West Luther, Wellington County, 
Ontario, by Rev. James Pollick. In 1905 and 1907 they were living 
on a farm in West Luther. 

i. Hazel Pearl McHardy (704), born i8th December, 1905, in 

West Luther. 
ii. Velma Bernie McHardy (705), born 6th December, 1907, in 
West Luther. 

Florence Olivia Winters Hustler (706), born ist April, 1887. 
She was married to Robert Wilson, 20th February, 1906, at her parents' 
farm home in the township of West Luther, Wellington County, Ontario, 
by Rev. James Polhck. In 1909 they were living on a farm in West 

i. Sarah Edna Wilson (707), born 6th May, 1909, in West Luther, 

Rachel Ann Hustler (713), born 28th September, 1852, in the 
township of Trafalgar, Halton County, Ontario. She was married 
ist February, 1877, to John Anderson, who was born in the same town- 
ship, in 1843. He and his father Henry Anderson were born on the same 
farm. Henry Anderson's wife was born at Appleby in the county of 
Westmorland, England; she was the daughter of Michael Hall, of 
Appleby, by his wife Hannah Alton of the same place. 

John Anderson writes that his mother was connected with the 
FothergiU and Wetherald families of Yorkshire, but as to the precise 
relationship " it is so long ago that I heard it talked over that I have 

Part Two. m 

forgotten most of it." In February, 1910, John and Rachel Anderson 
were living on a farm in Vandorf, York County, Ontario, 
i. Bertie Victoria Anderson (714), died an infant, 
ii. Anson Ernest Anderson {715), born 9th February, 1879, 

unmarried February, 1910. 
iii. Russell Oliver Anderson (716), born 6th August, 1883, un- 
married February, 1910. 
iv. Sarah Millissa Anderson (717), born loth August, 1885, 

unmarried February, 1910. 
V. Marianne Anderson (718), died an infant, 
vi. Herbert Stanley Anderson (719), born 29th August, 1893, 
unmarried February, 1910. 

John Wetherald Hustler (723), born 26th July, 1859, on Lot 
14, No. 10 Concession, Trafalgar township, in the county of Halton, 
Ontario. He was married 7th June, 1898, to Harriet AHce Cowan, 
who was born on Lot I3, No. 11 Concession, Trafalgar township, 34th 
October, 1869, youngest daughter of Joseph and Mar grate Cowan. 
Joseph Cowan was born 19th January, 1809 ; his wife was born 6th 
January, 1826 ; both came from Tipperary, Ireland. 

John Wetherald Hustler (722) is a farmer, and owns twenty acres. 
West Part of Lot i. No. 6 Concession, Chinguacousy township, Peel 
County, Ontario. His postal address in March, 1910, was Lisgar, Peel 

i. John Richard Hustler (733), died an infant, 
ii. Joseph Wetherald Hustler (724), born 3rd November, 1902. 
iii. Mary Ahce Hustler {725), born 24th September, 1904. 
iv. Florance Mar grate Alfretta Hustler (726), born 8th January, 

Agnes Ann Hustler (737), born 1863. She was married about 
1893-1894 to her first cousin, Henry WilUam Wetherald (674), born 38th 

112 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

September, 1844, son of Joseph Wetherald (658), by his wife Sarah J army. 
When last heard from their address was Aberdeen Post Office, Washington 
State, U.S.A. They had four children. 

William Wetherald (729), born at Healaugh in Swaledale, York- 
shire, 26th September, 1820. In 1835, he crossed from England to 
America in the ship " Hibernia " with his two younger brothers, his 
sister Mary, and other relatives. He went first to live with his father 
at Pushnch, near Guelph. His nephew notes "29th 12 mo. 1846, Uncle 
William Wetherald resides with Uncle and Aunt Harris [at Eramosa] 
and teaches a district school. He has just bought forty-seven acres 
of land of them and is engaged to be married to [Uncle] John Harris's 
niece . . . 4th mo. 27th, 1S47. Uncle Wilham Wetherald was 
married on 3rd month 17th [1847] to Jemima Harris Balls, who was 
seventeen years and two weeks old on that day." 

Jemima Harris Balls was born 3rd March, 1830, at Rockwood, 
Ontario, Canada, youngest of the three children of Samuel Balls by his 
wife Sarah Harris. Sarah Balls, nee Harris, was a school-teacher and a 
woman of unusual refinement and force of character. Her brother, 
John Harris, married William Wetherald's sister, Jane Wetherald (587), 
whom see. 

Wilham Wetherald (729), took over the school at Eramosa from 
ist January, 1848, but in May, 1851, writes from his private boarding 
school at Rockwood, near Guelph. In December, 1855, he " moved 
into his new stone house four stories high," and in this year founded 
Rockwood Academy. In September, 1864, he took the position of 
Superintendent of Haverford College near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 
U.S.A., which was and still is the highest institution of its kind in the 
Society of Friends in America. He retired from his position at Haverford, 
on the 31st January, 1866, sold his Rockwood property, and settled 
on a fruit-farm in the township of Pelham, Welland County, Ontario. 

In case those who read the portions of this book deahng with America 

Part Two. 113 

should be confused by the American form of rural address, it may be 
stated here that the province of Ontario is divided into a number of 
counties, which are each sub-divided into townships. Thus Welland 
County, in which lie the Falls of Niagara, is formed of seven townships, 
of which Pelham is one. Until recently the nearest post-ofifice to WiUiam 
Wetherald's farm was at Fenwick, a growing village two miles north- 
ward ; but now the address is Chantler, a new post-office a mile and a 
quarter to the south-east. Wilham Wetherald's father settled in the 
township of Puslinch, three miles from the town of Guelph, and in the 
County of Wellington. William Wetherald and his sister Jane Harris 
lived near the village of Rockwood, which lies in the township of 
Eramosa, also in the County of Wellington. WilHam Wetherald's old 
house was half-a-mile from the village of Rockwood which lies nine miles 
north-east of Guelph. In the same way, kinsfolk who were formerly 
addressed Sheridan, Indiana, are now addressed Hortonville, Indiana, 
although living on exactly the same farms. 

William Wetherald (729), made his fruit-farm a home and occupation 
for his sons, but he himself was never a farmer. He was a minister of 
the orthodox branch of the Society of Friends, and, after leaving Haver- 
ford in 1866, made preaching the chief work of his life. When in the 
vicinity he preached regularly at the meeting held two miles from his 
home, and he travelled in the ministry with a Minute from Canada 
Yearly Meeting to very many Yearly and Quarterly Meetings in the 
United States. His nephew notes that " he left home the beginning 
of 9th mo. [1863] to attend the opening of Iowa Yearly Meeting, a distance 
of about 800 miles." His daughter writes, " I doubt if any Friends' 
minister in this country or the U.S.A. has travelled more, or been more 
widely known." 

His daughter writes further, " One of my father's Rockwood pupils 
who has since become famous in the business world is J. J. Hill, one 
of the richest millionaires in the United States. In 1880, when he was 
President of the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway, J. J. HiU 
invited father to visit him, and wished him to be a tutor to his own sons. 

114 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

On Father replying that his life work was preaching, J. J. Hill offered 
to give positions in his railway office to any of Father's sons." Accord- 
ingly in 1881 two of them went to live at St. Paul for that purpose. 

William Wetherald (729), died 21st August, 1898, while visiting 
England, at Wykham Park near Banbury, the home of his first cousin, 
Mrs. Mewburn. The latter was born Maria Tew, daughter of William 
Tew, of Halifax, Yorkshire, by his wife Ann Wetherald, daughter of 
Joseph and Mally Wetherald. Ann Wetherald was sister of John 
Wetherald, who married Isabel Thistlethwaite (583), and mother of 
Sophia Tew, who married John Taylor (1450), besides being mother of 
Maria Tew, who married WilUam Mewburn, a successful stockbroker, 
sometime of Stokesley and Hahfax, Yorkshire.* 

Jemima Harris Wetherald lived ten years after her husband's death, 
chiefly on his fruit-farm near Chantler, with her sons WiUiam and Herbert 
and her daughter Agnes. She visited her sons Samuel J ohn and Frederick, 
near St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A., and was in the habit of going to Rock- 
wood for a visit of two or three weeks each year of the latter years of her 
life. She died 31st October, 1908, at Chantler, Welland County, Ontario, 
i. Rachel Wetherald (730), born nth August, 1848, at Rock- 
wood, Ontario : died 29th January, 1861, of heart disease, 
ii. Richard Wetherald (731), born February, 1850, at Rockwood, 

and died the same day. 
iii. Samuel John Wetherald (732), born 23rd February, 1851, at 
Rockwood, Ontario. Through the influence of J. J. Hill, 
in 1881 he was given a position in the St. Paul office of 
the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway Company, 
now called the Great Northern Railway. He rose to be 
paymaster, which position ill-health obliged him to give up. 
After a year's absence he accepted a position in the land 
department, but has lately retired from business altogether. 
He is an enthusiastic traveller, has been in every State in 

* Two of William and Maria Mewburn's daughters married respectively 
Sir Mark Oldroyd and Sir R. Perks. 

Part Two. ii5 

the Union, and in 1910 was living unmarried at St. Paul, 
Minnesota, U.S.A. 

iv. James Wetherald (733), born 19th May, 1853, at Rockwood, 
Ontario. In 1910 he was unmarried, living on a farm near 
Hamilton, Ontario. 
V. WilUam Wetherald (734), born 21st May, 1855, at Rockwood, 
Ontario. In March, 1910, he was unmarried, and Living on 
his father's fruit farm at Chantler, Welland County, Ontario, 
with his brother Herbert and his sister Agnes. 

vi. Agnes Wetherald (735), born 26th April, 1857, ^^ Rockwood, 
Ontario. In May 1910, she was unmarried, and Hving with 
her brothers William and Herbert at Chantler, Welland 
County, Ontario. She is well known in Canadian Hterary 
circles, and has published four volumes of verse under the 
name of " Ethelwyn Wetherald." Her latest book, " The 
Last Robin and Other Poems," produced a complimentary 
letter from Earl Grey, Governor- General of Canada, with 
an order for twenty-five copies. 

vii, Jane Wetherald (736), born 13th May, 1859, ^^ Rockwood, 
Ontario. In April, 1910, she was Chief Corresponding 
Clerk for the Agricultural Department at Edmonton, 
Alberta, Canada ; unmarried, 
viii. Charles Wetherald (737), whom see. 

ix. Frederick Henry Wetherald (738), whom see. 
X. Lewis Wetherald (742), born 2nd August, 1870, on his father's 
fruit farm, near Fenwick, Ontario. He has not communi- 
cated with his relatives for many years. 

xi. Herbert Wetherald (743), born 19th April, 1872, near Fenwick, 
Welland County, Ontario. In March, 1910, he was living 
unmarried on his father's fruit-farm there, with his brother 
WiUiam, and sister Agnes. 

Charles Wetherald (737), born 24th September, 1861, at Rock- 
wood, Ontario, Canada. Through the influence of J. J. Hill, in 1881, he 

II 6 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

was given a position in the St. Paul office of the St. Paul, Minneapolis and 
Manitoba Railway, now called the Great Northern Railway. However, 
the climate of Minnesota proved too rigorous for him and he is now 
Chief Accountant to the Western Meat Company at Oakland, near San 
Francisco, California. He and his wife live in a fiat in the Roslyn; at 
Oakland, without issue. 

He was married 8th March, 1905, at San Francisco, to Isabella 
McClelland, as her second husband. She was born 23rd March, 1872, 
daughter of Robert Henry White, by his wife Isabella Emily Wardman. 
Isabella Wetherald, her mother Isabella, and her grandmother Isabella, 
were all born on 23rd March. She was first married 3rd July, 1897, to 
Thomas Jefferson McClelland, who died i8th February, 1900. 

Frederick Henry Wetherald (738), born 21st June, 1865, at 
Haverford, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. In March, 1910, he had a fruit-farm 
near St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A., and is the only one of his father's eleven 
children to have issue. 

He was married at St, Paul, Minnesota, nth September, 1894, to 
Josephine Nadean, a Roman Catholic of French-Canadian extraction. 
She was born 21st January, 1873, daughter of Sylvain and Isabella 

i. Lillian Wetherald (739), born nth November, 1895, at St. 

Paul, Minnesota. 
ii. Rene Wetherald (740), born 20th March, 1898, at St. Paul, 

iii. Grace Wetherald (741), born 9th February, 1902, at St. Paul, 

Thomas Wetherald {744), born 9th July, 1822, at Healaugh, 
a village near Reeth, in the parish of Grinton, Swaledale, Yorkshire. 
Reeth is eleven miles by the map from Carr End, in Wensleydale, 

Part Two. ii7 

the home of Thomas Wetherald's mother, Isabella Thistlethwaite 
(583). Swaledale and Wensleydale run due east and west, Swaledale 
on the north. Moor-roads cross the six or seven miles of hills 
dividing the two valleys : I have myself been lost in a mist while crossing. 
In about 1825, Thomas Wetherald's parents and family removed from 
Swaledale to Wakefield, and here his mother died in 1826. In 1835, he 
crossed from England to America in the ship " Hibernia," with his 
brothers William and John, his sister Mary, and other relatives. 

His father had settled on a farm about three miles from the town of 
Guelph, in the township of PusHnch, Ontario. His two youngest sons 
lived here, and apparently helped on his farm until 1847, when he gave up 
" the management of the farm to Thomas and Jonn, who are to pay him 
a rent and to keep him." Their father died in August, 1852, and John, 
his son, was married in October of the same year. Their nephew notes : 
" 4 mo. 13th, 1854, Uncles Thomas and John Wetherald, all grandfather's 
legacies being paid, dissolved partnership in the best of brotherly love 
and -affection, and after dividing equally between them aU the personal 
property, Thomas purchased John's share of the Puslinch freehold." 

" Uncle Thomas Wetherald was married on 8 mo. [August] 3rd, 
[1854], to Mary Collom, about two years his senior, who emigrated to 
Canada about two years ago from near Tavistock, in Devonshire, where 
she was convinced of Friends' Principles, and received into membership." 
Mary Collom was born 7th November, 1820, daughter of Joseph and 
Elizabeth Collom. She was married at Pelham Friends' Meeting House, 
Welland County, Ontario. 

In 1865, Thomas Wetherald sold the homestead at Puslinch, and 
went to live at Rockwood. His wife Mary Wetherald died 4th June, 
1867. She had issue three children, as below. Within the next few 
years Thomas Wetherald seems to have removed to Maryland, U.S.A. 

" On the 2ist day of the 4th mo., 1874, Thomas Wetherald and 
Elizabeth Haviland, daughter of Daniel P. and Lillias Haviland, of 
Bryantown District, Charles County, Maryland, were married in a public 
meeting of the Society of Friends, held at the home of the said Lillias 

ii8 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Haviland." Elizabeth Haviland was born 7th August, 1831. Her 
niece married Thomas Wetherald's son by his first wife. In April, 
1910, Thomas Wetherald (744), aged nearly eighty-eight years, and 
his second wife, were living on the same farm (but not in the same house) 
as his son Edward at La Plata, Maryland. His second wife is without 

i. Richard Wetherald (745), born 21st March, 1856, in PusUnch, 

Ontario. He died 12th November, 1885, unmarried, 
ii. John Edward Wetherald (746), whom see. 
iii. Mary Jane Wetherald (757), born 8th May, i860, in Pushnch, 
Ontario ; died 21st August, i860, an infant. 

John Edward Wetherald (746), born 25th November, 1857, in 
Pushnch, Ontario, Canada. In 1910 he owned a grain-mill at La Plata, 
Maryland, U.S.A. He and his family live on the same farm, but not in 
the same house, as his father. 

He was married at a public meeting of the Society of Friends (held 
in the home of the bride's parents), 13th October, 1881, to Lilhas Gertrude 
Haviland, who was born 2nd June, 1861, daughter of Phihp H. and 
Abigail A. Haviland, of Bryant own District, Charles County, Maryland, 

i. Wilham Phihp Wetherald (747), born 29th December, 1882, 

near Bryantown, Md, 
ii. Mary Collom Wetherald (748), born 7th August, 1886, near 

Bryantown, Md. 
iii. Thomas Edward Wetherald (749), born 14th February, 1889, 

near Bryantown, Md. 
iv. Lewis Haviland Wetherald (750), born 30th June, 1890, near 

Bryantown, Md. 
V. Esther Wetherald (751), born 29th March, 1892, near Bryan- 
town, Md. 
vi. Joseph John Wetherald (752), born 23rd April, 1894, near 
Bryantown, Md. 

Part Two. "9 

vii. Alfred Edwin Wetherald (753), born 15th October, 1896, 

near Bryantown, Md. 
viii. Samuel Wetherald (754), born i8th December, 1898, near 
Bryantown, Md. 
ix. Lillias Gertrude Wetherald (755), born 19th June, 1903, near 

Bryantown, Md. 
X. Edna E. Wetherald (756), born nth February, 1905, near 
Bryantown, Md. 

John Wetherald (758), born 19th September, 1824, at Healaugh 
in the parish of Grinton, near Reeth, Swaledale, Yorkshire. While 
he was an infant his family removed to Wakefield, where his mother died 
in 1826. In 1835, he crossed from England to America in the ship 
" Hibernia," with his brothers William and Thomas, his sister Mary, 
and other relatives, and lived for some years on his father's farm at 
Puslinch, Ontario. In 1847 ^^e latter gave up the management of the 
farm to his sons Thomas and John. 

John Wetherald (758), was married in the Friends' Meeting House 
at Rockwood, Ontario, 20th October, 1852, to Sarah Matilda Smith, 
of Mountmellick, Queen's County, Ireland, who was born in Ireland 
1 8th May, 1834. 

In 1854 he sold his share of the Pushnch property to his brother 
Thomas, and " bought 100 acres of land near Rockwood, thirty cleared, ten 
chopped, a small log-house, and a good log barn for 1,500 dollars, which was 
considered reasonable, property having risen 150 per cent, in value in 
two years." His nephew notes, "11 mo. 24, 1858, Uncle John Wetherald 
has let his farm, his lameness preventing his working it. His address 
now is Spring Grove Cottage, Rockwood." " 9 mo. 8, 1872, Uncle John 
and Aunt Sarah Matilda Wetherald have sold their farm and bought a 
ten acre lot about seven miles south of Rockwood, in Nassagawia." 

120 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

In April, 1910, John and Sarah Matilda Wetherald were living at 
Colhns, New York State, U.S.A., without issue. The former has been 
an invahd for some time. He is a member of the Society of Friends, as 
are most of the descendants of his parents. 

Jane Thistlethwaite (759), born 8th March, 1783, at Carr End, 
near Bainbridge, Wensleydale, co. York. She was married at Counter- 
side Meeting House, 26th February, 1806, to John Thompson, born 15th 
January, 1781, hosiery manufacturer of Hawes, a small market town four 
miles higher up Wensleydale than Bainbridge, and about the same distance, 
by the moor-road, from Carr End. John Thompson was the son of John 
Thompson, hosier of Hawes (1743-1803), by his wife and first cousin, 
Margaret Routh, daughter of Richard Routh, of Appersett, by his wife 
Margaret Wetherald. On the 24th of April, 1822, they left Hawes for 
Kendal, Westmorland, where their youngest child was born. 

John Thompson wrote an interesting diary, some extracts from 
which I have obtained. He writes on the 7th of 9th month 1812, 
" Stephen Grellett,* from America (but a native of France), came here 
on second day, had a public meeting here that evening, one on third day 
evening at Counterside, fourth-day at the old meeting-house in Swaledale, 
fifth day in Arkendale, and next day came to Carr End. On First day 
at 2 o'clock, the 13th of 9th month, a publick meeting in a field at Burton 
in Bishopdale, at which it was supposed there were 2,000 present. He 
came to our house that night." 

Jane Thompson (759), died 7th November, 1847, ^^ Kendal, and was 
buried in the Friends' Burial Ground there. John Thompson died 20th 
December, 1865, at Kendal, and was buried there also. It will be 
recollected that his sister Betsy married for her third husband, his wife's 
brother, John Thistlethwaite (582). John and Jane Thompson had 

* One of the most famous Quaker ministers, a member of a " noble " French 

Part Two. 121 

i. John Thompson (760), whom see. 

ii. Agnes Thompson (791), born 23nd January, 1809, at Hawes ; 
died 30th October, 1835, at Kendal, and buried there 3rd 
November, unmarried, 
iii. Richard Thompson (793), whom see. 
iv. William Thompson (814), born 30th July, 181 3, at Hawes ; 

died 4th January, 1834, at Kendal, and was^buried there. 
V. Margaret Thompson (815), born 21st September, 1815, at 

Hawesj died 1881, unmarried, 
vi. James Thompson (816), whom see. 
. vii. Sarah Thompson (817), whom see. 
viii. Mary Thompson (830), whom see. 
ix. Thomas Routh Thompson (840), born 15th January, 1834, at 
Kendal, and died there 35th February, 1824, an infant. 

John Thompson (760), born 38th February, 1807, at Hawes, 
a small market town near the head of Wensleydale, Yorkshire. In 1832, 
he removed with his parents to Kendal, a larger old-fashioned town in the 
county of Westmorland. Here he was in partnership with his father in 
the hosiery business, but in 1853, he went to Leicester, and entered the 
fancy hosiery business. In 1865, he removed to Glasgow, and became a 
partner in the firm of Gray, Dunn & Co., the celebrated biscuit manu- 
facturers. He was a man of considerable local importance, and much 
respected. In 1889, he resided at Go van Park, Go van, Co. Lanark, a 
suburb of Glasgow, and died in the same district, i8th January, 1898, 
aged nearly ninety-one years. He was married first, 8th November, 
1841, to Mary Spencer, of Bransby, Lincolnshire, who had issue an 
only child, and died 17th July, 1843. 

i. John Thompson (761), whom see. 

He was married secondly, 30th July, 1846, at Tirrel Meeting House 
(Co. Westmorland, on the road between Penrith and Pooley Bridge, 
Ulleswater), to Emma Wilson, born i8th August, 1821, daughter of John 
Wilson, of Netherfield, Kendal. She was living in July 1908, at Meadside, 

122 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, and died there loth January, 1909. She 
had issue, 

ii. Mary Emma Thompson (775), born 23nd July, 1847, ^^ Kendal, 

and died unmarried, at Meadside, Kilbarchan, 17th April, 

iii. Jane Thompson (776), born 3rd November, 1848, at Kendal. 

In July, 1908, she was living unmarried at Meadside, 

iv. Sarah Agnes Thompson (777), born 23rd September, 1850, at 

Kendal. She died unmarried, at Leicester, 3rd March, i860, 

and was buried there. 
V. Sophia Thompson (778), born 17th November, 1851, at Kendal. 

She was living, unmarried, in July, 1908. 
vi. Wilson Thompson (779), born 30th April, 1853, at Kendal. 

In July, 1908, he was a grain merchant in Glasgow, and 

resided unmarried, with his mother, at Meadside, 

vii. James Thompson {780), born 1855, at Leicester, where he 

died in 1857. 
viii. Margaret Ann Thompson (781), whom see. 
ix. Alice Thompson (786), born 15th June, i860, at Leicester. In 

July, 1908, she was living, unmarried. 
X. Lucy Ellen Thompson [yd,y), whom see. 
xi, James Alfred Thompson (790), born nth September, 1864, 

at Leicester. He died there 25th February, 1865, the year 

in which his parents removed to Glasgow. 

John Thompson (761), born 8th July, 1842, probably at Kendal. 
He emigrated to New Zealand in 1862, and was married nth December, 
1866, at Hepburn Street, Auckland, N.Z., to Christina Pollock, 
i. Mary Emma Thompson (762), whom see. 
ii. Christina Thompson (769), whom see. 

Part Two 123 

iii. John Spencer Thompson (773), born 26th October, 1871 ; 

unmarried 1908. 
iv. Frank Tertius Thompson {774), born 17th June, 1874. He 

was married 26th April, 1899, at Parnell, Auckland, New 

Zealand, to Eliza Matilda Ball, who was without issue 

in 1908. 

Mary Emma Thompson (762), born 23rd November, 1867. 
She was married 4th May, 1887, at St. Luke's Church, Mount Albert, 
Auckland, New Zealand, to Henry White. 

i. Rita White (763), born nth September, 1888. 
ii. Claude Spencer White {764), born 28th March, 1893. 
iii Stanley Ward White (765), born 26th February, 1896. 
iv. Mavis Victoria White (766), born 20th February, 1900, a twin. 
V. John Valdare White (767), born 20th February, 1900, a twin, 
vi. Arnold Carlisle Kessell White (768), born 2nd August, 1906. 

Christina Thompson (769), born 2nd September, 1869. She was 
married nth September, 1899, at Knox Church, Parnell, Auckland, New 
Zealand, to James Hamilton Buchanan. 

i. Alma Hazel Buchanan (770), born 24th January, 1901. 
ii. OHve Winnifred Buchanan (771), born 15th April, 1903. 
iii. Ruby Joyce Buchanan (772), born 7th August, 1907. 

Margaret Ann Thompson (781), born 23rd September, 1856, 
at Leicester. She was married 1882, at Glasgow Friends' Meeting House, 
to Robert Bird, a lawyer in Glasgow. He is the author of " Jesus of 
Nazareth," a charming account of the life and surroundings of the human 
Jesus, the miraculous or controversial elements being omitted. 

i. Harold Robert Bird (782), born 8th April, 1884, at Glasgow. 
ii. Wilfrid John Bird (783), born 8th December, 1887, at Glasgow. 

124 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

iii. Ethelyn Margaret Bird (784), born 4th February, 1893, at 

iv. Elfrida Dorothy Bird (785), born 14th October, 1897, at 


Lucy Ellen Thompson (787), born 25th October, 1861, at 
Leicester. She was married 6th September, 1894, at Gryffe House, 
Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire, to Thomas Smeal, tea-planter, of Assam, 
India. He was born in 1843, youngest child of Dr. Smeal, of Glasgow, 
and died i8th January, 1910, on landing from India. His eldest sister 
married Richard Webster (843), who was first cousin to Lucy Ellen 
Thompson's father. 

i. Routh Wigham Smeal (788), born 38th June, 1895, at Glasgow, 

ii. John Thompson Wigham Smeal (789), born 14th April, 1897, 
at Glasgow. 

Richard Thompson (792), born 15th March, 1811, at Hawes, in 
Wensleydale, Yorkshire. Shortly before and after his marriage he lived 
in Whitehaven, Cumberland, but in about 1838, he removed to Gains- 
borough, in Lincolnshire. Here he spent the rest of his life, and died 
2oth May, 1888, a minister in the Society of Friends. He was a grocer 
and tea dealer. 

He was married, in 1836, to Mary Maw Palian, daughter of Thomas 
and Ann Palian. Thomas Palian was convinced of the principles of the 
Society of Friends before he married Ann Maw, of Gainsborough. 

i. Agnes Ann Thompson (793), born 28th May, 1837, ^-t White- 
haven ; educated at the Mount School, York, 8 mo. 1853 
to 6 mo. 1854. In 1909, she was living unmarried at 6, 
Morton Terrace, Gainsborough. 

Part Two. 125 

ii. Louisa Thompson (794), born 17th August, 1839, ^^ Gains- 
borough. In 1909 she was unmarried, and living at 6, 
Morton Terrace, Gainsborough. 

iii. Caroline Thompson (795), whom see. 

iv. Richard Thompson (808), whom see. 

V. Charles Thompson (809), whom see. 

vi. Mary Jane Thompson (812), whom see. 

vii. Sophia Thompson (813), born 22nd February, 1854, at Gains- 
borough ; educated at the Mount School, York, i mo. 1869 
to 6 mo, 1871. In 1909 she was living unmarried, at 6, 
Morton Terrace, Gainsborough. 

Caroline Thompson (795), born 26th February, 1841, at Gains- 
borough, Lincolnshire. She was married 29th June, 1865, at Gainsborough 
to Joseph John Robson, wholesale and retail grocer and tea-dealer, of 
Saffron Walden, Essex. 

Alderman Joseph John Robson, J. P., was born in 1828, and married 
firstly, Ehzabeth Bayes, who died, I believe, without issue. He was a 
son of John Stephenson Robson, of Saffron Walden (uncle of Joseph 
Joshua Green, the genealogist), by his wife Rachel Green (aunt of Joseph 
Joshua Green). John Stephenson Robson was son of Elizabeth Stephen- 
son, by her husband Thomas Robson, of Liverpool, who was son of 
Thomas Robson, of Darlington, by his wife Margaret P ease, daughter of 
the first Edward Pease, of Darlington, by his wife Elizabeth Coates. See 
Chart VIII. 

Joseph John Robson gave up his business nearly two years ago, and 
in June, 1910, was living with his wife at Westbourne, Saffron Walden. 
i. Francis John Robson (796), whom see. 
ii. Mary Adelaide Robson (799), whom see. 
iii. Charles Edward Robson (803), whom see. 
iv. Caroline Josephine May Robson (807), born ist May, 1873, at 
Saffron Walden, and was unmarried in 1910. 

126 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Francis John Robson (796), born 30th March, 1866, at Saffron 
Walden, Essex. He was married 9th April, 1901, at Devonshire House 
Meeting House, London, to Emily Adelaide Taylor, of Peterhead, and 
was assistant to Theobald & Son, grocers, of Bath, in 1910, having 
previously assisted his father. 

i. Eric John Robson (797), born 12th August, 1904, at Saffron 

ii. Charles Harold Alwyn Robson (798), born 30th August, 1908, 
at Saffron Walden. 

Mary Adelaide Robson (799), born 9th August, 1867, at Saffron 
Walden, Essex, and educated at the Mount School, York, i mo. 1883 to 
6 mo. 1885. She was married 17th April, 1895, to Harold John Morland, 
son of Charles Morland, of Croydon, by his wife Jane Fryer. They reside 
at Khoja, Harewood Road, Croydon, near London. Harold J. Morland 
is a Master of Arts, and partner in the firm of Price, Waterhouse&Co., 
Chartered Accountants, London, and elsewhere. He was an assistant 
master at Bootham School, York, from 1888 to 1891. 

i. Kenneth Harold Morland (800), born ist March, 1900, at 

ii. Oscar Charles Morland (801 ), born 23rd March, 1904, at Croydon, 
iii. Joseph Morland (802), born loth March, 1909, at Croydon. 

Charles Edward Robson (803), born 27th December, 1868, 
at Saffron Walden, Essex. He was married at Kelvedon, 13th April, 
1898, to Mary Jesup Barratt, daughter of George and Sarah Barratt, of 
Kelvedon. They were living at Elsenham, Essex, in 1909, he having 
previously been in his father's business. 

i Dorothy Mary Robson (804), born 30th January, 1900, at 
Saffron Walden. 

Part Two. 127 

ii. Alice Margaret Robson (805), born 35th April, 1903, at Saffron 

iii. Kathleen May Robson (806), born ist May, 1909, at Elsenham, 


Richard Thompson (808), born 15th September, 1843, at Gains- 
borough. He has lived in York since the latter part of 1859, where he 
is a manufacturer of artificial manure. He has been Sheriff of the City 
of York. He was married 30th June, 1883, at Birkenhead, to Mary 
Hannah Thistlethwaite (174), daughter of John and Deborah Thistle- 
thwaite, whom see. By their Hunter ancestry they were third cousins, 
and by their Thistlethwaite ancestry fourth cousins. See Chart IV. 

i. Geoffrey Thompson (175), born loth August, 1883, educated at 

Bootham School, York, 9 mo. 1896 to 7 mo. 1899. He was 

unmarried in 1910. 

Charles Thompson (809), born ist May, 1845, at Gainsborough. 
He was married 30th April, 1887, ^^ Florence Parker, daughter of Hewson 
and Maria Parker, of Grimsby. In 1909, he was in business as grocer, in 

i. Hugh Vernon Thompson (810), born 8th February 1888, at 

ii. Edward Leslie Thompson (811), born nth March, 1896, at 

Mary Jane Thompson (813), born 35th December, 1847, at 
Gainsborough. She was married in May, 1893, to Frederick Isaac 
Reckitt, of Hull, as his second wife. He was a son of Isaac and Ann 
Reckitt, and brother to Sir James Reckitt, Bart., head of the firm of blue 
manufacturers, Hull. They were living in Hull in 1910 without issue. 

128 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

James Thompson (8i6), born 29th May, 1817, at Hawes in 
Wensleydale, Yorkshire. He resided for many years at Singleton Park, 
Kendal, Westmorland, where he was a card manufacturer. He died 
14th June, 1895, aged seventy-eight years, without issue. He was 
married in the summer of 1858, at Brighton, to Sarah Bass, only daughter 
of Isaac and Sarah Bass, of Brighton, 

Sarah Thompson, nee Bass, was born in 1819, " cousin to Daniel 
Pryor Hack. After leaving school she became associated with her mother 
in a great variety of philanthropic and charitable agencies ; and to the 
end of her life she dehghted to minister to the wants of the ignorant and 
destitute, by whom her visits were warmly welcomed. Being deprived 
of her mother in 1853, and continuing to live with her father during the 
two or three remaining years of his life, she sought with great filial devotcd- 
ness to contribute to his comfort and happiness, and to soothe his 
declining years." 

She was a minister in the Society of Friends. " In the year 1865 she 
accompanied Rebecca Colhns of New York, in a rehgious visit to Friends 
in Germany and the South of France, for which she was somewhat specially 
qualified ; not only by her ability to sympathise with the exercises of her 
dear companion and to take part with her in meetings for worship, but 
also by her knowledge of the German and French languages, and by the 
lengthened visits she had previously paid to some intimate friends in the 
South of France and at Minden." She died at Kendal, 29th October, 
1869, aged fifty years. 

Sarah Thompson (817), born 4th May, 1819, at the " Holme," 
Hawes, in Wensleydale, Yorkshire. Her parents and family removed to 
Kendal, Westmorland, in 1822, and here she was married 24th October, 
1850, to Samuel Alexander Jefferys. 

She was a minister in the Society of Friends, and " resided at 
Melksham upwards of twenty years, beloved by all who knew her." 
" Indeed, beyond the home circle she had the power of giving herself out 

Part Two. 129 

to others in large-hearted sympathy, so that persons of all ages and 
classes found in her a true helper ; and it was her great desire to lead 
them from a dependence upon human aid and counsel, to the only sure 
source of strength and comfort . . . her valuable assistance and 
counsel in the management of the British School are greatly missed." 
She died at Melksham, 17th June, 1871, aged fifty-two years, and was 
buried in the Friends' Burial Ground there. 

Samuel Alexander Jefferys was bom 17th August, 1804, at Melksham. 
He resided at Coburg Place, Melksham, until 1875, when he removed to 
Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Here he died 20th May, 1880, and was 
buried in the local Friends' Burial Ground. His parents were Thomas 
Jefferys, of Melksham (born 21st of 2 mo., 1773, died 17th of 12 mo., 1850), 
and his wife Martha Alexander, of Needham Market (born 1775, died 
3rd of 2 mo., 1851 at Melksham). Samuel Alexander Jefferys' daughter 
writes : "on my father's side we have good charts carrying us back 
prior to the rise of Friends in the Jefferys, Alexander and Gurney* 

i. Samuel Alexander Jefferys (818), bom 2nd October, 1851, at 

Melksham. In 1909 he was living unmarried, not in business . 

ii. Edward Jefferys (819), born 20th July, 1853, at Melksham. 

He died unmarried 28th December, 1885, and was interred 

at Davos Platz Cemetery, Switzerland. 

iii. John Henry Jefferys (820), whom see. 

iv. Jane Mary Jefferys (828), born 29th March, 1857, ^^ Melksham. 
In 1910 she was residing at Upperthorpe, Darlington, 
v. Martha Louisa Jefferys (829), born i8th May, 1859, ^t Melk- 
sham. In 1910 she was residing at Upperthorpe, Darling- 
ton, unmarried. 
John Henry Jefferys (820), born 21st April, 1855, at Melksham, 
Wiltshire. He resided near Kendal, Westmorland, in which town his 
* See " The Gurneys of Earlham," 2 vols., by Augustiis J. C. Hare. The 
Gurneys were famous Quaker bankers. 

13° The Thistlethwaite Family. 

business as card manufacturer was situated. He died 31st July, 1903, 
and was buried in the Friends' Burial Ground, Kendal. 

He was married 20th April, 1887, at Rochdale Meeting House, to 
Mary Agnes Smithson, who was born 23rd November, 1855, daughter of 
Thomas and Emma Smithson of Facit, Rochdale, Lancashire. In 1909 
she and her family were living at Kendal. 

i. Millicent Jefferj^s (821), born 24th February, 1888, at Kendal ; 
unmarried April 1910. Educated at Polam Hall, Dar- 
lington, and Somerville College, Oxford. 
ii. Bryan Jefferys (822), born 21st July, 1889, at Kendal. He was 
educated at Leighton Park School, Reading, 9 mo., 1903, 
to 4 mo., 1908, and in April, 1910, was employed in his 
father's business in Kendal, 
iii. Edward Jefferys (823), born 9th November, 1890, at Kendal. 
He was educated at Leighton Park School, Reading, 
9 mo., 1903 to 7 mo., 1909. 
iv. Cecily Jefferys (824), born 3rd January, 1892, at Kendal ; 

educated at Polam Hall, Darhngton. 
V. Barbara Jefferys (825), born i8th July, 1893, at Kendal ; 

in 1910 at Polam Hall, Darlington, 
vi. Nancy Jefferys (826), born nth November, 1894, at Kendal ; 

in 1910 at Polam Hall, Darlington, 
vii. Guy Jefferys (827), born nth July, 1898, at Kendal. 

Mary Thompson {830), born 30th July, i82i,atHawesinWensley- 
dale, Yorkshire. She was married at Kendal in 1847 to William 
Cudworth, an engineer, who for many years lived at Darlington in the 
employment of the North Eastern Railway. He was a much respected 
man, and died at Darlington in 1906. His wife, Mary Cudworth (830), 
died in 1882. 

i. William John Cudworth (831), whom see. 

Part Two. 131 

ii. Francis Cudworth (833), born at Darlington in 1850, died 
in 1858. 

iii. Rachel Mary Cudworth (833), whom see. 

iv. Jane Cudworth (838), born at Darlington, loth October, 1854, 
died in 1873, unmarried. 

V. Alfred James Cudworth (839), born at Darlington, 13th July, 
1857. He married Anna Bethia Smith, of Braintree, who 
was educated at the Mount School, York, 2 mo., 1871 to 
6 mo., 1873. In 1909, he was a member of the firm of 
Impey, Cudworth & Lakin-Smith, Chartered Accountants, 
Birmingham. He is without issue. 

William John Cudworth (831), born 5th April, 1849, at Dar- 
lington. Until within a few months of his death in 1910, he was head 
engineer for the northern half of the North-Eastern Railway. He 
resided at Butt's Close, Tadcaster Road, York. 

He was married ist September, 1880, at Birkenhead, to his fourth 
cousin, Margaret Thistlethwaite (167), whom see. 

For particulars of their children see Part One. See also Chart IV. 
and Chart VIII. 

i. Margaret Cudworth (168), whom see. 
ii. Mary Cudworth (169), whom see. 
iii. Wilham Oswald Cudworth (170), whom see. 
iv. Helen Cudworth (171), whom see. 

Rachel Mary Cudworth (833), born 4th April, 1853, at Darlington. 
She was married i8th September, 1879, at Darlington, to Brightwen 
Binyon, an architect by profession, and a pupil of Alfred Waterhouse, R.A. 
He was born 30th May, 1845, and died 21st September, 1905. 

i. Janet Binyon (834), born 6th August, 1880, at Ipswich. She 
was educated at the Mount School, York, 9 mo., 1896, to 7 
mo., 1898, while her parents were living at Felixstowe. She 
then studied at Westfield College, London, and in 1901 

132 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

became Bachelor of Arts of London University. She was 
unmarried in June, 1910. 

ii. Mary Sims Binyon (835), born 23nd May, 1883, at Ipswich, 
unmarried in June, 1910. 

iii. Basil Binyon (836), born 23rd April, 1885, at Ipswich. He 
was educated at Bootham School, York, 9 mo., 1897, to 
7 mo., 1902, and at Leighton Park School, Reading, Sep- 
tember, 1902, to July, 1904. He studied at Trinity College, 
Cambridge, and took his B.A. degree in 1907. He is now 
an engineer employed at the Marconi Wireless Telegraphy 
Station, Slough, In June, 1910, he was living with his 
mother at Burlington House, High Street, Slough, un- 

iv. Olive Binyon (837), born 4th April, 1888, at Ipswich. She 
was educated at the Mount School, York, 9 mo., 1902, to 
12 mo., 1904, and was unmarried in June, 1910. 

Rachel Thistlethwaite (843), born 28th October, 1789, at 
Carr End, in Wensleydale. While her parents were living at Shawcote she 
was married at Bainbridge Meeting House, Wensleydale, 19th September, 
1 81 6, to John Webster, He was a linen manufacturer, of Sowerby, near 
Thirsk, Yorkshire. He was born 21st February, 1780, son of Francis 
Webster, husbandman, of Sowerby, by his wife Elinor, 

John Webster died at Sowerby, aged forty-one years, 20th November, 
1831, a " linen- weaver," and was buried 25th November, at Thirsk. His 
widow died in 1834. 

i. Ellen Webster {843), born 22nd July, 1817, at Sowerby, She 
died 29th December, 1829, " aged about 12 1," at Ackworth, 
and was buried there 3rd January, 1830. 
ii. Richard Webster (844), whom see. 
iii, Agnes Webster (847), whom see. 

Part Two. 133 

Richard Webster (844), born ist June, 1819, at Sowerby, near 
Thirsk, Yorkshire. He lived at Blackburn, in Lancashire, where it is 
said that he was a tea-merchant, and later a mill-owner. He was married 
(? in 1863) to Hannah Smeal, eldest daughter of Dr. Smeal, of Glasgow. 
Her youngest brother (there were at least five in the family), who was 
born in 1843, married Richard Webster's first cousin once removed, Lucy 
Ellen Thompson [ySy). 

Richard Webster (844), is said to have died " in his daughter's child- 
hood." His widow, Hannah Webster, died about four years ago, some- 
where in Australia, where she had gone to see her children. 

i. Frank Webster (844a), was a mining engineer, and married 
Ruby Macintyre, of Melbourne, Australia. He died before 
1909. He had issue two girls and one boy. 
ii. Jane Smeal Webster (845), was married 39th September, 1909, 
at the Grand Hotel, Glasgow, to James Hodge, of Ardgarten, 
Pollokshields, Glasgow, tobacco-merchant, son of the late 
James and Catherine Hodge, 
iii. Alfred Webster (846), studied medicine at Glasgow University, 
and was practising somewhere in Western Australia in 
1909. He married, and has issue one boy. 

Agnes Webster (847), born loth June, 1831, at Sowerby, near 
Tliirsk, Yorkshire. She was married about 1843 to Oswald Baynes, 
a Quaker horse-dealer. She and her husband and her uncle, Richard 
Thistlethwaite (863), are said to have lived together " for many years 
at Carr End, near Semerwater," Wensleydale. Agnes Baynes (847) 
died 38th June, 1879, ^^ Rimington, near Guisburn, Yorkshire, aged 
fifty-eight years. 

Oswald Baynes was born 38th June, 1818, at Carperby, in Wensley- 
dale, He was married secondly at Birkenhead, ist January, 1881, to 
Martha Ecroyd Smith. She was born 6th April, 1833, at Doncaster, 
Yorksliire, ninth daughter of Henry and Maria Smith. Oswald Baynes , 

134 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

whose residence was then at Airton, Bell Busk, near Skipton, Yorkshire, 
died 7th February, 1891, and was buried atSawley. In 1909, his widow 
was living at Airton, sine prole. 

Oswald Baynes appears to have been son of Oswald Baynes by his 
wife Isabella Hunter, daughter of John Hunter, of Hebblethwaite Hall, 
by his wife Ann Middlebrook. See Chart III. From the Chart it will 
be seen that Oswald Baynes who married Agnes Webster (847) had an 
uncle John Baynes, who married Agnes Thistlethwaite (301), and a brother 
John Baynes, who married Jane Bradley (409).* 

Agnes Baynes (847) had ten children, most of whom were born at 
Craikhall, near Kendal. Four of them died in early childhood, probably 
at Bramhall, near Stockport. Those who survived were as follows, viz. : — 
i. John Baynes (848), who, at the age of twenty-one, was a cotton- 
broker on the Exchange at Calcutta, India. He married 

Nellie , who is said to have been the daughter of an 

Indian General. He apparently emigrated to America, 
and was deceased in 1909, but his widow was surviving. 

i. Ernest Harold Baynes (849), who was in 1909 
a journalist, married, and living at Meriden, New 
Hampshire, U.S.A. He is said to have success- 
fully trained bison as domestic animals, 
ii. Lilian Baynes (850), who married an artist who 
lived in New York, but she is said to be without 
iii. John Reginald Baynes (851), living in America 
in 1909, married, 
ii. Oswald Baynes (852), born in 1845. He was married ist 
October, 1873, at Downham Market, Norfolk, to Eliza 
Bunkall, daughter of William Bunkall of the same place. 
He was a horse-dealer in New York, U.S.A., and died 33rd 
October, 1895, without issue. His widow married a second 
time. After removing to America she preferred to be 
* I have not proved this Baynes genealogy from the registers. 

Part Two. i35 

known as Azile, using the letters of her Christian name 

iii. Richard Baynes (853), whom see. 
iv. Rachel Baynes (858), born 2nd April, 1848, died in Greenbank 

Hospital, DarHngton, unmarried, 19th July, 1894, buried 

at Sawley. 
V. Isabel Baynes (859), born in 1850, died unmarried, in 1868. 
vi. Joseph Webster Baynes (860), born in 1852. He lived in 

Glasgow, and appears to have been a printer. He died 

14th July, 1893, and his widow was surviving in 1909. 

i. Bernard Baynes (861), born in 1882, died in 1894. 

Richard Baynes (853), born in 1846 at Craikhall, near Kendal, 
Westmorland. He was married 21st May, 1873, at Carlisle, to Patience 
Sutton, who was born 7th June, 1841, at Houghton, near Carlisle, daughter 
of Clement Sheldon and Mary Sutton. Richard Baynes (853), died 13th 
July, 1899, probably at Penrith, and his widow was living in 1909, at 
Ranmere, Upton Park, Chester. 

i. Ida Mary Baynes (854), born 1874, at Lysham. Died un- 
married, in 1902. 
ii. Richard Algernon Baynes (855), born 1878, at Martin Top, near 
Clitheroe. He was married at Moose] aw, 31st January, 
1910, while resident at Broadview, to Mattie Bird, of 
Broadview, Saskatchewan, Canada, 
iii. Mabel Agnes Baynes (856), born 1879, at Liscard in Cheshire. 
She was married 19th February, 1907, at Carlisle, to Dr. 
G. H. Grills. ! '- 

iv. Herbert Oswald Baynes {857), born 1883, at Liscard in Cheshire, 
unmarried in 1910. 

Richard Thistlethwaite (863), born 28th October, 1797, at 
Carr End in Wensleydale. " Richard Thistlethwaite, of Blackburn, in 
the county of Lancaster, tea-dealer, son of Richard Thistlethwaite, 


The Thistlethwaite Family. 

of Carr End, farmer, and Agnes his wife (both deceased), and Sarah 
Yeardley, of Rochdale in the county of Lancaster, daughter of Thomas 
Yeardley, of Ecclesfield in the county of York, flax spinner, and Elizabeth 
[Hodgson] his wife (both deceased) " were married at Rochdale Meeting 
House, 13th April, 1859. The following witnesses signed the marriage 
certificate : — 
Relations : 

John Yeardley 

Agnes Yeardley (585) 

Ann Yeardley 

Rd. Webster (844) 

Oswald Baynes 

Agnes Baynes (847) 

Frances Yeardley 

Alfred Yeardley (586) 

Joseph Deaville 

Frances Deaville 

Margt. Eliz"^ Bright 
Maria Briggs 
Edw. Briggs 
Helen P. Bright 
Ursula M. Bright 
Catharine White 
Thomas Blakey 
Mgt. E. White 
James Mills 
John Mills 
John A. Bright 
John Smithson 
W" L. Bright 
Mary H. Bright 
John Harman 
Lydia Rous 
Hannah Benson 
Martha West 
Sarah Mills. 

Maria White 

Martha Midgley 

Elizabeth Midgley 

Henry King 

Mary H. Martindale 

Esther Bancroft 

Agnes Sharp 

Sarah Beresford 

Ruth Ashworth 

Richard Thistlethwaite (863) appears to have lived at Carr End 
for some time with his niece Agnes Webster (847), and her husband, 
Oswald Baynes, His wife, Sarah Yeardley, was sister to John Yeardley, 
who married his niece, Agnes Wetherald (585). Richard Thistlethwaite 
(863) died at Bough Hey, near Preston, in Lancashire, 2nd July, 1864, 
without issue. His widow, Sarah Thistlethwaite, lived for some years 

Part Two. 137 

at Bristol, with Lucy Taylor (1451), who had married Alfred Yeardley 
(586), the former's own nephew and her husband's great-nephew. She 
died while visiting Weston-super-Mare, 6th April, 1888, aged seventy- 
seven years. 

Margaret Thistlethwaite (864), born 4th December, 1745 or 
1746, in Dent Dale. " Margaret Thistlethwaite, daughter of James 
Thistlethwaite, husbandman, and Isabel, his wife, deceased, of Carr End," 
was married at Countersett Meeting House, 7th April, 1779, to Christopher 
M5>ers, of Woodend House. Except that they had at least one child, 
I know nothing further of either Christopher or Margaret Myers. 

i. Isabel ]\Iyers (865), who appears to have lived unmarried at 
Burtersett, in Wensleydale. She died 5th November, 
1868, probably at Burtersett. 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (867), born 23rd March, 1752, within 
the compass of Yorkshire Quarterly Meeting of the Society of. Friends. 
His parents, James and Isabel Thistlethwaite, are described as " of 
Scarhouse Meeting " at the time of his birth. Anthony Thistlethwaite 
of Preston, in Lancashire, dogger, son of James and Isabel Thistlethwaite 
of Wensleydale, was married at Preston Meeting House, 7th June, 1786, 
to Ann Brown, daughterof John and Ann Brown, of "Skepton," Yorkshire. 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (867), appears to have removed from Preston 
to Manchester in 1791, and to have become a confectioner at the latter 
place. He died at Manchester, 3rd January, 1823, aged seventy-one years, 
and was buried there on the 7th January, a " non-member." 

His widow, Ann Thistlethwaite, died at Manchester, 12th February, 
1829, aged sixty-eight years, and was buried there on the 15th February, 
a " member." Her brother, George Brown, married her husband's 
sister, Rachel Thistlethwaite (560). I have been able to trace no living 
descendants of Anthony and Ann Thistlethwaite. They had issue : — 

'38 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

i. James Thistlethwaite (868), bom 26th March, 1787, at Preston, 
died at Manchester, 15th June, 1811, buried i8th June, 
at Lancaster, aged twenty-four years, 
ii. John Thistlethwaite (869), born 21st December, 1788, at 
Preston ; no further information. 

iii, Richard Thistlethwaite (870), born nth February, 1791, at 
Preston. He died there 25th October, 1791, aged eight 
months, and was buried there two days later. 

iv. Isabel Thistlethwaite (871), whom see. 
V. WilHam Thistlethwaite (872), whom see. 

vi. Ann Thistlethwaite (874), born 15th May, 1796, at Manchester ; 
died there " a spinster " aged forty years, i8th February, 
1837. She was buried at Mount Street, Manchester, 
23rd February, a " member." 

vii. Rachel Thistlethwaite (875), born 25th October, 1800, at 
Manchester. She died there nth June, 1828, unmarried, 
and was buried there 15th June, 
viii. Anthony Thistlethwaite (876), born 15th September, 1803, 
at Manchester. He died there 8th November, 1804, aged 
fourteen months, and was buried there on nth November. 

Isabel Thistlethwaite (871), born 8th September, 1792, at 
Manchester. She appears to have died unmarried in her old age, leaving 
a will which required a pedigree making, showing her first cousins on both 
her father's and her mother's sides. A copy of such a pedigree, in which 
she is described as " Isabel Thistlethwaite, the Testatrix," was lent me 
by the grandson of her first cousin, Isabella Guy, nee Thistlethwaite 
{435)- This pedigree bears the date " November, 1869." It shows that 
her mother had a sister, Sarah Brown, who was married 19th December, 
1792, at Kirkham, Lancashire, to John Taylor, and had issue a son, 
John Taylor, who was born 23rd April, 1794, and baptised at Preston. 
No mention of any of Isabel Thistlethwaite's brothers or sisters is made 
in the pedigree. 

Part Two. 


William Thistlethwaite (872), born i6th June, 1794, at Man- 
chester. He appears to have been a book-keeper at Hollinwood in the 
township of Oldham, Lancashire, in 1832. He died at Manchester, 24th 
February, 1834, ^ged forty years, a book-keeper, and was buried on 
27th February, at Mount Street, ^lanchester, a "non-member." He was 

probably disowned for his marriage to Martha , who appears 

to have been a non-Quaker. They had at least one child, but no birth 
entries appear in the Quaker Register. 

i. Henry Thistlethwaite (873), died nth February, 1832, aged 

nineteen months, at Hollinwood, and was buried 15th 

February, at Manchester. 




Margaret Thistlethwaite (877), 




Margaret Thistlethwaite (877), born 35th April, 1710, at 
Harborgill, in Dent Dale. She was married 26th December, 1737, to 
Alexander Fothergill, farmer and lawyer of Carr End, near Bainbridge, 
Wefisleydale, Yorkshire. He was born at Cart End, 22nd November, 
1709, and had married in 1732, as his first wife, Jane Blakey, who died 
at Carr End, ist March, 1735, having issue two daughters. Of these, 
Margaret was born 29th February, 1734, and died three days later; 
Jane was born 28th February, 1735, and married a Harker. See Chart 

Alexander Fothergill was the eldest son of the celebrated 
Quaker preacher and traveller, John Fothergill* of Carr End (2nd 11 mo., 
1675 to 13th II mo., 1744), by his first wife Margaret Hough, of Marsh 
Gate, near Sutton, in Cheshire, whom he married 5th March, 1709. 

From the Quaker Tithe-Book now at Carperby, Wensleydale, it 
appears that on the 13th of April, 1764, Alexander Fothergill possessed 
one cow and one calf, for which, with costs and arrears, the tithe amounted 
to eleven shillings and a penny. One ham was distrained, which at 5|d. 
per lb. for 20-lbs. made 9s, 7d., leaving one shilling and sixpence in arrears. 

* See the " Memoirs of Samuel and John Fothergill," published 1843 (Liverpool : 
Marples ; London : Gilpin) compiled by George Crosfield, who married Margaret 
Chorley, grand-daughter of Samuel Fothergill's brother, Joseph Fothergill. John 
Fothergill spent many years in America, and his son Samuel travelled in that country 
with my great-great-great-great-great-great-uncle, Joshua Dixon, of Raby, another 
Quaker minister. Samuel's and Alexander's brother, John Fothergill, jun., was the 
eminent doctor and founder of Ackworth School. Only Alexander and Joseph 
left descendants : the latter's two sons died young, but his daughters had issue. 
I hope to treat the Fothergill family fully in my second volume. 


144 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Alexander Fothergill died at Counterside, 21st January, 1788, and 
was interred at Bainbridge. The Carr End property passed to his second 
surviving son, Wilham Fothergill (1021). Margaret Fothergill (877), 
widow, died 30th April, 1798, at Carr End, and was interred at Bainbridge, 
on the 3rd of May. She had issue : 

i, Alexander Fothergill (878), born 8th or gth October, 1738. 
at Carr End. According to the Quaker register, he died 
" 2ist 10 mo., 1750, aged twelve years and twelve days, 
a boarder at the school at Skipton, and was buried at 
ii. Ann Fothergill (879), born 19th December, 1741, at Carr End 
(Old Style). She married James Freeman ; I never heard 
of descendants, but there may have been such, 
iii. John Fothergill (880), whom see. 

iv. Ahce Fothergill {1020), born 7th September, 1745, at Carr End. 
She married John Chorley, of London, retired linen-draper, 
residing at Tottenham. Alice Chorley (1020) died at her 
house in Tottenham, nth April, 1828, and was interred 
at Winchmore Hill, the i8th day of the same, sine prole. 
While living at the " village of Tottenham," 1795, she 
J dictated to her niece, Elizabeth Fothergill, an interesting 

account of her Thistlethwaite relatives, most of which has 
been split up, and appears in various parts of this volume, 
v, Wilham Fothergill (1021), whom see. 

vi. Thomas Fothergill {1089), born 19th August, 1751, at Carr 
End, CO. York. He was resident in London in the pro- 
fession of the law, and died at the house of his sister, Alice 
Chorley (1020), in Tottenham, nth October, 1822, un- 

John Fothergill (880), born 7th March, 1743, at Carr End. He 
married, in 1771, Mary Ann Forbes, daughter of Timothy Forbes, of 
Coleman Street, London. She died 20th January, 1797, aged fifty years. 

Part Three. 145 

at Poppleton near York, and was buried at York. Her brother, Charles 
Forbes, had large coffee plantations in Jamaica, and in his grounds her 
son, Dr. Samuel Fothergill, was buried. She was also sister to James 
Forbes, an artist, who died at Aix-la-Chapelle, whose daughter married 
Marc Rene, Comte de Montalembert, and became mother, in 1810, of 
Charles Forbes Rene, Comte de Montalembert, the celebrated French 
Catholic author and politician. Timothy Forbes was a kinsman of the 
present nineteenth Baron Forbes, premier baron of Scotland. They 
both descend from the first Lord Forbes, who married a daughter of 
the King of Scotland in the thirteenth century. 

, John Fothergill (880) is described as ironmonger of Leeds from 1773 
to 1777, and after 1778 as " comb-maker " and " ivory-manufacturer " 
of York. There he died 13th March, 1807, and there he was buried. He 
was married secondly, in 1803, to Susannah Reynolds, by whom he had 
no issue. She died 5th August, 1807, aged forty-two years, and was 
buried on the 13th August, at Croydon, near London. 

i. Mary Ann Fothergill (881), born 3rd December, 1772, at Leeds, 
Yorkshire. She died 20th December, 1774, at Leeds, 
and was buried there. 
ii. John Fothergill (882), whom see. 

iii. Alexander Fothergill (912), born 13th June, 1776, at Leeds. 
He died 4th January, 1797, when his father was living 
at Poppleton, near York, and was buried at York, unmarried, 
iv. Elizabeth Fothergill (913), born 23rd August, 1777, at Leeds. 
In 1795 she was living with her aunt, Alice Chorley (1020), 
at Tottenham ; she died at York, 25th February, 1856, 
v. Samuel Fothergill (914), born 6th September, 1778. at York ; 
died there 13th September, 1778, and was buried 
vi. Samuel Fothergill (915), whom see. 
Charles Fothergill (925), whom see. 


viii. Margaret Fothergill (1017), whom see. 

146 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ix. Mary Ann Fothergill (1019), born 19th April, 1786. She is 
said to have married Daniel Mayer, but left no surviving 


John Fothergill (882), born 5th February, 1774, at Leeds, 
Yorkshire. He was married 9th September, 1801, at St. Peter's, Notting- 
ham, to Rebecca Bott, he being then described as of the parish of St. Trinity, 
York. He followed the same occupation as his father, namely that of 
manufacturer of ivory combs and the like articles. He died i6th April, 
1823, at Acom.b, near York. Rebecca Bott was the daughter of George 
Bott, a dentist in Nottingham, and London in the season ; there her 
portrait was painted by Romney in payment of a debt for dentistry. 

i. Rebecca Fothergill (883), born i8th July, 1802, at York; 

died 26th March, 1837, ^^ Edinburgh, unmarried. 
ii. John Alexander Fothergill (884), born loth November, 1804, 

at York ; died 13th May, 1826, at Acomb, unmarried, 
iii. Mary Ann Fothergill (885), whom see. 

iv. EHzabeth Fothergill (905), born 28th September, 1808, at 

York. She was married 1830 to Edward Cruickshank, 

and died 24th September, 1838, at Edinburgh, having issue : 

i. Susan Anna Cruickshank (906), died aged eleven 

ii. Anna Ehza Cruickshank (907), died 1838, aged ten 
v. Anna Fothergill {908), born 2nd June, 1810, at York, died 

there 1832, unmarried, 
vi. Margaret Fothergill (909), born 12th December, 1811, at York, 

died there 14th July, 1834, unmarried, 
vii. George Wilham Fothergill (910), born 19th August, 1813, at 
York, died there 15th August, 1840, unmarried. An 
viii. Charlotte Fothergill (911), born 24th October, 1817, at York, 
died there 9th December, 1841, unmarried. 

Part Three. 147 

Mary Ann Fothergill (885), born 13th February, 1807, at 
York. She was married 3rd July, 1838, to Robert Watson, of Mansfield, 
a lace merchant of that place, exporting to South America and the East 
Indies. She died 12th August, i860, at Nottingham, having issue : 

i, Forbes Watson (886), born 7th February, 1840, at ]\Iansfield, 
Nottinghamshire. He was a doctor of medicine in Notting- 
ham, and died there, unmarried, 38th August, 1869. 
ii. Fothergill Watson (887), whom see. 

iii. Margaret Anna Watson {903), born 26th November, 1844, at 
Mansfield, living 1909 unmarried. 
. iv. Henry Whitfield Watson (904), born 12th April, 1849, ^^ 
Mansfield. He was a dentist, but has not communicated 
with his relatives for many years. 

Fothergill Watson (887), by deed poll transposed his name to 
Watson Fothergill, December, 1892. He was born 12th July, 1841, at 
Mansfield, and was, in 1910, an architect at 15, George Street, Nottingham. 
He married Anne Hage, and has issue : 

i. Marian Watson (888), born 29th June, 1868, at Nottingham. 

She was married at St. Andrew's, Nottingham, i8th April, 

1895, to William Sydney Reid, ship-broker, of Odessa, Russia. 

i. Christian Fothergill Reid (889), born 23rd February, 

1896, at Odessa, died 23rd October, 1900. 
ii. Isabelle Fothergill Reid (890), born loth October, 
1900, at Odessa, 
ii. Annie Forbes Watson (891), born 24th November, 1869, at 
Nottingham. She was married at St. Andrew's, Notting- 
ham, 26th April, 1893, to Philip Boobbyer, doctor of 
i. Philip Watson Boobbyer (892), born 9th January, 

1896, at Nottingham, 
ii. Annie Isobel Boobbyer (893), born 20th July, 1898, 
at Nottingham. 

148 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

iii. Victor Hirst Boobbyer (894), born 19th February, 

1901, at Nottingham. 

iv. Frances Forbes Boobbyer (895), born i6th July, 

1902, at Nottingham. 

iii. Edith Mary Watson (896), born 6th March, 1871, at Notting- 
ham. She was married at Islington Parish Church, Middle- 
sex, 22nd October, 1907, to Rev. James Lewis, Vicar of 
St. Mark's, Nottingham, sine prole. 
iv. Eleanor Fothergill Watson (897), born 25th June, 1872, at 
Nottingham. She was married at All Saints', Nottingham, 
25th July, 1894, to Georg Ellenberger, professor of music, 
i. George Fothergill Ellenberger (898), born loth July, 

1895, at Nottingham. 
ii. Clarita Lilian Ellenberger (899), born 29th January, 
1897, at Nottingham. 
V. Samuel Fothergill Watson Fothergill (900), born 23rd December, 

1874, at Nottingham, unmarried 1909. 
vi, Harold Hage Watson Fothergill (901), born 28th April, 1876, 

at Nottingham, died ist September, 1905, unmarried, 
vii. Clarice Watson Fothergill (902), born 21st September, 1877, 
at Nottingham, unmarried 1909. 

Samuel Fothergill (915), born 23rd March, 1780, at York, His 
widow, at the age of eighty-four, wrote a short account of his life, from 
which I gain the following particulars : 

He went to a good school at York ; thence he travelled to London 
and served his time with eminent practitioners, named Pope and 
Lottall, living at Staines. After this he took his degree at Glasgow 
University, and returned to London. When living in Leicester 
Square he was appointed physician to " the Asylum in the Westminster 
Road and many other Institutes of eminence in London." He was also 

Part Three. 149 

physician to Queen Victoria's mother, the Duchess of Kent, when she 
was at Weymouth for her health. 

" He then practised most successfully for several years in Leicester 
Square, when [circa 1815] he broke a bloodvessel on the lungs, and had 
to resort to Madeira for a few weeks, also to the South of Italy. He came 
back benefited by the voyage and change," but accepted an invitation 
from his uncle, Charles Forbes, to visit Jamaica. The island climate 
suited his health so well that he decided to continue there ; he therefore 
bought a local practice from a certain Dr. Forbes. 

His wife left her elder son with a lady at Hastings ; and, taking with 
her her son Henry, then about six months old, she joined her husband in 
Jamaica. The latter died 3rd March, 1822, aged nearly forty-two years, 
at Prosper House, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, " and was interred under a 
Mango Tree in his Uncle Charles Forbes' ground nearly opposite to the 
dwelling-house, and his dear uncle, with little Henry, attended the funeral, 
— the former most impressively read the Burial Service over his 

Samuel Fothergill (915), married. May 1809, Anna Maria Russell, 
who survived him and after his decease returned to England with her 
younger son. She lived to be over eighty-five years old, and had issue 
three children, viz : — 

i. Samuel Fothergill (916), bom 1811. His birth note reads : 
" On the 22nd of May, 1811, born in Leicester Square, 
in the parish of St. Anne, Westminster, in the City of 
Westminster, unto Samuel Fothergill, physician, and Anna 
Maria his wife, a son who was named Samuel." He is 
said to have married a Curtis, and died 1840, without 
ii. Maria Fothergill (917), born 1813. Her birth note reads : " 29th 
August, 1813, born in Craven Street, in the parish of St. 
Martin's-in-the-Fields (so called), in the county of Middlesex, 
unto Samuel Fothergill, Doctor in Medicine and Anna 
Maria his wife, a daughter who was named Maria." She 

150 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

died 15th May, and was interred in the Friends' Burial 
Ground, Bunhill Fields. I do not know the year of her 
decease, but believe she was an infant, 
iii. Henry Fothergill (918), whom see. 

Henry Fothergill (918), bom 19th August, 1815. His birth note 
reads : " born in Craven Street in the parish of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields 
(so called), in the county of Middlesex, unto Samuel Fothergill, M.D., and 
Anna Maria his wife, a son who was named Henry, [signed] J ohn Hooper, 
surgeon. Sarah Gibson." 

His mother writes :" My . . . [illegible] together with Henry 
to a Person who took Friends' children at Wandsworth, but afterwards, 
Samuel and Henry, placed them to the Rev. John Stedman, of Wands- 
worth— considered a good school." Henry Fothergill (918), was for many 
years country manager in Barnett's Bank, Lombard Street, now amalga- 
mated with Lloyd's Bank. In 1873, 1875, and 1878, he was Hving at 
Brixton, London, S.W. 

He was married 1847 to Maria Covington, who died before 1870, 
without issu e. In the latter year he was married secondly to Eliza Cormick 
Hughes, who was born 1845, daughter of Professor WilHam Hughes, 
F.R.G.S., a famous geographer, who produced many maps and atlases. 
She died in 1895, and her husband died at Brixton. They had issue, 
i. Maud Anna Fothergill (919), whom see. 
ii. Henry Chorley Fothergill (922), whom see. 
iii. Beatrice Mary Fothergill (924), born 1878, at Brixton, London, 
S.W. She was unmarried in 1910. 
Maud Anna Fothergill (919), born 1873, at Brixton, London S.W. 
She was married to Frank Austin Leach, civil servant, of Kingston-on- 
Thames, in 1910. They have issue : 

i. Beatrice Maud Leach (920), born 1903, in South Street, 

Manchester Square, London, 
ii. Cyril Austin Leach (921), born August, 1905, in Battersea, 

Part Three. 151 

Henry Chorley Fothergill (922), born 1875, at Brixton, London, 
S.W. His second name was taken from the surname of his third cousin 
once removed, Henry Fothergill Chorley, grandson of a daughter of 
Joseph Fothergill, whose brother Alexander married Margaret Thistle- 
thwaite {Sjy). H. F. Chorley was born 15th December, 1808, at Blackley 
Hurst, near Bilhnge, Lancashire. He was for many years critic to the 
Athenaeum, and was a personal friend of Charles Dickens, the Emperor 
Napoleon HL; Mendelssohn, and a legion of other great ones.* 

The subject of this paragraph is in Lloyd's Bank, Barnett's Branch, 
Lombard Street, London. He was resident at 21, Grove Lane, Kingston- 
on-'Thames, in igio. On 3rd September, 1906, he was married at King-ston 
Parish Church, to Charlotte Louisa Palmer, daughter of the late Rev. 
George William Palmer, M.A., vicar of Clay don, Oxfordshire. He has 
issue : 

i. Philip Henry Fothergill (923), born 14th July, 1907, at 

Charles Fothergill (925), born 23rd May, 1782, at York. He 
was married firstly, somewhere in England, during the year 1811, to 
Charlotte Nevins. They were living at Lachfield, near Leeds, in 181 3, 
and in 1814 at Rockmont, Peel, in the Isle of Man. They emigrated to 
Canada, and she died in Toronto, about 1820, being buried just north of 
St. James' Cathedral, Toronto. By her he had issue : 

i. Charles Forbes Fothergill (926), born 22nd February, 181 3, at 
Lachfield, near Leeds. He was drowned in Lake Ontario, 
in 1841 or 1842, not long after the death of his father. He 
never married, 
ii. George Alexander Fothergill (927), whom see. 

* I hope to describe him more fully in my second volume. See his biography 
by Kenry G. Hewlett in two volumes, pubhshed 1873 by Richard Bentley & Son, 
London. It is a fascinating book. 

152 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

iii. William Henry Fothergill (945), birth date unknown. If he 
ever existed he died an infant. 
Charles Fothergill (925), married secondly, EHza Richardson, the 
eldest daughter of Joshua and Catherine Richardson. She was born 
at Mount Monerabe, five miles from Mount Rath, Queen's County, in 
Ireland, on the 15th February, 1801 ; and was married to Charles 
Fothergill at the Parish Church, in Port Hope, Newcastle District, Upper 
Canada, by the Rev. William Thompson, Rector of Cavan, on Sunday, 
20th March, 1825. She died at Whitby, Ontario, on the 26th December, 
1892, and was buried at the Friends' Burial Ground, Pickering, 

Charles Fothergill (925), was a literary man, and established a 
newspaper in Canada. He was also a celebrated naturalist, and had a 
very large museum. He died in May, 1841, aged fifty-nine years, and 
was buried in the Friends' Burial Ground at Pickering, Ontario. By his 
second wife he had issue : 

iv. Caroline Ameha Fothergill (946), whom see. 
V. Mary Ann Adelaide Fothergill (1000), whom see. 
vi. Theodore Augustus Fothergill (1012), born 17th February, 
1830, at Ontario Cottage, near Port Hope, Upper Canada. 
He died unmarried, and was buried in the Friends' Burying 
Ground, Pickering, Canada, 
vii. John Joshua St. George Fothergill (1013), whom see. 

George Alexander Fothergill (927), born 1814, at Rockmont, 
Peel, Isle of Man. He was married nth June, 1845, at Toronto, to 
Margaret Blanchard, who predeceased him. He was drowned in Lake 
Huron, about 8th September, 1868. 

i. George William Fothergill (928), born 14th September, 1847. 
He died, unmarried, 4th November, 1866, and was buried 
at Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. 
; ii. Louisa Fothergill (929), whom see. 

Part Three. 153 

iii. Augustus Theodore Fothergill (940), born 28th September, 
1852. He died unmarried, 5th September, 1880, at Ottawa, 
and was buried at Bowmanville, Ontario, 
iv. Charles Fothergill {941), whom see. 
Louisa Fothergill (939), bom 19th April, 1849. She was married 
5th September, 1872, at Whitby, Ontario, to William James McMurtry, 
merchant. She is now (1910) living at 403, Huron Street, Toronto, and 
has issue : 

i. Dora Louisa McMurtry (930), born 2nd January, 1876, at 
Bowmanville, Ontario. She married George Douglas 
Atkinson, bachelor of music, and resides at 272, Major 
Street, Toronto. 

i. Philip McMurtry Atkinson (931), born 8th Septem- 
ber, 1909, at Toronto. 
ii. Earnest McMurtry (932), born 2nd July, 1878, at Bowmanville, 
Ontario. He was married ist June, 1908, at Toronto, to 
Henrietta Louise Hostrawer. He is a wholesale grocer, 
and resides at 42, Bernard Avenue, Toronto, sine prole. 
iii. Gertrude Fothergill McMurtry {933) born 5th September, 
1879, ^^ Oshawa, Ontario, a twin. She is unmarried, and 
lives with her parents at Toronto, 1910. 
iv. Constance Nevins McMurtry (934), born 5th September, 1879, 
at Oshawa, Ontario, a twin. She married the Rev. Edwin 
T. Lewis, of Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. They now reside 
at Grantwood, New Jersey, U.S.A. 

i. Edwin McMurtry Lewis (935), born 30th December, 


ii. Wilham Tuttle Lewis (936), born ist August, 1908. 

V. Grace Muriel McMurtry (937), born i8th November, 1881, at 

Oshawa, Ontario ; now living with her parents in Toronto. 

vi. Roy Fothergill McMurtry (938), born nth June, 1885, at Port 

Perry, Ontario. He is unmarried, and a clerk in the Bank 

I of Montreal, at King, Ontario. 

154 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

vii. Hope Fothergill McMurtry (939), born 17th February, 1889, 
at Toronto, where she resides with her parents, unmarried. 

Charles Fothergill (941), born loth February, 1856. He was 
married i8th September, 1878, at Owen Sound, to Mary Eliza Malone, 
and died 5th January, 1904. He is buried in All Saints' Churchyard, 
Cannington Manor, Saskatchewan. His widow and three children now 
(1910) reside at 349, Eighth Avenue East, Vancouver, British Columbia, 

i. Charles Joseph Fothergill (942), born 3rd September, 1879. 
He was married 29th May, 1908, at Vancouver, B.C., to 
Martha Edna Wright. 
ii. Mildred Donaldson Fothergill (943), born 13th October, 1884, 
iii. George Gwynne Fothergill (944), born 7th June, 1887. 

Caroline Amelia Fothergill (946), born 20th April, 1828, at 
Ontario Cottage, near Port Hope, Upper Canada. She died 26th Septem- 
ber, 1909, at Whitby, Ontario, and was buried at the Union Cemetery 
there. She was the last surviving child of Charles Fothergill (925), the 
emigrant. She was married at Pickering, Ontario, on 17th March, 1846, 
by the Rev. J. Lambie, to George McGillivray, farmer, who was born at 
Bar-Hill, St. Fergus, Scotland, on 5th October, 1813, and who died at 
Whitby, Ontario, on 29th January, 1894, and was buried at the Union 
Cemetery, Whitby. 

i. Elizabeth Fothergill McGilhvray (947), whom see. 
ii. Mary Eliza McGillivray (956), born 21st May, 1848. She is 

unmarried, and lives at Whitby, Ontario, 
iii. Catherine Amelia McGillivray (957), whom see. 
iv. John Alexander McGillivray {972), whom see. 
v. Adelaide Fothergill McGillivray (974), whom see. 
vi. George McGillivray (980), born 27th April, 1856, at Burnside 
Farm, Pickering, Ontario, (lot No, i, Concession 4). He 

Part Three. i55 

was first married, to Isabella Brown, who died without 
issue, and he married secondly, Margaret Hutton, who is 
still living, s.p. He is a veterinary surgeon, residing at 
Spring Valley, Minnesota, U.S.A. 

vii. Charles Fothergill McGillivray (981), whom see. 

viii. Carohne Jane McGillivray (983), whom see. 

ix. Theodore Augustus McGillivray (987), whom see. 
X. Florence Helena McGillivray (991), born ist March, 1864, at 
Clovendale Farm, lot No. 32, Concession 3, Whitby Town- 
ship, Ontario. She is unmarried and lives at Whitby, 

xi. Wilham McGilHvray (992), whom see. 

xii. Donald McGillivray (996), born i8th May, 1867, at Clovendale 
Farm, Whitby Township, Ontario. He was married in 
June, 1906, to Helen Nelson, who is without issue. He is 
a physician, and lives at No. 60, College Street, Toronto. 

xiii. Norman Harold McGillivray (997), whom see. 

Elizabeth Fothergill McGillivray (947), born 28th February, 
1847, at Burnside Farm, Pickering, Ontario. She was married at Whitby, 
Ontario, 15th June, 1870, to Michael Hillary, physician. She died 6th 
October, 1877, at Kingston, Jamaica, where she was buried. Michael 
Hillary died in 1884, at Detroit, Michigan State, U.S.A. 
i. Eileen Augusta Hillary (948), whom see. 

ii. George Michael Hillary (954), born 20th March, 1873. He is 
a mining engineer, and lives in the City of Chihuahua, 
Mexico. He is unmarried, 
iii. Kathleen Ethel Hillary (955), born 13th September, 1875. 
She is unmarried, and lives at Whitby, Ontario. 

Eileen Augusta Hillary (948), born i6th August, 1871, three 
months before her mother's youngest brother. She was married 22nd 
August, 1895, to Rev. Thomas G. McGonigle, and they live at " the 
Rectory," Islington, Ontario. 

156 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

i. Rowland Hillary McGonigle (949), born 27th May, 1896. 
ii. Eileen Mary McGonigle (950), born 20th August, 1897. 
iii, William Harold Burton McGonigle (951), born 14th September, 

iv, George Michael Gerald McGonigle (952), born 14th October, 

V. Arthur Cormac Robert McGonigle {953), born 2nd June, 1908. 

Catherine Amelia McGillivray (957), born 3rd December, 1850, 
at Burnside Farm, Pickering, Ontario. She was married 19th August, 
1875, to David MacLaren, a timber merchant. They reside at Frank 
Street, Ottawa. 

i. James Gordon MacLaren (958), born i8th May, 1876. He 
married Menota Isbester, 30th September, 1903, at Ottawa, 
where they reside. 

i. Katherine Lois MacLaren (959), born 12th August 

ii. David Gordon MacLaren (960), born 2nd December, 

iii. James Isbester MacLaren (961), born 24th August, 
ii. George McGillivray MacLaren (962), born loth July, 1877. 
He was married if t January, 1905, at Montreal, to Florence 
Evelyn Willett, and they now reside at Ottawa. 

i. Brock Willett MacLaren (963), born 9th March, 1906. 
iii. Charles Henry MacLaren (964), born 22nd November, 1878. 

He is a barrister, and lives at Ottawa, Canada, unmarried, 
iv. John Alexander MacLaren (965), born 15th October, 1880, 

and died 4th February, 1905. 
V. Kenneth MacLaren (966), born 2nd July, 1882. He married 
Bessie L. Dowsley, i6th November, 1908, at Ottawa, where 
they now reside. 

Part Three. i57 

i. Ian David MacLaren (967), born 2nd November, 


vi. Caroline Anna MacLaren (968), born i8th September, 1885. 

She was married in February, 1907, to Robert Legrand 

Johnstone, and they reside at Glen Ridge, New Jersey, 


i. Helen Irene Johnstone (969), born ist January, 1908. 

ii. Robert MacLaren Johnstone (970), born 9th July, 


vii. Katherine Ameha MacLaren (971), born 26th November, 1890. 

She is unmarried, and lives with her parents at Frank 

Street, Ottawa. 

John Alexander McGillivray (972), born 19th July, 1852, at 
Burnside Farm, Pickering, Ontario. He was married 22nd December, 
1880, to Zella Augusta Button. He is a barrister, and resides at Uxbridge, 

i. Gordon Button McGillivray (973), born at Uxbridge, 31st July, 
188=1, now of Toronto. 

Adelaide Fothergill McGillivray (974), born 21st July, 1854, 
at Burnside Farm, Pickering, Ontario. She was married 28th January, 
i836, to Rev. Robert Gamble, and they reside at Wakefield, Quebec. 
The five daughters are all unmarried, and living at home. 

i. Laura Adelaide Gamble (975), born 4th September, 1887. 

ii. Kathleen Mary Gamble (976), born ist February, 1889. 

iii. Florence CaroHne Gamble (977), born 22nd August, 1890. 

iv. Clara Louise Gamble (978), born loth May, 1893. 

v. Eileen Elizabeth Gamble (979), born 17th September, 

158 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Charles Fothergill McGillivray (981), born 26th December, 
1857, '^t Burnside Farm, Pickering, Ontario. He was married 3rd 
December, 1891, to Caroline Argo. He is a physician, and resides at 
Whitby, Ontario. 

i. George Argo McGillivray {982), born 9th September, 1900, at 
Whitby, Ontario. 

Caroline Jane McGillivray {983), born 9th February, i860, at 
Clovendale Farm, Whitby Township, Ontario. She was married 30th 
December, 1891, to John Tajdor Fotheringham, a physician, now resident 
at 20, Wellesley Street, Toronto. 

i. Caroline Helen Fotheringham (984), born ist August, 1894. 
ii Ruth McGilhvray Fotheringham, (985), born 9th November, 

iii. Donald Taylor Fotheringham (986), born 29th April, 1898. 

Theodore Augustus McGillivray (987), born 12th July, 1862, at 
Clovendale Farm, Whitby Township, Ontario. He was married nth 
June, 1895, to Helen MacLaren. He is a barrister, and lives at Whitby, 

Donald John McGilhvray (988), born 30th October, 1896, 
Charles Allister McGillivray (989), born 29th July, 1899. 
Helen Marjory McGilhvray (990), born 2nd August, 1901. 

William McGillivray (992), born 24th July, 1865, at Clovendale 
Farm, Whitby Township, Ontario. He was married 29th June, 1898, to 
Luella Taylor. He was a physician, and died 28th November, 1904, at 
Pipestone, Minnesota, U.S.A., where his three children and widow now 

i. George Theodore McGillivray (993), born 28th March, 1900. 
ii. Florence Jenny McGilhvray {994), born nth July, 1902. 
iii. William Taylor McGillivray (995), born 28th August, 1904. 

Part Three. 159 

Norman Harold McGillivray (997), born 29th November, 1871, 
at Inverlynn Farm, Whitby, Ontario. He was married in June, 1901, 
to ]\Iary R. Mitchell, and is a clergyman at Cornwall, Ontario. 

i, Margaret Louise McGilhvray (998), born nth July, 1902. 
ii. Jean Caroline McGillivray (999), born 3rd iVugust, 1903. 

Mary Ann Adelaide Fothergill (1000), born at Ontario Cottage, 
near Port Hope, Upper Canada, 17th July, 1832. She was married 2nd 
January, 1865, at Pickering, to William Henry Clendenan, and died nth 
October, 1903, at Whitby, Ontario. She was buried at the Friends' 
Burial Ground, Pickering, Ontario. William Henry Clendenan was a 
farmer, and died at Whitby, Ontario, 4th October, 1906. He was also 
buried at the Friends' Burial Ground, Pickering. 

i. Eliza Clendenan (looi), born i6th October, 1865. She was 
married 27th June, 1900, to John Reid, merchant. They 
reside at Wakefield, Quebec. 
i. Mary Fothergill Reid {1002), born i6th December, 
1901, at Wakefield. 
ii. Mary Clendenan (1003), born 12th February, 1867. She is 
unmarried, and lives with her eldest sister, Mrs. Reid, at 
Wakefield, Quebec, 
iii. Caroline Victoria Clendenan (1004), born 24th May, 1868. 
She was married 6th December, 1900, to Rev. Alexander 
Shepherd, and they live at Markdale, Ontario. 

i. William Alexander Shepherd (1005), born 28th 

December, 1902. 
ii. George Fothergill Shepherd (1006), born 27th July, 
iv. Kathleen Amelia Clendenan (1007), born 8th March, 1870. 
She was married 4th September, 1907, to George Shepherd, 
pattern-maker. They live at Lindsay, Ontario, and are 
without issue. 

i6o The Thistlethwaite Family. 

V. Georgina Clendenan (1008), born 23rd April, 1873. She was 
married 2nd January, 1900, to James Cornell, agent, and 
they live at Lindsay, Ontario. 

i. Henry Edward Clendenan Cornell (1009), t>orn 4th 

February, 1901. 
ii. WilHam James Clendenan Cornell (loio), born 4th 

June, 1903, 
iii. Marianne Fothergill Cornell (loii), born 28th 
August, 1906. 

John Joshua St. George Fothergill (1013), born at Pickering, 
Ontario, on St. George's Day, 23rd April, 1836. He was married at Whitby 
i8th October, 1883, to Catherine Amelia Jones. He died 29th June, 1908, 
at Whitby, Ontario, and was buried at the Friends' Burial Ground, 
Pickering, Ontario. His widow and three children reside at Whitby, 

i. Ehzabeth Augusta Fothergill (1014), born i6th March, 1885, 

now, (January, 1910) unmarried, 
ii. George Jones Fothergill (1015), born 12th February, 1887, 

now unmarried, 
iii. Charles Theodore Fothergill (1016), born 7th November, 1888, 
now unmarried. His first cousin, Elizabeth Fothergill 
McGilhvray (947), was born in 1847, forty-one years 
previous to his birth. And her grandson, Rowland Hillary 
McGonigle (949), was born in 1896, only eight years after 
his grandmother's first cousin, the subject of this paragraph. 

Margaret Fothergill ^1017), born 6th January, 1785, at York. 
She was married at York Meeting House, 3rd September, 1812, to Thomas 
Blakey, of the City of London, son of Joshua and Mary Blakey, of 
York. She died in London, in 1822. She had issue an only child : 

Part Three. i6i 

i. Alfred Blakey {1018), born 1812, and died 25th November, 
1854, unmarried. I do not know the occupation of either 
Thomas or Alfred Blakey, nor whether they were descended 
from the Wensleydale Quaker family of the same name. 

William Fothergill (1021), born 24th October, 1748, at Carr 
End, Wensleydale, Yorkshire. William Fothergill, yeoman, of Carr End, 
was married 14th August, 1782, at Counterside Meeting House, to Hannah 
Robinson, daughter of Amos and Jane Robinson, of Semerdale, the small 
valley in which Counterside and Carr End lie. Wilham Fothergill, 
although the second surviving son, succeeded to the family farm and 
house at Carr End, where he died in February, 1837, aged eighty-eight 
years. His wife Hannah Fothergill, died at Can End, 22nd June, 1836, 
and was buried at Bainbridge. 

i. John Fothergill (1022), whom see. 

ii. Thomas Fothergill (1061), born 13th September, 1786, at Carr 
End, Wensleydale, Co. York, where he died 3rd December, 
1789, and was buried at Bainbridge. 
iii. Alexander Fothergill (1062), whom see. 

iv. Margaret Fothergill (1087), born 13th November, 1789, at 
Carr End. She lived to be about ninety years of age, and 
was buried at Skinnergate, Darlington, unmarried. 
v. Jane Fothergill (1088), born 14th January, 1793. She was 
married 31st May, 1828, at Marside, to Thomas Whaley, of 
Wensleydale. She lived to be about ninety years of age, 
and was buried at Skinnergate, Darlington, without issue. 

John Fothergill (1022), born 13th May, 1785, at Carr End, 
Wensleydale, Yorkshire. He was a Member of the Royal College of 
Surgeons, London, and practised medicine in Askrigg, Co. York, and in 
Darhngton, Co. Durham. He was married 25th May, 1815, to Ann 
Rimington, daughter of Edward Rimington, cabinet-maker, of Liverpool. 

1 62 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

i. William Fothergill (1023), whom see. 

ii. Edward Fothergill {1032), born 23rd August, 1817, at Askrigg, 
in Wensleydale, Co. York. He died young, and unmarried, 
at Darlington. 

iii. Samuel Fothergill (1033), whom see. 

iv. Mary Ann Fothergill (1057), born loth January, 1821, at 
Darlington, where she died, aged seventy to eighty years, 

V. Alexander Fothergill (1058), born 28th March, 1823, at Dar- 
lington. He was a dentist, and practised in Darlington, 
where he died at Elton Cottage, in his sixty-ninth year, 

vi. John Rimington Fothergill (1059), born 25th March, 1825, at 
Darlington. He is now (February, 1910) living at Chorley 
Cottage, Darlington, and is a Doctor of Medicine, and 
Justice of the Peace. He married Emily Young, of South 
Shields, but is without issue. 

vii. Agnes Fothergill (1060), born ist March, 1830, at Darhngton, 
where she died unmarried, at Elton Cottage, 

William Fothergill (1023), born 29th February, 1816, at Askrigg, 
Wensleydale, Co. York. He was a dentist at Darlington, and married 
Jane Mary Ann Sanders, daughter of Joseph Sanders, of Newcastle-on- 
Tyne (son of Joseph Sanders, of Whitby, Co. York), by his wife Diana 
Willis, of Whitby. 

i. John Alexander Fothergill (1024), was a dentist in Darhngton, 
and died at Middleton-in-Teesdale. He married Christian 
Stuart Armour, who survived him a few years, and died in 
Norway, 1909. 

i. John Stuart Fothergill (1025), Hving at Hammer- 
smith, London, in 1909. 
ii. Mabyn Fothergill (1026), only daughter, 
iii. Alan Fothergill (1027). 

Part Three. 163 

iv. Edward Rimington Fothergill (1028). 
ii. William Sanders Fothergill (1029), is now (1910) resident at 
Nelson Terrace, Redcar, Co. York. He is cashier in Barclay 
& Co. Ltd.'s Bank, Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham. He 
married Isabella Crichton, who is a well-known lecturer 
on educational subjects. 

i. William Crichton Fothergill (1030), born September 
1900, at Redcar. 
iii. Edward Fothergill (1031), now (1909) resident at Newcastle- 
on-Tyne. He married Ann Silburn, widow of a solicitor, 
but is without issue. 

Samuel Fothergill (1033), bom 13th July, 1819, at Askrigg, 
Wensleydale, Co. York, After leaving Ackworth School he became a 
private family tutor, and later conducted private schools at Darlington, 
Scarborough, and Southampton. " In most of the social and religious 
controversies of his time he took an active interest, enforcing his views 
ahke by voice and pen. Some articles on " The Principles of Political 
Economy applied to the Wages Question," which he published in the 
Contemporary Review and afterwards in pamphlet form in the early 
seventies, created a great stir among the working classes. Although ever 
in sympathy with the struggHng masses, he hesitated not to condemn the 
policy of Trades' Unions, from which he strongly differed. He also 
flinched not from crossing swords with men like John Stuart Mill and 
Professor Fawcett, as is evidenced by his pamphlets on " Liberty, Licence 
and Prohibition," addressed to the former, and " A Reply to Professor 
Fawcett on Pauperism, Poor Law, and the Drink Traffic." 

"As we havehinted, he was strongly opposed to the Ritualistic Move- 
ment, and wrote many letters and pamphlets in condemnation thereof. 
His spirituahsed ideal rehgion was entirely out of sympathy with 
ecclesiastical ceremonials in any form whatever." John Fothergill 
(1022), as a medical practitioner, advocated total abstinence from intoxi- 

164 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

cants at a time when probably not a dozen of his professional brethren in 
the whole kingdom could be found to support his views. And his son, 
Samuel, was a keen Temperance worker, lecturing on behalf of the United 
Kingdom Alliance. He also persistently denounced tobacco-smoking. 
He was an intimate friend of John Bright, the Quaker orator, and himself 
remained a Quaker all his life. 

Samuel Fothergill (1033), married, firstly, 27th April, 1848, Priscilla 
Deane, of Reigate, Surrey, who was bom 20th October, 1827, ^^ Dover, 
daughter of James Deane by his wife Sarah Dann. Priscilla Fothergill 
died I2th March, 1855. ^Y her he had issue: 
i. Emma Fothergill (1034), whom see. 

ii. Ann Fothergill {1039), t>orn 14th April, 1850. She was married, 
September, 1900, at the Friends' Meeting House, Darhngton, 
to Alfred E. Eccles, of White Coppice, near Chorley, Lan- 
cashire. He was educated at Tulketh Hall, where he 
imbibed his Quaker principles, and has since become a 
Friend. He and his wife are both interested in certain 
branches of social reform. Sine prole. 
iii. Sarah Fothergill (1040), born 14th October, 1851. She died 

24th November, 1868, at Southampton, unmarried. 
iv. Samuel Deane Fothergill (1041), born 24th March, 1853, 
at Darlington, and died there 12th November, 1886, 
V. Henry Fothergill (1042), whom see. 
Samuel Fothergill (1033), married secondly, i8th July, 1864, Emma 
Deane, his deceased wife's sister, who was born 25th June, 1829, at Dover, 
Kent. She is now (1910) resident at Ashcroft Road, Darlington. He 
lived at one time at Keswick, near Derwentwater, Co. Cumberland, but 
died at Darhngton, 22nd April, 1902. By his second wife he had issue : 
i. Wilham Edward Fothergill (1056), whom see. 

Part Three. 165 

Emma Fothergill (1034), born i8th March, 1849, ^^ Darlington. 
She was married 22nd December, 1874, to Elbert Sills Clarke, who w^as 
born i6th March, 1850, at St. Mary Cray, Co. Kent, about seven miles 
from Woolwich. He and his wife are missionaries, living (1910) at Hope 
Vale, Comrie, N.C.R., via Maritzburg, Natal, South Africa. 

i. Evelyn Fothergill Clarke (1035), born 17th September, 1875. 
In 1900 she became a teacher in the Inanda Zulu Girls' 
Seminary, and since January, 1909, has been Lady Principal 
of the Girls' Part of the Amanzimtote Training Institute 
for those desiring to obtain Government Certificates as 
qualified Zulu teachers for their own people. Her address 
is Adam's Mission Station, Amanzimtote, via Durban, 
Natal. She is unmarried. 

ii. Minnie Clarke (1036), born 19th February, 1877, ^^ ^9^0 she 
is head of the Girls' Seminary, Mount SiHnda Mission 
Station, Melsetter, Rhodesia. Both this and the Institute 
at Adam's Station are in connection with the American 
Board of Missions. She is unmarried. 

iii. Bertha Clarke (1037), ^orn 19th November, 1879. Now 
unmarried ; missionary helper to her parents at Hope 
Vale, Natal. 

iv. John Fothergill Clarke (1038), born 3rd October, 1880. Un- 
married. On February 4th, 1910, he arrived at Ogada, in 
Central Africa, sixteen miles north of Lake Victoria Nyanza. 
Here he is carrying on missionary work " in the Luwo 
Tribe, in the Kavirhondo Country, where the people are 
of Nilotic extraction." He is " not very far from " the 
neighbourhood where Willis Hodgkiss and American 
Friends are labouring. 

i66 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Henry Fothergill (1042), born 12th September, 1854, at Dar- 
lington, Co. Durham. He was married 22nd July, 1879, atBelper, near 
Derby, to Mary Elizabeth Hughes, of Crich, Derbyshire, who was born 
there 14th September, 1858, daughter of William and Mary Hughes. 
Henry Fothergill (1042), is a minister of the United Methodist Free 
Church, in 1909, of Clarence House, Loughborough, Leicestershire, and in 
1 910, of Stafford Road, Weston-super-mare. 

i. Elbert Percy Fothergill {1043), bom 19th July, 1880, at 
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. He is unmarried, and secre- 
tary of a firm in Paris, 
ii. Ethel May Fothergill (1044), whom see. 
iii, Gladys Fothergill (1050), born 29th July, 1883, at Swansea, 

Glamorganshire, Wales. She died 7th March, 1884. 
iv. Clarice Lihan Fothergill (1051), born 13th October, 1885, at 

Irlams o' th' Height, Lancashire. Unmarried. 
V. Agnes Jessie Fothergill (1052), born 24th August, 1887, at 

New Mills. Unmarried, 
vi. Harold Fothergill (1053), born 31st March, 1892, at Tamworth. 
vii. Wilham Hughes Fothergill (1054), bom 12th May, 1895, at 

Birkenshaw, near Leeds, Yorkshire, 
viii. Samuel John Rimington Fothergill (1055), born loth March, 
1898, at Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. 

Ethel May Fothergill (1044), bom 25th September, 1881, at 
Codnor, Derbyshire. She was married to George Arthur Pickering, of 
Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, born 3rd December, 1879, now farmer, of 
Thorpe-le-Fallows, near Lincoln. 

i. William Stuart Leslie Fothergill Pickering (1045), bom 

February, 1900. 
ii. Arthur Douglas Pickering (1046), born 22nd August, 1902. 
iii. Jessie Fothergill Pickering (1047), tiorn January, 1904, died 
31st January, 1908. 

Part Three. 167 

iv. Ethel Janet Pickering (1048), born April, 1907. 
V. Dorothy Pickering (1049), ^o™ May, 1909. 

William Edward Fothergill (1056), born 4th October, 1865, 
at Southampton, Hampshire. He is M.A., B.Sc, M.D., CM., of Edinburgh 
University. He obtained the Gold Medal for his M.D. Thesis, and the 
Milner-Fothergill Gold Medal for a professional investigation, and was 
awarded the Essay Prize of the Edinburgh University Club of London, 
for an essay on " The Relation of Literature, Science, and Philosophy in 
University Education." He is Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology 
in the Victoria University of Manchester, and Assistant Gynaecologist to 
the St. Mary's Hospitals and the Royal Infirmary, Manchester. He 
published in June, 1896, a very successful " Manual of Midwifery," now 
in its fourth edition, and has contributed six articles to the " Encyclopaedia 
Medica," 1899, et seq., besides publishing four other separate works and 
a multitude of papers in the Scientific Journals. 

He was married, in 1895, to Edith A. Woon, of Swan Walk, Chelsea, 
London. She was the daughter of Joseph Dillon Woon, of Grampound, 
Co. Cornwall, by his wife Mary Ribey, of Withamwick, Co. York, and was 
living in 1909. They are without issue, and reside at 337, Oxford Road, 

Alexander Fothergill (1062), born i8th May, 1788, at Carr End, 
near Bainbridge, Wensleydale, Yorkshire. While a farmer at Carr End, 
he was married 25th May, 1815, at Rochdale Meeting House, Lancashire, 
to Elizabeth Haworth, daughter of Jonathan Haworth, grocer, of 
Rochdale, by his wife Sally. By her he had six children, all of whom 
were born at the family farm, Carr End. 

i. Hannah Fothergill (1063), born 27th January, 1816. She 
accompanied her father and step-mother to the United 
States of America in 1842, but eventually returned to 

i68 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

England, and died unmarried, at Sunderland, 2nd Novem- 
ber, 1884. 
ii. Thomas Fothergill (1064), whom see. 
ill. Sarah Fothergill (1073), whom see. 

iv. Susannah Fothergill, (1074), born 20th December, 1821. She 
went to America in 1842, and died 7th January, 1851, in 
Philadelphia, unmarried. 
V. Ehza Fothergill (1075), born nth December, 1824. She went 
to America, in 1842, died unmarried, at the Episcopal 
Church Home, Baltimore, Maryland, 7th January, 1895, 
aged seventy years ; and was buried in Wilmington and 
Brandywine Cemetery, Wilmington, Delaware, 
vi. Alice Haworth Fothergill (1076), born 14th November, 1826. 
She was married 6th October, 1876, to Joseph Tatum, of 
Woodbury, New Jersey, who died about five years later. 
She lived about fifteen years in the Sanitorium at Clifton 
Springs, New York, and died there in 1898. She was 
buried in Wilmington and Brandywine Cemetery, Wilming- 
ton, Delaware, sine prole. 
Alexander Fothergill's first wife died 12th December, 1826, at Carr 
End, not long after the birth of their youngest child, and he became a 
land-agent at Rochdale, Lancashire. While living here he was married, 
13th September, 1828, at the Meeting House at Little Marsden, in the 
parish of Whalley, Lancashire, to Jane Robinson, of Rochdale. Her 
father, then deceased, was Richard Robinson, a grocer, of Ltogfield, near 
Todmorden, Yorkshire, son of John and Alice Robinson, of Park House, 
Colne, Lancashire. There seems to have been no relationship between 
this family, and the Robinson family of Semerdale, to which Alexander 
Fothergill's mother belonged. Richard Robinson, of Longfield, had 
married Sarah Greenwood, and she appears to have been living in 1828, 
a widow, at Horsforth, near Leeds, Yorkshire. 

They lived at Sunny Bank, and at Roach Place, Rochdale, but in 
1832 or 1833 they removed to Waithland, within the same Parish. In 

Part Three. 169 

December, 1835, Alexander Fothergill is still described as a land-agent, 
but he shortly afterwards became a cotton-spinner, and failed in the panic 
of 1837. I" ^^^^ y^^^ William Fothergill (1021), of Carr End, died, leaving, 
it is said, liis farm to his sons John and Alexander. Owing to the misfor- 
tune of the latter, it was sold, and I am told that John made no claim for 
his share. It now belongs to a Mr. Jackson, of Sunderland. 

J. Henry Lancashire, of Rochdale, in September, 1909, recollects a 
visit paid to liis uncle Alexander Fothergill, at Carr End, before 1842. 
The latter " was a keen sportsman : he had recently shot a wild swan on 
Semerwater, and being also very kind he took me with him expeditions, 
chiefly fishing, near at hand." 

Alexander Fothergill (1062), left England for America with his wife 
and nine of liis children on the 8th of August, 1842. They landed at 
Philadelphia, Pa., i8th September, 1842, and spent the winter in Wil- 
mington, Delaware. In the spring a farm was rented near Chester, 
Pennsylvania, but on the 2nd of October, 1843, Alexander Fothergill (1062) 
died, aged fifty-five years, at the home of his first wife's sister, Mary 
Wetherald, Wilmington, Delaware, where he had gone with his wife to 
spend a few days. He was buried in the Friends' Burial Ground, Fourth 
and West Streets, Wilmington. 

His widow, Jane Fothergill, died 9th January, 1874, aged seventy-five 
years, at the home of her son WiUiam, Chester, Pennsylvania ; and she 
was buried in Wilmington and Brandywine Cemetery, Wilmington. 

Alexander Fothergill's first wife's sister, Mary Wetherald, was the 
wife of Joseph Wetherald, of Wilmington, whose brother, John Wetherald, 
of PusHnch, Ontario, married Isabella Thistlethwaite (583) second 
cousin to Alexander Fothergill. See Part II. 

By his second wife Alexander Fothergill had issue. 

vii. Ann Fothergill (1077), tiorn ist May, 1830, at Rochdale, 
probably at " Sunny Bank." She went to America in 1842 
with her parents, and was hving, January, 1910, at 319^ 
Arctic Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey, with her sister 
Margaret, both being unmarried. 

170 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

viii. Mary Fothergill (1078), born 3ist October, 1831, at Rochdale, 
Lancashire, probably at " Roach Place." She went to 
America in 1842, and died, unmarried, at Wilmington, 
Delaware, i6th December, 1854, aged twenty-three years. 
She was buried in the Friends' Burying Ground, Fourth and 
West Streets, Wilmington. 

ix. Margaret Fothergill (1079), born 3rd June, 1833, at Waithland, 
Rochdale, Lancaster. She went to America in 1842, and 
was living, January, 1910, at 319I Arctic Avenue, Atlantic 
City, New Jersey, U.S.A., with her sister Ann, both being 
X. William Fothergill (1080), whom see. 

xi. Henry Fothergill (1081), whom see. 

Thomas Fothergill (1064), born 30th July, 1817, at Carr End, 
Wensleydale, Yorkshire. He was senior partner in the firm of Fothergill 
and Harvey, yarn and cloth agents, of Manchester. He was married in 
June, 1850, to Anne Coultate, daughter of William and Judith Coultate, 
of Burnley, Lancashire. He died 5th August, 1866, at Bowdon, Cheshire, 
and his widow died i6th August, 1888, at Withington, Manchester. 

i. Jessie Fothergill (1065), whom see. 
ii. Alexander William Fothergill (1066), born 17th January, 1853, 

at Cheetham Hill, Manchester. He died 3rd November, 

1870, at Littleborough, Lancashire, and was buried at 

Calderbrook, Littleborough, 
iii. Constance Fothergill (1067), born 30th July, 1854, at Bowdon, 

Cheshire. She died 12th September, 1858. 
iv. Sophia Fothergill (1068), born 2nd July, 1856, at Bowdon, 

Cheshire. In September, 1909, she was Hving at Richmond 

Hill, Bowdon, Cheshire, unmarried. 
V. Carohne Janet Fothergill (1069), born ist April, 1858, at 

Bowdon, Cheshire. In September, 1909, she was living, 

Part Three. 171 

and unmarried. I believe that she resides in London, and 

is an authoress of some repute, 
vi. Charles Fothergill (1070), born 30th January, i860, at Bowdon, 

Cheshire. He died an infant, 
vii. Reginald Harry Fothergill (1071), born 6th May, 1861, at 

Bowdon, Cheshire. He was at one time in India, but died 

in London, 5th November, 1900, unmarried, 
viii. EHzabeth Ceciha Fothergill (1072), born 29th June, 1863, at 

Bowdon, Cheshire. In September, 1909, she was living at 

Richmond Hill, Bowdon, Cheshire, unmarried. 

Jessie Fothergill (1065), born 7th June, 1851, at Cheetham Hill, 
Manchester. She died at Bern, Switzerland, 28th July, 1891, aged forty 
years, unmarried. She was a celebrated novelist. Among her numerous 
publications is " The First VioHn," which originally appeared in the 
Temple Bar Magazine, and was published in three volumes, nth 
October, 1878 ; it has been many times reprinted, and is an entrancing 
story of musical life in Germany. She also wrote " Borderland," 
" Aldyth," " Probation," etc. 

But the most important to my history is her " Kith and Kin," the 
first edition of which appeared in 1881. This novel describes in a 1^ 7-'^a-3H 
brilhant way the upper part of Wensleydale, the district in which resided TfWn^ 
so many of her ancestors and the ancestors of others mentioned in my ., ,»^ ' v- 
history. I strongly recommend a perusal of this fascinating book to all ^^^J . ■ 
those Thistlethwaite descendants interested in the surroundings of their ,'?,...;,,.' y/ 

" Yoresett-in-Danesdale " refers to Askrigg in Wensleydale, which 
is accurately described in the chapter so headed, " Yoresett House " 
being the old Manor House in Askrigg market place. '' Shennamere," 
on the opposite side of the valley is Semerwater, and " Scar Foot," the 
charming old house overlooking this little lake, is Carr End. " Bain- 
beck " is, of course, Bainbridge, and " Stanniforth," with its falls and 
enormous parish, disguises Aysgarth, some of the most beautiful parts 

172 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

of which are contained in the grounds of Bearpark, at present the property 
of a Thistlethwaite descendant. 

Sarah Fothergill (1073), born 29th September, 1819, at Can- 
End, Wensleydale, Yorkshire. She and her brother Thomas were the 
only members of Alexander Fothergill's family of eleven who did not go 
to America. She was married at Darlington Meeting House, 23rd May, 
1850, to Arthur Thistlethwaite, grocer, of Sunderland, son of William 
Thistlethwaite, of Pontefract, Yorkshire. This family of Thistlethwaites 
were Quakers from the seventeenth century, but do not appear in this 
volume, as they sprang from the Wensleydale Thistlethwaite stock to 
which belonged my great-great-great -grandfather, Cliristopher Thistle- 
thwaite, of Aysgarth in Wensleydale, who married in 1751, Anne 
Thistlethwaite (1145), daughter of our common ancestor, WilUam of 
Harborgill, I intend to trace this family in full in my second volume. 

Arthur and Sarah Thistlethwaite lived in their latter years at 
Hurworth-on-Tees, near Darlington. He was buried 12th February, 1885, 
at the Friends' Burial Ground, Darhngton. His widow died at Hurworth 
5th July, 1885, and was buried at Darlington Friends' Burial Ground, on 
the 8th. Arthur Thistlethwaite was born 26th September, 1818, at Pindar 
Green, Methley, Yorkshire. His mother was born Hannah Hardwick 
of Pontefract, daughter of John and ]\Iary Hardwick, and was baptised 
4th January, 1778. Arthur and Sarah Tliistlethw^aite had no issue. 

William Fothergill (1080), born 22nd December, 1835, ^^ Waith- 
land in the parish of Rochdale and the county of Lancaster. He went to 
America in 1842, his father dying the following year. He and his brother 
Henry learned pattern-making in the same shop in Wilmington, Delaware, 
and always followed that occupation. " WiUiam has mostly worked and 
lived in Chester, Pennsylvania." He was married 15th March, 1866, to 
Jane Yarrow Eldredge, of Wilmington, daughter of John and Margaret 

Part Three. i73 

Eldredge. She died vvithout issue 12th November, 1884, aged forty- 
eight years, and was buried in Wilmington and Brandywine Cemetery, 
Wilham Fothergill (1080), was Hving on the ist of October, 1909, in 
Chester, Pennsylvania, 

Henry Fothergill (1081), born 6th December, 1837, ^^ Church 
Stile, Rochdale, Lancashire, He went to America in 1842, his father 
dying in 1843, when Henry was only six years of age. He learned pattern- 
making with his brother Wilham at Wilmington. In 1876, he went to 
Steelton, Pennsylvania, to take charge of the pattern-shop at the Penn- 
sylvania Steel Works, He died at Steelton, 28th March, 1885, aged 
forty-seven years, and was buried in the Wilmington and BrandjA^-ine 
Cemetery, Wilmington, Delaware. He was married 25th June, 1867, 
to Rachel Maria Poinsett, daughter of Asa and Ann Poinsett of 

He, and his brother Thomas, were the only members of Alexander 
Fothergill's eleven children to have issue, and as none of Thomas' 
children are likely to have issue, Henry, the youngest of the eleven, 
is the only one by whom this branch of the family will be perpetuated. 
He had issue, 

i. Alexander Poinsett Fothergill (1082), whom see, 
ii, Henry Robinson Fothergill (1083), whom see. 
iii, William Greenwood Fothergill (1086), whom see, 

Alexander Poinsett Fothergill (1082), born 22nd November, 1869, 
at Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A. At the age of sixteen, he entered the 
office of the Diamond State Iron Company in Wilmington, and remained 
there about seven years. Since then, he has filled different positions with 
other firms, sometimes as manager, secretary, or salesman. He was, in 
October, 1909, Vice-President of the Cleveland Steel Tool Company, 
Cleveland, Ohio, where he was hving. He was married 12th June, 1904, 

174 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

to Anna Maria Kinch, of Reading, Pennsylvania. He had no children in 
October, 1909. 

Henry Robinson Fothergill (1083), born loth January, 1873, at 
Wilmington, Delaware. He learned mechanical draughting with the 
Diamond State Iron Company, in Wilmington, but it proved too quiet and 
sedentary for him. In about 1906, he removed to Greenville, South 
Carolina, to take charge of a short line of electric road. The climate 
did not suit his tendency to asthma, and after a year's residence, he was 
obliged to leave the locality. He obtained a temporary position at 
Youngstown, Ohio, and in October, 1909, he was superintending the 
building of some water-works at Girard, a little town about five miles 
from Youngstown. 

He was married 27th October, 1897, to Eliza Groves Quigley, daughter 
of Winfield Scott Quigley, of Wilmington, Delaware, by his wife Lola 
Gould. They have issue, 

i. Elizabeth Fothergill (1084), born 24th February, 1899. 
ii. Henry Robinson Fothergill (1085), born 24th August, 1903. 

William Greenwood Fothergill (1086), born 19th February, 
1877, at Steelton, Pennsylvania. ' At the age of sixteen he went into 
an electric light plant at Wilmington, Delaware, to learn the business, 
and remained there three years." While working in New York he met 
with two serious accidents to one of his hands, which for ever disabled him 
from doing any kind of hard practical work. Having no inclination for 
anything except manual work of some sort, he has been for several years 
at the Concrete Works in Baltimore, Maryland, making the wooden cases 
in which the concrete is moulded. He was married 6th September, 1905, 
to Katie May Crawford of Annapohs, Maryland. She was a widow with 
two children by her first husband, but is without issue by Wilham 
Greenwood FothergiU. 



John Thistlethwaite (1090), 




John Thistlethwaite (logo), born 27th April, 1712, probably at 
Harborgill, in Dent Dale, Co. York. His niece, Alice Chorley, writes : 
" John was accidentally lamed, which occasioned him to be taught the 
business of clogg-making." In the account of the avalanche of 1752 
(which see), it was to his house, at Leayat in Dent, that his relatives at 
Harborgill fled for safety ; and as he died there in 1800 we may conclude 
that Leayat was his residence. According to the custom of the Society 
of Friends, Sedbergh Monthly Meeting drew up a " testimony concerning 
John Thistlethwaite," as a minister in that body. This is unusually 
brief, and worthy of quotation : 

" He was the son of our friends William and Alice Thistlethwaite, of 
Dent, who gave him a guarded and religious Education, which he often 
expressed had made lasting impressions on his mind. He was careful 
in the education of his own children and desirous that others would be 
careful in this important duty. By yielding to the dictates of unerring 
Wisdom he became measurably qualified to instruct others in the way of 
Peace and Salvation, and was called to bear a Testimony thereunto in 
meetings about the fortieth year of his age. His gift in the ministry, 
though not large, was sound and edifying, and he had at seasons openings 
into the deep mysteries of man's redemption and with the authority of 
Truth he had to declare it in Meetings. He was also a good example in 
Meetings for Discipline, sound and clear in supporting the Testimony of 
Truth, and liberal in contributing to the services of the Society. And we 
have this Testimony to give concerning him that as he grew in years he 
grew in Grace, and laid down his head in Peace. He died the nth day 

177 13 

178 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

of loth month, 1800, and was buried at Leayat, in Dent, the 14th of the 
same, aged eighty-eight years. A minister about forty-eight years. 
Signed in, by order and on behalf of Sedbergh Monthly Meeting, held 
at Brigflatts the 24th day of 2nd mo. 1801." 

William Jackson John Laycock 

Simon Alderson Edward Smith 

Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1162) James Collinson 
Matthew Middlebrook Joshua Smithson 

Richard Alderson (26) Robert Jackson 

John Ion Richard Wilkinson 

John Thistlethwaite (1347) Charles Holmes 

Simon Harker Thomas Carter 

John Holmes. 
He married 31st March, 1744, Margaret Close, of Street, in Raven- 
stondale, who died 9th May, 1768, having issue. 

i. Alice Thistlethwaite (1091), born 5th or 15th January, 1745, 

and died an infant, 27th April, 1745. 
ii. William Thistlethwaite {1092), whom see. 
iii. Thomas Thistlethwaite (1130), born 21st March, 1750 ; died 
at Dent's Head, 22nd September, 1777, " aged about twenty 
seven," unmarried, 
iv. Alice Thistlethwaite (1131), whom see. 
V. Ann Thistlethwaite (1134), whom see. 

vi. Margaret Thistlethwaite {1139), born 30th August, 1758, and 
married firstly, 31st March, 1784, John Bezzon, of Woodhall, 
which was at one time the residence of Christopher Metcalfe 
(near Askrigg, see under Isabella Lund (536) ). Her second 
husband was John Kershaw, of Standish near Wigan, 
Lancashire, who died 19th November, 1830, aged eighty- 
eight years. She died 19th February, 185 1, aged ninety- 
two years ; without issue, 
vii. Isabel Thistlethwaite (1140), born 8th January, 1764, and 
died, unmarried, 12th January, 1780, aged sixteen years. 

Part Four. 179 

William Thistlethwaite {1092), born ist June, 1747, in Dent 
Dale. He appears to have married at some church, about 1795, his first 
cousin once removed, Elizabeth Lund (534), who was born in Garsdale, 
Yorkshire, 2nd October, 1766, daughter of Thomas Lund, by his wife 
Ahce Thistlethwaite (533), daughter of William Thistlethwaite's uncle, 
James Thistlethwaite (429). The Quaker rules forbade cousin marriage,* 
therefore William and Elizabeth Thistlethwaite were disowned, and the 
births of their children entered in the Quaker register as " non-members." 

According to the register, his first five children were born at Man- 
chester, 1796 to 1804, but his grand-daughter writes me that before going 
to Manchester he " had a Mill (presumably a cotton-mill) at Marsden," 
Lancashire. "It was while he had the mill at Marsden that the people 
rose against the new machinery. Hearing that the mob were on the way 
with destructive intent, W. Thistlethwaite went out to meet them, carry- 
ing only his staff. When he came up to them he reasoned with them so 
calmly and convincingly that they retired without doing any injury." 

He was about forty-eight years old when he married, and was engaged 
in some business in Manchester with a Quaker named Taylor. Between 
1804 and 1808 he removed to Penketh.f where he became schoolmaster, 
and taught in a room near the Meeting House. He died 31st December, 
1808, " at Sankey, being seized with apoplexy (as we are told) on his way 
into town with his son Thomas." He was buried at Penketh, Lancashire, 
5th January, 1809, ^S^^ sixty- two. 

His widow, then aged forty- two, appears to have remained at Penketh. 
" The old lady was a great reader and almost invariably read aloud in an 
evening, for the benefit of the rest. I well remember her going through 

* Karl Pearson, D.Sc, F.R.S., the eminent scientist and biometrician writes : 
" My great- great- grandfather married his second cousin, Mary Unthank, and 
both were ejected from the body by the second cousin decree of the York Quarterly 
Meeting." Our greatest scientists have shown that cousin-marriage is not detri- 
mental to the offspring, thus contradicting one of our most persistent popular fal- 
lacies. See my second volume for a full account of this subject and the Quaker rules 

t So says his grand-daughter, Anne West (1125), but the birth-place of his 
youngest child suggests Sankey, about two miles from Penketh. 

i8o The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Homer's 'Odyssey' and ' Iliad,' as well as the ' Spectator,' ' Tatler,' etc., by 
Addison, and also the ' Life of George Fox.' My connection with the 
family was like entering a new world " {ex " Autobiography of Robert 
Garnett"). She died loth November, 1848, in Academy Place, Warrington, 
at the residence of her son-in-law, Edward West, with whom she had lived 
for some years, and she was buried at Penketh. 

i. John Thistlethwaite (1093), born 29th February, 1796, at 

Manchester, and died there 2nd March, 1797. 
ii, Thomas Thistlethwaite (1094), whom see. 
iii, Margaret Thistlethwaite (1107), whom see. 
iv. Alicia Thistlethwaite (1113), whom see. 
V. Ann Thistlethwaite (11 14) whom see. 
vi. William Thistlethwaite (1127), whom see. 

Thomas Thistlethwaite {1094), born 6th December, 1797, at 
Manchester. He was apprenticed to Sanders, grocers and bankers, of 
Whitby, but spent most of his life in Manchester, where he held a respon- 
sible position in the bank of Messrs. Lloyd, Entwhistle & Co. Shortly 
after this was taken over by the Manchester and Liverpool Bank he 
retired with his wife and daughters to Whitby, where he died 20th 
July, 1881, and was interred in the cemetery there. He was married 12th 
July, 1826, at Knaresborough, Yorkshire, to Ann Ripley, who was born 
30th October, 1795, and died 22nd April, 1877. He married a non- 
Quaker, and severed his connection with the Society of Friends, 
i. William Thistlethwaite (1095), whom see. 
ii. Mary Thistlethwaite (1105), born 9th September, 1829, ^^^ 
baptised at the Parish Church, Manchester ; died un- 
married, 2ist February, 1895, at Whitby, 
iii. Ann Elizabeth Thistlethwaite {1106), bom 5th September, 1831, 
and baptised at the Parish Church, Manchester ; died, 
unmarried, 7th October, 1897, at Whitby. 

William Thistlethwaite (1095), born 2nd December, 1827, and 
baptised in the Parish Church, Manchester. He was manager of the 

Part Four. i8i 

Manchester and Liverpool District Bank, at Nantwich, Cheshire, and 
died there, 2nd October, 1896. He was married 15th January, 1861, at 
the Parish Church, Whitby, to Laura Stephenson, daughter of Appleton 
and Ann Stephenson, the former a solicitor of Whitby. She was born 
22nd April, 1841, and died at Nantwich, i6th August, 1903. 

i. Clifton William Thistlethwaite (1096), born 29th June, 1866, 
at Whitby ; Master of Arts of Exeter College, Oxford, and 
Clerk in Holy Orders. In 1909 curate at Wilmslow, Cheshire, 
but in the spring of 1910, he was licensed to the curacy of 
Hampton Bishop, Hereford ; unmarried. " Clifton " is a 
family name of the Stephensons. 
ii. Thomas Vere Close Thistlethwaite (1097), whom see. 
iii. Arthur Henry Thistlethwaite (1102), born 8th June, 1871, at 
Whitby, and is farming in New Zealand. He married ist 
March, 1904, near or in Tauranga, N.Z., Edith Eleanor 
Kensington, s.p. 
iv. Annie Laura Thistlethwaite (1103), born 19th August, 1874, at 

Whitby, now of Nantwich, unmarried. 
V. Bertie Fleming Thistlethwaite (1104), born 15th March, 1880, 
at Nantwich, where he is now a bank clerk, unmarried. 
He derives his middle name from a certain Dr. Fleming, for 
whom his father was executor. 

Thomas Vere Close Thistlethwaite (1097), born 28th Sep- 
tember, 1869, at Whitby, Yorkshire. Now wane and spirit merchant, of 
Nantwich. He married, 14th June, 1898, Frances Laura Elliott, who 
has issue, 

i. Vera Laura Thistlethwaite (1098). born 22nd May, 1899, at 

ii. Mabel Phyllis Thistlethwaite (1099), born loth December, 1901, 

at Nantwich. 
iii. Dorothy Frances Thistlethwaite (iioo), born i8th July, 1904, 
at Nantwich. 

i82 The Thistlethwaite Family, 

iv. William Thistlethwaite (iioi), born 24th December, 1908, at 

Margaret Thistlethwaite {1107), born 22nd November, 1799, 
at Manchester. While resident at Penketh, she married, 2nd June, 
1825, at Penketh Meeting House, Samuel West, woollen draper, of 
Warrington, son of William and Elizabeth West, of Shaftesbury, Dorset- 
shire, His brother, Edward, married her younger sister Ann. Samuel 
West died about 1830, and his widow and daughter lived with Edward 
West, at Warrington (on his becoming a widower in 1839), until 1851, 
when they removed to Doncaster. Thence they went to Nottingham, 
and finally Margaret West lived with her daughter and son-in-law, at 
Wymondham, Norfolk, where she died, 26th September, 1884. 
i. Mary West (1108), whom see. 

ii. William West (1112), born 26th January, 1830, at Warrington, 
and died an infant. 

Mary West (1108), born 21st March, 1827, at Warrington, 
Lancashire. She married i6th July, 1856, at Doncaster Meeting House, 
her second cousin, Arthur West, son of William West, chemist, of Leeds. 
Arthur West was apprenticed to Kitson, Hewitson and Co., engineers of 
Leeds, after which he had a business as lithographic printer at 
Nottingham. Partly on account of health he went to Montserrat (West 
Indies), to superintend the erection of sugar-cane crushing machinery 
for the Sturges. This he accomplished satisfactorily, notwithstanding 
a severe accident, by which he lost three fingers of his right hand. 
He and his wife and little boy were in Antigua for a short time before 
returning to England. He afterwards settled at Wymondham, Norfolk, 
as ironmonger, the business eventually passing to his son. 

Arthur and Mary West, after the birth of their grand-children, 
removed to South Africa on account of their son's health, and the former 
died 3rd May, 1908, aged seventy-eight years. Mary West (1108), now 
lives near her son, at Sea Point, near Cape Town, South Africa, 
i. Samuel Arthur West (1109), whom see. 

Part Four. 183 

Samuel Arthur West (1109), born i8th May, 1857, ^^ Nottingham, 
and apprenticed to an ironmonger at Whitby. He took over his father's 
business at Wymondham, Norfolk, which he eventually gave up and went 
to South Africa on account of his health. There he was at first manager 
of a hardware store, and is now a small farmer, while his wife carries on a 
large boarding establishment at Worcester House, Worcester Road, Sea 
Point, Cape Colony. He married Alice Mary Smith, daughter of a miller 
living at Carlton Rode, near Attleborough, Norfolk. 

i. Bernard Tuffen West (mo), born 7th April, 1890, at Wymond- 
ham, Norfolk, now in the South African Bank, at Cape 
ii, Margaret Hilda West (mi), born 31st August, 1892, at 
Wymondham, Norfolk ; now of Cape Town. 

Alicia Thistlethwaite (1113), born 28th January, 1802, at 
Manchester. She married December, 1851, at Warrington, Benjamin 
Wilson, of Blyth, near Worksop, Nottinghamshire. They lived for some 
years at Blyth, when Benjamin Wilson gave up his business, that of a 
general country shop, and they settled at Holly Mount, Nottingham, near 
to his sister Miriam Armitage. He died there 5th December, 1870, aged 
seventy-nine years. Ahcia Wilson {1113) remained at Nottingham, and 
died there ist May, 1875, sine prole. 

Ann Thistlethwaite (1114), born nth June, 1804, at Manchester. 
While resident at Warrington she married 24th March, 1831, at Warrington 
Meeting house, Edward West, woollen draper of Warrington, son of 
William West, farmer and later schoolmaster of Shaftesbury, who died 
at Edward West's, at Warrington. His brother Samuel West married 
her sister Margaret Thistlethwaite (1107), whom see. Ann West died 
17th July, 1839, at Warrington, and her sister Margaret came to live 
with Edward West until 1851. 

1 84 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Edward West married secondly, in 1852, Hannah Rutter, of Bath, 
and had by her one child, Edward West, Jr., now of the Steam Laundry, 
Swinton, Manchester.* Edward West, Sr. died 28th April, 1883, aged 
eighty-six, while living with his daughter Elizabeth Brown, at Banbury. 
By his first wife he had issue, 

i. Samuel West (1115), born 29th August, 1833, at Warrington ; 

died in infancy, 
ii. Ehzabeth West (1116), whom see. 

iii. Anne West (1125), born 3rd April, 1837, ^^ Warrington ; now 
residing, unmarried, with her sister, Ehzabeth Brown, at 
Banbury. A minister in the Society of Friends, 
iv. Edward West (1126), born 15th June, 1839, ^^ Warrington ; 
died an infant. 

Elizabeth West (1116), born 17th April, 1835, at Warrington, 
Lancashire. She was married 5th March, 1861, at the Baptist Chapel, 
Warrington, to Wilks Brown, woollen-draper and commercial traveller ; 
and they lived some years after their marriage at Kendal, during which 
period Wilks Brown became a Quaker. His wife was the first member 
of Hards haw East Monthly Meeting, who was not disowned for " marrying 
out." In 1868, they were living at Nantwich, and now reside at 62, 
Broughton Road, Banbury, Wilks Brown is of Scotch descent, his father, 
Edward Brown, being " a Congregational minister, educated under the 
auspices of Matthew Wilks." Edward Brown was a fellow-student and 
intimate friend of ]\Ioffat and Williams, the famous missionaries, and at 
one time contemplated going to the South Seas, but was chosen instead for 
mission work in Ireland. 

i. Ehzabeth Bartlett Brown (1117), born 30th December, 1861, 

at Kendal ; now living unmarried, at 12, Parsons Street, 

Banbury, being, jointly with her sister, proprietor of the 

" Original Cake Shop." 

* Edward West, jun., married Louisa Gundry, daughter of Joseph Gundry, 

of Gangresbury. Their three children are (i) Mary Louisa West, married Wilfred Irwin, 

of Manchester ; (ii) Amy Estelle West, married Fred WiUiams ; (iii) Edward Gundry 

West, unmarried. 

Part Four. 185 

ii. Ann West Brown (1118), born 23rd February, 1863, at Kendal ; 

died at Ackworth School, ist February, 1877. 
iii. Charlotte Brown (1119), born 20th December, 1864, at Kendal ; 

now in business with her sister as above. 
iv. Edward Wilks Brown (1120), born 3rd September, 1866, at 

Kendal ; died loth May, 1867. 
V. Samuel Edward Brown (1121), whom see. 

Samuel Edward Brown (1121), born 20th August, 1868, at 
Nantwich ; M.A. Cantab., sometime science master at Uppingham School, 
and now headmaster of the Collegiate Institution, Liverpool. He married 
6th January, 1904, at Swanage Church, Margaret Robinson, daughter of 
Gerald Robinson, mezzotint engraver to the King, and grand-daughter 
of Sir Charles Robinson, C.B. 

i. Christopher Ernest Gordon Brown (1122), born 31st January, 

1905, at Uppingham, 
ii. Marian EHzabeth Brown (1123), born 6th February, 1907, at 

iii. David Gerald West Brown (1124), born 19th March, 1909, at 

William Thistlethwaite (1127), born 26th January, 1808, in the 
township of Sankey and parish of Prescott, Lancashire. He had a 
chemist's business at Warrington, and married Sophia Morris, who was 
apparently a Quaker, as her children were bom " members." After his 
daughter, and shortly before his son, went to Ackworth School, he left 
England for New Orleans, U.S.A., and appears to have died of yellow 
fever shortly after arrival. 

i. Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (1128), born ist January, 1833, at 
Warrington ; became a teacher at Ayton Friends' School, 
where she died, unmarried, 7th May, 1851, and is buried in 
the Friends' Burial Ground, Great Ayton, Yorkshire. 

i86 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ii. Theodosius Thistlethwaite (1129), born 20th April, 1834, Q-t 
Warrington. He was apprenticed to Joseph Jesper, 
clothier, of Preston, after which he spent about a year in a 
large store in New York. On returning he was employed 
by his uncle, Edward West, at Warrington, and is said 
to have married Jane Jones, of Warrington, by whom he 
left children. I have been unable to trace living descendants. 

Alice Thistlethwaite (1131), born 4th March, 1753, in Dent Dale ; 
married 29th September, 1779, to Thomas Carter, of Carperby, near 
Aysgarth, Wensleydale, who later lived at Leayat in Dent Dale. 

Thomas Carter was born 30th December, 1749. He was a 
" cordwainer," an archaic expression for " shoe-maker," derived from 
the custom of using " Cordovan " leather, that is, leather from Cordova, 
in Spain. Thomas Carter's great-grandson (Rev. C. A. Carter, of Liver- 
pool) writes me as follows : — " When the Professor [Adam Sedgwick, 
F.R.S.] visited my father in the ' sixties ' he used to tell a story of how 
my father's grandfather [Thomas Carter, of Carperby] visited the Grammar 
School at Dent to get the Headmaster to sign a petition against slavery, 
and seeing young Adam Sedgwick, he said, ' Let this boy sign, he looks an 
intelligent lad.' " 

Thomas Carter of Carperby had a sister Ellen (or Jane ?) who married 
John Willis and had about nine sons, one of whom, Matthew Willis, was 
the father of Bessie Longmire Willis, who married Wilham Timothy 
Bradley (415). John Willis had a son Thomas Willis, who was converted 
to Quakerism by Stephen Grellet, while the latter was preaching in 
Wensleydale. Thomas Willis's grand-daughter, Ethel Marguerite Willis, 
married Alfred Rowntree, of Kirkby Overblow, whose father, John 
Rowntree, married Ann Webster (1725), See under Jane Thistlethwaite 
(759), in Part H. 

Thomas and Alice Carter of Carperby had issue two children. 

i86 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ii. Theodosius Thistlethwaite (1129), born 20th April, 1834, a-t 
Warrington. He was apprenticed to Joseph Jesper, 
clothier, of Preston, after which he spent about a year in a 
large store in New York. On returning he was employed 
by his uncle, Edward West, at Warrington, and is said 
to have married Jane Jones, of Warrington, by whom he 
left children. I have been unable to trace living descendants. 

Alice Thistlethwaite (1131), born 4th March, 1753, in Dent Dale ; 
married 29th September, 1779, to Thomas Carter, of Carperby, near 
Aysgarth, Wensleydale, who later lived at Leayat in Dent Dale. 

Thomas Carter was born 30th December, 1749. He was a 
" cordwainer," an archaic expression for " shoe-maker," derived from 
the custom of using " Cordovan " leather, that is, leather from Cordova, 
in Spain. Thomas Carter's great-grandson (Rev. C. A. Carter, of Liver- 
pool) writes me as follows : — " When the Professor [Adam Sedgwick, 
F.R.S.] visited my father in the ' sixties ' he used to tell a story of how 
my father's grandfather [Thomas Carter, of Carperby] visited the Grammar 
School at Dent to get the Headmaster to sign a petition against slavery, 
and seeing young Adam Sedgwick, he said, ' Let this boy sign, he looks an 
intelligent lad.' " 

Thomas Carter of Carperby had a sister Ellen (or Jane ?) who married 
John Willis and had about nine sons, one of whom, Matthew Willis, was 
the father of Bessie Longmire Willis, who married William Timothy 
Bradley (415). John Willis had a son Thomas Willis, who was converted 
to Quakerism by Stephen Grellet, while the latter was preaching in 
Wensleydale. Thomas Willis's grand- daughter, Ethel Marguerite Willis, 
married Alfred Rowntree, of Kirkby Overblow, whose father, John 
Rowntree, married Ann Webster (1725), See under Jane Thistlethwaite 
(759). in Part H. 

Thomas and Alice Carter of Carperby had issue two children, 

■ I- h}' i&-t^ ' t J. SiMM ii..a- /V WILLIAM THISTLETHWAITE (i)=ALICE MASON 

Richard Thistlethwaite (2) John Thistlethwaite (logo) James Thistlethwaite (429) 

= Elizaheth Mason =Margaret Close = Isabel Kothergill 

William Thistlethwaite (1217) = Margaret Capstick Miles Capstick Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (2oo) = Thomas Carter (1132) 

Anthony Carter (206) 
= Betty Allen 

Bernard Thistlethwaite (1224) 

Part Four. 187 

i, Thomas Carter (1132), born 8th August, 1781 ; died 17th April, 
1845. He married, when of Leayat, his second cousin, 
Betty Thistlethwaite (200), 28th May, 1807, and their 
descendants are traced under her name in Part I. They 
lived in Dent Dale, and she died in 1812. He married 
secondly, 26th March, 1817, Ann Akrigg, who was without 
issue. He was then living at High Thistlethwaite, a cottage 
near Harborgill. 

ii. John Carter (1133), born i6th January, 1784, at Richmond, 
Yorkshire. He died unmarried, 20th November, 1856, 
having been a cattle dealer for many years at Preston. 

Ann Thistlethwaite (1134), bom 20th December, 1755, in Dent Dale ; 
married 19th October, 1785, at Warrington Meeting House, to John 
Taylor, corn factor, of Manchester, son of John Taylor, yeoman, of Styal, 
in Cheshire, by his wife Catherine. Probably he was the Quaker Taylor 
of Manchester, with whom Ann Thistlethwaite's brother WilHam was 
in partnership. 

i. Ann Taylor (1135), born 26th September, 1787, at Manchester. 

I do not know what became of her. 
ii. Mary Taylor (1136), born 24th September, 1789, at Manchester, 
married John Lowe and had issue, 

i. John Lowe (1137), an architect, who married, but is 

said to have had no children, 
ii. Mary Anne Lowe (1138), who married a widower 
named Fawcett, living somewhere in the North of 
England, and had no children of her own. I should 
much like to discover some living descendants of 
the above Ann Thistlethwaite {1134). 




Isabel Thistlethwaite (1142), 





Isabel Thistlethwaite (1142), was born 6th July, 1717, in Dent 
Dale, probably at Harborgill. Her niece, Alice Chorley (1020), writes of 
her, " Isabel was middle-sized, of literary knowledge, which, added to 
genteel manners, rendered her an agreeable companion." She was 
married 26th February, 1749, at Leayat Meeting House, Dent Dale, to 
Henry Morland, a farmer in Wensleydale. 

From the " Tithe Book " of Richmond Monthly Meeting of the 
Society of Friends, now at Carperby Meeting House, it appears that 
" Friends Tithe, etc., was adjudge before John Hutton, Esq. and Edward 
Place, clerk, two Justices of the peace, at the Half-penny house, the 13th 
4th mo. 1764, as followeth, viz., [among many others] Henry Morland, 
four shilhngs costs," making, with the tithe on 60 sheep, 17 lambs, 5 cows, 
and 5 calves, a total of £1 is. 7Jd. He is previously 6s. in arrears, and 
with 2s. for " distress " the sum wanted becomes {1 13s. 7|d. On 
account of this there was " distrained 

Dozen stockins 
* Beef, 35 at 3^d. and id. over 









In all . . . . £1 7 oJ 

being 6s. 7d. short, but he is overcharged half a calf which is to be righted 
next year. " 

* Note the price of beef per pound 150 years ago. 

192 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

From Alice Chorley's Record, it appears that her aunt Isabel had 
at least two children, and very possibly more, for Alice Chorley, in her 
Record, frequently omits important members of the family. But I have 
had search made by Norman Penney, F.S.A., in the Quaker Registers 
at Devonshire House, neither births, nor marriages, of children being 
found. Most unfortunately the registers for Wensleydale during a large 
part of the eighteenth century have been lost, and the only records 
apparently remaining are the minute books now kept in an unlocked 
cupboard in Carperby Meeting House. From these I have found much of 
interest in reference to the Wensleydale Thistlethwaites,"* but no light 
has yet been thrown on Morland descendants. 

i. Isabel Morland (1143), who had issue, according to Alice 

ii. Alice Morland (1144), who had issue, according to Alice 

* Relatives of my great-great-great-grandfather, Christopher Thistlethwaite, 
who married, 1751, Anne Thistlethwaite (114S), of Dent. No local parish registers 
exist before 171 1, and the Aysgarth registers after that date contain only one Thistle- 
thwaite entry. 



Anne Thistlethwaite (ihs), 




Anne Thistlethwaite (1145), was born 30th October, 1720, in Dent 
Dale, probably at Harborgill. Her niece, Alice Chorley (1020), describes 
her as " much pitted with the smallpox," and '" of a religious amiable 
character." She died in Dent Dale, 30th April, 1772, aged fifty-one years. 

She was married 4th July, 1751, to Cliristopher Thistlethwaite, 
hosier, of Aysgarth, Wensleydale, Yorkshire. That he was a kinsman 
of the Dent family I do not doubt, but the relationship was probably 

Christopher Thistlethwaite was a son of Jeremiah Thistlethwaite, 
who was married, 3ist September, 1711, to ^largaret Burn, of Aysgarth, 
at the Friends' Meeting House there. Jeremiah's father, Arthur Thistle- 
thwaite, of Carperby, Wensleydale, suffered as a Quaker six years and 
twenty-nine weeks imprisonment at York. I hope to print a full account 
of the Wensleydale Thistlethwaites, and their descendants, in a second 

As the name of only Christopher Thistlethwaite's youngest child, 
born 1763, appears in the Dent Quaker Registers, I conclude that his 

* It may be mentioned here that the Dent family usually spelled their surname 
" Thistlethwayte." This speUing is used at the present day by the Thistlethwaytes 
of Hampshire, whose ancestors probably separated from the Dent Dale stock in the 
fifteenth century. However, in the marriage certificate of Christopher's parents it 
is uniformly spelled " Thistle thwait," and the Wensleydale contemporary Quaker 
minute books suggest that this variant was most commonly used by the Wensleydale 

Glen Thistlethwaite (1686), of Earlham College, Indiana, writes that among 
many of the American kinsmen " Thistlewaite " is becoming the permanent pro- 
nunciation, but not spelling, although he personally asks for the full pronunciation. 
I have noticed that the old Dent farmers invariably say " Thistlethut," which per- 
haps explains why so awkward a name has persistently retained its full number of 

196 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

elder children were born at Aysgarth in Wensleydale, and that he removed 
into Dent shortly before the above named year. He died 31st October, 
1794, aged seventy-four years, at Hobsons-in-Dent, a house close to 
Leayat Meeting House, on the other side of the road. 

His great-grandson (my grandfather) tells of a tradition according 
to which Christopher Thistlethwaite, some time before his actual death, 
recovered from, I suppose, a cataleptic seizure only just in time to prevent 
his burial. 

i. Margaret Thistlethwaite (1146), whom see, 
ii. Alice Thistlethwaite (1161), probably born at Aysgarth 
about 1755, and is mentioned by Alice Chorley as 
" remaining single." She died at Hobsons, nth July, 1825, 
aged 70 years. 
iii. Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1162), v;hom see. 
iv. Ann Thistlethwaite (1245), whom see. 
V. WilHam Thistlethwaite (1257), whom see. 

Margaret Thistlethwaite {1146), born probably at Aysgarth, 
between 1751 and 1763, the Quaker register which should contain the date 
beinglost. She married atLeayat Meeting House, 26thjune, 1777*, James 
Anderson of Kelso, in the county of Roxburgh, grocer and weaver, son 
of Michael Anderson of Edinburgh, tanner, and of Kelso, linen manu- 
facturer, by his wife Christian Gray of the City of Old Aberdeen f. 
Margaret and James Anderson both appear to have been living in 1791, 
but James died before 1797, and Margaret before 1831. 

i. Michael Anderson (1147), born at Kelso, Scotland, 27th May 
1778, and died aged nineteen years at Edinburgh, 23rd 
August, 1797, buried the following day in Edinburgh, 
ii. Ann Anderson (1148), whom see. 

* The marriage certificate contains the signatures as witnesses of the following 
Thistlethwaites :— f our Williams; two Johns, Alices, and Margarets; and Mary, 
Isabel, Thomas, Jeremiah, Christopher, Arthur, Agnes, Anthony, and Richard. 

t Michael was the son of Patrick Anderson, of Kelso, Scotland, weaver ; and 
Christian, whom he married 9th November, 1728, was daughter of James Gray, 
of the City of Old Aberdeen, merchant. 

Part Six. 197 

iii. Christian Anderson (1157), whom see. 

iv. Christopher Anderson (1159), born at Kelso, 26th August 

1784, died at Kelso 12th June, 1785, and buried there the 

following day. 
V. Margaret Anderson (1160), born at Kelso, 15th August, 1787, 

died at Kelso, 3rd September, 1791, aged four years, and 

and buried there on the fifth. 

Ann Anderson (1148), born 9th November, 1779, at Kelso, co. 
Roxburgh, N.B. She married, about 1803, Thomas Thwaite farmer of 
Low Blean, in Wensleydale, who died many years before her decease. 
She first appeared as a Quaker minister about 1815. She lived at Bain- 
bridge, in about 1840, and afterwards at Westhouse in Dent and near 
Dent's Town, but died at Bainbridge in Wensleydale. At one time she 
also lived in the cottage at Hobsons in Dent. 

i. John Thwaite (1149), born 8th August, 1804, at Low Blean, 

in the parish of Aysgarth, probably died young, s.p. 
ii. Margaret Thwaite (1150), born 12th of May 1806, at Low 

Blean, died an infant, 
iii. James Thwaite (1151), born 7th April 1808, at Low Blean, 

probably died young, s.p. 
iv. Wilham Thwaite (1152), born 12th May, 1810, at Low Blean, 

probably died young, s.p. 
V. Ehzabeth Thwaite (1153), born 20th March, 1812, at Low Blean, 
married Matthew King, of Bentham, draper, when she was 
middle-aged, and had one child which died an infant, 
vi. Margaret Thwaite (1154), born 15th April, 1814, of unsound 

mind, died unmarried, 
vii. Mary Ann Thwaite (1155), born 14th May, 1818, died unmarried 

about 1838. 
viii. Thomas Thwaite (1156), born nth August, 1821, at one time 
assistant with Bainbridges, drapers, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, 
died unmarried about 1851. 

198 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Christian Anderson (1157), born nth August, 1781, at Kelso in the 
county of Roxburgh, Scotland. At the age of nearly fifty she was living 
at Kendal, and on 13th April, 1831, was married at Preston Patrick 
Meeting House, in the county of Westmorland, to Joseph Binnsof Craw- 
shaw Booth, in the county of Lancashire, leather-cutter, son of David 
Binns, of the same place, leather-cutter, and of Ann, his wife, both then 
deceased. Joseph Binns died at Crawshaw Booth, about 1842-3, and his 
wife Christian soon afterwards went to live near her son at Castleton, 
Yorkshire. A little while before he left Castleton, she removed into one 
of Thomas Richardson's cottages at Great Ayton, in Cleveland, Co. York. 
Here she died 31st December, 1870, aged eighty-nine years, and was 
interred in the Friends' Graveyard, where a headstone incorrectly names 
her as " Christiana Binns." When a girl she was a maid in the London 
household of the father of Josiah Forster, who was later to become an 
eminent Quaker, and at the age of about twenty she had a natural 

i. William Anderson (1158), bom about 1801, and educated at 
Ackworth School. He was for many years employed by 
Thomas Baker, grocer and draper, at the " High Shop," 
Castleton, and when the latter retired on account of ill- 
health, William Anderson (1158) took over the shop himself, 
the " Low Shop " at Castleton also becoming his property. 
Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1218), of Great Ayton, who had 
also been assistant to Thomas Baker, and who was after- 
wards to marry the latter's first cousin, became assistant 
to William Anderson. In spite of a paying business, the 
last years of William Anderson's life were unfortunate ; 
and after giving up the shop at Castleton about i860 he 
spent his time walking about the country, making what 
little money he required by reading in his excellent manner 
at taverns. He never married, and is said to have died 
in Skipton Workhouse. 

Part Six. i99 

Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1162), bom in 1757, probably at Aysgarth. 
He married 31st March, 1779, Margare t Mason, who was born 23rd March, 
1757, daughter of Anthony Mason,* " pubhc friend," by his wife Ehzabeth 
Adamthait, whom he married 3rd March, 1738. 

He hved at Hobsons-in-Dent, opposite Leayat, and here his three 
children were born. He later lived at Rasett (or Rayside), a house near 
Leayat, which, my grandfather told me, was his own property. He 
was apparently oblfged to sell this, and removed to Darlington in 1825 
at the age of sixty-eight years, where his second son, Anthony Thistle- 
thwaite (1164) had been settled since 1809. He was employed by the 
Peases as wool-comber. 

The minute of Darlington Monthly Meeting held 20th September, 
1825, runs : " A certificate has been received from Sedbergh Monthly 
Meeting, dated 30th of Eighth Month 1825, on behalf of Jeremiah and 
Margaret Thistlethwaite settled at Dsrlington, the latter in the station 
of Minister, which is accepted, and Jonathan Backhouse and Henry 
Frederick Smith are appointed to ur ite with women friends and visit 
them." The following minute was rriade at the Monthly Meeting held 
17th July, 1827 • " One of the overseers of Darlington meeting informs 
us that Jeremiah and Margaret Thistlethwaite who were recommended 
from Sedbergh Monthly Meeting are now, in account of the increased age 
and inability of the former to follow his business as heretofore, requiring 
the assistance of friends, and have acc:ordingly been relieved. The clerk 
is requested to send a copy of this min ute to Sedbergh Monthly Meeting." 

Margaret Thistlethwaite, who had been acknowledged a minister 
in the Society of Friends by Briggflatts Monthly Meeting in 1797, died at 
Darlington 15th November, 1832, and Was interred in the Friends' Burial 
Ground on the i8th November, aged jseventy-five years. The following 
minute was made 4th December, 183:2 : — " We appoint Edward Peasef 

* Anthony Mason was son of Christojoher Mason by his wife Agnes Burton, 
whom he married 3rd March, 1704. For Mi'ison family see my second volume. 

t " Edward Pease " founded the first rtiilway in England, and his son " Joseph 
Pease, Junior " was the first Quaker member! of ParUament, and father of Sir Joseph 
Whitwell Pease, Baronet. Sophia, daughter' of Edward Pease's son " John Pease." 
married Sir Theodore Fry, Baronet. 

200 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

William Robson, John Thistlethw^te, John Pease, and Joseph Pease, 
iun., to prepare a few lines by way o minute concerning our dear deceased 
friend Margaret Thistlethwaite, lat of Darlington, minister." 

Before July, 1833, Jeremiah Tlistlethwaite (1162) returned to Dent, 
and spent the rest of his life with hision, WilHam Thistlethwaite (1217) at 
Leayat, in the cottage next to the Meting House. Here he died in 1838, 
aged eighty-one years, and was bucd in the Friends' Burial Ground at 
Leayat. My grandfather remembe d him as a small thin man of amiable 


i. Christopher Thistlethwae (1163), born 12th June, 1780, at 
Hobsons, died aged nuteen years, unmarried, 4th January, 
ii. Anthony Thistlethwaiteii64), whom see. 
iii. Wilham Thistlethwaite. 217), whom see. 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (ii),born 15th June,i782,inDent Dale. 
He was settled at Darlington, MaySog, and went through the Pease's 
woollen business with John Pease (Lt of Cleveland Lodge, Great Ayton). 
" Anthony Thistlethwaite, warehteman, of Darlington," died there 
28th December, 1831, aged forty-ie j'ears, and was buried there ist 
January, 1832. 

He married at Yarm Meetingouse 23rd December, 1814, Mary 
Hedlev,* of Darhngton, daughter cames and Sarah Hedley. She was 
born 29th August, 1790, at Low Cccliffe, in the parish of High Conis- 
cliffe near Darhngton, her father lig a flax-dresser. Her mother was 
Sarah Hartas, daughter of Williaind Mary Hartas of Danby Dale, 
Co. York, and sister to George "tas whose granddaughter, Rachel 
Peacock, married Anthony Thistk-aite's nephew, Jeremiah Thistle- 
thwaite (1218). See Chart VH. 

On 25th July, 1840, eight ye after her husband's death, Mary 
Thistlethwaite left England with hwo sons and landed in New York 
29th August, 1840, the day she 'fifty years of age. She died at 
* See " Unhistoric Acts " (Headle others), by George Baker, of York. 


The Thistlethwaite Family. 

William Robson, John Thistlethwate, John Pease, and Joseph Pease, 
iun., to prepare a few lines by way o minute concerning our dear deceased 
friend Margaret Thistlethwaite, lat of Darlington, minister." 

Before July, 1833, Jeremiah Tistlethwaite (1162) returned to Dent, 
and spent the rest of his life with hision, William Thistlethwaite (1217) at 
Leayat, in the cottage next to the dieting House. Here he died in 1838, 
aged eighty-one years, and was buEd in the Friends' Burial Ground at 
Leayat. My grandfather remembe d him as a small thin man of amiable 


i. Christopher Thistlethwae (1163), born I3th June, 1780, at 
Hobsons, died aged niiteen years, unmarried, 4th January, 
ii. Anthony Thistlethwaiteii64), whom see. 
iii. Wilham Thistlethwaite 217), whom see. 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (11), born 15th June,i782,inDent Dale. 
He was settled at Darlington, MaySog, and went through the Pease's 
woollen business with John Pease (l;r of Cleveland Lodge, Great Ayton). 
" Anthony Thistlethwaite, wareh«eman, of Darhngton," died there 
28th December, 1831, aged forty-ie j^ears, and was buried there ist 
January, 1832. 

He married at Yarm Meetingouse 23rd December, 1814, Mary 
Hedley,* of Darhngton, daughter cames and Sarah Hedley. She was 
born 29th August, 1790, at Low Cccliffe, in the parish of High Conis- 
cliffe, near Darhngton, her father tg a flax-dresser. Her mother was 
Sarah Hartas, daughter of Williamd Mary Hartas of Danby Dale, 
Co. York, and sister to George tas whose granddaughter, Rachel 
Peacock, married Anthony Thistlvaite's nephew, Jeremiah Thistle- 
thwaite (1218). See Chart VH. 

On 25th July, 1840, eight ye after her husband's death, Mary 
Thistlethwaite left England with Iwo sons and landed in New York 
29th August, 1840, the day she 'fifty years of age. She died at 
* See " Unhistoric Acts " (Headle others), by George Baker, of York. 

Chart VII. Showing Hartas Inter-marriages. 



Jane B];ikey = Alexander F'otheigill = Margaiet Thistlethwaite («77) 



the Quaker Fothe?gill family WILLIAM HARTAS = MARY DUNN 
[Part III.] I 

Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1162) 

Sarah Hartas 
=James Hedley 

John Thistlethwaite (1347) 
=(2nd) Eleanor Atkinson 

Margaret Harker = Robert Hartas Elizabeth Hartas William Thistlethwaite (1217) [Anthony Thistlethwaite (ii64)=Mary Hedley Sarah Hedley Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1705) 

= George Peacock =Margaret Capstick 

=Geo. Baker -—Geo. Webster 

Isaac Hartas Esther Peacock Rachel Peacock= Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (121 8) James Mason Thistlethwaite (i 166) David Baker Charles Webster (1747) 

^^ Mary Proctor Massey ==Charles Webster {1747) I / ^ ^ .. - . 

Fothergill Hartas 

=Esther Peacock 

Bernard Thistlethwaite (1224) 


Part Six. 201 

Macedon, Wayne County, New York State, at the residence of her son 
Jeremiah, 27th July, 1884, aged nearly ninety-four years. 

i. Margaret Hannah Thistlethwaite (1165), born i8th April, 
1816, at Darlington in the County of Durham, where she 
died ist March, 1834, aged eighteen years, and was buried 
6th March, unmarried, 
ii. James Mason Thistlethwaite (1166), whom see. 
iii. Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1205), whom see. 
iv. Sarah Thistlethwaite (1216), born 9th December, 1830, at 
Darlington, where she died 28th October, 1832, aged two 
years, and was buried ist November, 

James Mason Thistlethwaite (1166), born 6th August, 1820, at 
Darlington. He is said to have been in Pease's Bank there until he 
emigrated to America in 1840 with his mother and younger brother. 
He was thrice married, the first time 2Tst December, 1842, at Shelby, 
Orleans County, New York State, to Mary Hawley Haines, daughter of 
Reuben and Anne Haines, who was born nth March, 1825. She died 
19th June, 1850, aged twenty-five years, leaving three children.. 
i. Anthony Mason Thistlethwaite {1167), whom see. 
ii. Sarah Haines Thistlethwaite (1178), whom see. 
iii. Alfred Thistlethwaite (1192), born 5th April, 1850, at Milville, 
Orleans County, N.Y., now farmer near Tonganoxie, 
Kansas. He married 8th August, 1882, at Tonganoxie, 
Emily Baker, who was born i6th April, 1851, near Shotley 
Bridge, Co. Durham, England. She was his second cousin, 
and her sister married his brother Anthony Mason Thistle- 
thwaite (1167), whom see. They are sine prole, but have 
an adopted girl named Elsie, 
On the death of his young wife, James Mason Thistlethwaite (1166) 
was fortunately able to entrust his three young children to his mother. 
On the 23rd January, i852,shewrote from Milville a letter, from which the 
following is an extract, to her first cousin, Elizabeth Peacock, nee Hartas, 

202 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

whose daughter, Rachel Peacock, married four years later the late Jeremiah 
Thistlethwaite (1218), of Great Ayton, Yorkshire, nephew by marriage 
to the writer of the letter : — " Thee and I can sympathise in the loss of 
daughters, and each of us have lost a daughter-in-law ; the loss of mine 
has left me with the care of three children, the oldest little more than 
six years old, the care of which, in addition to the care of housekeeping, 
I find occupyes my time pretty fully ; my health is not very good, but I 
have a hired girl that has been with me ever since my daughter-in-law 
died, and we can get help to wash, etc., when we need it. A cottage house 
belonging to the Farm is occupied by an Englishman, and his wife is 
willing to go out to wash, a thing rather uncommon in country situations 
in this part of America ; her husband works for my son James in the 

However, James Mason Thistlethwaite (1166), was married for the 
second time in Shelby, Orleans County, N.Y., 22nd November, 1854, to 
Ann Eliza Weaver, a widow. She was born 24th January, 1828, daughter 
of Jonathan and Elizabeth Taber, and married firstly John W. Weaver, 
by whom she had one child, John Wells Weaver, born i6th March, 1849. 
She died at Milville, N.Y., 9th July, 1861, aged thirty-three years, leaving 
by her second husband one child. 

iv. Edward Joshua Thistlethwaite (1193), born 9th October, 1855, 
at East Shelby, N.Y., now living in Kansas City, Missouri, 

James Mason Thistlethwaite {1166), was married for the third time 
in Orleans County, N.Y., 15th October, 1862, to Sarah Emily Ransome. 
She was born 22nd March, 1834, i" Dutchess County, N.Y., daughter of 
Joseph and Elizabeth {nee Wheeler) Ransome, and died at Tonganoxie, 
Kansas, 24th January, 1892, aged 58 years. At the age of 84 years, 
James Mason Thistlethwaite (1166) wrote a letter to my aunt from his 
residence at Linwood, Kansas. In this he says, " I have twenty-nine 
children, grand and great-grand, without reckoning their husbands or 
wives — about equal in number in New York, Missouri, and Kansas — 
four families here on adjoining farms in Kansas." He died 19th 

Part Six. 


March, 1906, at Tonganoxie, Kansas, aged eighty-six years. By his 
third wife, Sarah Emily Ransome,* he had three children. 
V. Ann Eliza Thistlethwaite (11 94), whom see. 
vi. Mary Emily Thistlethwaite (1198), whom see, 
vii. Arthur Wensley Thistlethwaite (1202), whom see. 

Anthony Mason Thistlethwaite (1167), born loth September, 1845, 
at Milville, Orleans County, N.Y., and is now resident in Kansas City, 
Missouri. He was married at Tonganoxie, Kansas, 15th November, 1871, 
to his second cousin, Ann Maria Baker, who was born at Shotley Bridge, 
Durham, England, i8th April, 1848. His brother and his half-sister 
married her sister and her brother respectively. See Chart VH. 

i. Lihan Theodora Thistlethwaite {1168), born 3rd December, 

1873, at Medina, New York State. 
ii. Sarah Eleanor Baker Thistlethwaite (1169), whom see. 
iii. David Haines Thistlethwaite (1176), whom see. 
iv. Alfred Henry Thistlethwaite (1177), born 12th June, 1883, 
at Tonganoxie, Kansas, now jeweler [sic) at Trenton, 

Sarah Eleanor Baker Thistlethwaite (1169), born 29th November, 

1877, 3.t Medina, N.Y., married 31st December, 1896, at Tonganoxie, 

Kansas, to Charles Fox Parham, a preacher, born 4th June, 1873, at 

Muscatine, Iowa, son of William and Anna Maria Parham. 

i. Claude Wallace Parham (1170), born 22nd September, 1897, 

at Baldwin, Kansas. 

ii. Esther Mary Parham (1171), born 29th November, 1898, at 

Topeka, Kansas. 

iii. Charles Theodore Parham, (1172), born ist March, 1900, at 

Topeka, and died there i6th March, 1901. 

* Sarah Emily Ransome was a descendant of Robert Ransome, of Aldborough, 
Suffolk, England, who died in 1588, and was son of Thomas Ransome, who hved in 
the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. An intermediate ancestor was Richard 
Ransome, known as the " Quaker miller," who was born 1649, and died 8th November, 
17 16, in Bristol. He was a miller at North Walsham, Norfolk, became a Quaker in 
1676, and was imprisoned fifteen years for his faith. 

204 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

iv. Philip Arlington Parham (1173), born 2nd June 1902, at 

Kansas City, Missouri. 
V. Wilfred Charles Parham (1174), born i6th March, 1904, at 

Galena, Kansas, 
vi. Robert Parham (1175), born ist June, 1906, at Keelville, 


David Haines Thistlethwaite (1176), born 17th August, 1880, at 
Tonganoxie, Kansas, near which place he is now a farmer. He was 
married 26th February, 1908, at Kansas City, to Merton Wade, born ist 
December, 1886, at Oak, Nebraska, daughter of John R. and Loretta May 

Sarah Haines Thistlethwaite (1178), born 27th May, 1847, at 
Millville, Orleans County, N.Y. She was married firstly 26th March, 
1872, at Shelby, Orleans County, to Oscar Dillingham, who was born 
2ist June, 1842, at Elba, Genesee County, N.Y., son of Stephen and Anna 
DiUingham. Oscar Dillingham died 8th February, 1895, and his widow 
married 15th February, 1898, Warren Gardner, born 24th May, 1832, 
son of Joel and Gulielma Gardner. She now lives at Palmyra, Wayne 
County, N.Y., about nine miles from Macedon. By her first husband 
she had the following children : 

i. James Irving Dillingham (1179), whom see. 
ii. Alfred Stephen Dilhngham (11 84), whom see. 
iii. Mary Helen Dilhngham (1187), whom see. 
iv. Ethel Anna Dillingham (1191), born 12th March, 1885, at 
Elba, Genesee County, N.Y., unmarried. 

James Irving Dillingham (1179), born 3rd February, 1873, at Elba, 
Genesee County ; was married 28th June, 1900, at Glens Falls, N.Y., to 
Sara Rawson Keates, born i6th February, 1875, in Ireland, daughter 

Part Six. 205 

of Harry Rowland and Elizabeth Robinson Keates, who were engaged 
in religious work there at the time. 

i. Ehzabeth Keates Dillingham (1180), born 19th October, 1902, 

at Elba, N.Y. 
ii. Howard Irving Dillingham (1181), born nth October, 1904, 

at Elba, N.Y. 
iii, Catherine Sara Dillingham (1182), born ist September, 1906, 

at Elba, N.Y. 
iv. Maurice Stanley Dillingham (1183), born 30th March, 1908, 
at Elba, N.Y. 

Alfred Stephen Dillingham (1184), born 25th December, 1874, at 
Elba, N.Y., and was married 27th September, 1899, at Elba, to Edythe 
Maritta Blood, born 27th April, 1879, ^^ Cattaraugus County, N.Y., 
daughter of Albert E. and Mary L. Blood of Elba, N.Y. 

i. Eula Belle Dillingham (1185), born 22nd July, 1900, at Elba, 

ii. Paul Alfred Dillingham (11 86), born 3rd April, 1904, at Auburn, 
Cayuga County, N.Y. 

Mary Helen Dillingham (1187), born 28th January, 1878, at Elba, 

N.Y., and was married 8th June, 1899, ^^ Elba, to Frederick Allan De 

Voll, born 3rd April, 1871, son of Allan Potter and Sarah Francis De Voll. 

i. Harold Allan De Voll (1188), born 24th September, 1900, at 

Newburgh-on-the-Hudson, N.Y. 
ii. Laurence Oscar De Voll (1189), born 3rd September, 1902, 

at Brighton (now East Rochester), N.Y. 
iii. Raymond Dillingham De Voll (1190), born 8th July, 1905, 
at Rochester, N.Y. 

2o6 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Ann Eliza Thistlethwaite (1194), born 7th January, 1865, at East 
Shelby, N.Y., and was married i8th February, 1891, at Tonganoxie, 
Kansas, to John Caffery Hopkins, born i6th June i860, near Lawrence, 
Kansas, son of Thomas and Sarah Agnes Hopkins, and now a farmer near 
Tonganoxie, Kansas. 

i. Raj^mond Curtis Hopkins (1195), born 19th November, 1891, 

at Linwood, Kansas, 
ii. Arthur Edward Hopkins (1196), born 3rd December, 1893, 

at Linwood. 
iii. Sarah Ethel Hopkins (1197), born 19th April, 1899, at Linwood. 

Mary Emily Thistlethwaite (1198), born 8th February, 1867, at East 
Shelby, Orleans County, N.Y. ; married 14th August, 1889, at Tonganoxie, 
Kansas, to her second cousin, Thomas Hedley Baker, born 24th April, 
1854, near Shotley Bridge, Durham, England, son of David and Anna 
Maria [nee Thompson) Baker, and now farmer near Tonganoxie. See 
Chart Vn. 

i. James Thistlethwaite Baker (1199), born loth June, 1892, at 

ii. Margaret Lucy Baker (1200), born i6th May, 1898, at 

iii. Ruth Baker (1201), born 7th March, 1901, at Tonganoxie. 

Arthur Wensley Thistlethwaite (1202), born 28th May, 1871, 
at East Shelby, N.Y., now jeweler {sic) and optician at Tonganoxie. 
He was married 28th December, 1893, at Lawrence, Kansas, to Linnie 
Hortans Kemmerling, born 4th August, 1871, at Altoona, Pennsylvania, 
daughter of Samuel Angus and Blanche Kemmerling. 

i. Mae Nellie Thistlethwaite (1203), born 12th March, 1898, 

at Tonganoxie, Kansas. 
ii. Helen Blanche Thistlethwaite (1204), born 8th August, 1906, 
at Tonganoxie. 

Part Six. 207 

Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1205), born 12th September, 1824, 
at Darlington, England, and emigrated to America, aged sixteen years, 
with his mother and elder brother, in 1840. Writing to England in 
January, 1852, his mother says, " My son Jeremiah is in the Timber 
business so that he is but little at home with us, he is lately gone west 
through Canada, Michagon, and part of Ohio and Wisconson through the 
South part of Ilinois to a place called Greenbay on the Michigon Lake to 
buy Timber ; I don't like his taking such long journeys, railway and stage 
traveling is attended with some risk, especally in this country where 
railroads are only in most cases put up rather slight, and only a single 
line, but he seems to like it and hitherto he has been preserved from harm. 
If he does the business that he anticipates I don't look for him home 
before next midsummer. . . James' and my love to Wm. Anderson 
and Jeremiah* if at Castleton, I should like much to hear of Cousin Ann 
Thwaite, or any of our other relations in Dent. If Wm. A. would like 
to write to either James or me it would be acceptable." 

Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1205), married 3rd January, 1855, at 
Macedon, N.Y., Abigail Packard, born 19th November, 1829, at Macedon. 
She was daughter of Philander Packard (son of Bartimeus and Abigail, 
nee Packard, Packard) by his wdfe Minerva, daughter of Isa and Mary 
[nee Beal) Lapham. 

The following account is extracted from the Macedon News-Gatherer, 
October 19th, 1901. " Jeremiah Thistlethwaite died at his home in this 
village, Wednesday evening at nine o'clock, October i6th, 1901, aged 
seventy-seven years, one month and four days. Deceased was born the 
twelfth day of September, 1824, at Darhngton, England, to Anthony 
and Mary Thistlethwaite, who were members of the Society of Friends. 
When a child six years of age his father died — in 1830. He received his 
education at Wigton School in Cumberland County, In 1840, with his 
mother and brother James who is still living, he came to this country 
and settled at Millville, Orleans County. 

* i.e., my grandfather Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1218), of Great Ayton, first 
cousin to Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1205), of Macedon. 

2o8 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

"Mr. Thistlethwaite first cametoMacedonin 1843, when he began his 
business career as clerk in the store of Alexander Purdy. At that time 
he remained here nearly two years. He then became interested in the 
lumber business, and conducted different camps and saw mills in Penn- 
sylvania and Canada and finally located as a wholesale merchant in that 
commodity at Buffalo in 1850. He remained in Buffalo until 1864, when, 
retiring from business, he settled in Macedon, where he resided until his 

"Possessed of unusual good judgment and a habit of thoroughly 
investigating the smallest details of his business, his success was greater 
than is common. . . In politics Mr. Thistlethwaite was a Republican 
and represented Macedon on 'the Board of Supervisors in 1876, and the 
year following he was elected to the Assembly from the second district 
of Wayne County. He was a man from whom advice was frequently 
sought, and he conscientiously gave it. To be courteous to everyone 
was one of his aims, and no matter the provocation or the anger he may 
have felt, no one saw him different than a gentleman in the full meaning 
of the word. He could say no to those asking favours which he could not 
grant and leave them pleased to have asked even if disappointed. Age 
only tended to ripen his intellect, never to impair it, and up to the time 
of his last sickness he showed none of the failings old men usually mani- 

i. Mary Thistlethwaite {1206), born 13th September, 1855, at 
Buffalo, N.Y., now living with her mother at Macedon, 
ii. William Packard Thistlethwaite {1207), whom see. 

iii. Charles Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (121 3), whom see. 

iv. Joseph Leayat Thistlethwaite (1214), whom see. 

William Packard Thistlethwaite (1207), born 6th February, 
i860, at Buffalo, N.Y., married 24th January, 1884 at Bridgeport, 
Connecticut, Annie Belle Gilbert, born 7th June, 1862, at Weston, Conn., 
daughter of George Hall Gilbert (son of Joseph and Matilda, we^ Bradley, 

Part Six. 209 

Gilbert) by his wife Maria E. daughter of Charles B. and Julia, nee Kelsey, 
Flint. In 1900 he entered into partnership with his two brothers in a 
Grain Drill Factory at Despatch (or East Rochester, N.Y) and he lives 
at Macedon, 13 miles away. 

i. Leayat A. Thistlethwaite {1208), born nth August, 1887, 

at Macedon, married 4th July, 1906, at Macedon, Allan T. 

Littell, farmer of Macedon, son of Henry M. and Cornelia 

(iiee Longstaff), Littell. 

ii. Agnes H. Thistlethwaite (1209), born 15th April, 1890, at 

iii. Nina Minerva Thistlethwaite (1210), born 23rd March, 1896, 

at Macedon. 
iv. Abigail Thistlethwaite (121 1), born 24th June, 1898, at 

V. WilHam Gilbert Thistlethwaite (1212), born ist September, 
1908, at Macedon. 

Charles Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1213), born 19th July, 1867, 
at Macedon, N.Y., now resident at Fairport, N.Y., and partner in the 
Drill Factory at Despatch. He married 12th September, 1901, at 
Minneapolis, Minnesota, Elizabeth Wright Hance, who was born 31st 
July, 1865, at Aurora, Illinois, daughter of Dr. Samuel Francis Hance 
(son of Thomas Clare Hance by his wife Esther Aldrich Lapham), by his 
wife Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Warren and Betsy [nee Sill) Wright. 
Sine prole. 

Joseph Leayat Thistlethwaite (1214), born 30th April, 1871, 
at Macedon, N.Y., and practised law for about eight years in Rochester, 
N.Y., but now lives at Penfield, N.Y., about a mile from the Drill Factory 
at Despatch in which he is a partner. He was married 9th October, 1901, 
at Meriden, Connecticut, to Edna Maude Miller who was born 29th 

2IO The Thistlethwaite Family. 

November, 1871, at Meriden, Conn., daughter of Edward Gardner Miller 
(son of Harrison Plum and Lucy Rand, 7iee Johnson, Miller) by his wife 
Harriet Prudence, daughter of Aaron Horsford and Eunice Peckham [nee 
Clark) Miller. 

i. Harriet Miller Thistlethwaite (1215), born 4th March, 1906, 
at Penfield. 

ii. Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (i2i5fl), born i8th June, 1910. 

William Thistlethwaite (1217), born 31st January, 1786, 
at Hobsons in Dent. He married Margaret Capstick, daughter of Thomas 
and Mary Capstick, of Slack, near Dent's Town ; they were probably 
married at Dent Church in the year 1825, William was a member of the 
Society of Friends, and Margaret attended Friends' Meetings and wore a 
Quaker bonnet,* but as she was not an actual member William was 
disowned for his marriage, and he never asked for readmission as was 
often the custom. Hence his children were not born Quakers, but their 
birth dates appear in the Quaker Register as " non-members," a thing 
frequently done in the cases of children of those disowned by the marriage 

William and Margaret Thistlethwaite first lived at Ewegallas (now 
called Eugales). I was fortunate enough to see the old and almost falling 
house, nearly half a mile below Leayat, on the south bank of the Dee, 
when in Dent about ten years ago, but on calling there this year found 
that it had been entirely rebuilt in 1908 on the same site. It is now 
(1909) inhabited by Edward Capstick and his wife, formerly Agnes 
Banister, a great niece of Agnes Banister who married the Wilham 
Thistlethwaite (430), who was killed driving in the snow. 

* All those interested in the first Dent Quakers should read the account in 
" First Publishers of Truth " edited by Norman Penney, F.S.A. (Headley, 1907). 
Many of the Mason family are mentioned, and among others are James and George 
Capstack. " At and about Gawthorp in Dent, in the grounds of one James Capstack, 
were two meetings, where Gervas Benson ministered at one, and Thos. Taylor at the 
other " (page 330). 

Part Six. 211 

William Thistlethwaite (1217), the subject of this paragraph, re- 
moved in about 1833 to the house next the Meeting House at Leayat, 
living a few months between at Basil Busk in Dent. He had to leave 
Leayat a few years before his death in order to make way for Richard 
Thistlethwaite (113), formerly of Studellagarth.* He died loth June, 
1850, at Cowgill, aged sixty-four years, and was buried at Leayat Friend's 
Burial Ground. 

His widow eventually lived at Askrigg with her daughter, I\Iary Ann 
Gill (1238), and on the latter's death in i860 remained with Thomas Gill 
until he married again, wdien she removed to her surviving daughter's at 
'Bentham, Yorkshire, Here she died in April, 1870, aged seventy-seven 
years, and was buried at Leayat. 

i. Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1218), whom see. 
ii. Thomas Thistlethwaite (1229), born i8th April, 1828, at 
Eugalas m Dent, and was for some time a mechanic at 
Rotherham. He died 20th April, 1854, at Askrigg, while 
living with his mother, who had been keeping a school 
there with her daughters, and he was buried at Leayat. 
iii. Margaret Thistlethwaite (1230), whom see. 
iv. Mary Ann Thistlethwaite (1238), whom see. 

Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1218), born 29th June, 1826, at 
Eugalas. His third cousin, Simon Thistlethwaite (159), a carrier at 
Hawes, took him to Rawdon School on horseback. He was apprenticed 
with Robert Clemesha, a grocer, of Blackburn, and also spent some time 
as assistant to Anthony Carter (206), of Dent's Town, relieving officer 
and a tea-dealer. He was later assistant to John Horniman, the far- 
famed tea merchant, in the Isle of Wight. 

From here he went to Castleton in Cleveland, Yorkshire, and was 
assistant, as was William Anderson, to Thomas Baker at the High Shop. 
When Thomas Baker retired, Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1218), remained 

* This house, which stood at the extreme head of the dale, has for many years 
been in ruins. The ordnance map writes Studley Garth, but my spelling lias the 
authority of the Quaker registers and local pronunciation, the first syllable accented. 

} h iiu^^ud. ^Mri^aMu -K Q^^^^Z^^a.sA 

212 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

as assistant to \Vm. Anderson (1158), who took over the shop. He lived 
with Wilham Anderson (1158), to whose housekeeper, Rachel Peacock, 
he became engaged. His third cousin, Charles Webster (1747), who had 
been with David Baker, grocer, of Guisborough, eight miles away, married 
Rachel Peacock's sister Esther at Guisborough Friends' Meeting House, 
nth September, 1856, and Rachel went to stay with her at Halifax. 

Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1218), went there a little later, and was 
married 2nd October 1856, at Halifax Registry Office, to Rachel Peacock, 
born 24th August, 1824, at Woodale Farm, about eight miles from 
Castleton, daughter of George Peacock (son of Benjamin Peacock by his 
wife Martha Esthill, of Stainton-dale), by his wife Elizabeth Hartas, 
daughter of George Hartas of Danby Dale, near Castleton, by his wife 
Rose Coning. 

They returned to Castleton for a few months, and removed in May 
1857, to the village of Great Ayton in Cleveland, eight miles from the 
young town of Middlesbrough. Here he began a grocery and drapery 
business, which, on his decease, passed to his only son, who had been 
virtually manager for a number of years. In the year 1891, he and George 
Dixon, of White House, Great Ayton, entered into partnership for the 
purpose of opening and working certain Whinstone Mines under royalties 
from Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease, Bart., and Jonathan Backhouse Hodgkin. 
About six years ago the partnership was dissolved, and the mines became 
the sole property of Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1218), the management 
from that date resting in the hands of his son, George Dixon is Jeremiah 
Thistlethwaite's daughter's brother-in-law, and his daughter-in-law's 

Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1218), died 17th April, 1910, in the house 
in which he had lived since 1857, ^-^^ was buried on the 20th April, in the 
Friends' Burial Ground, Great Ayton. His wife, Rachel Thistlethwaite, 
died 6th October, 1902, at Great Ayton, and was buried in the Friends' 
Burial Ground there, aged seventy-eight years. 

i. Elizabeth Ann Thistlethwaite (1219), whom see. 
ii. Mary Margaret Thistlethwaite (1220), whom see. 

Part Six. 213 

iii. Lucy Maria Thistlethwaite (1222), born 30th December, 1861, 
at Great Ayton ; educated at the Mount School, York, 
8 mo. 1877 to 12 mo. 1878. She is unmarried, and hved 
with her fatlier until his decease. 

iv. WilHam Henry Thistlethwaite (1223), whom see. 

V. Rose Hannah Thistlethwaite (1226), whom see. 

Elizabeth Ann Thistlethwaite (121 9), born nth July, 1857, at 
Great Ayton ; educated at the Mount School, York, 8 mo. 1872 to 6 mo. 
1874. She was married at Great Ayton Friends' Meeting House, 26th 
December, 1878, to John Naughton. He was born 21st June, 1846, at 
Maase North, Westport, in the County of Mayo, Ireland, son of Denis 
Naughton, by his wife Bridgid Dolan, and great-nephew of the Most 
Reverend John McHale, D.D., etc., Roman Catholic Archbishop of 
Tuam, Co. Galway, an eminent man of letters, who is said to have 
had an excellent prospect of becoming pope, would he have accepted 
the cardinal's hat. 

John Naughton was assistant master at schools in Waterford, Jersey 
and the Midlands, and finally at the Friends' School at Great Ayton. He 
then began a private school at Carlton House, Halifax, whence he moved 
a few years after marriage, and has since been principal of Ellesmere 
School, Harrogate. Sine prole. 

Mary Margaret Thistlethwaite (1220), born 28th January, 
i860, at Great Ayton, educated at the Mount School, York, 8 mo., 1875 
to 12 mo., 1876. She married, 21st January, 1892, at Great Ayton, Samuel 
Newton, born nth January, 1849, ^-^ Bank Foot, Todmorden, son of 
Thomas Newton, land agent, of Blackburn (son of Samuel Newton (1775- 
1861), by his wife, Anne Ogden of Blackburn), by his wife Mary Hanson, 
daughter of Samuel Hanson, of Todmorden, by his wife Martha Shackleton 
(See Chart HI). 

214 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Samuel Newton was articled at the Borough Surveyor's Office, Black- 
burn, and afterwards lived with his widowed mother at Todmorden, 
Yorkshire, until her death. He then entered the office of William 
Philhps Thompson, patent agent, of Liverpool, and about 1885 he came 
to Great Ayton to live with his brother-in-law George Dixon, spending the 
next three years in surveying the local estate of Sir Joseph Whit well 
Pease, Baronet. A few months before his marriage he became Secretary 
to the Mildmay Mission to the Jews, Newington Green, London. He 
died 7th September, 1896, at Plimsoll Road, Finsbury Park, London. 

i. Mary Hanson Thistlethwaite Newton {1221), born 5th April, 

1895, at Finsbury Park, now living with her mother 

at Great Ayton. 

William Henry Thistlethwaite (1223), born 24th December, 

1863, at Great Ayton, educated at Ackworth, and by his brother-in-law, 

John Naught on, at Halifax. He entered the office of William Phillips 

Thompson, patent agent, of Liverpool, for a few months, and then spent 

about a year in the shop of Amos Hinton, grocer, of Middlesbrough, 

before entering his father's business. He is now owner of this, and 

manager of his father's whinstone quarries. He married 29th July, 1886, 

at Great Ayton, Ahce Elizabeth Dixon, born loth December, 1861, at 

Great Ayton, second daughter of Ralph Dixon, superintendent of Ayton 

Friends' School (son of George Dixon, Sen., by his first wife Alice Swinburn) 

by his wife Ehzabeth Fox, daughter of David Fox,* of Dewsbury, by his 

second wife, Rebecca Payne, of Southwark, London, 

i. Bernard Thistlethwaite {1224), born i8th September, 1888, 

at Great Ayton, Yorkshire, educated at Leighton Park 

School, Reading, September 1904 to December 1905, 

compiler of this family history. 

* David Fox was first cousin to the mother of Sir Mark Oldroyd of Hyrstlands, 
Dewsbury, who married Maria Tew Mewburn, niece of John Taylor (1450). David 
Fox's daughters and Sir Mark Oldroyd's sisters attended the school at Dewsbury 
kept by Maria Thistlethwaite {1790), half-aunt to John Taylor (1450). See also 
under Isabel Thistlethwaite (583), and Chart V. 

Part Six. 215 

ii. Helen Thistlethwaite (1225), born 20th March, 1890, at Great 
Ayton, educated at Polam Hall,* Darlington, now living 
at home unmarried. 

Rose Hannah Thistlethwaite {1226), born 2nd January, 1866, 
at Great Ayton, educated at the Mount School, York, 8 mo., 1882 to 
12 mo., 1883, married at St. Hilda's Parish Church, Middlesbrough, 7th 
January, 1903, to Charles Frank Dodsworth, grocer and confectioner, 
of Great Ayton, born 2nd October, 1880, at Great Ayton, grandson of 
Foster Dodsworth by his wife Margaret Hansell. 

i. Lucy Joyce Hartas Dodsworth (1227), born 5th February, 

1904, at Great Ayton. 
ii, Christine Margaret Dodsworth (1228), born 9th February, 
1906, at Great Ayton. 

Margaret Thistlethwaite (1230), born 13th April, 1830, at 
Eugalas, in Dent. She kept a school at Cowgill in Dent and later at 
Askrigg ; at the latter place she became governess with the Winn family. 
In March, 1854, she was married at Bentham Church to William Cleminson, 
plumber, of Bentham, Yorkshire, who was born February, 1830, at 
Lancaster, son of William and Jane Cleminson. He died at Wakefield 
in 1873. 

In 1872, Margaret Cleminson and her family removed from Bentham 
to Great Ayton, Yorkshire, where they lived for some time at Leayat 
House, built by her brother Jeremiah. They later carried on a con- 
fectionery business, on retiring from which in 1899 they removed to 
Redcar, Yorkshire, where they still live. 

i, Jane Cleminson (1231), born 26th July, 1855, at Bentham, 
now of Redcar, unmarried. 

* Helen Bayes, one of the principals of Polam Hall, married Oswald Bradley 
Baynes (410), whom see ; he is fourth cousin once removed to Helen Thistlethwaite 
{1225), A number of Thistlethwaite descendants have been educated there. 

2i6 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ii. Margaret Thistlethwaite Cleminson (1232), born 6th September, 
1856, at Bentham, married ist December, 1883, at Great 
Ayton Church to Frederick Miles, Inland Revenue Officer 
of Great Ayton. They removed about 1894 to Kirby 
Moorside, Yorkshire, where they lived until his death, 
which occurred while visiting Redcar 20th June, 1907, at 
the age of sixty-one years. He was buried in the Friends' 
Burial Ground, Great Ayton, and his widow now lives at 
that village, sine prole. 

iii. Mary Ann Cleminson (1233), born 23rd May, 1859, ^.t Bentham, 
now of Redcar, unmarried. 

iv. WilHam Cleminson (1234), born 23rd January, 1862, at 
Bentham, now of Redcar, unmarried. 

v. Christiana Barbara Cleminson (1235), born at Bentham and 
died at Leayat House, Great Ayton, aged nine years. 

vi. Thomas Thistlethwaite Cleminson (1236), born at Bentham, 

and died there aged one week. 
vii. Lucy Maria Cleminson (1237), born at Bentham, and died at 
Leayat House, Great Ayton, aged about three years. 

Mary Ann Thistlethwaite (1238), born 20th October, 1832, at 
Eugalas in Dent, and was married to Thomas Gill, worsted manufacturer, 
of Askrigg, in Wensleydale, Yorkshire. She died 21st August, i860, at 
Askrigg, leaving two children. Her mother lived with Thomas Gill until 
he married, secondly, Hannah Morland, by whom he had three children. 
He later became a farmer, and died at Askrigg in 1908. Thomas and 
Mary Ann Gill had offspring. 

i. WilHam Gill (1239), whom see. 
ii. Mary Ann Gill (1243), whom see. 

William Gill {(1239), born 7th December, 1858, at Askrigg, now 
farmer and postmaster at Low Row, near Reeth, Swaledale, Yorkshire. 

Part Six. 217 

He married i6th June, 1884, at St. Oswald's Church, Askrigg, Ann Isabella 
Metcalfe, daughter of John Metcalfe. 

i. Margaret Gill (1240), born i8th December, 1886, at Low Row 

in the parish of Melbecks, Swaledale, unmarried, 
ii. James Gill (1241), born 7th December, 1888, at Low Row, 

iii. Thomas Gill (1242), born 25th September, 1892, at Low Row, 

Mary Ann Gill (1243), born 9th May, i860, at Askrigg, and 
m.arried Benjamin Cartwright, a farmer at Carperby, who had formerly 
been signalman at Askrigg station. They removed to Ripon, and he 
eventually married again. Mary Ann Cartwright died 19th July, 1902, 
leaving one child. 

i. Hannah Mary Cartwright (1244), born June, 1902, at Ripon, 
and died there the same year. 

Ann Thistlethwaite (1245), was born about 1760, probably at 
Aygsarth. Before 1763, her parents had removed to Dent Dale, and from 
Hobsons in Dent she was married 26th November, 1783, to Matthew 
Middlebrook. As all their children were born at Hobsons, they appear 
to have lived there until 1802, perhaps with her father until he died there 
in 1794. Matthew Middlebrook died 7th April, 1836, at Leayat in Dent, 
aged 81, and his widow, Ann Middlebrook, died there 23rd October, 
1842, aged eighty-two. 

He appears to have been a son of J ames Middlebrook, of Low Blean, 
a farm on the banks of Semerwater, near Countersett, Bainbridge, Wens- 
leydale, at which Ann Thwaite (1148) spent her married life. James 
Middlebrook's daughter, Ann Middlebrook, married John Hunter, of 
Hebblethwaite Hall, near Sedbergh, who was born at Carr End on the 

2i8 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

opposite side of Semerwater, and whose sister and niece married respect- 
ively Richard Thistlethwaite (580), and Richard Thistlethwaite (113). 
See Charts III. and IV. 

i. Christopher Middlebrook (1246), whom see. 
ii. Matthew Middlebrook (1250), born 7th October, 1788, and 

probably died young. 
iii. Margaret Middlebrook (1251), born 5th September, 1790, 

and probably died young, 
iv. William Middlebrook (1252), born nth November, 1792. 
He lived with his unmarried brother and sister, J ohn and Ann, 
and jointly with his brother farmed " Liletown," in Dent, 
and a field called " Ufthra," which latter belonged to his 
nephew Matthew Middlebrook (1249). They lived at 
Leayat, in the next house but one to the Friends' Meeting 
House, and here WilHam died unmarried 23rd January, 
1876, aged eighty-three. 
v. John Middlebrook (1253), whom see. 

vi. Ann Middlebrook (1255), born 4th February, 1797, lived with 
her brothers as above, and died unmarried at Leayat 30th 
May, 1872, aged seventy-five. 
vii. Ahce Middlebrook (1256), born 2nd September, 1802, and 
probably died young. 

Christopher Middlebrook (1246), born 9th June, 1786, at Hobsons 

in Dent, a hosier, who married, about 1814, Margaret . In 181 6 

he was Hving at Horton in Ribblesdale, and in 181 9 and 1822 in Dent. 
Both he and his wife died before the memory of his first cousin once 
removed, Jeremiah Thistlethwaite {1218), of Great Ayton, who was born 
1826 in Dent. 

i. Matthew Middlebrook (1247), ^^^^ S^^t March, 1816, at South 
House, Horton in Ribblesdale, and died before 28th March, 

Part Six. 219 

ii, Margaret Middlebrook (1248), born ist January, 1819, at 
Dent, married to John Watson, soap-manufacturer, of 
Gateshead-on-Tyne, where, it is said, she died. 

iii. Matthew Middlebrook (1249), ^o^i^ ^Sth March, 1822, at Dent, 
and married the sister of John Watson of Gateshead, his 
brother-in-law. Shortly after marriage they emigrated 
to New Zealand, where they have, perhaps, numerous 
descendants. His property at Ufthra, and an intake above 
Leayat of about thirty acres, were eventually sold on his 

John Middlebrook (1253), born 14th January, 1795, at Hobsons 
in Dent, and lived for many years at Leayat with his brother and sister, 
Wilham and Ann, where he died 29th February, i860, aged sixty-five. 
He was unmarried, but had a natural son, 

i. Thomas Parrington (1254), who hved many years at Leayat, 
in the house next the Meeting-house. He married 
— Burton, sister of the wife of Anthony Thistlethwaite (281) 
of Spicegill. He was one of the last Quakers in Dent Dale, 
and died without issue at Leayat, 22nd January, 1907, 
aged eighty-two. 

William Thistlethwaite (1257), was born in Dent Dale 19th 
September, 1763. He married 2nd October, 1811, Isabel Wynn, of Gars- 
dale, the next parallel valley to the north of Dent Dale. He was a wool- 
comber, and died at Stonehouse in Dent, 5th November, 1830, aged 
sixty-seven. His widow died at Clough in Garsdale 4th August, 1857, 
aged eighty-three years. I have been unable to discover any living 
descendants, and think he may have had other children besides the two 

The Thistlethwaite Family. 

William Thistlethwaite (1258), who died i8th February, 1832, 
at Great Bolton, in Lancashire, grocer, aged nineteen years, 
and was buried at Little Bolton on the 22nd February. 

Christopher Thistlethwaite (1259), born ist June, 1814, at 
Hobsons in Dent. I have no further particulars. 



Thomas Thistlethwaite (1260), 




Thomas Thistlethwaite (1260), born 25th March, 1723, probably 
at Harborgill in Dent Dale. At the age of nearly forty-two, he married 
6th February, 1765, Agnes Mason, aged nearly twenty. Fourteen years 
later, her youngest sister Margaret married her husband's nephew, 
Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1162). They were daughters of Anthony 
Mason, of Raj^side, in Dent, who married Elizabeth Adamthait, 3rd 
March, 1738. Agnes was born 27th March 1745, and Margaret 23rd 
March, 1757. Agnes Thistlethwaite died 6th December, 1785, aged 
forty years, and her husband nth September, 1786, at Rayside, aged 
sixty-three years. 

Thomas Thistlethwaite (1260), " was extraordinary for his natural 
turn to mechanics, which afforded him much amusement in constructing 
various useful articles, especially some curious wooden clocks, entirely 
the work of his own application and ingenuity."* 

Although I am aware that several branches of the Thistlethwaite 
family possess accounts of a wonderful avalanche which took place in 
Dent Dale in 1752, yet I think it worth while to record one of the descrip- 
tions here, for the benefit of the many kinsmen who have not already 
seen it, and in order that it may live the relative immortality of printed 
matter. A few notes may suitably preface the ancient document. 

Let us picture for a moment the surroundings of some imaginary 
ancestor as he walks from Sedbergh up Dent Dale — ^for many real ones 
must have followed the route which was recently traced by the present 
writer. A steep path leads from Sedbergh over the ridge, and falls 

* Alice Cliorley's Record. 


224 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

through woods into the Dent high road near Gate, an old-fashioned man- 
sion. Following the road towards Dent, one may now see on the left 
hand side a monument to Miss Elam who made the present new and 
higher road, to be used in place of that called " The Floods," which runs 
close by the river Dee, and is frequently covered with water. The com- 
paratively wide part of the dale where the town is situated branches to 
the right, and through Deepdale runs the road past Yordas Cave to 
Ingleton. On the left, the Dale of Dent narrows, and runs semi-circularly 
first more to the left, and finally to the right. 

Shortly after crossing the bridge fiear Dent's Town our ancestor 
would pass on his left the Hall Bank Charity Estate of about eighty acres, 
partly purchased with the capital of the perpetual Thistlethwaite Charity 
of Is 4S- per annum.* About two miles further, again on the left, stands 
" Gib's Hall," where once lived William and Mary Howitt, the author 
and authoress. The valley grows yet narrower and steeper, and all the 
fields slope at a sharp angle to the edge of the curious river, parts of whose 
rocky bed remain quite dry except at flood times. In about a mile, a field 
road on the left leads round a projecting hillock to Spicegill, the only 
family farm still owned by Thistlethwaite descendants. Soon the little 
valley of Cowgill opens on the left, just past which winds the fearsome 
road to Dent Station, 1160 feet above sea level, the highest in England. 
At the foot of the road stands Leayat— four cottages and the Friends' 
Meeting House and graveyard. Shortly before reaching here, again on 
the left and just behind a more recent cottage close to the road, stands 
Hudshouse, perhaps the most ancient -looking house in Dent, 

After Leayat the semi-circle of the dale turns to the right, with the 
dale-head and the railway viaduct showing in the distance. Opposite 
Leayat is " Hobson's," and the next farm on the left is Harborgill, the 
home of our common ancestor, WilHam Thistlethwaite (i). As the road 
here runs at the right, or south, of the Dee, the latter must be crossed by 
a narrow bridge, and a comparatively flat field traversed before the house 

* Settled by deed of Thomas Thistlethwaite in 1637, for a full explanation of 
which, see my second volume. 

Part Seven. 225 

is reached. It is coloured white, and over the porch stands clearly forth 
in black " W.T., 1700." High up on the hill behind, there is a stone 
building still called High Thistlethwaite, formerly a cottage, but now used 
as a stable and barn. At some elevation from the road, on the side 
opposite to Harborgill, stands the Hollow Mill. The great avalanche from 
the other side swept through the river and demolished the wall of the 
Hollow Mill paddock.* 

The fleeing inhabitants of Harborgill had but 400 yards to traverse 
in a direct line to John Thistlethwaite's at Leayat, yet spent more than 
two hours upon the journey. High on the hill above Harborgill runs the 
main line of the Midland Railway, 1200 ft. above sea level, guarded by 
three ranks of snow-sheds, but much higher still on the side of Widdale 
Fell lie Monkeybeck Grains, and here, a century before the railway was 
thought of, wandered these refugees seeking for a way to Leayat. The 
dale is singularly narrow, rising on the north-east to Widdale Fell (2,203 
feet), and on the south to Whernside (2414 feet). Sudden floods are 
frequent, and the bed of the river is curiously worn and hollowed, the water 
shooting through narrow channels into deep seething pits, such as Hell's 

Those who fled from Harborgill at the time of the avalanche were 
as follows : — f William Thistlethwaite (i) our common ancestor, his 
son Thomas Thistlethwaite (1260), who writes the account, aged twenty- 
eight, his youngest son Timothy Thistlethwaite (1334) aged twenty-six, 
his grandson Richard Thistlethwaite (580) aged nine, and his housekeeper 
EHzabeth Atkinson, aged twenty-seven, who married Timothy Thistle- 
thwaite (1334), two years later. His son John Thistlethwaite (1090), 
with whom they sought refuge at Leayat, was at this time thirty-nine 
years old, and had married seven years previously. James Thistle- 
thwaite (429), the father of the boy Richard Thistlethwaite (580), seems 
to have been living in Langs trothdale, ten miles to the south-east. 

* The local pronunciation, and even spelling, of the word " paddock " is in- 
variably " parrack " — nothing more or less than the original Anglo-Saxon " pearroc," 
of which our " paddock " is a corruption. 

t See the first key chart. 

226 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

I will now give the account of the avalanche, just as I copied it from 
the original in the possession of John Anthony Thistlethwaite (1322), 
of Middlesbrough, a great-grandson of Thomas Thistlethwaite (1260), 
the writer. I have supplemented a punctuation which is almost absent 
in the original. 

" When any thing Remarkable or Extraordinary falls out in the 
course of Nature or providence, I think it has been the practice of severall 
ages to make their observations and Remarks upon them, not thinking 
such things unworthy or below their Notice as may have a tendancy in 
them to make us Reflect on the wonderfull protection of providence, 
Even in the most seeming greatest daingers. Of which I think the 28 
day of the ith month, 1752, Is a very Notable and Worthy Instance, and 
may very Justly be ranked amongst the greatest Wonders that has 
hapned of Late years Within some Considerable distance of Us. 

" Therefore I thought it might not be improper to make some 
observations on it, Seeing it so Emmediatly affected me, and being an 
eye and ear witness of . . . its severall circumstances . . . with 
the . . . certainly attest the truth of them. And I hope it may be 
of some satisfaction to me or others When many days may be gone over 
my head, or Even Children that may be yet unborn may Remember how 
singularly their fathers and mothers Escaped those dangers without the 
Least harm, for which Cause I ought in perticular still when I remember 
it to be thankfull to that power that so wonderfully protected us. 

" Therefore to give my friend. Reader, or Kinsman (or in w^hat 
Relation soever he may stand to me in perticular, it matters not), a true 
Idea of these things owerly as they hapned woud be too hard a task for 
me, therefore shall observe that for severall days, or near a week together, 
successively day after Day it snew excedingly, attended in a very Re- 
markable manner with Extraordinary great winds, that 'tis hard to 
determine whether this or the consequence was more singular. For all the 
the {sic) water courses both in the mountains and Elsewhere was almost Quit 
Leavell by the prdiggous quantity of snow that was blown into them, so 
that in many places where the gills, so called, was well stored with wood, 

Part Seven. 227 

it weight broke of [i.e., its* weight broke off] the arms of the trees in a 
surprising manner, and in many places the snow might be 15 or 20 
yards thick by computation. Things remaining thus for some time, 
severall persons curosity was Excited thereby to view these prodgies in 
Nature with some atention, because they were actualy of a surprising 
Nature, and seemed to foretell or threaten something Extraordinary 
both to man and Beast, and in the consequence proved true, for they 
in the event proved fatal to severall of Both. 

" For on the 27th day the atmosphere seemed exceeding Black, 
and heavin as if Laden and . . . disberth . . . of it weight, 
so in the morning it began to haill & rain Extreamly and Continued all 
night without intermission, and about 11 a clock the day following the 
dismal Scene began ; oh ! shocking to relate without trembling at the 
very thought of it. For the prodigious quantity of snow had Imbibed 
almost all the rain that had fall" for the space of 15 hours in so plentifull 
a manner, that the snow in the mountains, valleys, & wather courses, 
could no Longer sustain it self, but Broke and tumbled, or rather Run, 
down the mxountains into the water courses with Incredible fury and 
velocity, tearing up large Quantities of Earth, Rocks, Stones and trees, 
and whatever else was in its way, of which I was an Eye witness. 

" For when I was at Harbourgill in Dent, in my fathers house, sitting 
by the fire with the rest of the family, at that time we heard a wonderfull 
rumbling noise, at which we were surprized and severall of us run out of 
doors, suposing what what [sic) might be the cause, and indeed it was truee, 
for we directed our course towards the Barn to look at the gill, but we 
were scarce there before We were glad to run for our Lives. For at the 
very first sight it was Coming down the pasture, about the middle, with 
surprising swiftness, tearing up the trees by the roots and Braking others 
to piecs ; driving all Before it so that we ran for our Lives, shouting, that 
if posible my father might Escape it fury, he being not got as yet out of 
doors. Neither did he till every thing in its way was become an heap of 
the most surprising Rubish that ever my eyse beheld. 
* The word " its " being comparatively modern, " it " or " his " were used instead. 

228 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

" For almost in a moment, in the twinkling of the eye, the peathouse 
and stable, and all about, was carried away as the dust before the wind, 
not being able to discover the place where it stood by any thing but the 
Knowledge of it before. For all the Earth around was covered with an 
Incredible Quantity of snow, wood, Earth, and stone Rocks for two or 
three yard thick, so that it looked most dismal to behold ; and we very 
narrowly Escaped, for it threw the Slate and timber and the Hke within a 
few yards of us, and my poor father narrowly Escaped out of the dweling 
house, for the presently the floods came down betwixt the Barn and 
dwelling house, nay, even run round it, Broke down the Garden wall, 
and almost filld it with sand and water. For the flood was turned out 
of it course by the vast quantity of Rubish that it Left in the place where 
formerly it used to pass, so that it run thro the garden till next day. 
It was Very remarkable how the Barn stood the shock of it fury, for it run 
the height of the house top, and left sand and Earth upon the roof, and 
it remained there many months, plainly to be seen by Every spectator. 
And at the end of the Barn it Left Rubish, as Earth, stones, and snow, 
the thickness of 3 or 4 yards, it being severall months before the snow 
disolved. It Hkewise broke open all the doors in the Barn, cramed in 
all full of snow and stones, which by it own Natural Coldnes Congeald 
to that degrie that it was with dificulty got to pieces with Instruments 
so as to be removed out of doors. 

" Things being thus remarkibly in confusion, in a moment we were 
obliged to Betake our selves to the open fields, that if possible we might 
Eskape the Dainger of More of the Like Nature which hapned for severall 
hours after that, so we were glad to run from hill to hill to avoid their 
Danger, scarcely having got out of one Danger before we were likely to 
run foul upon another. Some of which came within a few yards of us, 
whilest others perhaps at some distance, tho in sight, and rored Like 
Claps of thunder, drove down the walls & fences for 100 yards to gether. 
Carrying the stones along with them ; of which our pasture wall wass 
an Instance, and the sheepfould Was driven by its fury quite down and 
some of its force was felt on the other side of the River. For it drove 


Part Seven. 229 

quite thro it, tho a prodigious flood, and took away the wall of the hollow 
Mill parrack, so called, and Tossed it to the oposite side. Some of these 
breaks got 2 horsss of our Neighbour Chapmans, whilest others got 
20 or 30 sheep of another Neighbours, Tumbling them Head Long, some- 
times in sight and sometimes out of sight, of which I was an eye witness. 

" Being in this Disconsolate Condition, & everything apearing with 
such a dismal aspect as if Nature had being gone to Confusion & the 
Elements at varience with Each other, We resolved at Last to make 
an attempt to get to Brother Johns, Beside the Leyeat, not dareing to 
stay Lest we should perish ; So Set forwards on our intended Journey, 
Being wet to the Naked Skin and almost Starved with Cold, and having 
eaten Little or Nothing, since fear and danger takes away the apitite 
after food. And our greates desire was that we might think ourselves 
pretty free from danger that night, so proceeded on our Journey more 
Chearfully, and got out at the pasture head & at Length got over harbour- 
gill and proceeded towards munkey beck, wading thro water & snow 
almost to the knee. And when we came near it we found it impassible, 
not being able to get over it, and the Bridge was broke down at Leyet 
pretty soon that day so that it obliged us to pas further up towards the 

" At Length we got over besides Monkey beck grains, tho with great 
hazard of our Lives, and almost spent and benumbed with Cold ; yet it 
gave us good incouragement and we all got safe to Brother Johns Just as 
it grew dark, having been above 2 hours in going that fateaguing Journey, 
where we were thankfull to see the faces of one another in a place of 
safty. My poor father the greatest part of the time had but one shoe on 
one foot and was upwards of 70 years of age, yet by good providence I 
do not think that any of us came to any harm thro the Cold or fateague 
of that dismal day, tho we were 5 in number, viz., My Father, Bro 
Timothy, Nephew Richard Thistlethwaite & our housekeeper, Eliz"* 

" Next morning before we got out of Bed we heard the melancholy 
and affecting news that Thomas Stockdalls whole family to the number 

230 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

of 8 persons was all Buried in Ruins by the Like misfortune. Even in 
a moment they were surprisd by Death, & was no more. This gave us 
fresh cause to be thankfull to heaven for his wonderfull protection in so 
manifest dangers. 

" In the morning as soon as well Could we came to View Our old but 
now forsaken Habitation, which indeed was amazing to behold. For it 
had brought such Quantities of Stones & Large Rocks almost past belief, 
nay, quite so to such as did not Come to see them, tho severall hundreds 
of persons from severall parts came thro Curiosity to observe them. 
Severall of the Largest of these Rocks went quite thro the body of the 
peat housse & stable above 40 yards down into the hoame, one of which 
I took the pains to find it weight and found it to be above 2 J Tun 
weight, & asisted in blowing it in pieces with gunpowder in order to 
remove it severall months after. Getting some of our neighbours to assist 
us, we got the snow, stones, & earth, & the like, out of the Barn, tho it 
took severall days for that purpose it was so monstrously Congealed 
together. And it spoild the hay very much, tho by good hap we had no 
Cows in the barn at that time, Else they must of consiquence have 
perished. Yet we had 2 horses in the high stable, wreaked up as high 
as their backs, but being in a Corner was not Crushed, so got them out 
next day not much worse. But the good old horse in the Low Stable 
was Crushed to pieces in a moment, & it was several days ere we coud 
remove him out of the rubish. 

" In this hurly burly we Lost all our peats, Fleese, woll, husbandry 
Gear, to a great value, tho we after some time diged for the peats & wool 
as in a Coal mine, and got most of the wooll and as many peats as served 
us very well the remaining part of that winter. 

" The Best reason that I Can assign why the Barn was not thrown 
down, was the depth of the gill Just above the End of the Barn ; for the 
rocks that Came full upon a Line for the End thereof, was Lodged in 
the gill and Left there, so that their force fell short of it. Else it must 
certainly have been thrown in pieces, then our dwelUng house had . . . 
stood a poor chance of better fate. Some months after, we found one of 

Part Seven. 231 

the Crocks in the Barn quite broke in two, very probably by the violent 
shock tho not discovered till after. 

'■ There Likewise was a row of Ash Trees grew by the gill side, some 
of which it took away & the rest was miserably Shawn of all the Bark, 
with wood 2 Inches thick knocked of for i or 2 yards above ground, so 
that if they grew and got forwards perhaps the Carpenters (?) an 100 
years thence may be at a loss to know the cause of their misfortune when 
the ax or saw searches the coverd grounds." 

Thomas Thistlethwaite (1260), the author of this account, had 
the following children : — 

i. Alice Thistlethwaite (1261), whom see. 
ii. William Thistlethwaite (1263), whom see. 
iii. Anthony Thistlethwaite (1279), whom see. 

Alice Thistlethwaite (1261) was born 4th November, 1765, in Dent 
Dale. She married at Leayat Meeting-house, 27th April, 1785, Daniel 
Harrison, woolcomber, of Hobsons-in-Dent, son of Reuben and Hannah 
Harrison, of Countersett, near Bainbridge in Wensleydale, where he 
was born 19th July, 1760. For Harrison intermarriages, see Chart II. 
In 1786 he is described as hosier, of Cowgill in Dent. I can find record 
of only one child. 

i. Alice Harrison (1262), born at Cowgill, 26th August, 1786. 
I have failed to discover whether she married or left issue. 

William Thistlethwaite (1263), born 8th August, 1767, in Dent 
Dale. He was married at Edgeworth in Lancashire, ist May, 1795, 
being then yeoman, of Cowgill in Dent, to Peggy Thomasson, daughter 
of Thomas Thomasson, yeoman, deceased, and his wife Margaret, of 
Edgeworth in Lancashire. Their first child was born at Cowgill in March, 
1796, but on the birth of their second in November, 1797, he is described 
as cotton spinner, of Edgeworth in the parish of Bolton, and is so described 

232 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

until 1809. In 1811 he is called "labourer," and in 1814 and 1816 
" husbandman." He died 15th January, 1838, at Little Bolton, aged 
seventy-two, and his wife, Peggy, at Bolton, 31st January, 1853, aged 
seventy-seven. I have been unable to discover any living descendants, 
although many such probably exist, 

i. Thomas Thistlethwaite (1264), born at Cowgill in Dent, i6th 
March, 1796. Died aged eighteen years, at Edgeworth, 
15th February, 1814, buried there on the 17th. 
ii. Agnes Thistlethwaite (1265), born at Edgeworth in Lancashire, 

14th November, 1797. 
iii. Margaret Thistlethwaite (1266), born at Edgeworth, loth 

May, 1799. 
iv. Christopher Thistlethwaite (1267), born at Edgeworth, 28th 

November, 1801. 
v. Ahce Thistlethwaite {1268), born at Edgeworth, i8th January, 

vi. John Thistlethwaite (1269), born at Edgeworth, 25th August, 
1805, a blacksmith. He died aged thirty- one at Edgerton 
in the township of Turton, parish of Bolton-le-Moors, 
6th May, 1836, and was buried at Little Bolton, loth May. 

Married Alice and had issue, 

i. Margaret Thistlethwaite (1270), born 17th March, 

1827, at Edgeworth. 
ii. William Thistlethwaite (1271), born 3rd February, 
1829, at Cocksgreen in Turton. 
vii. 'Wilham Thistlethwaite (1272), born at Edgeworth 2nd August, 
1807, a basket maker, of Great Bolton, Lancashire. Married 

Elizabeth and had issue. 

i. Thomas Thistlethwaite (1273), born 23rd June, 

1833, at Great Bolton, parish of Bolton-le-Moors, 

ii. Mary Thistlethwaite (1274), born 13th June, 1835, 

at Great Bolton. Died aged seven weeks at Little 

Bolton, 5th August, 1835. 

Part Seven. 233 

viii. Joseph Thistlethwaite (1275), born at Edgeworth, 3rd July, 

ix. Anthony Thistlethwaite (1276), born at Edgeworth, 19th 
November, 181 1. 

X. Isabel Thistlethwaite (1277), born at Edgeworth, 28th Feb- 
ruary, 1814. 

xi. Mary Thistlethwaite (1278), born at Edgeworth, i6th October, 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (1279), born 17th November, 1769, in 
Dent Dale, probably at Rasett, or Rayside, a house on the north side of 
the road a little lower down the dale than Leayat. He married, 5th May, 
1791, Mary Atkinson, daughter of John and Margaret Atkinson, of Corn 
Close in Dent. They were married at Briggflatts Meeting House, a well- 
known and well-preserved old building about two miles from Sedbergh. 
All their children were born at Stonehouse, the place, about a mile above 
Leayat, where for so many years the Dent marble was dressed. 

They appear to have moved, after 1804, to within the compass of 
Settle Monthly Meeting, and thence to Darlington in 181 8. The following 
Minute was made by Darlington Monthly Meeting held 17th February, 
1 8 18. "A certificate has been received from Settle Monthly Meeting 
on behalf of Anthony and Mary Thistlethwaite and their two children, 
EHzabeth and John (all members of Sedbergh M.M., as to maintenance), 
settled at Darhngton, which is accepted. We appoint Edward Pease 
and William Backhouse to unite with women friends and visit them 
thereon." I understand that they latterly lived on the Friends' Meeting 
House premises at Darlington. 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (1279), woolcomber, died at Darhngton, 24th 
April, 1820, aged fifty-two years, and was buried there on the 28th April. 
His wife spent the last years of her life with her son Thomas, and died at 
Ackworth, near Pontefract, 5th January, 1833, aged sixty-eight years, 
and was buried there on the loth January. 

234 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

i. Agnes Thistlethwaite (1280), born 15th April, 1792, at Stone- 
house. She spent the last twenty years (or thereabouts) of 
her life with her brother Thomas, at Ackworth. Previous 
to this she had been many years cook at Ackworth School. 
She died at Ackworth, i6th June, 1857. 

ii. Margaret Thistlethwaite (1281), whom see. 

iii. AHce Thistlethwaite (1284), born 22nd April, 1799, at Stone- 
house. The following minute was made by Darhngton 
Monthly Meeting, held 15th August, 1820, " A certificate 
has been received from Hardshaw West M.M. (a part of 
Lancashire), on behalf of Alice Thistlethwaite, which is 
accepted." She had therefore removed from Lancashire 
to Darlington soon after her father's death. She died at 
Darlington, 27th April, 1822, aged twenty-three years, and 
was buried there ist May. 

iv. Thomas Thistlethwaite (1285), whom see. 

V. Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (1318), whom see. 

vi. John Thistlethwaite (1319), whom see. 

Margaret Thistlethwaite (1281), born 24th February, 1797, at 
Stonehouse. She removed before 20th March, 1818, from Brighouse 
Monthly Meeting (Leeds and District), to Darlington. At Darlington 
Monthly Meeting, held 19th June, 1827, " women friends are requested to 
prepare a certificate for Margaret Thistlethwaite, removed to York 
Monthly Meeting." At Darhngton M.M., held 17th July, 1827, " the 
certificate for Margaret Thistlethwaite is deferred, her residence not being 
at present known." Nothing further appears until 30th November, 1830, 
when " it is reported that Margaret Thistlethwaite left her brother's 
house at Selby, vi. mo. 1827, remained about a year in England, and then 
went to America, without her parents' knowledge or consent." 

She married Frederick Smurthwaite, a schoolmaster, who had been 
previously married, and went to America shortly afterwards, when for 

Part Seven. 235 

nearly thirty years she was lost sight of. She died at Coatesville, Chester 
County, Pennsylvania. 

i. Hubert Frederick Smurthwaite (1282), was living, when last 

heard of, at West Chester, Pa., married and with children, 
ii. WilHam Smurthwaite (1283), to whom the same description 

Thomas Thistlethwaite (1285), bom 31st January, 1801, at Stone- 
house, in Dent. At DarHngton Monthly Meeting, held 25th December, 
1822, a certificate from Pontefract M.M., on behalf of Thomas Thistle- 
thwaite settled at Darlington, was accepted, and Edward Pease and James 
Backhouse were appointed to visit him thereon. In January, 1829, 
Thomas Thistlethwaite, " now in Brighouse Monthly Meeting," was 
censured for intemperate conduct, and in November, 1830, was reported 
" married contrary to our rules."* A testimony of disownment was 
drawn up, igth April, 1831, against him for " marriage by a priest." 

He came to Darlington to learn the wool business with the Peases, 
and then went to Bradford, where he married, at the Parish Church, Mary 
Wilkinson, born 30th March, 1805, daughter of Samuel and Sarah 
Wilkinson. He unsuccessfully applied for readmission into the Society 
of Friends in July, 1836, when he had " resided at Ackworth three-and-a- 
half years and attended meeting." He was a shop-keeper at Ackworth, 
and, in his earlier years there, a brewer also. He died at Wragby, near 
Ackworth, 17th December, 1878, and was buried in Ackworth Friends' 
Burial Ground. His wife died at Ackworth, Yorkshire, 4th April, 1867, 
and was buried in the same place. 

i. Thistlethwaite (1286), an unnamed child, who was born 

at Ackworth, 25th June, 1832, lived only one hour, and 
was buried there 29th June, 
ii. Anthony Thistlethwaite (1287), whom see. 

* Let not Quaker strictness mislead. Thomas Thistlethwaite (1285), was a 
genial and honourable man : so tells me one who knew him well. 

236 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

iii. Alice Thistlethwaite (1291), whom see. 

iv. Samuel Thistlethwaite (1293), born in 1838, and died in infancy. 

V. William Thistlethwaite (1294), whom see. 

vi. Sarah Thistlethwaite (1295), whom see. 

vii. Mary Thistlethwaite (1302), whom see. 

viii. Maria Thistlethwaite (1309). whom see. 

Anthony Thistlethwaite (1287), born ist June, 1833, at Ackworth, 
and married in 1866, at Almondbury Church, Huddersfield, to Sarah Jane 
Lamprey, who is now living at Council Bluffs, Iowa, U.S.A. Anthony 
Thistlethwaite (1287), died 8th August, 1871, at Hockworthy, Co. Somer- 
set, while visiting his wife's friends, and was buried in the Friends' 
Burial Ground, Wellington, Somerset. 

i. Ahce Mary Thistlethwaite (1288), born 1866, at Ackworth, 

and died, unmarried, at Council Bluffs, in 1896. 
ii. Agnes Jane Thistlethwaite (1289), born 1867, at Ackworth, 

and died there, 1869. 
iii. Thomas Wilham Thistlethwaite (1290), born 1869, at Ack- 
worth. Married to Maud Teft, of Gainsborough, England, 
at Council Bluffs, 1896, where he lives, and has two or three 
daughters. Address, 3021 Avenue H., Council Bluffs. 

Alice Thistlethwaite (1291), born 25th March, 1836, at Ackworth, 
and married, March, 1862, at the Parish Church, Pontefract, to Thomas 
Ellis, jeweller. Alice Ellis (1291) died 19th February, 1891, at Bishop 
Auckland, Co. Durham. 

i. Mary Ann Agnes Ellis (1292), born i8th March, 1863, and now 
living unmarried at Bishop Auckland. 

William Thistlethwaite (1294), born ist August, 1840, at Ack- 
worth, and since 1871 has been headmaster of the Friends' School at 

Part Seven. 237 

Nevvton-in-Bowland, near Clitheroe, Yorkshire. He was married 26th 
July, 1876, at Monyash Meeting House, near Bakewell, Derbyshire, to 
Edith Bowman, born at Cales Farm, Monyash, 5th September, 1854, 
daughter of Ebenezer and Hannah Bowman. Sine prole. 

Sarah Thistlethwaite (1295), born 25th January, 1843, at 
Ackworth, near Pontefract, Yorkshire. She was married, 23rd March, 
1876, at the Independent Chapel, Newton-in-Bowland, to Joseph Booth, 
Congregational Minister, in 1910 of Zion Manse, Gawthorpe, near Osset, 
Yorkshire, son of the Rev. Bulcock Booth (1805 to 1874). 

i. Ernest Atkinson Booth (1296), born 26th February, 1877, at 
the Manse, Pocklington, Yorkshire. In 1910 he was head- 
master of the County Council School at Highworth, 
Wiltshire. He was married 25th December, 1905, at Zion 
Congregational Church, Gawthorpe, to Helen Park Foster, 
daughter of Nathanael Foster, of Ayr, Scotland. 

i. Roland Gordon Booth (1297), born 17th June, 1909, 

at " The Laurels," Highworth, Wiltshire. 

ii. Joseph Alexander Booth (1298), born 12th September, 1878, 

at Pocklington, now Congregational Minister in Leeds, 


iii. Rowland Thistlethwaite Booth (1299), born nth September, 

1880, at Pocklington , now a clerk in London, unmarried, 
iv. Agnes Mary Booth (1300), born ist March, 1882, at the Parson- 
age, Luddenden Foot, near Halifax, Yorkshire. She died 
there 2nd December, 1882, and was buried at Luddenden 
V. Esther Hallworth Booth (1301), born 30th January, 1887, at 
the Parsonage, Luddenden Foot. She died there 28th 
March, 1888, and was buried at Luddenden Cemetery. 

238 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Mary Thistlethwaite (1302), born 9th December, 1845, at 
Ackworth. She was married ist December, 1869, at New York, U.S.A., 
to George Richardson, who was born in 1845, son of Thomas Richardson,* 
by his wife Ehzabeth Jones, of Selby, Yorkshire. She removed with her 
husband to Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A., and died 5th June, 1904, at Henley- 
in-Arden, Warwickshire, while on a visit to England. 

i. Thomas Bertram Richardson (1303), born 1870, at Omaha, 

Nebraska. He was married to Ora Maud Kearney, who 

died at Sandholm Ranch, Nebraska, leaving an only child. 

i. Noel Richardson (1304), born at Sandholm Ranch, 


ii. AHce Maria Richardson (1305), born 1872, at Omaha, Nebraska, 

and died in childhood, 
iii. Mabel Elizabeth Richardson (1306), born at Omaha, Nebraska, 
and was married to George Clarke Green. In 1909 she was 
living at Council Bluffs, Iowa, and had four children, two 
boys and two girls, 
iv. Mary Catherine Richardson (1307), who was living at Council 

Bluffs, Iowa, in 1909, unmarried. 
V. Agnes Hope Richardson (1308), who was living at Council 
Bluffs, Iowa, in 1909, unmarried. 

Maria Thistlethwaite (1309), born 20th May, 1847, ^^ Ackworth, 

Yorkshire. She was married in 1871, at Wragby Parish Church, to Thomas 

William Fryer, joiner and builder. They lived at Wragby near Ackworth 

until 1879, when they went to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where they still 


i. George Bertram Fryer (1310), born at Wragby, Yorkshire, 

and is now a printer and book-binder, at 35, Main Street, 

Council Bluffs, Iowa, U.S.A. He was married firstly to 

* Thomas Richardson was son of Aaron Richardson (i 775-1 832), by his wife, 
Deborah Proctor, of Selby. See " The Richardsons of Cleveland," by Anne Ogden 
Boyce, first cousin to the above Thomas Richardson. 

Part Seven. 239 

Ida Smith, of Omaha, Nebraska, who died at Council Bluffs. 

He married secondly Anna May Priestley, of Council Bluffs. 

By his first wife he has two sons, and by his second wife 

one son. 
ii. Wilham Thistlethwaite Fryer {131 1), who is a printer, &c., 

at Council Bluffs, Iowa. He is married and has three 

iii. Ernest Fryer (1312), a printer, &c., at Council Bluffs, 

iv. Agnes May Fryer {131 3), born and died at Wragby, near 

Aclcworth, Yorkshire, and buried in the Friends' Burial 

Ground at Ackworth. 
V. AHce Margaret Fryer (1314), Hving at Council BlufEs, unmarried 

in 1909. 
vi. Arthur Fryer (1315), born and died at Council Bluffs, 
vii. Thomas Fryer (1316), born and died at Council Bluffs, 
viii. Roy Fryer (1317), born at Council Bluffs, where he was living 

with his parents in 1909. 

Elizabeth Thistlethwaite {1318), born 7th November, 1802, at 
Stonehouse in Dent Dale. Her Quaker membership was transferred to 
Darlington, from Settle Monthly Meeting, by minute dated 17, ii. 1818, 
jointly with that of her parents and her brother John. At the end of 
the following year she seems to have gone to Newcastle, but returned to 
Darlington before the end of 1820, the year in which her father died. 
Quakerism had become at this time excessively " narrow " — so much 
so that while marriage with a non-Quaker meant immediate disownment, 
even affecting the company or the " worldly " habits of outsiders was 
likely to produce a similar result. As this family history has become 
rather a study in sociology than an orthodox pedigree, it may be per- 

240 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

missible to copy some of the minutes in the case of Elizabeth Thistle- 
thwaite and the Dariington Quakers.* 

" i8. ix. 1821. Women friends inform us that Elizabeth Thistle- 
thwaite, of Darlington, has for some time given her company to a person 
not a member of our society, and that, much labour having been bestowed 
without producing the desired effect, they request our assistance ; we 
therefore appoint John Atkinson, of Stockton, Isaac Stephenson and 
John Backhouse to unite with them in paying her a visit." 

" 9. X. 1821, Report is given that some of the friends appointed to 
visit Elizabeth Thistlethwaite have attended thereto — she expressed a 
willingness to accept any situation friends might advise, but gave them 
little reason to hope that the connection would be broken off — the case 
is constituted under their care to report to our next or a future meeting." 

" 8. i. 1822. Isaac Stephenson reports that he in company with the 
other friends appointed and a part of the committee appointed by women 
friends have had several interviews with EHzabeth Thistlethwaite in 
which she has admitted that she still keeps company with the person 
before noticed without giving them any expectation of discontinuing to 
do so. The case has been solidly considered at this time, and is left under 
the care of the said friends to report to our next." 

" 5. ii. 1822. The friends appointed to visit Ehzabeth Thistlethwaite 
hand in the following report : — We, your committee appointed in ninth 
month last, have to report that we had several opportunities with EHzabeth 
Thistlethwaite in which much pains was taken to convince her of the 
impropriety of her conduct, apparently to little or no effect, but in an 
interview which one of the committee had with her yesterday she ex- 
pressed herself more inclined to follow the advice of friends, and said it 
was her intention to give up the connection : signed on behalf of the 
committee, Isaac Stephenson, John Atkinson, John Backhouse. Upon 
considering which it is agreed to continue the case under their care." 

* I owe many thanks to Albert Wood, of Bishop Auckland, for persuading 
Darlington Monthly Meeting to grant me permission to examine the Minute Books. 
I have not yet dared to assail the sanctity of the Women's Minute Books. 

Part Seven. 241 

" 19. iii. 1822. The committee in Elizabeth Thistlethwaite's case 
have brought in the following report : — We yom" committee .... 
have had another opportimity with her in which she acknowledges that 
the connection was again renewed, and we fear there is little reason to 
hope that she will be induced to relinquish it : Isaac Stephenson, Hannah 
Stephenson, John Atkinson, Margaret Atkinson, John Backhouse. Upon 
seriously considering which the said committee is discharged, and George 
Hall, William Ord, and J. Sams are appointed to draw up a testimony of 
disownment and bring it to our next that the Society may be cleared of 
the reproach which her conduct has brought upon it." However the 
issuing of this was deferred and monthly minutes of continuation occur 

" 8. X. 1822. The following acknowledgment has been received from 
Elizabeth Thistlethwaite : — I wish friends to be informed that the con- 
nection which gave them so much uneasiness has for some time been 
broken off. I regret the trouble and concern I have caused them and 
hope my future conduct will prove the sincerity of my acknowledgement. 
Elizabeth Thistlethwaite. On considering which it is agreed that the 
minute in her case be discharged, and Edward Pease and Isaac Stephenson 
to unite with women friends and visit her." 

But in spite of her somewhat pliable spirit (and may we not attribute 
part of her wavering to the cooling in ardour of the " person not a member 
of our Society " ?) she was evidently born with some of the independent 
qualities which Galton ascribed to the Damaran fore-ox. And at the age 
of twenty-four she appears to have been disowned for " dissatisfactory 
conduct."* Her nephews tell me that "she died young, unmarried " ; 
to which we, who now know more of her history, may add " Requiescat 
in Pace." 

* Let it be clearly understood that her " crime " consisted solely in " walking 
out with," or " courting," a young man who was not a Quaker. Evidence of anything 
improper or immoral would have entailed immediate disownment, with quite a 
different series of minutes. 

242 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

John Thistlethwaite (1319), born 26th June, 1804, at Stonehouse 
in Dent Dale. His Quaker membership was transferred to Darlington 
from Settle Monthly Meeting by minute dated 17. ii. 1818, jointly with 
that of his parents and his sister Elizabeth. A minute of Darlington 
meeting dated 19. ix. 1826, reads, " A certificate being wanted for John 
Thistlethwaite removed to York Monthly Meeting, we appoint Joseph 
Pease, Junior, and Joseph Hartas to prepare one for approbation of our 
next." He learnt the wool trade with the Peases in Darlington and was 
sent by them to open a branch of the business at Bradford, but before 
leaving Darlington he had become engaged to Hannah Pease Frank. 

He went over to Darlington for a few days, and was married to her 
at St. Cuthbert's Church, 7th June, 1831. His eldest son was born at 
Bradford in the following year, and his daughter in December, 1834. 
Shortly after this he was recalled to Darlington, and his place was taken 
by his second cousin, another John Thistlethwaite (475), who appears 
to have been transferred from Darlington to Bradford towards the end 
of 1834. 

The John Thistlethwaite {1319) of this sub-section died at Darlington, 
6th April, 1841, from pneumonia brought on through remaining in wet 
clothes during an angling excursion, angling being his favourite sport. 
He was buried in the Friends' Burial Ground at Darlington, aged thirty- 
six years. His widow lived for many years in Darlington, and died 13th 
May, 1871, while living with her son-in-law, John Storrow, at Middles- 
brough. She was buried in the Friends' Burial Ground, Darlington. 

Hannah Pease Thistlethwaite was born 17th November, 1798, at 
Darlington, daughter of John Frank, currier, of Darlington, by his wife 
Ann Pease, daughter of George Pease (of Barnsley and Darlington) who 
fought at Culloden. Hannah Pease Thistlethwaite's sister Mary married 
Jeremiah Dixon, whose niece married George Blundell Longstaff, M.A., 
M.D., F.S.A., the genealogist. See Chart VHI. George Pease's niece 
married Jonathan Backhouse, banker, of Darlington, and to their children 
Hannah Pease Frank was for some time governess. She not infrequently 
visited the family of her second cousin Edmund Backhouse, M.P., whose 

Chakt VIII. Shewing Coaxes and Pease Inter-marriages. 

Michael Coates 
=Mgt. Welfoot 


==Ann Coldwell 

Edward Pease= Elizabeth Coates 


n=JOHN DIXON=Eliz. Graham Ann Pease Joseph Pease 

I (ist) =Jonathan Backhouse =Mary Richardson 

3ixon Mary Dixon = \Vm. Backhouse 

Fredk. Backhouse 

Anne Eliza Backhouse 
=Joseph Richardson 

Edward Pease 
=Rachel Whitwell 

Joseph Pease 
=Emma Gurney 

Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease, Baronet 
= Mary Fox 

Sir Alfred Edward Pease, Baronet 


242 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

John Thistlethwaite (1319), born 26th June, 1804, at Stonehouse 
in Dent Dale. His Quaker membership was transferred to Darlington 
from Settle Monthly Meeting by minute dated 17. ii. 1818, jointly with 
that of his parents and his sister Elizabeth. A minute of Darlington 
meeting dated 19. ix. 1826, reads, " A certificate being wanted for John 
Thistlethwaite removed to York Monthly Meeting, we appoint Joseph 
Pease, Junior, and Joseph Hartas to prepare one for approbation of our 
next." He learnt the wool trade with the Peases in Darlington and was 
sent by them to open a branch of the business at Bradford, but before 
leaving Darlington he had become engaged to Hannah Pease Frank. 

He went over to Darlington for a few days, and was married to her 
at St. Cuthbert's Church, 7th June, 1831. His eldest son was born at 
Bradford in the following year, and his daughter in December, 1834. 
Shortly after this he was recalled to Darlington, and his place was taken 
by his second cousin, another John Thistlethwaite {475), who appears 
to have been transferred from Darlington to Bradford towards the end 
of 1834. 

The John Thistlethwaite (1319) of this sub-section died at Darlington, 
6th April, 1841, from pneumonia brought on through remaining in wet 
clothes during an angling excursion, angling being his favoiirite sport. 
He was buried in the Friends' Burial Ground at Darlington, aged thirty- 
six years. His widow lived for many years in Darlington, and died 13th 
May, 1871, while living with her son-in-law, John Storrow, at Middles- 
brough. She was buried in the Friends' Burial Ground, Darlington. 

Hannah Pease Thistlethwaite was born 17th November, 1798, at 
Darlington, daughter of John Frank, currier, of Darlington, by his wife 
Ann Pease, daughter of George Pease (of Barnsley and Darlington) who 
fought at Culloden. Hannah Pease Thistlethwaite's sister Mary married 
Jeremiah Dixon, whose niece married George Blundell Longstaff, M.A., 
M.D., F.S.A., the genealogist. See Chart VHI. George Pease's niece 
married Jonathan Backhouse, banker, of Darlington, and to their children 
Hannah Pease Frank was for some time governess. She not infrequently 
visited the family of her second cousin Edmund Backhouse, M.P., whose 

Chakt Vlll. Shewing Coates and Pease Inter-marriages. 

Geo. Coates 




.4nne Thistlethwaite (1145) Richard Thistlethwaite (2) James Thistlethwaite (429) Tlios. ThisUethwaite (1260) 

=Chr. Thistlethwaite =Elizabeth Mason =Isabel Fothergill =Agnes Mason 

I I I I 

Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1162) Anthony Thistlethwaite (112) Rd. Thistlethwaite (580) Anthony Thistlethwaite (1279) 

= Margaret Mason = Mary Ion = Agnes Hunter '>>•-. = Mary Atkinson 

I I 1 :■ I 

Wm. Thistlemwaite(i2i7) Rd. Thistlethwaite (113) Jane Thistlethwaite (759) John Thistlethwaite (1319) = Hannah Pease Fr; 

Eliz. Wavnnnin=JOHN DIXON=EIiz. Graham 
(2nd) I I (ist) 

=Alice Swinfaurn =Margaret Capstick 

=Margaret Hun 

=John Thompson 

CUDWORTH John Anthony^Thistlethwaite(i322J 

i i A 

Sir Raylton Dixon 

Ralph Dixon Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1218) John Tliistlethwaite (i 
=Eliz. Foi =Rachel Peacock =Deb. Barlow 

' Thompson (83o)=Wm. Cudworth 

Mary Dixon = Wm. Backho 
Fredk. Backhouse 

=Joseph Richardson 

-•Mice E. Dixon=\Vm Henry Thistlethw 

Bernard Thistlethwaite (1224) 
(only son) 

12231 Margaret Thistlethwaite (i67)=Wm. J. Cudworth (831) 

Backhouse Richardson 

Alfied Edward 

Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease, Baronet 
=Mary Fox 

fease, Baronet 

Part Seven. 243 

son Sir Jonathan Edmund Backhouse, Bart., M.P., is director of Barclay 

& Co., Ltd., the well-known bankers. 

i. WilHam Pease Thistlethwaite (1320), born 29th August, 1832, 
at Bradford, Yorkshire. He died nth March, 1848, at 
Darlington, aged fifteen years, and was buried in the 
Friends' Burial Ground there, 
ii. Mary Ann Thistlethwaite (1321), born 9th December, 1834, 
at Bradford. She was married 6th March, 1869, at Holy 
Trinity Church, Darlington, to John Storrow, of Middles- 
brough, as his second wife. He had previously married 
Elizabeth Jowsey, who was said to be the first girl born in 
Middlesbrough, daughter of Richard and Mary Jowsey. 
Elizabeth Jowsey w^as sister to Dorothy Jowsey, who 
married John Storrow's brother-in-law, John Anthony 
Thistlethwaite (1322). Mary Ann Storrow (1321), died 
19th February, 1870, at Middlesbrough, sine prole, and is 
buried in the cemetery there. John Storrow married a 
third time, 
iii. John Anthony Thistlethwaite (1322), whom see. 
iv. Henry Thistlethwaite (1333), born 29th November, 1840, at 
Darlington, and died there in childhood. 

John Anthony Thistlethwaite (1322), born 14th April, 1837, 
at Darlington. His birth date is entered in the Quaker Register, but he 
is described as a " non-member." His grandmother, Anne Pease, lost her 
membership by marrying John Frank, who was not a member. Therefore 
her children were not birth-members, although brought up in a Quakerly 
way. When John Thistlethwaite (1319), a member of the Society of Friends, 
married her daughter, Hannah Pease Frank, who was technically a " non- 
member," he was disowned for it, by the Quaker marriage rule, since 
discontinued. Therefore his children were not birth members. Similarly 
Jeremiah Dixon, a good Quaker, lost his membership through his marriage 
with Hannah Pease Frank's sister, Mary Frank. 

244 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

John Anthony Thistlethwaite (1322) became clerk to David Dale, 
the future baronet, who was, at this time. Secretary to the Middlesbrough 
and Guisborough Railway. On this becoming part of the old Stockton 
and Darlington Railway, David Dale took an important position at 
Shildon Works, and John Anthony Thistlethwaite (1322) went with him. 
John Anthony Thistlethwaite (1322) took a keen interest in the 
volunteer movement of " the fifties." Although he was never a member 
of the Society of Friends, and not at this time even an attender of their 
meetings, this interest produced a " warning," by means of David Dale, 
from the Peases, who held the control of the railway. He therefore left 
their employment, and obtained an appointment with Hopkins & Co., 
of Middlesbrough. This firm, which later became Hopkins, Gilkes & 
Company, was ruined by the disaster to the Tay Bridge, which they 

John Anthony Thistlethwaite (1322) then became a partner in an 
iron foundry at Haverton Hill, Co. Durham, and he was afterwards 
secretary to the North Yorkshire Iron Company. He is now a shipping 
agent, and resides at 17, St. John's Terrace, Middlesbrough. 

He was married i8th December, 1866, at St. Hilda's Church, Middles- 
brough, to Dorothy Jowsey, daughter of Richard and Mary Jowsey, the 
former being a Contractor and Staithe-master to the Stockton and Dar- 
lington Railway Company at Middlesbrough. She was living in 1910. 

i. Mary Jane Thistlethwaite (1323), born iSth July, 1867, at 

Middlesbrough. She was married 2nd April, 1902, at St. 

John's Church, Middlesbrough, to Reuben Tomlinson 

Millott, now a schoolmaster at Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. 

i, John O'Neale Millott (1324), born loth November, 

1902, at Mansfield. 

ii. AHce Agnes Thistlethwaite (1325), born 19th March, 1869, 

at Middlesbrough ; married 22nd August, 1893, at St. 

John's Church, Middlesbrough, to Edwin Greenwood, lately 

of Middlesbrough and Leeds, and now advertising contractor 

of Sydenham, London. 

Part Seven. 245 

i. Dorothy Greenwood (1326), born 34th February, 
1897, at Batley, Yorkshire, 
iii. Frank Arthur Thistlethwaite (1327), born ist December, 1870, 

at Middlesbrough ; died there 22nd October, 1874. 
iv. Florence Kate Thistlethwaite (1328), born 20th August, 1872, 

at Middlesbrough, now living at home unmarried. 
V. Amy Marion Thistlethwaite (1329), born i8th July, 1875, 
at Middlesbrough ; married 25th June, 1902, at St. John's 
Church, Middlesbrough, to James William Taylor, school- 
master, of Middlesbrough. 

i. Dorothy Taylor {1330), born 29th July, 1906, at 
vi. Frank Henry Thistlethwaite (1331), born ist September, 1878, 
at Middlesbrough, lately with Messrs Dunkerly & Co., iron 
merchants, of Manchester. In 1910 he was a clerk in London. 
He was married ist August, 1910, at Mount Tabor Church, 
Stockport, Cheshire, to Edith Gertrude Shore, fifth daughter 
of the late Mr. Charles Shore, and of Mrs. Shore, Rose 
Villa, Lowfield Road, Stockport. 
vii._, Richard Jowsey Thistlethwaite (1332), born 28th January, 
1881, at Middlesbrough, died there 17th January, 1885. 



Timothy Thistlethwaite (1334), 




Timothy Thistlethwaite {1334). born 8th October, i725,inDent 
Dale ; probably at Harborgill. He married 2nd January, 1754, at 
Leayat Meeting House, Elizabeth Atkinson. She had been his father's 
housekeeper at the time of the avalanche in 1752, for further particulars 
of which see under his brother Thomas Thistlethwaite (1260). According 
to his niece Alice Chorley (1020), " Timothy was tall and thin, social and 
kind, inheriting a large portion of his mother's charitable disposition ; 
he died of a decline in middle life." In the marriage certificate of his son 
John he is described as " late of Harbour Gill." He died loth July, 1766, 
in Dent Dale. His widow died 3rd March, 1801, at Leayat in Dent, 
aged seventy-seven years. 

i. WilHam Thistlethwaite (1335), born 17th January, 1755, in 

Dent Dale, died 29th June, 1767. 
ii. Ahce Thistlethwaite (1336), whom see. 
iii. John Thistlethwaite (1347), whom see. 
iv. Mary Thistlethwaite (i79i),born 29th September, 1761, in Dent 
Dale, married before 12th November, 1788, to John Bradley, 
and had issue whom I have not succeeded in tracing. 

Alice Thistlethwaite (1336), born 8th January, 1757, in Dent 
Dale ; married 27th March, 1782, Thomas Cutforth, then of Burton 
in Bishopdale, a village near Aysgarth in Wensleydale, Yorkshire. 
Between January 1787 and December 1788, they removed to the small 
town of Hawes, about ten miles further up Wensleydale, and here Thomas 
Cutforth is described as grocer. They had issue, but I have been unable 

250 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

to trace living descendants, and can only give a few detached facts, 
gleaned from the Quaker registers, except in the case of their daughter 

i. Sarah Cutforth (1337), born 25th May, 1783, at Burton, in 

Bishopdale ; no further information to hand, 
ii. Elizabeth Cutforth (1338), whom see. 
iii. Timothy Cutforth (1339), whom see. 

iv. William Cutforth (1344), born 29th December, 1788, at Hawes. 
He " married a niece of Susan Appleby and died at London 
1827 " ; no further particulars to hand, 
v. Thomas Cutforth (1345), born 26th July, 1791, at Hawes ; 

no further particulars to hand, 
vi. Jonathan Cutforth (1346), born 15th June, 1794, at Hawes ; 
no further particulars to hand. 

Elizabeth Cutforth (1338), born 13th February, 1785, at Burton, 
in Bishopdale. She was known as " Aunt Betty " to the grandchildren 
of her first cousin Alice (Mrs. Peter) Taylor (1448), who much appreciated 
their visits to her farm near Sedbergh. She died unmarried, at Liverpool, 
in 1852. She was at one time engaged to be married to one of the Fosters 
of Hebblethwaite Hall, near Sedbergh, but a misunderstanding parted 
them. Her fiance was, I believe, Myles Birket Foster, born 4th January, 
1785, at Hebblethwaite Hall, who was married nth April, 1811, at New- 
castle-on-Tyne, to Ann King, and became father of the eminent water- 
colour artist, Birket Foster, R.W.S. It will be recollected that Ehzabeth 
Cutforth's brother was a ship-owner at Newcastle, and that her mother's 
first cousin Richard Thistlethwaite (580), married Agnes Hunter, sister 
of John Hunter, sometime of Hebblethwaite Hall. Myles Birket Foster, 
born 1785, was the son of Robert Foster, an extraordinary man respecting 
whom Southey wrote to Richard Duffa, on the 23rd February, 1806 : — 

" Oh, Wordsworth sent me a man the other day, who was worth 
seeing ; he looked like a first assassin in Macbeth as to his costume, but 
he was a rare man ; had been a lieutenant in the navy ; was a scholar 

Part Eight. 251 

enough to quote Virgil aptly; had turned Quaker or semi-Quaker, and- 
was now a dealer in wool somewhere about twenty miles off. He had seen 
much and thought much ; his head was well stored, and his heart was in 
the right place."* Robert Foster left Hebblethwaite Hall for Newcastle 
in 1812, and I imagine it was after this date that John Hunter, who died 
in 1840, resided at the former place. 

Elizabeth Cutforth (1338), during the latter part of her life, used a 
wooden leg. " When she found her knee was very bad, alone she took 
the coach to a distant town . . . had the Hmb amputated, and 
returned home to her duties. I call her a noble character." 

Timothy Cutforth (1339), born 5th January, 1787, at Burton, in 
Bishopdale, Yorkshire, shortly before his parents removed to Hawes. 
He was married 3rd January, 1814, at Colthouse Meeting House, to 
Margaret Cockbain. He was then described as " Hosier, of Newcastle- 
on-Tyne," but in 1816 and 1819 he is described as ship-owner of the same 
place. In the entry of his death he is described as " bank agent." He 
died, aged 42^ years, on 17th August, 1829, in the township of Westgate, 
Northumberland, and was buried on the 23rd at Newcastle-on-Tyne. His 
widow died ist January, 1834, aged forty-five years, at Newcastle, and 
was buried there on the 5th. I possess no information regarding possible 
descendants of his son Thomas or his daughter Alice. 

i. Thomas Cutforth {1340), born 17th October, 1814, at Newcastle- 
on-Tyne; educated at Bootham School, York, January 
to December, 1829. 
ii. Mary Cutforth (1341), bom i6th September, 1815, at New- 
castle ; died 28th August, 1825, in the township of Westgate, 
Northumberland, aged nearly 10 years, and buried at 
Newcastle on the 31st, 

* See " Birket Foster " by H. M. CundaU (Black, 1906). 

252 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

iii. John Hadwen Cutforth (1342), born 9th November, 1816, at 
Newcastle ; educated at Bootham School, York, January 
to December, 1829 ; died 29th January, 1833, at Newcastle, 
where he was buried 3rd February. 

iv. Alice Cutforth {1343), born 9th February, 1819, at Newcastle. 

John Thistlethwaite (1347), was born 3rd November, 1758, in Dent 
Dale. He is perhaps the most important person in this pedigree ; the 
innumerable descendants of his nineteen children in America and in 
England have included many men and women of high capabilities and 
attainments — a vice-chairman of the North-Eastern Railway, a president 
of Swarthmore College, U.S.A., the inventor of the screw for steamships, 
the founder of the Thistlethwaite Bank of Indiana, etc. 

John Thistlethwaite, of Newcloses in Dent (close to Leayat), 
yeoman, was married loth April, 1782, at Bainbridge Meeting House to 
Elizabeth Wetherald. She was a daughter of Joseph Wetherald, of 
Brough Hill in the parish of Aysgarth, Wensleydale, Yorkshire, by his 
wife, Elizabeth Whitehouse, a "public" friend, and cousin to Dr. White- 
house, of Liverpool. Her sister Jane's grand-daughter married James 
Harris (634), her brother George's daughter married William Thistle- 
thwaite (1598), while her brother Joseph's son married Isabel Thistle- 
thwaite (583), and his grand-daughter married John Taylor (1450).* 
See Chart IX. She had three daughters, and died at Newcloses in Dent 
19th April, 1787,1 aged twenty-three years. 

John Thistlethwaite (1347), appears to have given up his farm at 
Newcloses in Dent, and removed to Bainbridge in Wensleydale, about 
fourteen miles away, where he became a wool-comber. While here he 
married, 12th November, 1788, at Bainbridge Meeting House, Eleanor 
Atkinson, daughter of John Atkinson, of Frostra, in the parish of Sedbergh, 

* I have not succeeded in tracing the relationship between these Wetheralds 
and the grandmother of John Thompson who married Jane Thistlethwaite (759). 

t My transcription reads " 1784 " but it is obviously inaccurate. I think the 
above date correct. 

Part Eight. 


husbandman, and Ann his wife. She may have been his cousin* of 
some degree, as his mother was Ehzabeth Atkinson, but I have been unable 
to fix the relationship. 

The witnesses to the marriage of John Thistlethwaite (1347), and 
Eleanor Atkinson, were as follows. 
John Atkinson 

Ann Atkinson 
Mary Blanior [?] 
Thomas Cutforth 
Ahce Cutforth 
John Bradley 
Mary Bradley 
Jane Wet herald 
Joseph Wetherald 
Joseph Wetherald 
Molly Wetherald 
John Wetherald 
Richard TListlethwaite 
Agnes Thistlethwaite 
Christ' Myers 
Marg' Myers 
WilHam Fothergill 
Bai Hudson 
John Thompson 
Margaret Thompson 
John Routh 
George Raw 

m^- ' 

Wm. Sowerby 
William Middlebrook 
Peggy Sedgwick 
Thomas Lambert 
Chrisf Myers, Jr. 
John Beezon Baynes 
Simon Hunter 
Ann Scarr 
Ann Wilson 
Eliz. Lambert 
Rich"* Blakey 
Mary Hodgson 
Joshua Blakey 
Ann Thompson 
Alex' Hunter 
Richard trotter 
Jane Scarr 
Betty Scarr 
Penelope Binks 
Hannah Bayes 

Jannet Wilkinson. 
In 1789, 1791, 1792, and 1794 he is described as " of Aysgarth," but 
in 1796 he was a husbandman at Counterside or Countersett, a hamlet 
two miles from Bainbridge and close to Semer-water, a small lake nearly 

* She was probably not first cousin, as they were married at a Friends' Meeting 

254 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

a mile in length. He was here in March of 1798, but in June of 1800 he 
is described as wool-spinner, of Milthrop, near Sedbergh. In April, 1802, 
he was back at Newcloses in Dent, and was here also in May, 1804, but in 
June, 1806, he was living at Upper (sometimes " High " or " Over ") 
Bentham, Yorkshire. He was here in 1807, and it was here also 22nd 
June, 1810, that his second wife died aged forty-one years ; she was buried 
on the 24th at Lower Bentham. 

In November, 1812, John Thistlethwaite is described as " warehouse- 
man of Bentham." While living here he was married 8th February, 1813, 
at Leeds, to Hannah Winn, daughter of John Winn, oil miller of Leeds, 
and his wife Miriam. He soon removed to Holbeck near Leeds, and here 
his son Henry was born in January, 1814. 

Neither Quaker publications in general nor the Annual Monitors in 
particular are especially Meredithean in their development of the Jocular 
Spirit, and one regrets that the author of the following account of John 
Thistlethwaite should remain anonymous. 

" John Thistlethwaite died at Holbeck near Leeds, aged seventy- 
seven, on the 22nd of fourth month, 1836. When young he was much 
inclined to jocularity ; but often felt reproved and condemned for the 
indulgence of this disposition. When disposed to enter into a married 
state, a little money appeared to him a proper addition to a wife. Finding 
however, that he could not feel satisfaction and peace in looking out for a 
companion with this view, he relinquished it ; and to adopt his own 
remarks ; ' sought one who he believed to have religion and virtue, and 
married one in whom he found both. But it pleased Him who gave her 
to take her to Himself, about five years after they were married. When 
he thought of marrying again, he was again tempted to think of looking 
for some brass ; (a common dialectick phrase for property) ; saying to 
himself : surely this time I may have liberty. But feehng a like check 
from the Lord, he had peace in giving up that desire. And though he 
had been married three times, he had never sought anything but religion 
and virtue in either of his wives ; and in that great blessing he had not 
been mistaken. . .' The closing portion of life was attended with 

Part Eight. 255 

much bodily affliction ; but his end was peaceful. A minister about 
twenty-five years." 

John Thistlethwaite (1347) was, I understand, a grocer at Holbeck. 
His third wife survived him a number of years, and sometime during "the 
forties " kept a school at Dewsbury, Yorkshire, assisted by her daughter, 
Maria Thistlethwaite (1790), who later married Francis Wallis, of Scar- 
borough. She died at Leeds, 2nd October, 1858, aged eighty-three. 

John Thistlethwaite (1347) had nineteen children, only eighteen of 
whom I have discovered. By his first wife, Ehzabeth Wetherald, he had 
issue : 

i. Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (1348), whom see. 
ii, AHce Thistlethwaite (1448), whom see. 

iii. Ann Thistlethwaite (1544), born in Dent Dale, 27th February, 
1786 ; died before 14th July, 1796. 

By his second wife, Eleanor Atkinson, he had issue : 
iv. Timothy Thistlethwaite (1545), whom see. 
v. John Thistlethwaite (1555), whom see. 
vi. William Thistlethwaite (1598), whom see. 
vii. Mary Thistlethwaite (1703), born 4th May, 1794, at Aysgarth 
■ in Wensleydale. While living at Halifax, Yorkshire, she 
was married at the Meeting House there 23rd April, 1835, 
to Samuel Bleckly, grocer, of Colchester in the county of 
Essex, son of Wilham Bleckly, late of the City of York, 
linen draper, deceased, and Dorothy his wife now surviving. 
Samuel Bleckly, of Darhngton, died 3rd June, 1867, aged 
sixty-seven years ; buried at Halifax. His widow, of 
Elton Villas, Darlington, died loth February, 1868. Sine 
viii, Ann Thistlethwaite {1704), born 14th July, 1796, at Counter- 
side in Wensleydale. She died unmarried loth September, 
1820, at Leeds, and was buried on the 13th at Camp Lane 
Court, Leeds. 

256 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ix. Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1705), whom see. 
X. Margaret Thistlethwaite (1782), born 2nd June, 1800, at 
Milthrop, near Sedbergh, Yorkshire. While confectioner 
at Newcastle-on-Tyne, she was married at the Meeting 
House there, nth January, 1827, to George Abbatt, of 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, druggist, son of Wilham Abbatt, of 
Kendal, upholsterer, and the late Deborah Abbatt, his 
wife. Sine prole. She died 14th April, 1880, buried 
Friends' Burial Ground, Liverpool, 
xi. Thomas Thistlethwaite (1783), bom 9th April, 1802, at New- 
closes in Dent. He and his brothers, William, James, and 
Isaac, emigrated to America. William went about 1818, 
with his wife, and two children, and perhaps his brothers 
also, although Thomas would then be sixteen, James four- 
teen, and Isaac eleven years old. It seems more likely 
that they went out later. Thomas Thistlethwaite (1783) 
mysteriously disappeared in America about 1830, and had 
not been heard of in 1843. It is unknown whether he 
xii. James Thistlethwaite (1784), born iithMay, 1804, at Newcloses 
in Dent. As stated above, he emigrated to America, and 
had married and died before 20th March, 1843. His niece 
writes : " When we last heard of Uncle James' widow she 
had gone to spend a few months with one of her sisters 
who lives at Madison on the Ohio river in this State " [i.e. 
Indiana, the State of Kentucky being immediately across 
the river). I do not know whether he had children. His 
great nephew Edward Thistlethwaite (1637) writes me that 
he settled in Virginia. 

xiii, Jane Thistlethwaite (1785), born 6th June, 1806, at High 
Bentham ; died there 19th October, 1807, and buried on 
the 2ist at Low Bentham. 

xiv. Isaac Thistlethwaite (1786), whom see. 

Part Eight. 257 

XV. Rachel Thistlethwaite (1787), born 5th June, 1810, at Upper 
Bentham ; died there 13th July, 1810, and buried on the 
15th at Low Bentham. 

By his third wife, Hannah Winn, he had issue : — 
xvi. Henry Thistlethwaite (1788), born 17th January 1814, at Hol- 
beck, near Leeds, emigrated to Australia unmarried, and 
was never again heard of by his relatives, 
xvii. Joseph Thistlethwaite (1789), born 8th December, 1814, 
at Holbeck ; died there loth December, 1814, and buried 
on the nth at Camp Lane Court, Leeds, 
xviii. Maria Thistlethwaite {1790), born 25th June, 1817, at Holbeck. 
Before her marriage she and her mother kept a school at 
Dewsbury.* She became the second wife of Francis Wallis 
of Scarborough (son of Abraham Wallis). His first wife's 
son, Edward Wallis, married Maria Wallis's half -great-niece, 
Annie, daughter of Francis Johnson, by his first wife, 
Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1556). Siyie prole. 

Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (1348), bom 23rd January, 1783, 
in Kirthwaite [i.e., the upper-part of the Dent Valley), probably at New- 
closes. She married 26th May, 1802, John Tennant of Counterside, son 
of Christopher and Isabella Tennant. She died 29th September, 1861, 
at Kendal. He was born 19th October, 1775, and died 27th April, 1847, 
at Kendal. He was formerly husbandman, of Counterside in Wensleydale. 

His brother Thomas Tennant, saddler, of Ulverston, born 13th June, 
1779, married 1804, Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of John Thompson, 
of Hawes by his wife, Margaret Routh. Elizabeth Tennant nee Thompson 
married secondly Thomas Routh, and thirdly John Thistlethwaite (582), 
whose sister, Jane Thistlethwaite (759) had married her brother, John 
Thompson, Jun., of Hawes. John and Jane Thistlethwaite were second 
cousins to EHzabeth Thistlethwaite (1348), who married John Tennant, 
Elizabeth and John Tennant had issue, 

* See footnote under William Henry Thistlethwaite (1223). 


258 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

i. Isabella Tennant (1349), t>orn 26th April, 1803, at Counterside ; 
died 7th June, 1831, at Counterside, unmarried. 

ii. Christopher Tennant {1350), born 12th July, 1804, at Counter- 
side, a tea-dealer in Liverpool, died there 13th April, 1858, 
sine prole. He married Elizabeth Atkinson of Cheshire, 
who died loth January, 1864, buried at Nantwich. 

iii. John Tennant (1351), born 13th April, 1806, at Counterside ; 
died 19th April, 1837, ^^ Davenham, Cheshire, unmarried. 

iv. Wilham Tennant (1352), whom see. 

V. EHzabeth Tennant (1372), born 4th August, 1809, at Counter- 
side, died 5th January, 1887, unmarried. 

vi. Thomas Tennant (1373), born ist May, 1811, at Counterside, 
died March, 1847. His niece " thinks she remembers a 
daughter of Uncle Thomas coming over from America on 
a visit, but she fancies her father was killed over there, 
but knows no particulars." 
vii. Alice Tennant (1374), born ist February, 1813, at Counter- 
side ; died 23rd April, 1855, at Kendal, unmarried, 
viii. Samuel Tennant (1375), whom see. 

ix. James Tennant (1425), whom see. 

X. Eleanor Tennant (1444), born 2nd September, 1818 ; died 
i8th January, 1837, at Davenham, Cheshire, unmarried. 

XI. Mary Anne Tennant (1445), born 21st April, 1821 ; died 29th 
June, 1886. She married Thomas Wilson Jesper, as his 
second wife, 22nd February, 1867, and died without issue 
29th June, 1886. Her husband had three children by his 
first wife, who was her half-first-cousin, Ann Thistlethwaite 
(1588). Her niece, Maria Tennant (1366), married her 
stepson, Alfred Jesper (1590), they being half -second cousins 
to each other, 
xii. Henry Tennant (1446), whom see. 

xiii. Margaret Tennant (1447), born 4th February, 1829, and was 
therefore twenty-six years younger than her mother's 

Part Eight. 259 

eldest daughter. She died 25th April, 1848, at Liverpool, 

William Tennant (1352), born ist January, 1808, and married 
Maria Sampson, who died 28th October, 1892. He died 2nd March, 
1877, at Liverpool. 

i. William Sampson Tennant (1353), whom see. 
ii. Maria Tennant (1366), whom see. 
iii. Fanny Tennant (1367), whom see. 

William Sampson Tennant (1353)- born i8th September, 1846, 
at Liverpool. He is now manager of the Stores Department of the 
American, Dominion, and Leyland Lines of steamers at Liverpool, and 
resides at 40, Belgrave Street, Liscard, Cheshire. He married 6th 
December, 1868, at St. Michael's, Liverpool, Sarah Jane Francis, who was 
born 20th May, 1851, at Liverpool. 

i. Wilham Alfred Tennant (1354), born loth September, 1869, at 

Liverpool, died 20th September, 1870. 
ii. Amy Gertrude Tennant (1355), born i8th March, 1871, at 

Liverpool, unmarried, 
iii. Henry Charles Tennant (1356), born ist February, 1873, 

lost at sea, nth November, 1893. 
iv. Eleanor Francis Tennant (1357), born ist February, 1876, 
at Liscard, married 22nd October, 1894, Ernest Wilham 
Witter, stockbroker's clerk. 

i. Harry Ernest Witter (1358), born i8th August, 

1895, at Liscard. 
ii. Doris Witter (1359,) born 22nd March, 1900, at 
V. Maud Tennant (1360), born ist July, 1878, at Liscard, un- 
vi. Samuel Tennant (1361), born 15th September, 1880, at Liscard, 
now with Messrs. Henry Tate and Sons, sugar refiners, 

26o The Thistlethwaite Family. 

vii. Edith Tennant (1362), born i8th August, 1886, at Liscard, 

viii, Emma Mary Tennant (1363), born 9th June, 1888, at Liscard, 
married 7th February, 1909, to George Yeo, clerk in the 
Board of Trade Offices, Liverpool. 
ix. Jessie Tennant (1364), born 22nd August, 1890, at Liscard, 

died nth February, 1891. 
X. Wilfrid Tennant (1365), born i6th December, 1891, at Liscard, 
clerk with the Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance 

Maria Tennant (1366), born 12th September, 1850, at Liverpool. 
She was married there i6th May, 1877, to Alfred Jesper (1590), her half- 
second-cousin. She died 24th March, 1906, at York, leaving one child. 
Further particulars appear under her husband, Alfred Jesper (1590). 

Fanny Tennant (1367), born 29th September, 1853, at Liverpool ; 

she was married 28th September, 1881, at St. Michael's-in-the-Hamlet, 

Aigburth, Liverpool, to Henry Hatton, who was bom 21st April, 1854, 

at Herculaneum, Liverpool. He and his two sons are clerks in Liverpool. 

Fanny Hatton died i8th July, 1890, at Liverpool, leaving three children. 

i. Fred Hatton (1368), born 25th January, 1883, at Liverpool ; 

married 24th February, 1905, at West Derby Registry 

Office, Liverpool, to Ehzabeth Maude Elhs, daughter of 

Hugh and Martha Ellis. 

i. George Albert Hatton (1369), born 12th July, 1906, 

at Liscard, Cheshire ; baptised at Wallasey 

Parish Church. 

ii. William Hatton (1370), born 3rd May, 1884, at Liverpool, now 

living unmarried with his father at 14, Adelaide Road, 

Kensington, Liverpool. 

Part Eight. 261 

iii. Elsie Hatton (1371), born 27th January, 1888, at Liverpool, 
now living unmarried with her father. 

Samuel Tennant (1375), born 18th November, 1814, at Counterside, 

Wensleydale. He married April, 1843, at Newcastle-on-Tyne, Agnes 

Nicholson. He died 21st September, 1897, ^^ Darhngton, having issue, 

i. Isabella Tennant {1376), born 9th November, 1845, unmarried. 

ii. Joseph John Tennant (1377), born 25th February, 1847 5 

died 27th December, 1906, unmarried, 
iii. Agnes Tennant (1378), whom see. 
iv. Margaret Tennant (1394), whom see. 
V. Samuel Henry Tennant (1402), whom see. 
vi. Annie Tennant (1407), born 13th September, 1854, died June, 

vii. Christopher Tennant (1408), whom see. 
viii. Eleanor Tennant (1411), whom see. 
ix. James Thistlethwaite Tennant (1420), born 23rd January, 
i860 ; married 26th June, 1886, at Barnard Castle Parish 
Church to Mary Eleanor Bowness, sine prole. In 1910 
of North Street, Abergavenny, Monmouth. 
X. Jane Alice Tennant (1421), whom see. 
Agnes Tennant (1378), born ist October, 1848. She was married 
30th September, 1869, at Darhngton Meeting House, to George Mason 
Goundry,* aged tliirty-four, grocer of Chesterfield, son of George Goundry. 
i. Henry Tennant Goundry (1379), born 1870, married 1896 
to Harriet Marsden. 

i. Walter Henry Goundry (1380). 
ii. Norman Goundry (1381). 
iii. Nellie Goundry (1382). 
ii. George Frederick Goundry (1383), born 1872, died 1893, 

* He was the youngest brother of the wife of Henry Tennant (1446), uncle to 
Agnes Tennant (1378). 

262 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

iii. Agnes Rachel Goundry (1384), born 1873, married 1894, at 
Chesterfield Meeting House, to Herbert Taylor, in 1910 
of Holly House, Sibford Ferris, Oxon. 
i. Herbert Taylor (1385). 
ii, Samuel Edward Taylor (1386). 
iii, Agnes Harriet Taylor (1387). 
iv. Alice Eleanor Taylor (1388). 
V. Winifred Taylor (1389). 
iv. Samuel Edwin Goundry (1390), born 1874, unmarried. 
V. Eleanor Goundry {1391), born 1878, unmarried, 
vi. Elsie Goundry (1392), born 1880, unmarried, 
vii. Mary Goundry (1393), born 1882, died 1892. 

Margaret Tennant (1394), born 30th June, 1851. She married 
John Robson, at Darlington. In 1910 she was resident at 252, Enfield 
Terrace, Gateshead-on-Tyne. 

i. Thomas Robson (1395), born 12th February, 1878, unmarried, 
ii. Samuel Raymond Robson (1396), born 6th August, 1879 ; 
married Adeline Tate at Darlington, 
i. Raymond Robson (1397). 
iii. Richard Robson (1398), born 6th August, 1881 ; married 
Gertrude Mary Dobbing. 

i. Gwendoline Margaret Robson (1399). 
ii. Kathleen Robson (1400). 
iii. Gertrude Mary Robson (1401). 

Samuel Henry Temiant (1402), bom 12th March, 1853. He 
married Frances Maria Ryan at Darlington. 

i. Agnes Tennant {1403), married at Weston-super-Mare to 
James Dudley of Rawdon. 

Part Eight. 263 

ii. Julia Tennant (1404), lives at York, with her great uncle 
Henry Tennant (1446), of the North-Eastern Railway 
Company, unmarried. 

iii. Philip Tennant (1406), unmarried, lately care of Mr. Wright, 
Box 154, Cherry Creek Farm, Boisserain, Canada. 

Christopher Tennant (1408), born 15th October, 1855. He was 
married at Chesterfield to Mary Eliza Short. He resided in 1910 at 
Fairfield House, Fairfield Road, Chesterfield. 
i. Charles Short Tennant (1409). 
ii. Emma Short Tennant (1410). 

Eleanor Tennant \i411), born 3rd September, 1857. She was 
married at Staindrop Meeting House to Charles Brown, son of Charles 
and Emily Brown of North Shields (see " The Richardsons of Cleveland," 
by Anne Ogden Boyce : pedigrees at end.) Charles Brown was for many 
years a grocer at Stockton-on-Tees, and is now secretary to his brother, 
Dr. Vipont Brown, of Manchester, a well-known Quaker doctor, and 
man of letters. 

i. Ethel Spence Brown (1412), born 8th February, 1881 ; married 
3rd October, 1907, at Mount Street Meeting House, 
Manchester, to Ernest Watson, of the Friends' Mission, 
Sehore, Central India. He is son of Richard Watson, of 
Norton Mill, near Stockton (great grandson of Wilham 
Dixon*, of Old Raby by his wife Sarah Coates of Smelt. 
House, Co. Durham), by his wife Sarah Jane Peacock, 
i. Nora Jean Watson (1412a), born February, 1910, 
in Rasulia, Hoshangabad, India, 
ii. Charles Richardson Brown (1414), born 28th May, 1882, 
physician in Manchester, unmarried. 
* See Chart viii. for Thistlethwaite-Dixon-Coates intermarriages. 

264 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

in. Gwendoline Brown (1415), born 31st July, 1883, lived six 


iv. Ellen Winifred Brown ^1416), unmarried. 

V. Hugh Vipont Brown (1417), born about 1888, unmarried. 

vi. Henry Tennant Brown (1418). 

vii. Emily Kathleen Brown (1419). 

Jane Alice Tennant (1421), born 22nd June, 1862. She married 
2ist December, 1889, at Chesterfield, Richard George, of Llanidloes, 

i. Richard George (1422), born 6th October, 1890, and livea six 

ii, Eva Constance George (1423), born 2nd December, 1891 ; 

iii. Helena Gwendolen George {1424), born 28th November, 1894. 

James Tennant (1425), born 20th September, 1816, died 2nd 
February, 1875, at York. He was a colliery agent, and appears to have 
lived at Penrith in Cumberland, Liverpool and Fleetwood in Lancashire, 
and finally at York. By his first wife Jane Bell he had issue. 

i. John Bell Tennant (1426), born probably in Penrith, for many 
years secretary to the Friends' Provident Institution of 
Bradford. He died unmarried at Rawdon near Leeds, 
ii. Mary Elizabeth Tennant (1427), whom see. 
By his second wife, Katherine Hope, daughter of Philip and Catherine 
Hope, of Liverpool, he had issue seven children, as follows, 

iii. Eleanor Tennant (1436), eldest child, died in infancy. 
iv. Henry Hope Tennant {1437), born loth August, 1849, ^^ 
Liverpool. In February, 1910, he was employed in an 
office in Bradford, unmarried. 

Part Eight. 265 

V. Philip Hope Tennant (1438), born 25th April, 1851, in Liver- 
pool, died 17th July, 1882. He was employed in a branch 
of the woollen trade in Sydney, New South Wales, and died 
of consumption. 
vi. Emma Hope Tennant (1439), born 27th December, 1852, 
in Liverpool. In February, 1910, she was living mi- 
married at Green Bank, Rawdon, near Leeds. 
vii, Alfred James Tennant (1440), born loth November, 1854, in 
Liverpool ; died of consumption without issue 13th 
November, 1881. He married Dorothy Robinson, of 
York, who was living in London, a widow, in February 
1910. He was employed in a branch of the woollen trade 
in Sydney, New South Wales, 
viii. Samuel Tennant (1441), born in Fleetwood, or York, 7th 
April, 1857. He was employed in a branch of the woollen 
trade in Bradford, Yorkshire, and died of consumption at 
sea 3rd December, 1879, while on the way to join his two 
brothers in Sydney, N.S.W. 
ix. Charles Edward Tennant (1442), youngest of his mother's 
children, died an infant. 
James Tennant's third wife was a widow, Sarah Rotherford me Wood. 
Her son by her first husband married James Tennant's eldest daughter. 
By James Tennant she had issue one child, 

X. Katherine Tennant (1443), who was born and died young at 

Mary Elizabeth Tennant (1427), was born probably at Liverpool. 
She was married to John Rotherford, colliery agent of York, son of her 
father's third wife by the latter 's first husband. In January, 1910, she 
was living at Ingledene, Fulford Road, Scarborough, a widow. 

i. Eleanor Rotherford (1428), born 15th September, 1866, at York. 
She was married August 1899, to Robert Ayton Dunn, M.D., 
and was living at Hertford in January, 1910, without issue. 

266 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

ii. Mary Grace Rotherford (1429), whom see. 
ill. Winifred Alice Rotherford (1434), born 24th March, 1880, at 

York, unmarried January, 1910. 
iv. Margaret Tennant Rotherford (1435), born 20th June, 1882, 

at York, unmarried January, 1910. 

Mary Grace Rotherford (1429), born 9th December, 1868, at 
York. She was married in August, 1893, to George Alfred Bellerby, 
Painter and House Decorator, of York. 

i. Margaret Hope Bellerby (1430) born 24th October, 1894. 
ii. John Rotherford Bellerby (1431), born 25th May, 1896. 
iii. Francis George Bellerby (1432), born 4th July, 1900. 
iv. Joyce Mary Bellerby ^1433), born 3rd March, 1905. 

Henry Tennant (1446), born 23rd October, 1823, at Countersett, 
near Bainbridge, Wensleydale, Yorkshire. He was educated at Ackworth 
Friends' School, near Pontefract, Yorkshire. He was married 17th 
February, 1847, to Mary Jane Goundry at the Friends' Meeting House, 
Pilgrim Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. She died 19th May, 1900, without 

When sixteen years of age he became associated as book-keeper 
with the firm of Messrs. Charles Bragg & Co., of Newcastle. Two years 
later he was appointed chief clerk to Mr, James Potts, the secretary of the 
Brandhng Junction line, and this may be said to have been the commence- 
ment of his lifelong railway career. 

In 1846, he became accountant for the Leeds and Thirsk Railway 
Company, of which Samuel Smiles, the well-known author of " Self Help," 
was assistant secretary from 1845 to 1854. Henry Tennant became 
general manager of this line in 1848, at the age of twenty-five years. In 
1854 the North-Eastern Railway was formed by the amalgamation of the 
York, Newcastle & Berwick Co., the York and North Midland Co., and the 
Leeds Northern Co. Henry Tennant represented the last-named company 

Part Eight. 267 

in the negotiations, and became accountant of the newly-formed amal- 

In 1870, at the age of forty-seven, he became General ^Manager of 
the North- Eastern Railway Company. In 1891, when aged sixty-eight, 
he retired from this position. He was thereupon elected a director of 
the company, and granted the sum of ;£io,ooo, " in recognition of the very 
valuable services he has rendered." On the 19th November, 1891, at 
a meeting in the Railway Institute, York, the officers and servants of 
the Company presented him with an illuminated address, a service of 
plate, a landau and harness, and several works of art. He became Vice- 
chairman of the North-Eastern Railway Company in 1905, and was later 
joined in that office by Lord Knaresborough. 

To Henry Tennant " was especially due the important financial 
arrangement which converted various old stocks of the North-Eastern 
Railway into ' consols.' Other companies followed suit, and thus Mr. 
Tennant was the originator of a most important departure in the con- 
sohdation of railway stock." A certain type of express engine was named 
after him. 

He was appointed arbitrator by the Irish Secretary, the Board of 
Trade, and other bodies, and his contested decision respecting the Edin- 
burgh tramways was upheld by the House of Lords. 

He was an active director of the Forth Bridge Company, and of the 
Central London Railway. He was also Chairman of Directors of the 
York City and County Banking Company until its absorption by the 
London Joint Stock Bank, Ltd., in January, 1909, when he joined the 
London board of directors. 

For a number of years he was vice-chairman of the York School 
Board, and " was a great educationist and temperance reformer." 

In 1907, he was offered Knighthood, but declined the honour, " having 
regard to advancing years and somewhat declining health." He lived 
unostentatiously at Holgate Hill House, York, with his great niece, 
Julia Tennant (1404), and here he died 25th May, 1910, aged eighty-six 

268 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

He was a valued member of the Society of Friends, and constant in 
attendance at its meetings for worship and for business. He was buried 
at the Friends' Burial Ground at Heslington Road, York, 28th May, 1910. 
His half-first-cousin once removed, Arthur Rowntree, read the ninetieth 
Psalm. The funeral was a large one, including J. Lloyd Wharton, Esq., 
Chairman of the N.E.R. ; and Lord Airedale, Sir Hugh Bell, Bart., Sir 
George Gibb and Arthur Francis Pease, Esq., directors of the Company. 

The Northern Echo heads a column, " With the death of Mr. Henry 
Tennant ... a great railway pioneer has passed away. Indeed the 
career of that gentleman is practically the history of the North-Eastern 
Railway Company, for he it was who took the most prominent part in 
the consolidation of the many smaller enterprises from which the present 
extensive system has evolved. . . Much of the success of the company 
may be ascribed to his exceptional powers of organisation and foresight." 

Alice Thistlethwaite (1448) born loth April, 1784, at Newcloses 
in Dent Dale. She married 3rd December, 1806, at Manchester Meeting 
House, Peter Taylor, " turner " of Manchester. He was born 8th 
February, 1784, fourth child of Joseph Taylor, inventor and machine- 
maker, of Manchester, by his wife, Dorothy Waring. Joseph Taylor 
was born 31st January, 1750, O. S. (nth February 1750, N.S.) son of 
David Taylor, sometime Moravian pastor to Lady Huntingdon, and a 
missionary in Jamaica, who died 1783. 

Peter Taylor* lived near Sedbergh, Yorkshire, where he had a rope 
mill which was burnt down. He inherited an inventive genius which 
descended to his only son ; they are said to have invented the screw 
for steamships. He died at his son's house, Deptford, London, 23rd 
April, 1863, and was interred at Nunhead Cemetery. His wife Ahce 
Taylor (1448), died 27th November, 1842, at Holhnwood, Lancashire. 

* Peter Taylor the member of the Society of Friends was not identical with 
Peter Taylor the member of the Society of Friends of Italy, and the intimate friend 
of Mazzini, although a contemporary. 

Part Eight. 269 

i. Ellen Taylor (1449), died aged about one year, 
ii, John Taylor (1450), whom see. 
iii. Ahce Taylor (1466), whom see. 
iv. Elizabeth Taylor (1468), whom see. 
V. Mary Taylor (1482), whom see. 
vi. Sarah Taylor (1504), whom see, 
vii. Eleanor Taylor (1539), whom see. 

John Taylor (1450), born 28th November, 1807, in Manchester. He 
was married 29th December, 1836, at Halifax Meeting House, to Sophia 
Tew, whose father, William Tew, was then a corn and flour dealer of 
Halifax. John Taylor (1450) died ist March, 1901, in Bristol, in his 
ninety-fourth year. 

John Taylor (1450), lived in ]\Ianchester, in Deptford, London, 
in India, and finally in Bristol. He was a flax-spinner, a rope and twine 
manufacturer, and a slate merchant, in England. In 1869 he went to 
India for the purpose of growing cotton, and of introducing shallow- 
bottomed boats of his own invention for the navigation of the rivers of 
India. He returned to England in 1881. He was " of an inventive 
mechanical genius, and too clever to be much benefit to himself." Before 
he went to India he did important work in the invention and development 
of twin-screw propellers for steamships. 

In his youth he was an intimate friend and companion of John Bright, 
the future statesman. Good fortune has enabled me to borrow an interest- 
ing pamphlet printed in 1888 by John Taylor (1450), in which he describes 
his and John Bright's first visit to London together. The young men 
broached the project to John Bright's father, Jacob Bright, a Quaker 
mill-owner. The latter rephed : " I've partly consented to let him go. 
Our John has been teasing me about it ; I think thou won't lead him into 
mischief . , . 

" My liberated young friend and I lost no time in securing our places 
by that renowned 'Red Rover' patent safety coach, which nightly 
drew wondering crowds of sight-seers round the Albion Hotel, in Piccadilly, 
opposite the Manchester Infirmary, in response to the musical trumpet- 

270 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

blast flourish, so skilfully played by the gorgeously apparalled guard, who, 
like his companion, the Coachman who ' Tooled the Ribbons,' wore a 
beautiful Bouquet of fresh-cut fragrant flowers on his breast, culled 
expressly, or purchased, for each day's display. 

" The ' Red Rover ' was the property of Weatherald and Webster,* 
friends and relatives of the Taylors, of Hollinwood and Manchester, 
' Th' Quakers o' th' Bower.' The nominal owners of that favourite coach 
used to say jocosely (there's many a true word spoken in jest) that the 
Coachman and Guards took the tips and proceeds attached to three of 
the wheels of their coach, and that the responsible Proprietors between 
them only pocketed the proceeds or returns from one of the wheelers, 
and from one of the wheels of the coach. 

" There can be no mistake about the date of our departure for the 
' Modern Babylon.' It was the very day after the Reform Bill of 1832 
had received the Royal Assent, and on our way up to London we en- 
countered not a few somewhat furiously driven ' Four-in-Hands,' with 
their almost wild with excitement Insiders & Outsiders scattering broad- 
cast printed announcements of the tumultuously and generally joyously 
welcomed fact of the passing of that historically memorable Bill of 1832. 

" Arrived at the ' White Bear,' in Basinghall Street, we ordered a 
' knife and fork ' tea, and then went to our bedrooms to ' Wash and 
Brush up,' and after somewhat hastily despatching our meal, forthwith 
we rushed off for the House of Commons. . . Side by side with his 
friend John Taylor, the now world-renowned John Bright took his seat 
for the first time in the gallery of the British House of Commons, and 
took his first survey of that great Legislative Assembly, which had only 
the day before enacted the Reform Bill of 1832, 

" And in which, on the very evening afterwards, in our hearing and 
presence, was being discussed the merits of Mr. Wliitmore's important 
motion for the Repeal of the Corn Laws. 

* John Webster, brother of George Webster, who married Eleanor Thistlethwaite 
( 1 705) , John Taylor's half -aunt. John Webster at one time lived at Poynton Towers, 
the dower-house on Lord Vernon's Cheshire estates. 

Part Eight. 271 

" Ireland was to the front upon that occasion, and we both hstened 
with intense interest to the debate, wliich included two short and sharp 
sentences, in which, with uplifted arms, that great Orator and law-abiding 
Irish agitator — Daniel O'Connell — denounced the Starvation Corn Laws." 
John Taylor (1450) married Sophia Tew. She was born 2nd October, 
1815, at Rochdale, in Lancashire, daughter of William Tew, by his wife 
Ann Wetherald, who was a daughter of Joseph and Mally Wetherald.* 
William Tew later removed to Halifax, Sophia Taylor nee Tew died ist 
January, 1908, at Bristol, in her ninety-third year. 

i. Lucy Taylor (1451), born 30th October, 1837, at Hollinwood, 
near Manchester. She was married 20th April, 1884, at 
Yatton Meeting House, Somerset, to Alfred Yeardley (586), 
v\'hom see. He was her second, third and fourth cousin. 
She was living, a widow, at 9, Wellington Park, Clifton, 
Bristol, in June, 1910. s.p. 
ii, Emily Anne Taylor (1452), born 31st January, 1840, at Hollin- 
wood ; died 2nd June, 1855. 
iii. Sophia Taylor (1453), born 14th June, 1841, at Holhnwood. 
In June 1910 she was hving, unmarried, with her eldest 
sister at 9, Welhngton Park, Clifton, Bristol, 
iv. John Wilham Taylor (1454), born 19th March, 1844, at 

Hollinwood ; died 9th November, 1846. 
V. Eliza Guhelma Taylor (1455), born i6th October, 1846, at 
Hollinwood. She died 7th January, 1859, at Ackworth 
vi. Fenton Kay Taylor (1456), whom see. 
vii. George Stephenson Taylor (1463), whom see. 

Fenton Kay Taylor {1456), born 22nd January, 1849, at Hollin- 
wood, near Manchester. He was book-keeper, etc., to a firm of varnish 
manufacturers in London. He was married 8th March, 1872, to Charlotte 
AmeUa Stevenson, widow of Joseph Stevenson. He died 23rd July, 1884, 

TT ti,^^®-iw^'^^^ ^- ^'^^ ^^•' ^^'^ "^der Isabel Thistlethwaite (583), Alexander 
J^otnergill (1062), John Thistlethwaite (1347), and William Thistlethwaite (1598). 

272 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

i. Sophia Taylor (1457), born i6th January, 1873. She was 
married, 22nd December, 1898, to Alan Hadfield (1491), 
her second cousin, whom see. 

i. Samuel Alan Hadfield (1458) born 6th April, 1900. 
ii. Bernard Hadfield (1459), born 17th September, 
ii. John Taylor (1460), born i6th November, 1874, unmarried, 
iii. Lucy Taylor (1461), born 28th April, 1877, unmarried, 
iv. May Taylor (1462), born 4th December, 1879, a nurse, un- 

George Stephenson Taylor (1463), bom 7th February, 1853, near 
Cheadle, Cheshire. He was married loth October, 1877, to Cicely Porter 
Turnbull, of West Hartlepool, Co. Durham, who died 20th May, 1885, near 
Bristol. He married secondly Elizabeth Anne Low, 12th December, 
1887, who is without issue. He hves at Chew Stoke, near Bristol, and 
is manager of the Winford Iron Ore and Redding Company. 

i. Maud Taylor (1464), born 28th April, 1879, died 28th Sept- 
ember, 1879, at Bristol, 
ii. Maurice Cecil Taylor (1465), born ist May, 1885, unmarried.* 

Alice Taylor (1466), born at Manchester 6th August, 1812. She 
married (firstly) David Wright, of Kettering, by whom she had one child- 
She married secondly in 1861, Samuel Alexander of Leominster, son of 
Alexander, the bill-broker, of Lombard Street, London. Her third 
cousin, Sarah Thompson (817), married Samuel Alexander Jefferys, son 
of Thomas Jefferys by his wife, Martha Alexander, of Needham Market 
(1775-1851), who was probably aunt of Samuel Alexander. He died 
26th May, 1884, in his seventy-fifth year, and his widow Alice Alexander 
{1466), died 9th March, 1898, at Cheltenham. Samuel Alexander's 
first wife was Sarah Gundry, of Calne, by whom he had several children. 

* At St. John's Church, Clifton, ist September, 1910, Maurice Cecil Taylor 
(1465), was married to his first cousin, Mary Taylor {1462). 

Part Eight. 273 

One of them is Joseph Gundry Alexander, a well-known Quaker traveller 

and philanthropist, who is interested in the abolition of the opium traffic. 

i. Phoebe Wright {1467), an only child, died aged about one year. 

Elizabeth Taylor (1468), born 30th August, 1816. She married 
12th August, 1840, at Prestwich, Manchester, George Hadfield, who was 
not a Quaker. He and John Hadfield were children of George Hadfield, 
of Failsworth, near Oldham, Lancashire, by his wife Jane Barlow, whose 
nephew was Thomas Oldham Barlow, the famous engraver. Possibly 
they were related to Deborah Barlow, who married John Thistlethwaite 
{166), of Birkenhead, third cousin to Elizabeth Taylor (1468). George 
Hadfield was a varnish manufacturer, and was carrying on this business 
in Paris in 1868. Ehzabeth Hadfield (1468) died 23rd March, 1861, 
at Wetheral, near Carlisle, and her husband died 6th December, 1881. 
She published at least one volume of poems. 
i. George Hadfield (1469), whom see. 

ii. Ahce Taylor Hadfield (1480), born 29th June, 1842 ; married 
14th January, 1868, at Manchester Cathedral to her first 
cousin german, Samuel Frederick Hadfield (1503). They 
Hved for several years at Haltwhistle, Northumberland, 
where he was a varnish-manufacturer, and they retired 
about two years ago to Lochmaben, Dumfries, Scotland. 
Sine prole. 
iii. Thomas Hadfield (1481), born 17th February, 1845, married 
19th July, 1877, at Carhsle to Ehza Bell. He died without 
issue loth May, 1882, at Weston-super-Mare. 

George Hadfield (1469), bom i6th June, 1841. He was a 
varnish manufacturer. He formerly hved at Haltwhistle and Carlisle, 
but in the late seventies he removed to London, where he started the 
varnish business now carried on by his four sons. He was married. 

274 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

firstly, 28th October, 1874, to S. J. Healey, who died 20th January, 
1878. By her he had issue, 

i. Elsie Hadfield (1470), born 27th August, 1875 ; died 23rd 

September, 1882. 
ii. Henry Healey Hadfield (1471), born loth January, 1878 ; 
died 19th January, 1878, an infant. 
George Hadfield was married, secondly, 3rd September, 1879, to 
Emily Rogers. She was born 2nd February, 1846, at Stoke Newington, 
daughter of Ishmael and Jennet Maria Rogers, the former of whom was 
a provision merchant. Emily Hadfield, ne& Rogers, was living at 
Wimbledon, in 1910. George Hadfield (1469) lived from 1880 to 1886 
at Old Southgate, North London, from 1887 to 1895 at Sutton, in Surrey, 
and after that at Merton Park. He died 24th February, 1900. By his 
second wife he had issue. 

iii. George Hugh Hadfield (1472), born 17th July, 1880, at Old 
Southgate. He was married at Carlisle, 30th October, 
1909, to Jean Duncan Scott. In 1910 he was a partner 
with his three brothers in the London varnish factory. 
iv. Samuel Rogers Hadfield (1473), born 23rd November, 1881, 
at Old Southgate, In 1910 he resided at 105, Broxholm 
Road, West Norwood, and was a partner with his three 
brothers in the London varnish factory. He was married 
3rd December, 1908, at S. Mary's Parish Church, Wimbledon, 
to Bertha Mildred Taplin, of Wimbledon. She was born 
at Brighton, 19th May, 1882, daughter of Robert and Mary 
Ehzabeth Taplin, the former of whom is a builder at 

i. Robert Samuel Hadfield (1473a), born 8th September 
1909, at West Norwood. 
v. Mary Blanch Hadfield (1474), born 21st February, 1883, at 

Old Southgate. She was unmarried in 1910. 
vi. Cicely Milicent Hadfield (1475), born 9th November, 1884, 
at Old Southgate, She was unmarried in 1910. 

Part Eight. 275 

vii. Alice Winifred Hadfield (1476), born 20th February, 1886, 
at Old Southgate, She was unmarried in 1910. 

viii. Constance Emily Hadfield (1477), born 7th June, 1887, 3-t 
Sutton, Surrey. She was unmarried in 1910. 
ix. Harold Roy Hadfield (1478), born 3rd November, 1888, 
at Sutton, Surrey. In 1910 he was a partner with his 
three brothers in the London varnish factory ; unmarried. 
X. Norman McLaran Hadfield (1479), born 3rd October, 1890, 
at Sutton, Surrey. In 1910 he was a partner with his 
three brothers in the London varnish factory ; unmarried. 

Mary Taylor (1482), born 13th December, 1819. She was 
married 17th October, 1844, to John Hadfield, varnish manufacturer. 
He was born 19th October, 1819, son of George and Jane Hadfield, of 
Failsworth. His brother, George Hadfield, jun., married Mary Taylor's 
sister, EHzabeth Taylor (1468). Mary Hadfield (1482) died in 1906 or 
1907 at the home of her niece and daughter-in-law, Alice Taylor Hadfield 
(1480), at Haltwhistle. 

i. John Henry Hadfield (1483), whom see. 

ii. Samuel Frederick Hadfield (1503), born 29th September, 1847. 
He was married 14th January, 1868, at Manchester 
Cathedral to his double first cousin, Ahce Taylor Hadfield 
(1480). He was a varnish manufacturer at Haltwhistle 
in Northumberland, but retired in about 1908, and now 
resides at Lochmaben, Dumfries, Scotland. Sine prole. 

John Henry Hadfield (1483), born 13th January, 1846. He was 
a varnish manufacturer, but eventually gave up the business and removed 
to New Zealand. He is now an agent to " some large house," and lives 
in Auckland, N.Z. He was married 31st July, 1868, to Mary Clowes. 
She was born 4th October, 1846, and now resides at 67, Wightman Road, 
Harringay, London. 

276 The Thistlethwaite Family 

i. Ernest Clowes Hadfield {1484), born 15th August, 1869. He 
has lived in Australia, but returned to New Zealand a 
short time ago, where he is now a fruit-grower at Auckland. 
He married Ida Bostock. 

i. Bernard Hadfield (1485). 
ii. Harold Hadfield (i486), 
iii. Irene Mary Hadfield {1487). 
iv. Vera Faith Hadfield (1488). 
V. Gwendohne Hope Hadfield (1489). 
ii. Lily Mary Hadfield (1490), born 7th January, 1871. In 1910 

she was a teacher in London, unmarried, 
iii. Alan Hadfield (1491), born 27th July, 1872. He and his 
brother Donald have been in business together, for about 
ten years, as builders and decorators, at Finsbury Park, 
London. He married his second cousin, Sophia Taylor 
(1457), 22nd December, 1898. 

i, Samuel Alan Hadfield (1458), born 6th April, 

ii. Bernard Taylor Hadfield {1459), born 17th Sept- 
ember, 1 901. 
iv. Francis Leshe Hadfield (1492), born 15th October, 1873. He 
is a missionary at Bulawayo, Rhodesia, South Africa. He 
married Lily Marson. 

i. Douglas Leslie Hadfield (1493). 
ii. Gladys Hadfield (1494). 

iii. Hadfield (1495), born in 1908, in Matabeleland . 

V. Donald Hadfield (1496), born 7th November, 1874. He 
and his brother Alan have been in business together for 
about ten years as builders and decorators at Finsbury 
Park, London. He married Amy Eleanor Maskins, who 
was without issue in 1908. 
vi. Bernard Hadfield (1497), born loth February, 1876 ; died 
26th August, 1876, an infant. 

Part Eight. 277 

vii. Douglas Hadfield (1498), born 6th July, 1877; died 27th 

August, 1896. 
viii. Mabel Helen Hadfield {1499), born 24th January, 1879, un- 
married, in 1910 in the Civil Service, London. 

ix. Cecil Angus Hadfield (1500), born 15th May, 1880 ; unmarried, 

in 1910 land and estate agent at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

X. Kenneth Hadfield (1501), born 25th August, 1881, unmarried. 

He is articled to Messrs, Keen, Chartered Accountants, 


xi. Alice Muriel Hadfield (1502), born 15th October, 1883, un- 
married, in 1910 in the Civil Service, London. 

Sarah Taylor (1504), born 27th May 1823, at Birks, near Sedbergh, 
Yorkshire. She was married 24th September, 1851, at Egremont Friends' 
Meeting House to Samuel Moss. His parents came from Frodsham, 
and lived many years at Kilternan Lodge, Golden Ball, Co. Dublin, where 
they died. Samuel Moss was born 23rd March, 1812, and lived at 
Youghal, Ireland, until about 1855, when he removed with his family 
to Co. Dubhn. He was a trunk and box manufacturer, and died at 
Dundrum, Dublin, 22nd March, 1871, aged fifty-nine years. His widow 
lives with her daughter, Mrs. Loveridge, at Llandaff, near Cardiff, South 

i. Ahce Mary Moss (1505), whom see. 
ii. Phoebe Lawton Moss (1521), whom see, 
iii. Samuel Moss (1530), born 2nd May, 1856, in Co. Dublin, and 

died at Dubhn aged a little over two years, 
iv, Sarah Emily Moss (1531), whom see, 

V. Sophia Moss (1534), born 26th March, 1861, in Co, Dubhn, 
now headmistress of the Friends' Schoool, Mountmellick, 
Queen's County, Ireland, unmarried, 
vi, Lydia Moss Moss (1535), born 17th March, 1862, in Co, Dubhn, 
now unmarried at Dubhn, 

278 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

vii. Anna Elizabeth Moss (1536), born nth October, 1863, in Co. 

Dubhn, died aged six years at Clonskeagh, Co. Dubhn. 
viii. Eleanor Moss (1537), born i8th December, 1864, in Co. Dublin ; 

Bachelor of Arts, headmistress at Edgbaston College, 

Birmingham. Unmarried. 
ix. Edith Moss (1538), born 8th August, 1868, in Co. Dublin, 

died aged seventeen days at Clonskeagh, Co. Dublin. 

Alice Mary Moss (1505), born 27th December, 1852, at Youghal, 
Ireland. She was married 13th August, 1874, to Thomas Loveridge, of 
Leominster. He is now ironmonger and ship-chandler, of Cardiff, and 
resides at Llandaff, Wales. About half their children were born at 
Leominster, and half at Penarth, near Cardiff. 

i. Maria Louisa Loveridge {1506), born 19th January, 1876. 
She was a missionary in China, and married Dr. Stanley 
Jenkins, now of Sianfu, Shensi, North China, 
i. Margaret Winifred Jenkins {1507). 
ii. Samuel Moss Loveridge (1508), born 14th June, 1877. He is 
a Baptist Minister, now a missionary living at Culebra, 
Panama, Central America. He married 7th November, 
1905, Ethel Rebecca Pratt, daughter of a minister in 
Kingston, Jamaica. 

i. Guy Loveridge (1509), born 8th September, 1907. 
iii. Thomas Lawton Loveridge (1510), born 25th November, 
1878. He married loth June, 1905, Florence Emily Neale, 
daughter of a cold-storage proprietor of Penarth. He lives 
at Llandaff, and is a director in his father's business, 

i. Ferrar Lawton Loveridge (1511), born 15th Septem- 
ber, 1906. 
ii. Dorothy Loveridge (1512). 
iv. Alexander Loveridge (1513), born 21st January, 1881, un- 

Part Eight. 279 

V. Sarah Winifred Loveridge (1514), born i6th January, 1883, 

died unmarried 17th July, 1906. 
vi. Ernest Ebenezer Loveridge (1515), born 24th May, 1884, 

vii. Alice Mary Moss Loveridge (1516), born i6th August, 1885, 

died 17th May, 1899. 
viii. Mary Anna Newman Loveridge (1517), born i6th April, 1887, 

died 1910, unmarried. 
ix, Guy Loveridge (1518), born 30th November, 1888, died 25th 

November, 1890. 
X. Arthur Loveridge (1519), born 28th May, 1891. 
xi. Sophia Joy Loveridge (1520), born 7th January, 1894. 

Phoebe Lawton Moss (1521), born 25th November, 1854, at 
Youghal, Ireland. She was married 9th June, 1880, in Dublin, to Hugh 
Wallace, in 1909, of Lowville, Merrion, Co, Dublin, now of Dublin city. 
His father, Robert Wallace, was a well-known Methodist minister ; another 
of the latter's sons, Robert Wallace, junior, was member of parliament 
for Perth until his resignation on becoming Chairman of the London 
County Sessions, Hugh Wallace is managing director of Wallace Brothers 
Ltd., Coal and General Merchants. Three of his children were born at 
Dublin, one at Birkenhead, and two at Gt. Meols, Cheshire. 

i. Hugh Ellerslie Wallace (1522), born 9th July, 1881 ; married 
15th December, 1905, Maud Reid, and is now in Wallace 
Brothers' business, 

i. Kathleen Maud Wallace (1523), born 14th March, 

ii. Hugh Ellerslie Wallace (1524). 
ii. Norman Hay Wallace (1525), born loth December, 1882, 

iii. Sarah Mayken Wallace (1526), born 8th May, 1884, unmarried. 

28o The Thistlethwaite Family. 

iv. Kathleen Dorothea Wallace (1527), born ist November, 1886, 

V. Kenneth Moss Wallace {1528), born 30th December, 1889, 

vi. William Eric Wallace (1529), born 3rd February, 1902. 

Sarah Emily Moss (i53i),born4thSeptember, 1858, in Co. Dublin. 
She was married 7th July, 1890, at Birkenhead, to Thomas Robert Sparks, 
now an agent in Dublin. He is the son of Richard William and Rose 
Sparks, and is said to be descended from Archbishop Ussher, who fixed 
the dates which appear in the Authorised Version of the Bible. 

i. Thomas Robert Sparks (1532), born 15th September, 1893, at 

ii. Richard William Sparks (1533), born 19th August 1895, at 

Eleanor Taylor (1539), born about 1829, married Joseph Storrs 
Fry, of Chelmsford, at Egremont Meeting House, Cheshire, 24th Sep- 
ember, 1851 ; the same day that her sister Sarah married Samuel Moss. 
She died 27th December, 1876, at Purleigh, Essex, aged forty-nine years. 
Her husband was a farmer at Maldon, and died i6th January, 1898, aged 
eighty-five years. 

He was son of Thomas Fry, and grandson of Cornehus Fry, who died 
in Bristol, 1818, aged eighty-one. Cornehus Fry was the fifth son of 
John Fry (1701-1775), of Sutton Benger, Wiltshire, by his wife Mary, 
daughter of Joseph and Katherine Storrs. Cornelius Fry's eldest brother, 
Dr. Joseph Fry, of Bristol, is the direct ancestor of Joseph Storrs Fry, 
head of the chocolate firm, of Sir Edward Fry, an eminent judge, and of 
Sir Theodore Fry, Bart., lately of Darlington, whose first wife was Sophia 
Pease, grand-daughter of Edward Pease, " father of railways " (See 
Chart VHI). 

Part Eight. 281 

Joseph Storrs and Eleanor Fry, of Maldon, had four children, three 
of whom died of consumption. 

i. John Fry (1540) went to New York, where he married and died. 

He had no children known to his relatives. 
ii. Henry Fry (1541), born about 1856, " went out farming to 
Maryland, got his arm caught in a machine at a saw-mill, 
and had it amputated ; returned to England, and died at 
Barnsbury, London, unmarried, 3rd October, 1883, aged 
twenty-seven." He was buried in the Friends' Graveyard, 
Stoke Newington. 
iii. Eleanor Fry (1542), " was engaged to be married to Cornehus 
Barritt, of Croydon, who went out to the States to provide 
a home," but was robbed and murdered there. She died 
8th March, 1888, at Purleigh, or Mundon, Essex, aged 
iv. Joseph Taylor Fry (1543), born about 1868, killed by his 
father's hay-cart 1876, aged eight years, at Purleigh, near 
Maldon, Essex. 

Timothy Thistlethwaite (1545), born i6th September, 1789, at 
Aysgarth, Yorkshire, being the eldest son of the nineteen children, and 
the eldest child of John Thistlethwaite (1347), ^Y his second wife, Eleanor 
Atkinson. He was a dogger at Lower Bentham, Yorkshire, in 1812 and 
1813. His father was also living here, but on his third marriage (a year 
after Timothy's marriage), he removed to Holbeck, near Leeds, whither 
his son Timothy removed about the same time. The latter was a shop- 
keeper here from 1814 to 1824, but in 1827 ^^d 1829 he was living at 
Hunslet, another suburb of Leeds. He died at Pontefract i8th March, 
1S39, aged forty-nine years. 

He married Betty Davison, who was born 28th May, 1787, at Mewith 
near Bentham, daughter of Leonard Davison, stay-maker, by his wife 
AHce Harrison. For Thistlethwaite-Harrison intermarriages, see Chart 

282 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

II. They were married i8th November, 1812, at Lower Bentham 
Meeting House, and some of their children went to Australia, with their 
mother. As Harris and Arthur Thistlethwaite of Part II. are the only 
Quakers of the name in Australia at present, I presume that Timothy's 
descendants are no longer Quakers. I should much like to correspond 
with some representative of the family ; I believe that there are no 
descendants in England.* 

i. John Thistlethwaite (1546), born 27th September, 1813, at 
Lower Bentham, I know nothing more about him. 

ii. Leonard Thistlethwaite (1547), born 14th December, 1814, at 
Holbeck, near Leeds, He died 25th August, 1837, ^^ 
Ackworth, three miles from Pontefract, His death 
occurred from consumption while visiting Thomas Thistle- 
thwaite (1283) of Ackworth, his father's second cousin, and 
he was buried in the Friends' Burial Ground, Ackworth, 

iii, WiHiam Thistlethwaite (1548), born 2nd March, 1817, at 
Holbeck, He is said to have emigrated to Australia with 
his mother, and brothers Edward and Timothy Atkinson ; 
and is reported by his first cousin Charles Webster (1747) 
to have been mayor of the town of Geelong, Australia. Of 
possible offspring I know nothing. 

iv. Thomas Thistlethwaite (1549), born i6th September, 1819, 
at Holbeck. I know nothing more about him. 

V. Alice Thistlethwaite (1550), born 20th November, 1821, 
probably at Holbeck, She died 21st January, 1838, at 
Pontefract, aged sixteen. 

vi, Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1551), born 12th January, 1824, at 
Holbeck. I know nothing more about her, 

* From the Australian directories it appears that a certain Leonard 
Thistlethwaite, boot and shoe manufacturer, is living at Naucluse St. Claremont, 
^^ estern Australia ; and a certain Maurice Thistlethwaite at Koroit, Victoria. The 
former must almost certainly be a descendant. 

Part Eight. 283 

vii. Edward Thistlethwaite (1552), born 25th September, 1825, 
probably at Holbeck. He is said to have emigrated to 
Australia with his mother and two brothers. Of possible 
offspring I know nothing. 

viii. Timothy Atkinson Thistlethwaite (1553), born 27th November, 
1827, at Hunslet, near Leeds. He without doubt emigrated 
to AustraHa before October, 1858, unmarried. In a 
Monthly Meeting Minute Book at the Friends' Meeting 
House, Sjcarborough,* I found a minute dated 15th January, 
1862, transferring his membership into Melbourne Monthly 
Meeting. But the certificate of transfer was returned 
together with a copy of disownment issued by Melbourne 
Monthly Meeting 20th October, 1858, against Timothy 
Atkinson Thistlethwaite, who had married a non-Quaker. 
I know nothing more about him. 
ix. Ehza Thistlethwaite (1554), born 20th November, 1829, at 
Hunslet, where she died 12th September, 1831, and was 
buried on the 15th at Camp Lane Court, Leeds. 

John Thistlethwaite (1555), born 3rd March, 1791, at Aysgarth, 
Yorkshire, He was a shopkeeper at Holbeck, near Leeds, and married, 
20th May 1819, at Ackworth, Margaret Walton, daughter of James and 
Julia Walton, of York. There seems to have been no near relationship 
between her and the late Thomas Walton (539), of Scarborough. He was 
at Holbeck in 1820, at Beeston near Leeds in 1821 and 1823, but again 
at Holbeck in 1825 and 1826, and here he died 19th October, 1828, and 
was buried on the 23rd at Camp Lane Court, Leeds. His widow died 
i2th April, i860, at Preston, Lancashire, aged seventy-three years. 

* I am indebted to my friend Stephen Robert Steventon, Clerk of Pickering 
and Hull Monthly Meeting, for obtaining permission to examine the Quaker books 
at Scarborough. His second wife is a daughter of the second wife of Francis 
Johnson, whose first wife was Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1556). 

284 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

i. Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1556), whom see. 
ii. David Thistlethwaite (1576), whom see. 

iii. Edward Thistlethwaite (1587), born ist February, 1823, at 
Beeston, died 27th February, 1824, at Holbeck, and buried 
on the 29th at Camp Lane Court, Leeds. 
iv. Ann Thistlethwaite (1588), whom see. 
V. John Thistlethwaite {1596), born 12th November, 1826, at 

Holbeck, died 9th December, 1826, at Holbeck, 
vi. Mary Thistlethwaite (1597), born 12th November, 1826, 
a twin with John, died 13th June, 1826, at Holbeck. 

Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1556), born nth February, 1820, at 
Holbeck, near Leeds. She was married at Macclesfield, 15th May, 1851, 
to Francis Johnson, who was born 3rd December, 1821, at Richhill, Co. 
Armagh, Ireland. He was a tea-dealer in Southwark, London, where 
his business is still carried on by his eldest son, Robert Johnson. He 
married secondly Susanna Maria Brown, of Earith, Huntingdon, by whom 
he had six children. She is now resident at Ashford, Kent. His first 
wife died 1867 in London. 

i. Annie Johnson (1557), whom see. 
ii. Robert Johnson (1564), whom see. 

iii. Francis Johnson (1569), born at Manchester 13th December, 
1856, was apprenticed to John Rowntree, grocer of Scar- 
borough, whose first wiie was born Ann Webster (1725), 
first cousin once removed to Francis Johnson, Junior. The 
last-named is now a country postman living about thirty 
miles from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Unmarried, 
iv. Samuel Johnson (1570), whom see. 
V. WiUiam Johnson (1572), whom see. 

vi. Henry Johnson (1575), born 29th November, 1862. He was 
married in 1889, to Mary Ahce Peters, but was without 
issue in 1910. At this date he was employed in America 
as a civil engineer by the firm of Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd., 

Part Eight. 285 

and resided at 491, Union Avenue, Patterson, New Jersey 


Annie Johnson (1557), born loth Apnl, 1852. She was married 
loth January, 1877, at Holloway Meeting House, London, to Edward 
Wallis, grocer of Scarborough, Yorkshire, son of Francis Walhs, grocer 
and miller of Scarborough by his first wife, Sarah Ann Jeffrey. In 1910 
Edward and Annie Wallis were resident at Springfield, West Parade Road, 

Francis Wallis married secondly Maria Thistlethwaite (1790), who 
thus became stepmother-in-law to her half-great-niece, Annie Wallis 
nee Johnson (1557). Priscilla Gray Wallis, sister to Edward Wallis, 
married George Rowntree (1730), grocer of Scarborough, second cousin 
to Edward Wallis' wife. And two of Edward Wallis's uncles married 
descendants of the Wensleydale Thistlethwaites, whom I intend to 
describe in my second volume, 

Edward and Annie Walhs had issue : 

i. Eleanor Gray Wallis (1558), born 14th March, 1878, at Scar- 
borough. In 1909 she was demonstrator to George 
Hamilton Archibald, the well-known lecturer on Children's 
Sunday Schools. Unmarried. 
ii. Edward Arnold Wallis (1559), born 22nd April, 1880, at 
Scarborough ; now employed in his father's grocery business 
at Scarborough, unmarried. He was educated at Bootham 
School, York, 9 mo. 1896, to 12 mo. 1897. 
ill. Arthur Thistlethwaite Wallis (1560), whom see. 
iv. Dorothea Wallis (1561), whom see. 

V. Annie Mabel Wallis (1563), born 21st May, 1885, at Scar- 
borough. She was educated at Polam Hall, Darlington, 
and in 1909 was living with her parents unmarried. 

Arthur Thistlethwaite Wallis (1560), born 25th July, 1881, at 
Scarborough. He was educated at Bootham School, York, 9 mo., 1897, 

286 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

to 7 mo., 1898, and in 1909 was organiser of religious and social work 
for the Society of Friends in the Birmingham district. 

He was married 21st April, 1909, at Purley Meeting House, Surrey, 
to Mary Dorothy Knight, daughter of Howard Forester and Harriet 
Knight, of Uphill, Purley, Surrey. Howard Knight's nephew, Wilfred 
Marriage Brown, of Weston-super-Mare, married Emily Dixon, sister of 
Ahce Ehzabeth Dixon, who married Wm. Hy. Thistlethwaite (1223). 

i. Mary Joyce Wallis (1560a) born 30th March, 1910, at 

Dorothea Wallis (1561), born 13th April, 1883, at Scarborough. 
She was married nth June, 1907, at Scarborough Meeting House, to 
Herbert George Wood, M.A. Cantab., Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, 
and University Lectuier. 

i. Audrey Wood ^1562), born 19th August, 1908. 

Robert Johnson (1564), born 24th July, 1854. He entered his 
father's business, and has been for many years a partner in the firm 
of Johnson, Johnson & Co., tea dealers, 50, Southwark Bridge Road, 
London. He was married 19th April, 1883, at Edinburgh, to Sophia 
Louise Hart, and has issue. 

i. Francis Montague Johnson (1565), unmarried in 1909. 
ii. Hugh Lorrimer Johnson (1566), unmarried in 1909. 
in. Christian Eleanor Johnson (1567), unmarried in 1909. 
iv. Annie Louise Johnson (1568), unmarried in 1909. 

Samuel Johnson (1570), born 4th November, 1858. He emi- 
grated to California, and married there a Californian girl named Ida 
Riske, who was then aged about seventeen. After this he went to 
Australia, and joined his brother William Johnson (1572) in the wholesale 

Part Eight. 287 

merchanting business at Brisbane, Queensland. In 1909 he was trading 
independently, but in a smaller way of business than his brother. 
i. Eleanor May Johnson (1571), unmarried in 1909. 

William Johnson (1572), was apprenticed in Liverpool to 
Thompson & Capper, the Quaker chemists. At the age of twenty-one he 
emigrated to Australia, where he managed a business for a chemist. He 
has been very successful in laying artesian wells near Perth and Free- 
mantle, Western Australia, but is now settled in Brisbane as a large 
wholesale merchant. He is a Justice of the Peace, and resides at Castle 
Rawe, Toowong, Brisbane, Queensland. He married Harriet Pollock, 
a widow who has three children by her first husband, 
i. Eleanor Johnson (1573). 
ii. Winifred Johnson (1574), about fifteen years of age, 1909. 

David Thistlethwaite (1576), born 23rd July, 1821, at Beeston, 
near Leeds. He was a scholar at Ackworth School, near Pontefract, 
from 1830 to 1835, and was apprenticed therefrom the latter date until 
1838, but gave up the teaching profession and entered into business under 
Messrs. Binyons, Robinson & Co., tea-dealers, of Manchester. He then 
went gold- digging to Ballarat, Australia, but returned to England and 
became manager of Messrs. Fryer, Benson & Forster's Preserve Works 
at Manchester. When these were given up, he became partner in an 
unsuccessful laundry. He died 3rd February, 1893, at Hulme, Man- 
chester, aged seventy-one years. He married Ellen Clayton, and had 

i. Margaret Thistlethwaite (1577), married Edwin Harrison, 
of Rosslair, Monton, Eccles, near Manchester, son of George 
Harrison, of Manchester, 
i, Frank Harrison (1578). 
ii. Eleanor Harrison (1579). 
iii. Lucy Harrison (1580). 

The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Annie Thistlethwaite (1581), married Frank Ponsford 

Edwards, and is without issue. 
Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1582), married Herbert Axford, now 
of 801, Electric Street, Scranton, Pa., U.S.A. 
i. Gladys Axford (1583). 
ii. Marjory Axford (1584). 
iii. Herbert Axford (1585). 
iv. Eleanor Axford (1586), 

Ann Thistlethwaite (1588), born 5th January, 1825, at Holbeck, 
near Leeds. She was married 21st November, 1850, to Thomas Wilson 
Jesper, of Macclesfield, Hanley and York, who was born 3rd February, 
1827, at Macclesfield. She died 23rd August, 1865, leaving three children, 
and her husband married secondly her half-first-cousin, Mary Anne 
Tennant (1445), on the 22nd of February, 1867. She died 29th June, 
1886, and Thomas Wilson Jesper married thirdly Alice Esther Ward, 
22nd November, 1887, who is still living. He died 2nd May, 1901, at 
York, being without issue by his second and third wives. 

Thomas Wilson Jesper was son of Samuel Jesper, who was eldest 
son of Samuel Jesper, Sen., of Purleigh, Essex. The fourth son of Samuel 
Jesper, Sen., named Thomas Jesper, was father of Joseph Marriage Jesper* 
who married Margaret Alice Carter (204). She was doubly third cousin 
once removed to Thomas Wilson Jesper's first and second wives. By 
his first wife he had issue as follows : 

i. Eleanor Jesper (1589), born 5th September, 1851, at Maccles- 
field, and was unmarried in 1910. 
ii. Alfred Jesper (1590), whom see. 
iii. Charles Jesper (1592), whom see. 

Alfred Jesper (1590), born 19th January, 1853, at Hanley. He 
was married at Liverpool i6th May, 1877, to Maria Tennant {1366), his 

* Joseph Marriage Jesper was born at Birmingham, 20thMay, 1848, son of Thomas 
and Martha Emma Jesper. 

Part Eight ^89 

half-second-cousin, and niece to his father's second wife. She died 24th 
March, 1906, at York, having issue one son ; and her husband married 
secondly, 28th August, 1907, at York, Lilly Jane Wright, by whom he 
has no children. He is a coal merchant at 19, Micklegate, York. 

i. William Alfred Jesper (1591), born 30th March, 1878, at York, 

and was married 6th June, 1906, at York, to Eleanor Tuff, 


Charles Jesper (1592), born 3rd December, 1854, at Hanley. 
He .was married at York, 30th April, 1895, to Agnes Sinclair McKay, and 
died in London i8th November, 1900. He was goods manager of the 
North Eastern Railway Company. 

i. Norman Jesper (1593), born 21st June, 1896, at York, a twin, 
ii. Leslie Charles Jesper (1594), born 21st June, 1896, at York, 

a twin, 
iii. Sydney Watson Jesper (1595), born 6th June, 1900, at York. 

William Thistlethwaite (1598), born 3rd April, 1792, at Aysgarth, 
in Wensleydale, Yorkshire. He married, in England, Elizabeth Wetherald 
who was niece of his father's first wife, another EHzabeth Wetherald. 
See Chart IX. They were married about 1814, and lived at Boynton 
Field House, in the parish of Boynton, and the county of York, where 
they were probably farmers. Here their first two children were born, 
but a few months after the birth of the younger, 14th May, 1817, they 
emigrated to the United States of America. 

His brothers Thomas, James and Isaac Thistlethwaite had all 
emigrated to America before 20th March, 1843, but it seems probable 
that they crossed some years later than William and his family. One of 
Wilham's sons, the late George Thistlethwaite (1673), spoke of his father 
and uncle coming from England to America in 1816 ; but the date is 
obviously incorrect, and this statement is no sure proof that all four 
brothers crossed the Atlantic together. 


I 1 1 r 

Rachel Venlress Isabel ThistIethwaite = John Wetherald Ann Wetherald Elizabeth Wetherald^William Thistlethwaite Alice Thistlethwaite (■i44») 

= John G. Park (583) | = William Tew '^ (1598) = Peter Tavlor 

ophia Tew=John Taylor (1450) 

1 r 

Elizabeth Ventress Park^James Harris (634) 

Chart IX. Wethekald Connexions. 

Part Eight. ^-^9 

half-second-cousin, and niece to his father's second wife. She died 24th 
March, 1906, at York, having issue one son ; and her husband married 
secondly, 28th August, 1907, at York, Lilly Jane Wright, by whom he 
has no children. He is a coal merchant at 19, Micklegate, York. 

i. Wilham Alfred Jesper (1591), born 30th March, 1878, at York, 

and was married 6th June, 1906, at York, to Eleanor Tuft, 


Charles Jesper (1592), born 3rd December, 1854, at Hanley. 
He was married at York, 30th April, 1895, to Agnes Sinclair McKay, and 
died in London i8th November, 1900. He was goods manager of the 
North Eastern Railway Company. 

i. Norman Jesper (1593), born 21st June, 1896, at York, a twin, 
ii. Leslie Charles Jesper (1594), born 21st June, 1896, at York, 

a twin, 
iii. Sydney Watson Jesper (1595), born 6th June, 1900, at York. 

William Thistlethwaite (1598), born 3rd April, 1792, at Aysgarth, 
in Wensleydale, Yorkshire. He married, in England, Elizabeth Wetherald 
who was niece of his father's first wife, another Elizabeth Wetherald. 
See Chart IX. They were married about 1814, and lived at Boynton 
Field House, in the parish of Boynton, and the county of York, where 
they were probably farmers. Here their first two children were born, 
but a few months after the birth of the younger, 14th May, 1817, they 
emigrated to the United States of America. 

His brothers Thomas, James and Isaac Thistlethwaite had all 
emigrated to America before 20th March, 1843, but it seems probable 
that they crossed some years later than William and his family. One of 
WiUiam's sons, the late George Thistlethwaite (1673), spoke of his father 
and uncle coming from England to America in 1816 ; but the date is 
obviously incorrect, and this statement is no sure proof that all four 
brothers crossed the Atlantic together. 

290 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

William Thistlethwaite (1598) settled first near Philadelphia, whence 
he removed to Richmond, Indiana, a state which is still largely populated 
by Quakers, He appears to have been a large and successful farmer. 
At the age of about sixty-four he visited England for a few months, 
and was the only Thistlethwaite to sign the marriage certificate of 
his nephew Charles Webster (1747), who was married nth September, 
1856, at Guisborough, Yorkshire. He stayed part of the time in Man- 
chester with his niece Eleanor Johnson, nee Thistlethwaite, and the 
wonderful and numerous presents which he took back to America caused 
considerable interest when opened at the customs-houses. A further 
account of himself and his family will be found under the account of his 
daughter, Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1599). 

i. Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1599), whom see. 
ii. John Thistlethwaite (1600), whom see. 

iii. George Thistlethwaite (1673), was born in America. Before 
20th March, 1843, he had commenced business as a black- 
smith at Cambridge, sixteen miles west of Richmond, 
Indiana, and was unmarried. He married Leah Shortel, 
and had one child, but they were all deceased in 1908. I 
imagine that his only child left no offspring, 
iv. Thomas Thistlethwaite (1674), was born in America. On 20th 
March, 1843, his elder sister writes, " Thomas is in Cin- 
cinnati learning the saddling and harness trade ; he went 
there the latter part of last spring.' He married later 
than this, and his two daughters now live somewhere in 
Kansas, but I have not yet succeeded in tracing them more 
definitely, and do not know whether they are married. 
V, Timothy Thistlethwaite (1675), was born in America. On 
20th March, 1843, his elder sister writes that he was un- 
married and hving at home near Richmond, Indiana. He 

subsequently married Sarah -' who has survived him 

and was hving at Richmond, Ind., 9th April, 1908. He 
had three children. 

Part Eight. 291 

i. William Thistlethwaite (1676), who is married. 
ii. Mary Thistlethwaite (1677), who is married, 
iii. Edward Thistlethwaite (1678), who is married, 
vi. Mary Thistlethwaite (1679), whom see. 

vii. Wilham Thistlethwaite {1681) was born in America. On 20th 
March, 1843, his elder sister writes that he was unmarried 
and living at home, near Richmond, Indiana. He sub- 
sequently married Margaret and had three children. 

His widow was living in California in 1908. One of his 
children is now deceased ; the two others are, 

i, Margaret Thistlethwaite (1682), born in America. 
I do not know whether any of her parents' children 
ii. Ahce Thistlethwaite (1683). 
viii. Henry Thistlethwaite (1684), whom see, 

Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1599), was bom ist September, 1815, at 
Boynton Field House, in the parish of Boynton and the country of York. 
She was the elder of the only two children of William Thistlethwaite 
{1598), the emigrant, who were born in England, I am glad to know 
personally her third cousin, William Timothy Bradley (415), who spent 
some years of his early manhood in America, and was well acquainted with 
the subject of this paragraph, and such of her relatives as then lived in 
the vicinity,* She, of course, travelled to America as an infant, and 
spent most of her life at Richmond, Indiana. 

In 1843, when she was but twenty-seven years old, she wrote in 
reply to her aunt, Eleanor Webster (1705), " Thy supposition that I 
was settled, afforded my sister a subject for merriment ; she says I am 
undoubtedly settled for hfe, in the state of single blessedness." And in 
fact she never married. For many of her later years she lived a very 

* I did not discover this until T had conducted considerable correspondence 
■with several of the Indiana Thistlethwaites, whose address I obtained by accident 
from my second cousin once removed Mary Thistlethwaite (1206) of Macedon, New 
York State. 

292 The Thistlethwaite Family, 

retired life as an invalid. Her letter of 1843 to her aunt, Eleanor Webster 
(1705), of Halifax, England, seems tome something of a masterpiece for one 
whose education must have been conducted, I imagine, almost entirely 
by her parents, and whose social intercourse must have been limited to 
a few surrounding farms. Part of it I will quote.* 

After discussing the pecuniary predicament of her uncle Isaac 
Thistlethwaite (1786), she says : " Father says it is out of his power to 
raise any considerable amount of money. In consequence of the pressure 
of the times a person's inability to pay his debts has ceased to be considered 
discreditable to him, and the few that are able are frequently too little 
inclined to do so, knowing that the relief laws made by the State render 
it almost impossible to collect debts by law. On this account he is barely 
able to obtain sufficient money to get along with. 

' ' The sick and poor are alike affected by the times. Those who possess 
a large amount of property and are considerably in debt are in a most 
unenviable situation ; several such in our immediate neighbourhood have 
been ruined by the depreciation of property. Those who own a farm and 
are entirely clear of debt, enabled thus to procure food, have reason to 
be thankful, and where in addition to this they can manufacture their 
own clothing, they may well consider themselves independent even if 
they are obliged (which is here generally the case) to make use of barley or 
something of the kind as a substitute for coffee and tea ; with such other 
trifles, though perhaps an Englishwoman would need Americanising before 
she would think it a trifle to do without her tea. The price of provisions 
is extremely low, but this avails nothing to those who are unable to obtain 
the means of paying, . . 

" Father is always glad to hear from his relations ; but if you knew 
what a task it is to him to write, you would not wonder that you hear 
from him so seldom. I have frequently heard him say that, old as he is, he 
would rather thrash a week than write a letter. His sight, too, has failed 

* The letter mentioned is now in the possession of Eleanor Webster's grandson, 
George Arnold Webster (1752), my first cousin once removed, from whom I 
borrowed it. 

Part Eight. 293 

of late, and as he is not in the habit of using spectacles, it has become 
painful to his eyes. His children are perhaps too backward in undertaking 
to address those with whom they are personally unacquainted. 

"We still hve near Richmond. Father concluded he had not met 
with a neighbourhood that he liked as well ; he therefore again bought 
a farm here, on which he has hved since 1836. As there is not the least 
probability of his changing his residence you need not hereafter be at any 
loss to know where to find him. Our parents have eight children, five 
of whom are at home, viz. : Timothy, Mary, William, Henry and myself. 
John has land in Hamilton County in this State, to which he went last fall 
on business, from there he went to Michigan City in this State, where he 
was when we last heard from him, but did not know when he should return. 
George is a blacksmith, and has commenced business at Cambridge sixteen 
miles west of this. Thomas is in Cincinnati learning the saddling and 
harness trade ; he went there the latter part of last spring. None of us 

" Father's general health is excellent, never better than for the last 
few years ; he is however occasionally afflicted a few days with the rheu- 
matism. Mother's, too, is good, with the exception of frequent head- 

" Father regretted that thy letter did not designate the employment 
of several of his relations, who were mentioned as being in situations, 
and also that it did not state in what part of America his sister Tennant's 
son* is, but perhaps the latter was unknown to thee. With love to you 
all, in which the family unites, I am affectionately thy niece, 

" E. Thistlethwaite." 

[Postscript]. — ^We have an account of Uncle Timothy's death taken 
from the Monthly Monitor, which we thought perhaps was the one alluded 
to by thee. We have copied it for Uncle Isaac." 

Thomas Tennant (1373). 

294 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

John Thistlethwaite (1600), born 14th May, 1817, at Bo5mton 
Field House, Boynton, Yorkshire. As an infant he crossed to America 
with his family, and never returned. On 20th March, 1843, his elder 
sister writes, " John has land in Hamilton County in this state [Indiana] 
to which he went last fall on business ; from there he went to Michigan 
City in this state, where he was when we last heard from him, but did 
know when he should return." He married 20th March, 1844, Rebecca 
Symons, by whom he had six children. 

i. Henry Jeilerson Thistlethwaite (1601), whom see. 
ii. Harriet Thistlethwaite (1612), whom see. 
iii. Hannah Thistlethwaite {1618), whom see. 
iv. Charles Thistlethwaite (1624), whom see. 
V. Edward Thistlethwaite (1637), whom see. 
vi, Mary Thistlethwaite (1651), whom see. 
John Thistlethwaite (1600) married secondly Ehza Bethel on 4th 
April, 1857. He lived, I believe, at Richmond, Indiana, and died 22nd 
May, 1888. His widow, Eliza Thistlethwaite, was living at Sheridan, 
25th July, 1908. She is a Roman Cathohc, as are some of her children, 
but her step-son Edward Thistlethwaite (1637), writes of his ancestors, 
" My memory is that they came from Yorkshire and belonged to the 
Friends' Church, as my father John held to that faith up to the time of 
his death." By his second wife he had nine children. 

vii, Johanna Thistlethwaite (1658) has been for many years 
Sister Maria Theresa in St. Joseph's Convent, Tipton, 
viii. William Thomas Thistlethwaite (1659) ^^i^^ ^^ home, aged about 
twenty-seven years, unmarried, 
ix. Carrie Thistlethwaite (1660), married James Murray, and hved 
on a farm near Hortonville, Indiana. He died without issue 
in August, 1908, and his widow was living at Sheridan in 
January, 1909, 
X. Walter Thistlethwaite (1661), died in the State of Montana, 
aged about twenty-four years ; unmarried. 

Part Eight. 295 

xi. Sherman Thistlethwaite (1662), a twin with Grant Thistlethwaite 
(1664). In January, 1909, he was hving with his mother 
at Sheridan, Indiana. He is a widower, with one child, 
i. Harold Thistlethwaite (1663). 
xii. Grant Thistlethwaite (1664), a twin with Sherman Thistle- 
thwaite (1662). He died at the age of seven years. 
xiii. Oscar Thistlethwaite (1665), " a confirmed old bachelor at the 

age of fort}' ; is living with his mother." 
xiv. Lillie Thistlethwaite (1666), was married to George Wolfgang. 
They live on a farm near Sheridan, and have five children, 
i. Otto Wolfgang (1667). 
ii. Doil Wolfgang (1668). 
iii. Walter Wolfgang (1669). 
iv. Bernice Wolfgang (1670). 
V. Fern Wolfgang (1671). 
XV. Grace Thistlethwaite (1672), died aged four years. 

Henry Jefferson Thistlethwaite (i6oi),was three times married, 
and had six children. His father was twice married and had fifteen children. 
His grandfather was once married and had eight children. His great- 
grandfather was three times married, and had nineteen children. To 
to some of us who study social science, it is a matter of deep regret that in 
England our good yeoman and middle-class stocks are now becoming 
relatively sterile. As the prolificy of our lowest stocks is practically 
unchecked, degeneration of race will be the obvious result in a very few 
generations time. The artificial prevention of Natural Selection, without 
the introduction of any substitute, is throwing our social machinery 
seriously out of gear, when seen with an eye to the future. Environment 
and education cannot, and will never, compensate for hereditary dis- 
advantages, and acquirements are not inheritable. The four-generation 
series given at the head of this paragraph was, I believe, nothing extra- 
ordinary in its own time, although as a proof of my statements we are 
inclined to express surprise. 

296 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Henry Thistlethwaite (1601), died 5th March, 1908. He was born 
14th February, 1846, and was a brick and tile manufacturer at Sheridan, 
Ind. He married first, Vesta Sims, who died April 1886, aged 37, and 
had issue, 

i. Hannah Thistlethwaite (1602), married James W. McClain, 
and lives at 610, West 7th Street, Sedalia, Missouri, U.S.A. 
He is Passenger Agent for the Missouri Pacific Railway 
Company, and has issue, 

i. Vesta Thistlethwaite McClain (1603), born 24th 

Sept. 1895. 
ii. Lucille Shortridge McClain (160-4), born 12th Dec, 

iii. Dorothy Sims McClain (1605), born 15th Sept., 1899. 
ii. John Alphonzo Thistlethwaite (1606), is married, and hves 
at Parsons, Kansas. Born 19th March, 1879. Locomotive 
iii. Myrtle Thistlethwaite (1607), married Isaac Lane, farmer, and 
lives at Sheridan, Indiana. Born 6th April, 1875. Isaac 
Lane, born June, 1873. 
i. Paul Lane (1608). 
iv. Irvin Thistlethwaite (1609), is married and lived at Summits- 
ville, but in 1910 was at Sedalia, Mo. Born 29th Aug., 
1884. A locomotive fireman. 

i. Cecil Thistlethwaite (1610), a daughter. 
Henry Thistlethwaite (1601), married, secondly, Burnie Smith by 
whom he had one child which died an infant. He married a third time, 
and his widow was living at Sheridan, in April, igo8. She had issue, 

vi. ]\Iaurice Thistlethwaite (1611), living at Kirklin, Hamilton 
County, Indiana, unmarried. 

Harriet Thistlethwaite (1612), married Ammon Cox. They are 
both deceased, but had issue. 

Part Eight. 297 

i. Mabel Cox (1613), married Earl Reddick, and lives near 
Lebanon, Indiana. They have four children. 

ii Ora Cox (1614), '' lives in the West, but do not know where." 

iii. Carrie Cox (1615), married Wal Horney, and lives near Horton- 
ville, Indiana. 

i. Harriet Horney (1616). 

iv. Robert Cox (1617), married Madge McKinzie, and lives near 
Lebanon, Indiana. Sine prole. 

, Hannah Thistlethwaite (1618), was born 19th June, 1847, at 
Richmond, Indiana. She was married to William Henry Plew, of 
Lebanon, Indiana, but they removed to a large farm the address of which 
was then " near Sheridan." However, since that time the nearer town 
of Hortonville has been founded. They were living on the same farm in 
March 1909. 

i. John Plew (1619), born 4th November, 1880, near what is now 
Hortonville, Indiana. He was married to Emma Boxley, 
of Sheridan, in 1908, and hves on a farm, 
ii. Ada Plew (1620), born 9th September, 1882, on her parents' 
farm. She is a teacher in the Primary Department of the 
schools at Hortonville, unmarried, 
iii. Josephine Plew (1621), born 26th October, 1884, on her parents' 
farm. She was married in 1906, to Albert Martin, grain- 
dealer, of North Manchester, Indiana. Sine prole. 
iv. Nell Plew {1622), born i8th September, 1886, on her parents' 

farm. She is living at home unmarried. 
V. Eula Plew (1623), born 12th December, 1888, on her parents' 
farm. She is living at home, unmarried. 

Charles Thistlethwaite (1624), was born 29th September, 1848, 
probably at Richmond, Indiana. On ist January, 1901, he was Vice- 
President of the Thistlethwaite Bank, Sheridan, Indiana. In September, 

298 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

1908, he was living at Sheridan. He was married, nth April, 1872, to 
Josephine Underwood, who was born i6th April, 1852. 

i. Ehzabeth Thistlethwaite (1625), born 20th March, 1873, 
married 4th March, 1890, to Nelson Parr, and died 5tb 
January, 1897, having issue two sons, 
i. Lester Parr (1626). 
ii. Lowell Parr (1627). 
ii. John Marvin Thistlethwaite (1628), born 17th December, 1876, 
married 17th November, 1902, to Daisy Richey, Sine prole. 
iii. Flora C. Thistlethwaite (1629), born i8th December, 1878 ; 
married 28th October, 1896, to Chnton Haughey. She 
died nth August, 1899, leaving one son, 
i. Dean L. Haughey (1630). 
iv. Chalmers Z. Thistlethwaite (1631), born 29th July, 1880 ; 
married 20th December, 1894*, to Minnie W. Dowell, and 
has issue, 

i. Paul Thistlethwaite {1632). 
ii. Josephine Thistlethwaite (1633). 
v. Lola May Thistlethwaite (1634), born 8th August, 1882, died 

19th February, 1896. 
vi. Frederick Thistlethwaite (1635), born 31st March, 1884, died 

ist June, 1885. 
vii. Ray Thistlethwaite (1636), born ist September, 1888, died 4th 
August, 1890. 

Edward Thistlethwaite (1637), born 13th March, 1850, at 
Richmond, Indiana, On ist January, 1901, he was President of the 
Thistlethwaite Bank, and his home is at Sheridan, Indiana. On 14th 
January, 1908, he writes me, " I have bought five thousand acres of land 
down near the Gulf of Mexico, and aim to start there next Tuesday, and 

*Thus in Charles Thistlethwaite's letter to me, but does he intend to write " 1904 " ? 

Part Eight. 299 

stay the whole of the winter. I have three sons there now. I aim to build 
a Plantation House, . . . Where I am going the Orange grows, also 
the Sugar Cane, and Rice. This tract of land is mostly timber of a very 
fine quaHty, oak, ash, hickory, and satin-walnut. My boys are building 
a large mill ready to run now : we will export this lumber." This pro- 
perty is at Washington, Louisiana, near the mouth of the Mississippi. 

Edward Thistlethwaite is also vice-president of the Farmers' National 
Bank, Indiana. He was married 25th September, 1872, to Ludema 
Waller, who was born 7th May, 1854. By her he had seven children, 

i. Cora Geneva Thistlethwaite (1638), born 24th December, 1873, 
married Frank P. Williams, and was living at Sheridan, 
Indiana, 25th July, 1908. 

i. Paul Williams (1639), born 1894. 
ii. Wannitah Williams (1640), born 1896. 
ii. Allotes Thistlethwaite (1641), born 19th February, 1876, and 
called after an Indian Chief. He married India Hadley, 
and was at Washington, Louisiana, 25th July, 1908. 
i. Dwight Thistlethwaite (1642), born 1897, 
ii. Lawrence Thistlethwaite (1643), born 1905. 
iii. Lu Dema Thistlethwaite (1643a), born 25th October, 
iii. Eliza Sadoni Thistlethwaite (1644), born 13th August, 1878, 
married Harry H. Griffin, and was living at Sheridan, 
Indiana, 25th July, 1908. 
iv. Fairy May Thistlethwaite (1645), born loth January, 1881, 
married Everett E. Newby, and was living at Sheridan, 
Indiana, 25th July, 1908. 
V. John Richmond Thistlethwaite (1646), born 21st August, 1883, 
" Richmond " being his maternal grandmother's maiden 
name. He was at Washington, La., 25th July, 1908, un- 
vi. Jesse Thistlethwaite (1647), born 27th December, 1885, and 
was at Sheridan, Indiana, 25th July, 1908, unmarried. 

300 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

vii. Roy Thistlethwaite (1648), born 2nd November, 1888, died 

14th December, 1888. 
Edward Thistlethwaite {1637), married secondly Etta Brinegar, 12th 
November, 1890. She was born 20th July, i860, and was living at 
Sheridan, Indiana, with her two children, 25th July, 1908. 

viii. Edward Duane Thistlethwaite (1649), born ist April, 1892. 
ix. Lamar Thistlethwaite (1650), born 24th July, 1893. 

Mary Thistlethwaite (1651), was married to George Drake. 
She was living at Sheridan, in March, 1909. Some of her family do not 
live in that district, but no further particulars are yet to hand, 
i. Edward Drake (1652), married, 
ii. Annis Drake (1653), married, 
iii. Bertha Drake (1654). 
iv. Beatrice Drake (1655). 

V. Robert Drake (1656), who in March, 1909, had " just arrived 
in New York from a trip around the earth, with the American 
vi, Mary Drake (1657). 

Mary Thistlethwaite (1679), the younger daughter of the emigrant, 
was a woman of much individuality and intellect, a supporter of the 
equality and rights of woman. She married a farmer, named Thomas 
Birdsall, who was unlike her in many respects. As I have not yet suc- 
ceeded in persuading any of her descendants to correspond with me, my 
particulars regarding them are few. I believe that she had at least three 
sons, two of whom, perhaps, died young. The third was named, 
iii. William W. Birdsall (1680), whom see. 

William W. Birdsall (1680), " was a native of Richmond, 
Indiana, and a student in Richmond High School, and at Earlham, 

Part Eight. 301 

graduating from Earlham, in 1873, at the age of nineteen. Later he 
became a teacher in the Richmond High School, where he taught until he 
accepted a position as principal of the Boy's High School at Wilmington. 
Later he was principal and teacher in Friends' Central School, in Phila- 
delphia, then president of Swarthmore College, and at the time of his death 
was filling a large and influential place as principal of the Philadelphia 
High School for Girls. 

" Honored and loved everywhere by all who knew him, and held in 
the highest esteem by educators of his time, his was truly a life full of 

'• A memorial service was held in the Earlham Chapel on March 31st, 
and fitting tribute paid to his life and work. Among those who did him 
honor were Professor W. N. Trueblood, and Professor D. W. Dennis, both 
members of his class at Earlham. 

" The following was said of him by Mrs. Margaret Dennis Vail : 

" ' In Richmond, Wilmington, Swarthmore, or Philadelphia, in his 
home and social life, or in the discharge of professional duties, among 
successes or disappointments, he was always the same, true to the highest 
ideals of manhood, never at any instant or at any point failing to live or to 
act according to the best possible standards of life. 

" ' No one in the range of my acquaintance and observation has ever 
seemed to me to make a finer or greater success of this life.' " * 

William W. Birdsall (1680), was born about 1854, and died in March, 
1909. He left a widow and one or two children. He was a well-known 
member of the Society of Friends in America ; and the City of Phila- 
delphia " took as honorable notice of the passing of Professor Birdsall as 
it is possible to take." 

Henry Thistlethwaite (1684), was born 14th March, 1833, at Rich- 
mond, Indiana, and was in 1909 the only one yet living of the emigrants' 
eight children. He married Emiline Moore in 1863, and had issue, 
* Extracted from The Earlhamite, April loth, 1909. 

302 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

i. Cyrus D. Thistlethwaite (1685), whom see. 
ii. Grace Thistlethwaite (1693), whom see. 
iii. George Thistlethwaite (1697), whom see. 
Emiline Thistlethwaite died 28th December, 1869, on the birth of her 
youngest child, and Henry Thistlethwaite (1684), married secondly, in 
1872, Gemima Singleton, with whom he is now living near Sheridan, 
Indiana, She had issue one child, 

iv. Burgess Thistlethwaite (1701), whom see, 

Cyrus D. Thistlethwaite (1685), born 4th April, 1864, at 
Sheridan ; married 6th December, 1883, Laura Ramsey, and is a farmer 
near Sheridan, Indiana. 

i, Glenn F, Thistlethwaite (1686), born i8th March, 1885, at 
Sheridan, Indiana. He received his bachelor's degree from 
Earlham College, Indiana, in 1908, and was in February, 
1909, Athletic Director and Instructor in Mathematics at 
Illinois College, Jacksonville, Illinois, being the youngest 
College Director in the State. In September, 1909, he 
became Athletic Director and assistant in Civil Engineering 
at Earlham College, which is under the auspices of the 
Society of Friends. This immediate branch of the family 
still retain their membership as Orthodox Quakers. He is 
ii. Raleigh Thistlethwaite {1687), born 26th May, 1888, at 

Sheridan, Indiana, unmarried, 
iii. Earl Thistlethwaite (1688), born i6th December, 1890, at 

Sheridan, Indiana ; died 22nd September, 1892. 
iv. Ardra Thistlethwaite (1689), born 28th November, 1893, at 

Sheridan, Indiana, a boy. 
V. C. Orville Thistlethwaite {1690), born 3rd November, 1895, at 

Sheridan, Indiana, 
vi. Meveral H. Thistlethwaite (1691), born 17th March, 1898, at 
Sheridan, Indiana. 

Part Eight. 303 

vii. Lowell Thistlethwaite (1692), born 27th September, 1902, at 
Sheridan, Indiana. 

Grace Thistlethwaite (1693), born 22nd April, 1867, at Sheridan, 
Indiana ; married 2nd February, 1885, to John Timmons, a farmer, 
near Sheridan. 

i. Maud Timmons {1694), born i8th February, 1886, died 5th 

April, 1905 ; unmarried, 
ii. Claude Timmons (1695), born 20th April, 1888 ; unmarried. 
• iii. Opal Timmons (1696), born 6th May, 1891, ; unmarried. 

George Thistlethwaite {1697), born 28th December, 1869, at 
Sheridan, Indiana ; married 3rd March, 1892, to Florence Louks, and is a 
farmer near Sheridan. 

i. Vinton Thistlethwaite (1698), born i6th January, 1893 ; died 

19th October, 1901. 
ii. Monroe Thistlethwaite (1699), born 6th October, 1898. 
iii. Lacy Thistlethwaite (1700), born 27th October, 1900. 

Burgess Thistlethwaite (1701), born 2nd August, 1875, at 
Sheridan, Indiana ; married 3rd October, 1894, to Belle Goodner. He is 
a mechanic at Peoria, Illinois. 

i. Lola E. Thistlethwaite (1702), born 23rd June, 1896, at 
Sheridan, Indiana. 

Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1705), born 13th March, 1798, at 
Counterside, Wensleydale, Yorkshire. While living at Wakefield, York- 
shire, she was married, 19th September, 1822, at Wakefield Meeting 
House, to George Webster, of Halifax, in the county of York, grocer, son 
of George Webster, late of Storthwaite, near the City of York, farmer. 


The Thistlethwaite Family. 

deceased, and Ann his wife, then surviving. The following witnesses 
signed the Marriage Certificate : 

John Thistlethwaite (1347) 

Ann Webster 

Hannah Thistlethwaite 

Mary Thistlethwaite (1703) 

Simeon Webster 

John Webster 

William Webster 

Timothy Thistlethwaite (1545) 

John Thistlethwaite, Jr. (1555) 

Betty Thistlethwaite 

Elizabeth Webster 

Margaret Thistlethwaite (1782) 

Christopher Walker 

John J. Nevins 

Edward Peck 

Isabella Swan 

Harriet Lambe 

Jane Haworth 

Timothy Pickard 

James W'illan 

Susannah Harris 

Eliza Clemesha 

Sarah Lee 

Joseph Wetherald 
Molly Wetherald. 
James Wetherald 
Rachel Wetherald 
David Walton 
Wilham Pickard, Jr. 
Mary Ann Brearey 
Deborah Spence 
John Spence 
Mary Birkbeck 
Ann Pace 
Isabella Bradney 
James Harrison 
Lucy Lamb 
Elizabeth Guest 
Ann Hall 
Hannah Nevins 
Caleb Haworth 
George Bennington 
Mary Lee 
Ann Brooke 
Elizabeth Bleckly 
Eliza Lee. 

Eleanor Webster (1705) for many years carried on a confectionery 
business next to her husband's grocery shop. She died 25th May, 1867, 
at Halifax, aged sixty-nine, and her husband died there 3rd December, 
1873, aged seventy-eight. 

i. Joseph Webster (1706), whom see, 
ii. Ann Webster (1725), whom see. 
iii. Charles Webster (1747), whom see. 

Part Eight. 305 

iv. Mary Webster {1756), whom see. 
V. George Webster (1759), whora see. 
vi. John Wilham Webster (1775), whom see. 

Joseph Webster {1706), born 14th September, 1824, at HaHfax. 
He was married nth August, 1853, at Dews bury Meeting House, to 
Elizabeth Brady, daughter of Wilham Brady, of Dewsbury, by his wife 
Mary Ann Breary. Joseph Webster was a high-class tailor at Darlington, 
Co. Durham, where he died 17th January, 1893. His wife died at 
Darlington, 28th March, 1891. 

i, Mary Ann Webster (1707), born 3rd or 19th July, 1854, at 

Darlington, died there 28th September, 1854. 
ii. Joseph Brady Webster (1708), whom see. 
iii. Eleanor Elizabeth Webster (1714), whom see. 
iv. William Brady Webster (1718), whom see. 
V. Charles Edward Webster (1721), born February 15th, 1863, at 

Darlington ; died there 26th April, 1870. 
vi. Annie Webster (1722), born nth March, 1865, at Darlington, 

now a trained nurse ; unmarried, 
vii. Edith Mary Webster (1723), born 23rd July, 1867, at Darhng- 
ton ; married, 6th February, 1890, at Darlington, to 
William Edward Brady, of Barnsley, who was her sister's 
brother-in-law% and, I believe, her second cousin ; s.p. 

Joseph Brady Webster (1708), born 6th March, 1856, at Darlington, 
educated at Bootham School, York, 8 mo. 1871 to 12 mo., 1872. He was 
married, 1882, to Sarah Jane Adamson, and died 24th December, 1890, 
at Darlington, where he had been a tailor with his father. 

i. Joseph William Webster (1709), born 4th September, 1883, at 

Darlington ; unmarried 1908. 
ii. Frances Brady Webster, (1710), born 5th May, 1885, at Croft 
Spa, near Darlington ; unmarried, 1908. 


3o6 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

iii. Edith Mary Webster (1711), born 20th November, 1886, at 

Darhngton ; unmarried 1908. 
iv. Grace Elizabeth Webster (1712), born 30th June, 1888, at 

Darhngton ; unmarried 1908. 
V. Dorothy Webster (1713), born June, 1890, at Darhngton ; 

unmarried 1908. 

Eleanor Elizabeth Webster (1714), born 19th July, 1858, at 
Darlington ; educated at the Mount School, York, 8 mo., 1872 to 6 mo. 
1875. She was married 17th June, 1886, at Darlington, to her second 
cousin, Foster E. Brady, of Barnsley, Yorkshire, who is now (1909), 
engaged in lecturing and mission-work for the Society of Friends. 

i. Harold Norman Brady (1715), born 19th July, 1887, at 

Barnsley ; unmarried 1908. 
ii. Catherine Elizabeth Brady (1716), born 13th May, 1894, at 

Barnsley ; unmarried 1908. 
iii. Edward Richards Brady (1717), born 23rd August, 1896, at 

William Brady Webster (171 8), born 17th July, i860, at 
Darlington ; educated at Bootham School, York, 8 mo., 1875 to 12 mo. 
1876. He was married, 14th April, 1885, at Wakefield, to Eliza Millar 
Grace, and is a grocer at Barnsley, Yorkshire. 

i. Arthur Brady Webster (1719), born 15th October, 1892, at 

ii, Elsie Margaret W^ebster (1720), born i6th October, 1895, at 

Ann Webster (1725), born 25th November, 1828, at Hahfax, 
Yorkshire. She was married, 8th June, 1853, to John Rowntree, grocer 

Part Eight. 307 

of Scarborough, who was born ist December, 1821, son of WilHam Rown- 
tree, of Newcastle (i6th March, 1786, to 14th October, 1849, son of John 
Rowntree, of Scarborough, 1757-1827, by his wife, Ehzabeth Lotherington) 
by his wife Rachel Watson (15th September, 1788, to 6th February, 1845). 
Ann Rowntree (1725), died 4th November, 1864, and her husband 
married secondly Eliza Brady, widow of William Brady, Junr., whose 
sister married Joseph Webster, Ann Rowntree's brother. 

John Rowntree died ist October, 1894. His second wife is still 
living with her only child, Alfred Rowntree, J. P., of Kirkby Overblow, 
near Harrogate, who married Ethel Marguerite Willis, first cousin once 
removed to Elizabeth Longmire Willis, who married William Timothy 
Bradley (415), of Wensleydale. By his first wife, Ann Webster (1725), 
John Rowntree had issue, 

i. John Watson Rowntree (1726), whom see. 
ii. George Rowntree (1730), whom see. 
iii. William Henry Rowntree (1732), born 8th March, 1857, ^^ 

Scarborough ; died i8th February, 1858. 
iv. Ellen Rowntree (1733), whom see. 
V. Frederick Rowntree (1739), whom see. 
vi. Arthur Rowntree (1743), whom see. 

vii. Emily Rowntree (1746), born 28th April, 1863, at Scarborough, 
educated at the Mount School, York, 8 mo. 1876, to 6 mo. 
1880. She is now proprietor of a boarding house in York ; 

John Watson Rowntree (1726), born 3rd April, 1854, at Scar- 
borough ; educated at Bootham School, York, i mo., 1869, to 6 mo, 1870. 
He was married 23rd April, 1885, at WeDingborough, Co. Northampton, 
to Eliza Stansfield Gravely, of that place, who was born ist December, 
1857. He and his brother George carry on their father's grocery business, 
and a cafe, at Scarborough. He resides at " The Rowans," Scarborough, is 
a Justice of the Peace, and was mayor of the town in 1907. He is also a 
prominent member of the Society of Friends in the North of England. 

3o8 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

During the Anglo-Boer War in 1900, Scarborough was tiie scene of a 
considerable riot, which was chiefly directed against John Watson 
Rowntree and his relatives.* The Rowntree family, as Quakers, were 
opposed to all war, and were called " Pro-Boers," on account of 
their attempts to reduce the British national hatred against the Dutch 
South Africans which the war had produced. 

The immediate cause of the Scarborough riot was the invitation of 
Schreiner, a Boer, to speak at a public meeting in Scarborough. During 
the evening a mob collected, and threw stones and other missiles, but 
Schreiner and the Rowntrees escaped unnoticed at the back. The mob 
proceeded up the main street of Scarborough, smashing the plate glass 
windows of John Rowntree and Son's grocer's shop, William Rowntree 
and Son's draper's shop (the largest shop in Scarborough), and also the 
windows of the private residences of Joshua Rowntree, ex-M.P. for Scar- 
borough, Allan Rowntree, WilHam Stickney Rowntree, and John Watson 

John Watson Rowntree remained to protect those of his employes 
who slept at his business premises. His wife, three children, and three 
maids were at " The Rowans," absolutely unprotected, but fortun- 
ately the mob were contented with the destruction of as much of 
the furniture as could be reached by missiles thrown through the 
broken windows. The rioters broke down a wall in order to obtain 
bricks as missiles. 

The mob lost the scent of Schreiner, who slept at the house of E. R. 
Cross, a Scarborough solicitor, and member of the Society of Friends. 
Schreiner left the house in a cab, and was driven to Ganton Station, thus 
escaping the hostile crowds gathered at Scarborough Station. It was 
reported in the town that he had escaped in one of W. Rowntree and Sons' 
furniture vans. 

John Watson Rowntree (1726) had three children, as follows : 

i. Harold Rowntree (1727), born 15th April, 1886, at Scarborough, 
educated at Bootham School, York, 9 mo., 1900 to 7 mo. 
* Edna Lyall mentions the riot in her story "The Hinderers." 

Part Eight. 309 

1903. Now (1909) unmarried, and in his father's grocery 

ii. Gravely Rowntree (1728), born 15th July, 1888, at 
Scarborough, died 22nd July, 1903, at Wellingborough, 

iii. Kathleen Rowntree (1729), born loth January, 1891, at Scar- 
borough ; unmarried 1909. 

George Rowntree (1730), bom 20th December, 1855, at Scar- 
borough ; educated at Bootham School, York, 8 mo., 1869, to 12 mo. 
1871 ; married 24th June, 1885, at Scarborough, to Priscilla Gray Wallis, 
who was born 7th July, 1855, daughter of Francis Wallis, of Scarborough, 
and sister of Edward Wallis, of Scarborough, who married Annie Johnson 
(1557), George Rowntree's second cousin. George Rowntree is a grocer 
at Scarborough, in partnership with his eldest brother. He is a Justice of 
the Peace. 

i. Malcolm Rowntree {1731), born 17th April, 1890, at Scar- 
borough ; educated at Bootham School, York, and at 
Cambridge University. 

Ellen Rowntree (1733), born 29th April, 1858, at Scarborough ; 
educated at the Mount School, York, 8 mo. 1871 to 6 mo. 1875. She was 
married, 12th March, 1884, at Scarborough, to her distant cousin, Alfred 
Henrjr Taylor, grocer, of Malton, son of Henry Taylor, of jMalton, by his 
wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Richardson Rowntree. 

Henry Taylor, grocer, of Malton, was son of Joseph Taylor, of Malton, 
by his wife Sarah, daughter of George Baker, of Danbydale, and Askham 
Fields,* by his wife Sarah Hedley, whose sister, Mary Hedley, married 
Anthony Thistlethwaite (1164), of Darhngton. Sarah and Mary Hedley's 
mother, Sarah Hartas, was great-aunt to Rachel Peacock, who married 
Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1218), of Great Ayton. 

* " Unhistoric Acts " by George Baker (Headley Bros., London). 

3IO The Thistlethwaite Family. 

i. Charles John Taylor (1734), born 8th September, 1885, at 
Malton. He is now (1909) in the grocery business of his 
maternal uncles, at Scarborough, unmarried. 

ii. Maud Taylor (1735), born 9th September, 1888, at Malton, 

Yorkshire ; now living at home ; unmarried, 
iii. Muriel Taylor (1736), born 6th January, 1890, at Malton, and 

died there 24th January, 1890. 
iv. Dorothy May Taylor (1737), born 9th May, 1893. 

V. Joyce Rowntree Taylor (1738), born 20th October, 1898, at 

Frederick Rowntree (1739), born 19th April, i860, at Scar- 
borough ; educated at Bootham School, York, 8 mo., 1871, to 6 mo., 1876. 
He was married, 6th October, 1886, at Glasgow, N.B., to Mary Anna Gray, 
who was born loth June, 1862. He is an architect. 

i. Douglas Rowntree (1740), born 6th May, 1888, at Brompton, 

Yorkshire ; unmarried, 
ii. Cohn Rowntree (1741), born 9th August, 1891, at Glasgow, 
iii. Judith Mary Rowntree (1742), born 21st July, 1893, at Glasgow. 

Arthur Rowntree (1743), born 19th October, 1861, at Scar- 
borough ; educated at Bootham School, York, 9 mo., 1872 to 6 mo., 1878. 
He was a teacher at the same school 1879 to 1882, became Bachelor of 
Arts, and returned as teacher from 1884 to 1885, and again from 1892 to 
1899, when he became Headmaster, a position which he still holds. He 
was married, 29th October, 1891, to Ellen Hurndall, at Birmingham. 

i. Joan Hurndall Rowntree (1744), born 23rd April, 1895, at 

ii. Alyson Hurndall Rowntree (1745), born 26th September, 1897, 
at York. 

Part Eight. 


Charles Webster (1747), born 9th October, 1830, at Halifax. 
He was for some years apprenticed with David Baker,* grocer, of Guis- 
borough, Yorkshire, and when there became acquainted with Esther 
Peacock, of Castleton. On nth September, 1856, in Guisborough 
Meeting house, Charles Webster, grocer of Halifax, was married to Esther 
Peacock, " of Castleton near Whitby, daughter of the late George Peacock, 
of the said town, yeoman, and Elizabeth his wife, now surviving." Their 
marriage certificate is signed by the following witnesses, viz. : — 

Ehzabeth Peacock 
Eleanor Webster (1705) 
George Esthill Peacock 
Rachel Peacock 
Mary Webster (1756) 
George Webster, Jr. (1759) 
Thomas Hartas Peacock 
Benjamin Peacock 
Joseph Webster (1706) 
Wilham Thistlethwaite (1598) 
David Binns 
Mary Peacock 
Elizabeth Peacock 
Eleanor Bowse 
William Rickaby 
Jane Rickaby 
William Hartas 
Sarah Mary Hartas 
John R. Procter 
Lydia R. Procter 
Hannah Richardson 
Hannah Hall 
Hannah M. Thomson 
M. Ord 

Sarah Stevenson 
Thomas Dixon 
John Hall, Sr. 
John Baker 
John Richardson 
WiUiam Anderson (1158) 
Joseph Pease 
Emma Pease 
John Pease 
Sophia Pease 
Jane Gurney Pease 
Emma Gurney Pease 
Eliz. Lucy Pease 
Sophia Pease, Jr. 
Mary A. Pease 
Eliza Barclay 
Thos. Jowett 
Mary Ann Jowett 
Hannah Dale 
Mary Stonehouse 
Mgt. Ann Coning 
Eliza Sweeting 
Jane Nightingale 
Emma Bulmer 

* See " Unhistoric Acts," by George Baker (Headley Bros., London, 1906). 

312 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Eliza Jane Ord Catherine A. Christian 

Mary Ann Howcroft Wm, Wilson Nellist 

John Duck (?) Chas. Lowe 

George Duck (?) John Heselton Kingston 

George Morley Mary Jane Hodgson 

George Fletcher Sarah J. Baker 

Mary Fletcher Annie Orton 

John Hall Baker Ehz"^ M. Orton 

David Baker Rob' Stevenson 
Sarah Dorothy Baker. 

Charles Webster (1747), is a cafe owner and grocer at Halifax, 
Yorkshire ; now (1910) residing with his elder son, at Poynton, Saville 
Park Road, Halifax, His wife, Esther Webster, died 23rd July, 1906, 
at Halifax. Her parents lived at Wooddale House, about half-way 
between the villages of Ugthorpe and Lealholm, Yorkshire. Her mother 
was born Elizabeth Hartas, first cousin thrice removed to the husband of 
Ellen Rowntree (1733), who was niece by marriage to Esther Webster. 
Her sister, Rachel Peacock, married Jeremiah Thistlethwaite (1218), of 
Ayton, Charles Webster's third cousin. 

i. Charles Edward Webster (1748), whom see. 
ii. George Arnold Webster (1752), whom see. 
iii. Thomas Webster (1755), born 4th July, 1871, at Halifax ; died 
there 14th November, 1872. 

Charles Edward Webster (1748), bom 27th March, 1868, at 
Halifax. He was married ist September, 1897, at Great Ayton Meeting 
House, to Mabel Tilzey, born 1875, daughter of the late Frederick Tilzey, 
of Bolton, Lancashire, by his wife, Rachel Darbyshire, now (1909), of Great 
Ayton, Yorkshire. He is in the grocery business at Halifax, and has 

i. Clarice Mabel Webster (1749), born 13th August, 1898, at 

ii. Marion Webster (1750), born 8th July, 1900, at Halifax. 

Part Eight. 313 

iii. Nance Tilzey Webster (1751), born i6th August, 1907, at 

George Arnold Webster (1752), born 15th November, 1869, 
at Halifax. He was married 26th June, 1901, at St. George's Church, 
London, to Nora Harris, of Kingston-on-Thames, who was born 20th 
May, 1876, daughter of the late Dr. Harris. He was at one time a stock- 
broker in London, but is now in the grocery business at Halifax. For 
some years after his marriage he lived at Harrogate, Yorkshire, but in 
1909 removed to Heath Villas, Halifax. 

i. Trevor Hartas Webster (1753), born 29th November, 1902, in 

ii. Laurence Justin Webster (1754), born 12th December, 1904, 
in London. 

Mary Webster (1756), born 4th October, 1832, at Halifax. She 
was married, 2nd January, 1867, at Halifax, to William Brook, Liberal 
Agent, of Halifax, who is still surviving there. She died there, 21st May, 
1873, having issue, 

i. Ellen Brook (1757), born 20th November, 1867, at Halifax ; 

now (1909) living there, unmarried, 
ii. Lucy Brook (1758), born loth April, 1869, at Hahfax, now 
(1909) living there, unmarried. 

George Webster (1759), born 1837, ^^ Halifax. He was married 
3rd February, 1864, to Elizabeth Benson, formerly a teacher at Ackworth 
School, who is now deceased. He is a grocer in Wakefield, for which City 
he is a Justice of the Peace. 

i. Edith Mary Webster (1760), born i6th February, 1865 ; died 
I2th September, 1865, and buried in Friends' Burial Ground, 
Thornhill Street, Wakefield. 

314 The Thistlethwaite Family, 

ii. George Ernest Webster {1761), whom see. 
iii. Alfred Webster (1767), whom see. 
iv. Arthur Henry Webster (1770), whom see. 
V. Margaret Webster (1773), born 23rd June, 1875, at Wake- 
field, now {1909) living, unmarried, 
vi. Mary Webster (1774), born 23rd January, 1877, at Wakefield, 
now (1909) Hving, unmarried. 

George Ernest Webster (1761), born 6th October, 1867, at 
Wakefield. He was married at Westborough Chapel, Scarborough, 23rd 
April, 1895, to Florence Ehza Walton, only child of James T. Walton, 
artist, of York. He is a grocer at W^akefield. 

i. George William Webster (1762), born 29th May, 1896. 

ii. Edith Mary Webster (1763), born 27th April, 1899. 

iii. Henry Benson Webster {1764), born 13th October, 1900. 

iv. John Walton Webster {1765), born 6th May, 1902. 

V. Colin Ernest Webster (1766), born 3rd April, 1907. 

Alfred Webster (1767), born 17th January, 1871, at Wakefield. 
He was married 26th April, 1898, at Westgate Chapel, Wakefield, to Edith 
Annie Sutcliffe, daughter of Thomas Sutcliffe, Norbury Mills, Cheshire. 
He is a printer at Leeds. 

i. Marjorie Elizabeth Webster (1768), born 21st April, 1901. 
ii. Thomas Alfred Webster (1769), born 27th May, 1903. 

Arthur Henry Webster {1770), born 30th November, 1872, at 
Wakefield. He was married 19th September, 1900, at Westgate Chapel, 
Wakefield, to Mary Ellen Wood, eldest daughter of Sam Wood, wool 
stapler, of Wakefield, He is a grocer at Wakefield. 

i. Arthur Guy Webster (1771), born 28th November, 1905. 
ii. Eric Webster (1772), born 13th February, 1908, 

Part Eight. 315 

John William Webster (1775), born 23rd January, 1840, at Halifax. 
He was married 6th September, 1866, at Manchester, to Lucy Ann Fre- 
man, who was born 25th June, 1843, in London, daughter of Henry and 
Elizabeth Freman. He was a grocer in Birmingham, and died there 21st 
December, 1904. His widow now (1909) resides at 44, Holmewood 
Gardens, Brixton Hill, London, S.W. 

i. Henry Freman Webster (1776), whom see. 
ii. Ellen Mary Webster (1777), born 19th June, 1869, at Birming- 
ham ; now (1909) living, unmarried, 
iii. Alice Webster (1778), born ist April, 1871, at Birmingham ; 

now living unmarried. 
iv. Frederick Webster (1779), whom see. 
V. Frank Webster (1781), whom see. 

vi. John Webster (1781a), born 23rd June, 1877, at Birmingham ; 
now (1909), living in London, unmarried. 

Henry Freman Webster (1776), born 27th October, 1867, at 
Halifax ; married 6th August, 1902, at Halifax, to Henrietta Scarborough, 
daughter of Joseph Scarborough, of Halifax, cotton-spinner. He studied 
music in Germany, and was a professor of music at Halifax until recently, 
but is now (1909), studying accountancy in Bradford. Sine prole. 

Frederick Webster (1779), born i6th July, 1872, at Birmingham ; 
married 12th September, 1906, at Birmingham, to Esther Herbert, of 
Penzance. He is a grocer in Birmingham, and has issue, 

i. John Herbert Webster (1780), born nth July, 1908, at Bir- 

Frank Webster (1781), born 22nd March, 1874, at Birmingham ; 
married there 17th March, 1908, to Eliza Williams, of Birmingham. He 
is a grocer in Birmingham, and was sine prole September, 1908. 

31 6 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Isaac Thistlethwaite (1786), born i8th November, 1807, at Over 
Bentham, Yorkshire. He and his elder brothers William, Thomas and 
James, had emigrated to the United States some considerable time before 
1843. William's grandson, Edward Thistlethwaite (1637), thinks that 
Wilham settled in Indiana, James in Virginia, and Isaac in New York 
State, However, in 1843, Isaac was living at Marietta, on the river Ohio, 
in the State of Ohio, the State of West Virginia being immediately across 
the river. He was then in difficulty for money, and his sister, Eleanor 
Webster, of Halifax, England, appears to have written to her brother 
Wilham Thistlethwaite (1598), of Richmond, Indiana, suggesting that 
Isaac should return to England. In reply to this, William's daughter, 
Eleanor Thistlethwaite (1599), writes from Richmond, 20th March, 1843, 
to her aunt Eleanor Webster, as follows, 

" Dear Aunt, Father received thy letter of the 26th of 12 mo. last, and 
immediately made known to Uncle Isaac the proposition you had made 
relative to his return to England, although under the necessity of apprising 
him at the same time that he was unable to render the assistance requisite 
for such a journey, and more than this he thought that after so long an 
absence he would be dissatisfied should he return. Father had written to 
him a few weeks previous to the arrival of thy letter, desiring to know 
what he would think of removing to Indiana,* but had not received an 
answer. He again informed him that if near him, he could, without 
inconvenience, supply him with the necessaries of life in all probability 
until he could meet with employment ; offering, if he was willing to come, 
to endeavour to make arrangements to get them here. To the last letter 
he rephed without delay, under date of the 13th of the present month, 
acknowledging the kindness of his relatives in England for so heartily 
wishing his welfare, but he adds, " As to my going to that country it is 
altogether out of the question, if I were ever so disposed, I could not 
persuade my wife to cross the ocean. It is a hard matter to get her across 
the Ohio, except in the middle of Summer, in low water." In regard to 
removing to Richmond, he says, " It would be imprudent at present for 
* He was i8o miles distant, in a straight line, from Richmond, Ind. 

Part Eight. 317 

me to leave Marietta ; neither could I do it honorably, for the following 
reason : during this winter I have been compelled to run in debt for pro- 
vision and a little clothing that we could not do without, for which I am 
pledged to pay for this spring in work. I could not get these things 
without promising the work whenever they should call for it. After these 
little jobs are done if there is no prospect of any more work I will then 
write again to thee " . . . . When uncle Isaac wrote last they were 
all reasonably well, except the youngest child, which I think is but a few 
weeks old. He said she had a touch of the croup, but they hoped she 
would soon be better." 

Since this date I can learn nothing respecting him or his descendants, 
indeed Wilham is the only one of the four brothers whose progeny I have 
been able to trace.* 

* Possibly Mark Thistlethwaite of Indianapolis, who is a subscriber to this 
book, is a descendant of James or Isaac. He has not yet replied to my letter of 


[All except seven of the subscribers are either Thisthihwaite descendanis 
or connections by marriage.'] 

Alderson, W. C, Esq., 228, South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 

U.S.A. Two copies in vellum. 
Ashworth, Miss Dora A., 452, Berea Road, Durban, Natal, South Africa. 

Three copies. 
Ashworth, John A., Esq., c/o \Vm. Cotts & Co., Point, Durban, Natal, South 

Axford, Herbert, Esq., 801, Electric Street, Scran ton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 

Baker, George, Esq., Acomb Green, York. 

Baker, Mrs. T. Hedley, Tonganoxie, Kansas, U.S.A. 

Baynes, Ernest Harold, Esq., Meriden, New Hampshire, U.S.A. 

Baynes, Oswald B., Esq., B.A., i, Woodside Terrace, DarUngton. 

Bentham, Mrs. 5, Clevedon Buildings, Liverpool, S. 

Bird, Mrs. R., Whinfell, Bridge-of-Weir, Renfrewshire, N.B. 

Booth, Ernest A., Esq., The Laurels, Highworth, Wiltshire. 

Booth, Rev. Joseph, Zion Manse, Ossett, S.O., Yorkshire. 

Booth, J. Alexander, Esq., 112, Town Street, Armley, Leeds. 

Bradley, Miss Bessie, Hillside, Aysgarth, Yorks. 

Bradley, Thomas, Esq., Bear Park, Carperby, S.O., Yorks. 

Bradley, Wm. T., Esq., Hillside, Aysgarth, S.O., Yorks. 

Bradley, W. T., Jun., Esq., B.A., 17, Duchy Avenue, Harrogate. 

Brook, ]Miss, 4, Avondale Place, Halifax. 

Brown, Charles, Esq., Rushley Walls, BoUington, Cheshire. 

Brown, Mrs. Chas., Rushley Walls, BoUington, Cheshire. 

Brown, C. Richardson, Esq., M.B., 79, Hyde Road, Manchester. 

Brown, Samuel E., Esq., M.A., Collegiate Institution, Liverpool. In vellum. 

Bro^vn, Mrs. Wilks, 62, Broughton Road, Banbury. Two copies. 

Busselle, S. Marshall, Esq., 26, Broadway, New York, U.S.A. In vellum. 

320 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Carter, Rev. C. A., B.A., St. Titus Vicarage, 29, St. Domingo Grove, Liverpool. 

In vellum. 
Carter, Chas. C, Esq., B.A., 9, Northgate Road, Stoneycroft, Liverpool. 
Carter, Thomas, Esq., 71, Montague Road, Chesterton, Cambs. 
Clark, Mrs. Ed., 40, Woodlands Terrace, Darlington. 
Clark, Ed. V., Esq., Litchford House, Monton Road, Eccles, Lancasliire. 
Clark, Lionel B., Esq., 40, Woodlands Terrace, Darlington. 
Clarke, Miss Bertha, Hope Vale, Comrie, N.C.R., via Maritzburg, Natal. 
Clarke, Miss Evelyn Fothergill, Adam's Mission Station, Amanzimtote, via 

Durban, Natal. 
Clarke, J. Fothergill, Esq., Ogada Mission Station, Lake Victoria Nyanza, 

Central Africa. 
Clarke, Miss Minnie, Mount Silinda Mission Station, Melsetter, Rhodesia. 
Cookson, Mrs., 20, Merton Street, Queen's Park, Manchester. Three Copies. 
Crosfield, Mrs. Albert J., 5, Madingley Road, Cambridge. 
Cudworth, Mrs., Butts Close, York. 

Doeg, George W., Esq., Reading, Berkshire. 

Dyhr, Mrs. Peter, West Branch, Cedar Co., Iowa, U.S.A. In vellum. 

Eccles, Mrs. Alfred E., White Coppice, Chorley. In vellum. 

Edmondson, Mrs., Woodburn, Ilkley. 

Edmundson, Mrs., 1109, Des Moines Street, Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A. 

Edwards, Mrs. F. P., 6, Park Road, Monton, Eccles. 

EUershaw, Arthur G., Esq., -108, Great Western Street, Moss Side, Manchester. 

Ellershaw, Mrs., 142, New Cross Street, Bradford. Two copies. 

EUershaw, Thos., Esq., 26, Victoria Road, Stechford, Birmingham. 

Fix, Samuel Edward, Esq., Kapowsin, Washington State, U.S.A. 
Fothergill, Alexr. Poinsett, Esq., 1144, West 3rd Street, Cleveland, Ohio, 

U.S.A. Two copies, one in vellum. 
Fothergill, Miss Ann, 319^, Arctic Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey, U.S.A. 
Fothergill, C. J., Esq., 548, Harris Street, Vancouver, Canada. Three copies. 
Fothergill, Gerald, Esq., 11, Brussels Road, New Wandsworth, London. 
Fothergill, Henry Chorley, Esq., 21, Grove Lane, Kingston-on-Thames. 

Two copies. 
Fothergill, Henry R., Esq., Girard, Ohio, U.S.A. Two copies. 
Fothergill, Mrs. J. J., Whitby, Ontario, Canada. 

Fothergill, John Rimington, Esq., M.D., Chorley Cottage, Darlington. 
Fothergill, Miss Margaret, 319^, Arctic Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 

Fothergill, Miss, Richmond Hill, Bowdon, Cheshire. 

List of Subscribers. 321 

Fothergill, Watson, Esq., George Street, Nottingham. Two copies. 
Fothergill, W. E., Esq., M.A., M.D., ^^7. Oxford Road, Manchester. In 

Fothergill, W. S., Esq., 9, Nelson Terrace, Redcar. 

Fotheringham, J. T., Esq., M.D., Airlie House, 20, Wellesley Street, Toronto. 
Fox, Chas. E., Esq., Beech Grove, Stanhope Road, Darlington. 
Eraser, Mrs., Hoylake, Cheshire. 

Fry, John Pease, Esq., M.A., J. P., Cleveland Lodge, Great Ayton. 
Fryer, George B., Esq., 35, Main Street, Council Bluffs, Iowa, U.S.A. In 


Gardner, Mrs. Warren, Union Springs, Cayuga County, N.Y., U.S.iV. 

George, Mrs., Tawelfan, Llanidloes. 

Gill, J. J., Esq., 4, North Terrace, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Gill, Wm., Esq., Low Row, Swaledale, Yorkshire. Three copies. 

Goundry, Mrs., 53, Severn Avenue, Weston-super-Mare. Six copies. 

Green, J. J., Esq., 182, Upper Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells. 

Greenbank, Mrs., Harbergill, Dent. 

Greenfield, Mrs. David, Morley, Ontario, Canada. 

Greenwood, Mrs. E., 25, Earlsthorpe Road, Sydenham, London, S.E. 

Griffin, Mrs. 3, Turner Street, Redcar. 

Guy, C. H., Esq., Holme Leigh, Menston-in-Wharfedale. Two copies. 

Guy, John A., Esq., Ellenthorpe, Eccleshill, Bradford. 

Guy, T. W., Esq., 166, Cambridge Street, London, S.W. 

Hadfield, Mrs. Alan, 8, Station Road, Finsbury Park, London, N. 
Hadfield, Mrs. S. F., Lochmaben, N.B. Three copies. 
Hadfield, S. R., Esq., 105, Broxholm Road, West Norwood, London. 
Harris, Edwin, Esq., Wavertree Farm, St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada. 
Harris, Mrs. James, Meaford, Ontario, Canada. 

Harris, Lewis J., Esq., Taber, Alberta, Canada. Three copies, one in velliim. 
Harris, Samuel, Esq., Rockwood, Ontario, Canada. Three copies. 
Harris, Thomas, Esq., Moresby Island, Gulf of Georgia, British Columbia. 
Harrison, Mrs., Elmhurst, South Woodford, Essex. Two copies. 
Harrison, Cuthbert, Esq., Chapel House, Crathorne, Yarm. Two copies. 
Harrison, Mrs. Edwin, 74, Rocky Lane, Monton, Eccles. 
Harrison, Miss Lucy, Cupples Field, Bainbridge, Askrigg, Yorkshire. 
Hartley, Joseph, Esq., Dee View, Dent. 

Hillary, G. M., Esq., ^4, Paseo Bolivar, Chihuahua, Mexico. In vellum. 
Hopkins, Mrs. J. C, Tonganoxie, Leavenworth County, Kansas, U.S.A. 
Hustler, Mrs. Benjamin, Wesley P.O., Dufferin County, Ontario, Canada. 
Two copies. 

322 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Hustler, John Wetherald, Esq., Lisgar P.O., Peel County, Ontario, Canada. 

Two copies. 
JefEerys, Mrs., Castle Green, Kendal. 
Jefferys, The Misses, Upperthorpe, Darlington. 
Jenkins, H. Stanley, Esq., M.D., Sianfu, Shensi, North China. 
Jesper, Alfred, Esq., 19, Micklegate, York. 
Jesper, Miss Eleanor, 19, Micklegate, York. 
Jesper, Joseph M., Esq., 42, Crocketts Road, Handsworth, Birmingham. 

Two copies. 
Jesper, William A., Esq., Claremont, Marygate, York. 
Johnson, Henry, Esq., 345, Magee Avenue, Rochester, N.Y., U.S.A. 
Johnson, Mrs. H. D., 795, Roosevelt Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. 
Johnson, Robt., Esq., 109, Wellmeadow Road, Catford, London, S.E. 
Johnson, William, Esq., J. P., Castle Rawe, Toowong, Brisbane, Queensland. 
Johnson, W. Samuel, Esq., Municipal Markets, Brisbane, Queensland. Two 


Kitching, Henry, Esq., J. P., The Grange, Great Ayton. In vellum. 
Knight, Mrs., 7, Manchester Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester. 

Lancashire, J. H., Esq., Deeplish Hill, Rochdale. Two copies. 

Leach, F. Austin, Esq., Woodbury, i, Broomfield Road, Tolworth, Surbiton, 

Surrey. Two copies, one in vellum.. 
Legg, A. H., Esq., Atherfield, Argyle Road, Barnet, N. 
Lewis, Mrs., c/o Rev. E. T. Lewis, Grantwood, New Jersey, U.S.A. 
Loveridge, Rev. S. M., Culebra, Panama, Central America. 
Loveridge, Mrs. Thomas, Kilternan, Llandaff, Glamorganshire. Five copies. 

Mason, Miss Mary, 69, Hartington Road, West Derby, Liverpool. 

Mason, William, Esq., 10, Willow Grove, Beverley. 

McClain, Mrs. J. W., 610, West 7th Street, Sedalia, Missouri, U.S.A. Two 

McGiUivray, George, Esq., Spring Valley, Minnesota, U.S.A. In vellum. 
McGillivray, Rev. N. H., St. John's Manse, 2nd Street, Cornwall, Ontario. 

McGiUivray, T. A., Esq., Whitby, Ontario, Canada. In vellum. 
McGilhvray, Mrs. Wm., Pipestone, Minnesota, U.S.A. 
McMurtry, Roy F., Esq., King, Ontario, Canada. 

McMurtry, W. J., Esq., Temple Building, Toronto, Canada. In vellum. 
Millott, Mrs., 17, Leyton Avenue, Mansfield, Notts. 
Morland, Mrs. H. J., Khoja, Harewood Road, Croydon. 
Moss, Miss E., B.A., Edgbaston College, 198, Bristol Road, Birmingham. 
Munn, W. W., Esq., 800, Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada. In vellum. 

List of Subscribers. 323 

Naughton, Mrs., Ellesmere School, Harrogate. Two copies, one in vellum. 

Newton, Mrs., Lealholm, Great Ay ton. 

Nightingale, John, Esq., 22, Galloway Road, Waterloo, Liverpool. 

Oldroyd, Lady, Hyrstlands, Dewsbury. 

Park, Mrs. Hunton, St. Margarets', Beverley. 

Pearson, Professor Karl, M.A., F.R.S., University College, London. In 

Pease, Sir A. E., Bart., Pinchinthorpe House, Guisborough, Yorkshire. 
Penney, Norman, Esq., F.S.A., Devonshire House, Bishopsgate, London, E.C. 
Pickard, Miss Eliza, 3, Hatfield Street, Wakefield. Two copies. 
Plpw, Miss Ada, Hortonville, Indiana, U.S.A. Four copies, one in vellum. 

Reckitt, Mrs. F. I., Wood Grange, Holderness Road, Hull. Two copies, one 

in vellum. 
Richardson, Mrs., Park Terrace, Horsforth, Leeds. 

Robson, Mrs. John, 252, Enfield Terrace, Gateshead-on-Tyne. Three copies. 
Rotherford, Mrs., Ingledene, Fulford Road, Scarborough. 
Rowntree, Allen, Esq., Westwood, Scarborough. In vellum. 
Rowntree, Arthur, Esq., B.A., Bootham School, York. 
Rowntree, John Watson, Esq., J. P., The Rowans, Scarborough. 
Rowntree, Mrs. J. Stephen, Leadhall Grange, Harrogate. In vellum. 

Salthouse, F., Esq., 22, Galloway Road, Waterloo, Liverpool. 

Sedgwick, Mrs. T. T., Spicegill, Dent. 

Senior, Mrs., Iquique, Peru, South America. 

Shackleton, Wm., Esq., Pudsey, Leeds. In vellum. 

Simpson, Alfred, Esq., J. P., Dunham Woods, Altrincham. In vellum. 

Simpson, Mrs. Hannah, Coalbrookdale, R S.O. Shropshire. Two copies. 

Simpson, Mrs. Joseph, Sunnyside, Mayfield, Staffordshire. Three copies, one 

in vellum. 
Smeal, Mrs. Thomas, Meadside, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire. In vellum. 
Sparks, Mrs. T. R., 15, Lomond Avenue, Fairview, Dubhn. 
Starr, Charles, Esq., Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Two copies. 
Steventon, S. R., Esq., 4, New Parks Crescent, Scarborough. 

Taylor, Mrs. A. H., 7, The Mount, Malton. 

Taylor, Mrs. Herbert, Holly House, Sibford Ferris, Oxon. 

Taylor, Mrs. J. W., c/o J. A. Thistlethwaite, Esq., 17, St. John's Terrace, 

Taylor, Stephenson, Esq., The Oaks, Chew Stoke, near Bristol. Three copies. 

324 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Tennant, Christopher, Esq., Fairfield House, Fairfield Road, Chesterfield. 

Two copies. 
Tennant, Henry, Esq. (the late), Holgate Hill House, York. Ten copies, 

four in vellum. 
Tennant, Jas. T., Esq., North Street, Abergavenny, Mon. 
Tennant, Wm. S., Esq., 40, Belgrave Street, Liscard, Cheshire. Two copies. 
Thistlethwaite, Alfred, Esq., R.R. No. i, Tonganoxie, Leavenworth County, 

Kansas, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, AUotes, Esq., Washington, Louisiana, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, Anthony, Esq., Stanley Street, Stanley Road, Wakefield. 

In vellum. 
Thistlethwaite, Anthony M., Esq., 1423, Charlotte Street, Kansas City, Mo. 

U.S.A. In vellum. 
Thistlethwaite, A. H., Esq, Tauranga, New Zealand. 

Thistlethwaite, Arthur S., Esq., 45, Rossett Road, Blundellsands, Liverpool. 
Thistlethwaite, Arthur W., Esq., Tonganoxie, Kansas, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, Miss Beatrice, 45, Rossett Road, Blundellsands, Liverpool. 
Thistlethwaite, Bertie F., Esq., Laurel Bank, Nantwich. In vellum. 
Thistlethwaite, Carl Bertie, Esq., Manager, Coal Mines, South Africa. 

Thistlethwaite, Charles, Esq., Sheridan, Indiana, U.S.A. Two copies. 
Thistlethwaite, Chas. J., Esq., Fairport, N.Y., U.S.A. Two copies, one in 

Tliistlethwaite, Rev. Clifton W., M.A., Hampton Bishop, Hereford. Two 

copies, one in vellum. 
Thistlethwaite, Cyrus D., Esq., Hortonville, Indiana, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, Duane, Esq., Sheridan, Indiana, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, Edward, Esq., Vice-President, Farmers' National Bank, 

Sheridan, Indiana, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, Frank H., Esq., 17, St. John's Terrace, Middlesbrough. 
Thistlethwaite, George, Esq., Sheridan, Indiana, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, G. F., Esq., 45, Rossett Road, Blundellsands, Liverpool. 
Thistlethwaite, George R., Esq., Linton House, Fairweather Green, Bradford. 

Two copies. 
Thistlethwaite, Prof. Glenn F., Earlham College, Earlham, Indiana, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, Guy Wilfrid, Esq., 45, Rossett Road, Blundellsands, Liverpool. 
Thistlethwaite, Harris, Esq., Grantham, Queensland, Australia. Three 

copies, one in vellum. 
Thistlethwaite, Miss Helen, Gribdale Cottage, Great Ayton. In vellum. 
Thistlethwaite, Irvin, Esq., 610, West 7th Street, Sedalia, Missouri, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, Jesse, Esq., Washington, Louisiana, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, J. Altham, Esq., Aysgarth House, Eccleshill, Bradford. Two 

copies, one in velltim. 

List of Subscribers. 325 

Thistlethwaite, J. Anthony, Esq., 17, St. John's Terrace, Middlesbrough. In 

Thistlethwaitc, J. Barlow, Esq., B.A., Hunter's Close, Dean Row, Wilmslow, 

Thistlethwaite, J. D., Esq., Manager, Brisbane Dredging and Engineering 

Works, Queensland. 
Thistlethwaite, J. Marvin, Esq., Sheridan, Indiana, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, John R., Esq., Washington, Louisiana, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, Joseph, Esq., 21, Putney Road, Handsworth, Birmingham. 
Thistlethwaite, J. Leayat, Esq., East Rochester. N.Y., U.S.A., Tivo copies. 
Thistlethwaite, Miss Laura, Laurel Bank, Nantwich. In vellum. 
Thistlethwaite, Miss L. M., Eagle House, Great Ay ton. Two copies. 
Thistlethwaite, Mark, Esq., Governor's Office, Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A. 

In vellum. 
Thistlethwaite, Miss Mary, Hawes, Wensleydale. 
Thistlethwaite, Miss Mary, Macedon, Wayne County, N.Y., U.S.A. In 

Thistlethwaite, Maurice, Esq., Kirklin, Hamilton County, Indiana, U.S.A. 
Thistlethwaite, Oscar, Esq., Sheridan, Indiana, U.S.A. In vellum. 
Thistlethwaite, R. H., Esq., Stanley Street, Stanley Road, Wakefield. 
Thistlethwaite, Miss Ruby, 45, Rossett Road, Blundellsands, Liverpool. 
Thistlethwaite, T. V. C, Esq., Waterloo House, Nantwich, Cheshire. Four 

Thistlethwaite, T. WiUiam, Esq., 3021, Avenue H., Council Bluffs, Iowa, 

Thistlethwaite, WiUiam, Esq., Newton-in-Bowland, Clitheroe. 
Thistlethwaite, Wilham, Esq., Stanley Street, Stanley Road, Wakefield. 

Four copies, one in vellum. 
Thistlethwaite, William H., Esq., Gribdale Cottage, Great Ayton. In vellum. 
Thistlethwaite, Wilham J., Esq., 91, City National Bank, Utica, N.Y., U.S.A. 

Two copies, one in vellum. 
Thistlethwaite, Wilham P., Esq., Macedon, Wayne County, N.Y., U.S.A. 

Two copies. 
Thompson, Miss Ahce, Meadside, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, N.B. 
Thompson, Charles, Esq., Provision Merchant, Gainsborough. 
Thompson, Miss Jane, Meadside, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire. 
Thompson, Richard, Esq., Dringcote, The Mount, York. 
Thompson, Miss Sophia, 6, Morton Terrace, Gainsborough. 
Thompson, Miss Sophia, Meadside, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire. 
Thompson, Wilson, Esq., Meadside, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire. 
Timmons, Mrs. John, Sheridan, Hamilton County, Indiana. 

326 The Thistlethwaite Family. 

Walbridge, P. H., Esq., Kapowsin, Washington State, U.S.A. 

Wallace, Mrs. Hugh, 56, Northumberland Road, DubUn. 

Wallace, H. Ellerslie, Esq., 4, Terenure Park, Dublin. 

Wallis, Mrs. Edward, Springfield, Scarborough. Two copies. 

Wallis, Mrs. H., Crow Hill, Mansfield. 

Wallis, W. Clarkson, Esq., Springfield, Withdean, Brighton. 

Walton, Miss Ethel, 68, Bootham, York. 

Walton, Herbert, Esq., 155, Wakefield Road, Dalton, Huddersfield. 

Walton, Miss Hilda, Somerville College, Oxford. 

Walton, Miss Isabella, 3, High Tenters Street, Bishop Auckland. In vellum. 

Walton, J. W., Esq., 3, High Tenters Street, Bishop Auckland. In vellum. 

Walton, Miss Mabel, Friedensthal, Scalby, Yorkshire. 

Walton, Mrs. Thomas, 24, West End Avenue, Harrogate. 

Watson, Mrs. Ernest, Lahi, Seoni Malwa, India, C.P. 

Webster, Alfred, Esq., 28, Rock Mount, Whalley Road, Altham, near 

Accrington, Lancashire. 
Webster, C. Edward, Esq., Poynton, Halifax. 
Webster, G. Arnold, Esq., Heath Villas, Halifax. Two copies. 
Webster, G. E., Esq., Grocer and Provision Merchant, Wakefield. 
West, Miss Anne, 62, Broughton Road, Banbury, Oxon. Two copies. 
Wetherald, Miss Agnes, Chantler, Welland County, Ontario, Canada. In 

Wetherald, Charles, Esq., 369, 2nd Street, Oakland, Cal., U.S.A. In vellum. 
Wetherald, Edward, La Plata, Maryland, U.S.A. Two copies. 
Wetherald, Miss Jane, 514, 8th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 
Wetherald, J. Cobban, Esq., Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. Two copies. 
Wetherald, Samuel J., Esq., Chantler, Welland County, Ontario. Six copies. 
Wetherald, Thomas, Esq., Bryantown, Charles County, Maryland, U.S.A. 
WiUiams, Mrs., 123-125, City Road, Liverpool, N. 

Williams, Mrs., c/o Ed. Thistlethwaite, Esq., Sheridan, Indiana, U.S.A. 
Wood, Albert, Esq., Park View, Bishop Auckland. 

Yeardley, Mrs., 9, Wellington Park, Clifton, Bristol.